Translations into Chinese:

  • 沒門兒   
  • 没门儿   

Other meanings:

(idiomatic) indicates rejection or impossibility
(idiomatic) indicates astonished disbelief
indicates rejection
(idiomatic) absolutely not; under no circumstances.
In no way; nowise
indicates astonished disbelief
absolutely not

Similar phrases in dictionary English Chinese. (14)

have no way out
無可奈何; 萬般無奈; 无可奈何; 万般无奈
in a plight with no way out
窮途末路; 穷途末路
in no way
绝不; 絕不
in no way conceding to
未遑多让; 未遑多讓; 不遑多讓; 不遑多让
no two ways about it
板上釘釘; 板上钉钉
no way (of doing sth)
無緣; 无缘
no way of curing
无法挽救; 無法挽救
no way out
無路可逃; 无路可逃
no way to get by
无以为生; 無以為生
to find no way out
仰屋兴叹; 仰屋興嘆

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en The defect of the new solution was that, by defining serious breaches in article ‧ paragraph ‧ as those involving a gross or systematic failure to fulfil the obligation, it provided no objective way to draw the line between serious and other breaches, particularly in the areas of human rights and environmental protection, where the concept was of the most practical significance
zh 新的解决办法的缺点在于,由于把第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款内的严重违背义务界定为涉及严重或一贯不履行项义务,所以它没有客观地区分严重违背和其他违背,尤其是在本概念具有最实际的重大意义的人权与环境保护领域内者。
en UNMIK deserves ample recognition for its work, but its responsibilities must in no way be considered permanent or long-term
zh 科索沃特派团的工作应得到充分承认,但其责任绝不能被看成是永久或长期的。
en Furthermore, it would only be a matter of time until millions of cloned human embryos were produced in laboratories; no amount of regulation would be able to prevent at least one of them from finding its way into a woman's womb
zh 况且,无数被克隆的人类胚胎在实验室里被制造出来只是一个时间问题;再多的规定也无法防止至少其中一个胚胎被设法植入一名妇女的子宫。
en In connection with its national laws and legislative enactments, Kuwait had taken a series of practical and executive measures that accorded with the most up-to-date ways and means of addressing the problem. Perhaps the most important measure to which reference could be made was Law No
zh 在执行国家法律和法院法规的同时,科威特采取了一系列符合处理该问题最新办法的切实可行的行政措施。
en In particular, diseases such as diabetes and chronic heart disease are now prevalent in many indigenous communities as a result of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyles in people whose preferred way of living is no longer tenable
zh 具体而言,由于一些人无法维持其喜爱的生活方式,不得不采用不良的饮食习惯和不健康的生活方式,从而使许多土著社区现在普遍发生糖尿病和慢性心脏病等疾病。
en The Deputy Secretary-General of UNCTAD said that the secretariat attached enormous importance to the Conference, which would be a make or break effort, since the international community would no longer be taken seriously if it did not clear the way for concrete change
zh 贸发会议副秘书长说,秘书处对这次会议极为重视,成败在此一举,因为国际社会如果不成开拓具体变革之路,今后便将不会受到认真对待。
en The Committee recommends that the federal Government reconsider those changes in the fiscal arrangements between the federal Government and the provinces and territories so that national standards of a sufficient level are re-established and women will no longer be negatively affected in a disproportionate way in different parts of the State party's territory
zh 委员会建议联邦政府在同各省和领土之间的财政安排中,重新考虑这些变动,以重新确立适当的全国标准,不再让该缔约国各地妇女受到太多的不良影响。
en Without that experience, there is no way to analyse the practicality or the strengths and weaknesses of the current system
zh 如果没有这方面的经验,就没有办法分析现行制度的实用性或其强项和不足。
en The majority of the European and other developed countries do not support it, and the international community is witnessing, with astonishment and feelings of powerlessness, grave accusations being levelled with no proof whatsoever, as well as the seemingly inexorable way in which this “pre-announced war” is being organized
zh 多数欧洲和其他发达国家不支持军事行动,国际社会正在见证没有任何证据的严重指控以及正在组织这场“预先宣布的战争”的似乎不可变更的方式,对此国际社会感到震惊和无能为力。
en General recommendation No ‧ on gender-related dimensions of racial discrimination states that “... racial discrimination does not always affect women and men equally or in the same way
zh 与性别相关问题的第 ‧ 号一般性建议阐明:“......种族歧视并非总对男女产生同等影响,或以同样方式形成影响。
