Translations into Chinese:

  • 沒門兒   
  • 没门儿   

Other meanings:

(idiomatic) indicates rejection or impossibility
(idiomatic) indicates astonished disbelief
indicates rejection
(idiomatic) absolutely not; under no circumstances.
In no way; nowise
indicates astonished disbelief
absolutely not

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (14)

have no way out
無可奈何; 萬般無奈; 无可奈何; 万般无奈
in a plight with no way out
窮途末路; 穷途末路
in no way
绝不; 絕不
in no way conceding to
未遑多让; 未遑多讓; 不遑多讓; 不遑多让
no two ways about it
板上釘釘; 板上钉钉
no way (of doing sth)
無緣; 无缘
no way of curing
无法挽救; 無法挽救
no way out
無路可逃; 无路可逃
no way to get by
无以为生; 無以為生
to find no way out
仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆

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en The adoption of this resolution in no way means the end of our work in this area; rather, it should be viewed as a new point of departure
zh 该决议草案的通过绝不意味着在这个领域的工作已经完结,应该将其视为一个新的起点。
en There could be no better way of assisting the victims than providing them with the means and opportunity to earn a living and be able to reintegrate as contributing members of society
zh 最好的援助受害者的方式就是为受害者提供挣钱养活自己的手段和机会,使他们能够作为有贡献的成员而重新融入社会。
en e) Finally, as to the residual exclusion of conduct derogating from other peremptory norms, the commentary attempts no examples: indeed it notes that subparagraph (e) “may not be strictly necessary since, by definition, jus cogens rules may not be departed from by way of countermeasures or otherwise”
zh e) 最后,就剩余的豁免局部违反其它强制法规范的行为而言,评注没有举出任何例证:事实上,评注指出:“(e)项可能不是必需的,因为顾名思义,强制法规则不得以反措施方式或其它方式予以违反。”
en Working on the basis of that understanding, the Secretariat had prepared its proposals, which were intended to provide a general framework that would in no way prejudge or prejudice the decisions of the Conference of the Parties on the sources and means of financing the activities that it would decide to undertake
zh 在这一理解的基础上,秘书处拟定了提案,意在提供一个总体框架,但无意预先判断或妨碍缔约方会议作出的关于其决定进行的各项活动的资金来源和方式的决定。
en Thus, for example, work is under way in Ukraine to implement the Programme for the implementation of the provisions of the Warsaw Conference on combating terrorism (approved by Resolution No ‧ of the Cabinet of Ministers of ‧ ecember ‧ ) and Resolution No ‧ of the Cabinet of Ministers of ‧ ecember ‧ “on measures to implement United Nations Security Council resolution ‧ of ‧ eptember ‧ ”
zh 因此,乌克兰已经开始执行华沙反恐大会所规定的执行方案(该方案已由 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日部长内阁第 ‧ 号决议批准),并执行 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日部长内阁第 ‧ 号决议,即关于“为执行联合国安全理事会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议采取的措施”的决议。
en The timetable established in resolution ‧ should in no way facilitate impunity
zh 第 ‧ 号决议规定的时间表根本不应该为有罪不罚现象提供便利。
en In reply to the Cuban delegation's second question, he said that the funds and programmes were in no way coerced into following the recommendations of OIOS, but rather were encouraged to adopt them for their own benefit
zh 针对古巴代表团的第二个问题,他说绝不强迫基金和方案执行监督厅的建议,而是鼓励它们为自身利益采纳建议。
en The United States' vote on this draft resolution today should in no way be seen as a repudiation of those parts that support these same principles
zh 美国今天对这一决议草案的投票无论如何都不应被视为对支持同样原则的那些部分的否定。
en The Committee is also concerned that there are no adequate remedies by way of correction of inaccurate information in databases or for their misuse or abuse
zh 委员会还感到关切的是,没有可用来纠正数据库资料不准确或误用,甚至滥用的补救办法。
en There have been no changes to the way Nunavut deals with the National Child Benefit program since
zh 自 ‧ 年以来,努纳武特地区对待国家儿童福利金方案的方式没有改变。
en There is no room in Kosovo's future for those from any ethnic group who would support violence and criminality or work in any way to undermine the rule of law and the will of the people
zh 科索沃的未来不容许任何族群的人支持暴力和犯罪行为,也不容许其采取任何行动来破坏法制,损害人民的意愿。
en Yeah, ' cause the other way around, that would make no sense
zh ?? 错 但是 因? 为 不? 这 么 出? 现?? 没 有 任何 意? 义
en Examples of such police failure are discussed in: Amanda Dissel and Kindiza Ngubeni, A Lonely Way to Die: An Examination of Deaths in Police Custody, July ‧ enter for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation; David Bruce and Joe Komane, “Taxis, cops, and vigilantes: police attitudes towards street justice”, Crime and Conflict, No ‧ pring ‧ p
