Translations into Chinese:

  • 沒門兒   
  • 没门儿   

Other meanings:

(idiomatic) indicates rejection or impossibility
(idiomatic) indicates astonished disbelief
indicates rejection
(idiomatic) absolutely not; under no circumstances.
In no way; nowise
indicates astonished disbelief
absolutely not

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (14)

have no way out
無可奈何; 萬般無奈; 无可奈何; 万般无奈
in a plight with no way out
窮途末路; 穷途末路
in no way
绝不; 絕不
in no way conceding to
未遑多让; 未遑多讓; 不遑多讓; 不遑多让
no two ways about it
板上釘釘; 板上钉钉
no way (of doing sth)
無緣; 无缘
no way of curing
无法挽救; 無法挽救
no way out
無路可逃; 无路可逃
no way to get by
无以为生; 無以為生
to find no way out
仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆

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Example sentences with "no way", translation memory

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en The report lists a number of ways in which Canada allegedly violates the Basel Convention, including by taking no precautions to ensure that the hazardous electronic waste exported from its territory is being handled in an environmentally sound manner
zh 报告列出了指称加拿大多方面违反《巴塞尔公约》的情况,包括没有采取任何事先预防措施,确保用无害环境的方式处理加拿大领土输出的有害电子废物。
en In any event, it is clear that the work of the coordinators, which is fully supported by this presidency and by the members of the Conference on Disarmament, can in no way replace the main activity for which the Conference on Disarmament is responsible with respect to the substantive matters of the programme of work
zh 无论如何,有一点是清楚的,这就是,尽管我作为主席以及裁军谈判会议的成员国们都全力支持协调员们的工作,但他们的工作决不能取代裁军谈判会议在工作计划的实质问题方面的主要活动。
en Though no indication can be given at this point of what those recommendations might be, the successful completion by the parties of the disengagement of forces on schedule would be seen as paving the way for entry into the third phase of MONUC deployment
zh 尽管目前尚不能说明会提出何种建议,但各方按时成功完成部队脱离接触行动将为联刚特派团开始第三阶段部署铺平道路。
en ii) Consider possible ways to review witness protection orders and decisions with a view to withdrawing or varying those that are no longer necessary
zh 二) 审议采取可能办法,审查保护证人令和保护证人决定,以期收回或变更那些不再需要的命令或决定
en d) The experiment shall in no way prevent the Secretary-General from requesting additional posts during the course of the experiment
zh d) 试验决不妨碍秘书长在试验过程中要求增设员额
en The European Commission of Human Rights understood the term the same way in the Becker v. Denmark case (req. No ‧ decision of ‧ ctober ‧ p
zh 正是本着这个意思,欧洲人权委员会在Becker诉丹麦一案中也对这个词的含义作了延伸(Req. N° ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日裁定 ‧ 第 ‧ 页)。
en While there are no international standards on quotas or targets for gender representation, there is clear evidence that where quotas are applied, either voluntarily or by law, they are an effective way of securing women's representation
zh 关于两性的代表性问题,虽然没有关于配额或指标的国际标准,但已经有明显的证据显示,在自愿实施或法律要求实施配额的情形中,这种配额是保证妇女代表性的有效办法。
en Even though it would appear that States and international organizations that are not already parties to the treaty when the reservation is formulated do not enjoy a period of reflection, unlike States and international organizations that are already parties to the treaty when the reservation in question is formulated, they are in no way at a disadvantage. Moreover, the solution ultimately retained in article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the Vienna Conventions is fully justified by the need for legal certainty
zh 虽然在提具相关保留方面,尚不是条约缔约方的国家和国际组织表面上似乎与已经是条约缔约方的国家和国际组织相反,没有任何思考期限,但这些国家和国际组织绝没有处于不利地位,而最终被《维也纳公约》第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款采用的解决办法完全是出于法律稳定的需要。
en An initial review was under way which would no doubt show that their mandate was very clear: the advisers reported on the situation of and specific problems faced by children and ensured that all peace programmes took their situation into account; UNICEF took responsibility for all activities which required increased human resources, such as dealing with existing problems, improving basic education and health systems and implementing demobilization and repatriation activities