en Referring to the decision of the Committee against Torture in the case of Agiza v. Sweden, the High Commissioner stated inter alia that she found no grounds on which her Office could possibly supplement that Committee's assessment and findings in any meaningful way
zh 高级专员提到禁止酷刑委员会对《Agiza诉瑞典》案的决定, 她特别表示,她觉得没有理由让其办事处以任何有意义的方式补充该委员会的评估和调查结果。
en Decision ‧ has finally cleared the way for intergovernmental negotiations to begin no later than February of next year, but hopefully much sooner
zh 第 ‧ 号决定终于扫清了不晚于明年 ‧ 月开展政府间谈判的道路,但愿能更早开始。
en “ If no person has, after reasonable inquiry, been found who is by virtue of subsection above an appropriate person to bear responsibility for the things which are to be done by way of remediation, the owner or occupier for the time being of the land in question is an appropriate person
zh “ 经过合理调查后,如果根据上文第 ‧ 款找不到适当的人为那些要通过矫正措施解决的事情承担责任,那么讨论中的土地的当时的所有者或占有者就是适当的人。
en The Algerian Government interprets the provisions of article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights regarding the rights and responsibilities of spouses as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution as in no way impairing the essential foundations of the Algerian legal system
zh 阿尔及利亚政府对《公民权利和政治权利国际公约》第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款有关缔婚双方在缔婚、结婚期间和解除婚约时的权利和责任的规定的解释是,它绝对不可损害阿尔及利亚法律体系的主要基础。
en These provisions seek to protect persons unable to follow the proceedings and in no way violate the right to be recognized as a person before the law, as they merely set out the conditions and restrictions on the exercise of civil rights
zh 这些规定旨在对无法理解诉讼者提供保护,绝不会侵犯在法律面前被视为拥有人格的权利,因为这些规定只是列出了行使民事权利的条件和限制。
en The attempt to strangulate and destroy the Liberian Government can in no way provide a foolproof assurance that will guarantee the immunity of ordinary Liberians from such strangulation To regard the sanctions as selective, one should, firstly, bury his conscience to the plight of Liberians in their everyday living
zh 扼杀和摧毁利比里亚政府的企图决不能提供安全的保证,保障普通利比里亚人幸免于这种扼杀......。 如果一个人将制裁看成有选择的,首先就要昧掉自己的良心,无视利比里亚人日常生活的困境。
en Though by no means comprehensive in depicting the complexity of the situation, this report has highlighted a number of concerns standing in the way of durable solutions to the displacement crisis and has set out recommendations for addressing them
zh 尽管本报告在反映局势的复杂性方面远非全面,但突出反映了持久解决流离失所危机方面的一些关注,而且为解决这些关注提出了建议。
en In replacing the Commission by the Council, the General Assembly in no way undertook to narrow its competence in this respect
zh 大会虽以人权理事会取代人权委员会,但完全没有缩小其在这方面的职权。
en Governments must find ways to overcome racial discrimination by equalizing the content and the application of law among the population, regardless of race and national origin- a goal that no democracy up until now has been capable of achieving effectively
zh 各国政府必须想方设法克服种族歧视,将法律平等地适用于全体人民,而不论其种族和民族出身。 这一目标是迄今为止任何民主国家都未能有效实现的。
en Colombia in no way questioned the validity of its note
zh 哥伦比亚断然不会置疑其自己的照会的有效性。
en The stated task was to explore ways in which women could be made aware of their rights, but no reference was made to the fact that that was a task for society as a whole
zh 既定的任务是想方设法让妇女知道自身的权利,但是方案没有提及一个事实,即这是全社会的共同任务。
en He stressed, however, that the draft decision was in no way an attempt to change the rules of procedure or limit the right of any member to propose draft decisions
zh 但是,他强调说,该决定草案绝非试图改变议事规则或限制任何成员提出决定草案的权利。
en As I said, in South Africa we are voting at this time, and there is no way that I am going to have instructions
zh 我说过,我们此时正在南非举行选举,我无法得到指示。
en Given an event of this nature- no matter how serious- the right to self-defence must not be invoked by a powerful State to unilaterally unleash a war that will affect the whole world in an unpredictable way and that will cause the death of an unthinkable number of innocent people
zh 面对恐怖主义事件,无论其性质多么严重,一个强国不应该援引合法的自卫权,单方面发动一场有可能无法预计的、全球性的战争。
en Sometimes they are compelled to participate in the killing of other children or family members, because it is understood by these groups that there is “no way back home” for children after they have committed such crimes
zh 有时,他们被迫参与杀害其他儿童或家庭成员,因为这些集团让他们知道如果犯下这些罪行,他们就“断了回家的路”。
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