zh 有关这种警察失职实例的讨论见:Amanda Dissel and Kindiza Ngubeni,A Lonely Way to Die:An Examination of Deaths in Police Custody(July ‧ ),Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation;David Bruce and Joe Komane,“Taxis,Cops,and Vigilantes:Police attitudes towards street justice”,Crime and Conflict,No ‧ pring ‧ p ‧ 。
en The commentary will also explain that the Guide's coverage of outright transfers of receivables in addition to secured transactions, in no way obviates the distinction between an outright transfer of receivables and a transfer of a right in receivables as security for an obligation
zh 评注中还将解释,除担保交易外,本指南还涵盖应收款彻底转让,但这绝非抹除应收款彻底转让与作为债务担保的应收款的权利的转让这两者之间的区别。
en The first requirement of a culture of peace is to reaffirm the conviction that war is no longer the way to resolve conflicts between nations or peoples
zh 和平文化的第一个要求是重申一种信念,这就是战争不再是解决国家或民族之间冲突的手段。
en Decides that the arrangements outlined in paragraph ‧ (d) above shall in no way create a precedent for other similar events
zh 决定上文第 ‧ 段(d)所作的安排对其他类似活动不构成先例
en By its decision ‧ of ‧ ecember ‧ the General Assembly changed the name of the Fund to United Nations Population Fund, while retaining the abbreviation UNFPA, on the understanding that the change of name would in no way change the mandate, aims and purpose of the Fund or the role and functions of the Governing Council of UNDP, the Economic and Social Council and the Assembly with respect to the Fund
zh 大会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决定将基金的名称改为联合国人口基金,但保留UNFPA这简称,有一项谅解是,即名称改动丝毫不改变基金的职权、目标和宗旨或开发署理事会、经济及社会理事会和大会对基金的作用和职能。
en We Israelis have no particular reason to welcome such lessons of contempt and hatred, as taught in countries such as Iraq and Libya, but I wonder whether such rhetoric is the best way of serving the Palestinian cause
zh 我们以色列人没有特殊理由欢迎在象伊拉克和利比亚这样的国家中教授的这种轻蔑和仇恨的课程,但我想,这种言词可能不是为巴勒斯坦事业服务的最佳办法。
en There is no doubt that the Security Council in particular is expected to act resolutely with a view to putting an end to the violations by the occupying Power of the Fourth Geneva Convention and to paving the way for bringing those responsible to justice
zh 毫无疑问,安全理事会尤其应该采取果断行动,制止占领国违反《日内瓦第四公约》的行为,并为将那些肇事者绳之以法铺平道路。
en It was also understood that the subparagraph should in no way pronounce on or attempt to influence the general rules that apply to the general population in different countries and cultures
zh 委员会理解的另外一点是,此项条文绝非是评论或试图影响不同国家和文化中适用于普通人的一般规则。
en This is in no way an attempt to impinge on the rights all States enjoy under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, but would comprise a positive act of common purpose
zh 这绝不是企图侵犯所有国家根据《联合国海洋法公约》享有的权利,而是要采取出于共同目的的积极的行动。
en In this regard, I wish to assure you that we have no intention or appetite to go out of our way to engage in this sort of exercise
zh 为此,我希望向你保证,我们不愿意,也没有兴趣花费精力来做这种事。
en Furthermore, the right to freedom of navigation should in no way be infringed by any consideration or future designation of the Caribbean Sea as a special area in the context of sustainable development
zh 此外,在可持续发展背景下考虑或今后指定加勒比海为特区决不能侵犯航行自由权。
en ith regard to the jurisprudence of the European Commission of Human Rights concerning the admissibility of cases relating to undue delays in judicial proceedings, counsel considers that it is in no way binding on the Committee
zh 律师认为,欧洲人权委员会关于诉讼无故拖延案件是否可受理的判例,对委员会不具有任何约束力。
en As the solution depends primarily on the domestic laws of the Contracting States and as the laws of the OECD Member countries differ from each other substantially, no solution can be proposed in the Article itself, it being left to the Contracting States, if they find it necessary, to clarify the above-mentioned question and other problems connected with losses bilaterally, either in the Article itself or by way of a mutual agreement procedure (paragraph ‧ of Article ‧ ).” [para
zh 由于解决办法主要取决于缔约国的国内法,而且由于经合发组织成员国的法律彼此差异很大,该条款本身不能提出解决办法。 缔约国可以双边方式,或按条款本身的规定,或通过共同协议程序(第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款),自行澄清上述问题和同损失有关的其他问题......。”
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