zh 正在进行第一次评估,可以预见将证明职能是非常明确的:顾问报告儿童的特殊处境和问题,并保证在所有和平计划中考虑到他们的情况;儿童基金会则负责所有要求人员的事务,如应付现在存在的问题,关注基础教育和卫生系统和实施遣散和遣送回国等工作。
en My Government must inform the Security Council that the party has in no way disengaged in keeping with the Kampala plan of ‧ pril
zh 我国政府必须告诉安理会,该方根本没有按照 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的坎帕拉计划脱离接触。
en We in no way condone them, and we regret that they take place, but we also have the responsibility to look at the entire matter
zh 我们绝不容忍它们,我们对这些事情表示遗憾,但是我们也有责任审视整个问题。
en “There is no more effective way [than multilateralism] to bring States together, to keep the peace, to protect human rights, to promote sustainable development and to work out negotiated solutions to common problems.” (See
zh “[多边主义]是把各国团结起来、维持和平、保护人权、促进可持续的发展和制定共同问题的谈判解决方法最有效的渠道。”
en That is the best way to achieve the return of refugees and internally displaced persons- there is no substitute for it- and to produce the best results in the long run
zh 这是促使难民和国内流离失所人士回归和从长远角度看将取得最好结果的最好办法--没有任何其他办法可以替代。
en Article ‧ establishes that “private actions of men that in no way offend public order or morality, nor injurea third party, are only reserved to God and are exempted from the authority of judges
zh 第 ‧ 条规定,“人们的私人行动,凡未破坏公共秩序或违反道德,也未损害第三方者,只接受上帝的旨意,免于服从法官的权威。
en The assumption in those countries was that no specific rules were needed and that attribution was better left to ordinary methods of proof, the same way as attribution of documents on paper: “The person who wishes to rely on any signature takes the risk that the signature is invalid, and this rule does not change for an electronic signature.”
zh 这些国家的假设是,不需要订立任何具体规则,最好使用与确定书面文件归属相同的普通取证方法确定归属:“对任何签字都表示相信的人都必须承担签字无效的风险,这条规则不会因电子签字而有所改变。”
en There is “no conclusive evidence that Iraq caused the alleged damage Iraq left [the refineries and Local Marketing facilities] safe and sound on the way out”
zh 没有确切的证据证明伊拉克造成了所说的损失,伊拉克在撤退时,那些炼油厂和当地销售部的设施完好无损。
en The same author adds that the situation of candidates for refugee status is relatively uncertain and in no way prevents an expulsion order being issued ‧ that most requests for refugee status are rejected, after an appeal- with suspensive effect- before the Refugee Appeals Commission; and that it becomes difficult, after a long period of three years, reduced in ‧ to one year “to return (`refouler') those concerned”, many of whom disappear without trace
zh 该学者还写道,难民地位申请人的处境相对脆弱,但“丝毫不妨碍对其发出驱逐令” ‧ 虽然大部分难民地位申请在向救助委员会提出暂停执行的上诉之后被拒绝,但在长达三年( ‧ 年恢复为一年)的时限之后,已很难“推回当事人”,因为其中许多人已经不知去向。
en We recognize that there have been delays and difficulties along the way, but that comes as no surprise to us
zh 我们承认,在此过程中出现过拖延和困难,但这并不让我们感到意外。
en It is against this backdrop that we are convinced that any attempts made by Israel to ensure its security through the use of military force can in no way resolve this urgent problem
zh 正是在这种背景下我们深信,以色列通过使用军事力量确保其安全的任何企图都根本解决不了这一紧迫问题。
en We also need to find ways to ensure that the proper regional and subregional context is incorporated into the mediation process when there is no relevant regional or subregional organization established
zh 我们还需要寻找办法确保在没有已建立的有关区域或次区域组织时,把适当的区域和次区域背景纳入调解进程。
en Just to ensure. no one gets in the way
zh 你 也 知道免得 有人? 从 中 作梗
en We have a saying in Sierra Leone: telling a friend the truth should in no way destroy the friendship
zh 在塞拉利昂,我们有这样的说法:把真相告诉朋友丝毫不会损害友谊。
en As stated above, each United Nations system organization computes IT project costs differently, and no common way of computing the costs has been established
zh 如上所述,联合国系统每个组织计算信息系统项目费用的方式不同,因此没有规定计算费用的通用方式。
en No evidence was presented to substantiate the charges that Cheam Channy had organized weaponry or plotted in a concrete way with the intention of toppling the Government
zh 没有提出任何有力的证据,证实Cheam Channy从事武装活动,或有密谋颠覆政府的具体行动。
en The Committee notes with concern that the indigenous peoples have no access to their places of worship in the same way as followers of other religions
zh 委员会关切地注意到,土著人民无法与其他宗教的信徒一样进入其宗教礼拜场所。
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