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en Foreign nationals passing in transit through the territory of Turkmenistan proceed in compliance with the regulations on transit passage to the border point for departure from Turkmenistan along the established route and may stop in the territory of Turkmenistan if they possess a permit issued by the competent authorities in Turkmenistan
zh 任何过境的外国人,如果持有土库曼斯坦有关当局签发的许可证,按照关于过境的条例前往过境点准备离境继续既定行程,则可在土库曼斯坦境内停留。
en The ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response, of ‧ requires the receiving Party to “facilitate the entry into, stay in and departure from its territory of personnel and of equipment, facilities and materials involved or used in the assistance”
zh 东盟 ‧ 年《关于灾害管理和紧急反应的协定》规定,受援方应“便利援助所涉或所用的人员和设备、设施和物资的出入境和境内停留”。
en A distinction may be drawn between the notion of expulsion as referring to the formal decision or order requiring the departure of an alien, on the one hand, and the notion of deportation as referring to the enforcement of the decision or order, on the other
zh 驱逐出境和递解出境两个概念之间可加以区分,前者是指要求外国人离境的正式决定或命令,后者指是执行该项决定或命令的行动。
en However, such conversion post departure should not give rise to a presumption that the claim is fabricated and the immigration authorities should evaluate the genuineness of the conversion on a case-by-case basis taking into account the applicant's past and present circumstances
zh 然而,不能因为这种行为而假定庇护的陈述是捏造的。 移民部门应当考虑到申请人目前和过去的情况,在逐个个案的基础上评估信教的真实性。
en The proposals and the programme of work before the Council/Forum at the current session represent a determined attempt to present a forward-looking programme of action for UNEP, based on the lessons learned in the last ‧ years, and take as their departure point the international consensus embodied in the various conferences that have taken place over the last two years
zh 提交理事会/部长级环境论坛本届本会议的各项建议和工作方案表明, 环境署决心以其在过去三十年间所取得的经验教训为基础, 并以体现在经过去两年间所举行的各种会议达成的国际共识为其出发点, 尝试为环境署拟订一套前瞻性行动方案。
en It will be a matter of defining how MONUC's role in the peace process of the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be most effective, perhaps considering the possibility of giving it a more robust mandate, taking into account the departure of the Multinational Force from Bunia on ‧ eptember
zh 这里的问题是,在顾及多国部队 ‧ 月 ‧ 日撤离布尼亚的情况下,确定有效发挥联刚特派团在刚果民主共和国和平进程中的作用,也许还要考虑能否赋予特派团更强有力的任务规定。
en Charles Taylor, Liberia's former President, stepped down in August, and, on one positive note, shortly after Taylor's departure ‧ ex-child soldiers who had been fighting in the ranks of either Government or opposition forces were under the care of the United Nations in Monrovia, and we salute the efforts of the United Nations in Liberia
zh 利比里亚前总统查尔斯·泰勒在 ‧ 月下台。 令人鼓舞的是,在泰勒离职不久之后,曾在政府或反对派的部队中作过战的 ‧ 名前儿童士兵在蒙罗维亚处在联合国的照顾之下。 我们对联合国在利比里亚作出的努力表示敬意。
en Transport will be provided from the airport on ‧ ay ‧ for arrival and ‧ une ‧ for departure
zh 在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日将为抵达的旅客以及在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日为离境的旅客提供往返机场的交通服务。
en Legal opinion on whether it is permissible, under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the rules of procedure of the Commission, for a coastal State, which has made a submission to the Commission in accordance with article ‧ of the Convention, to provide to the Commission in the course of the examination by it of the submission, additional material and information relating to the limits of its continental shelf or substantial part thereof, which constitute a significant departure from the original limits and formulae lines that were given due publicity by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in accordance with rule ‧ of the rules of procedure of the Commission
zh 法律意见:根据《联合国海洋法公约》和委员会议事规则的规定,已依照《公约》第七十六条规定向委员会提交划界案的沿海国,是否可以在委员会审议该国划界案期间,就该国大陆架或其重大部分的界限,向委员会提供有关的进一步材料和资料;这些材料和资料构成对联合国秘书长根据委员会议事规则第 ‧ 条妥为公布的原有界限和公式线的重大偏离
en The twentieth century, now coming to an end, is one of the most tumultuous periods in human history. It has been marked by numerous upheavals, revolutions and departure from the past
zh 即将结束的二十世纪是人类历史上最动乱的时期之一,它经历了许多的动荡、革命和告别过去。
en National criteria on transfers: departure of equipment from the exporter's territory, arrival of equipment in the importer's territory, transfer of title
zh 国家转让标准:装备运离出口国领土,装备运抵进口国国境以及转让产权。
en This draft is in no sense a radical departure: it is a draft that has clear links with all previous proposals, as it arises from a positive process of their synthesis, the only sort of process which can help lead us to a better understanding, which can help shed light on our situation, which can help translate our expectations and our concerns- in a word- which can help focus both the letter and the spirit that should inform the future framework for our work
zh 这项草案的起点绝对不高:这项草案与所有的原先提案有着明显的联系,因为这是综合原先提案的积极进程提出的。 这是唯一可有助我们加深理解的进程,从而可协助我们认识眼下的现状,有助于体现我们的期望和关注,简而言之,可有助于在我们今后的工作框架中集中体现的文字和精神。
en Mr. Mahbubani (Singapore): Today's event reminds me of a similar one in January ‧ when we saw the departure of another Security Council superstar, named Richard Holbrooke
zh 马布巴尼大使(新加坡)(以英语发言):今天的事情让我想起 ‧ 年 ‧ 月一件类似的事情,当时安全理事会另一位超级明星理查德·霍尔布鲁克即将离任。
en The allocation for housing is made on the basis of a scheme according to which, as a point of departure, quotas determining how many refugees are to be housed in the individual municipalities must be agreed or fixed
zh 住房分配是按照一项计划进行的,基本做法是,决定个别市政当局将为多少难民提供住房的配额,必须商定并确定下来。
en Our basic point of departure to fight the development and the proliferation of such weapons should therefore be to concentrate on reinforcing consolidated efforts to achieve universality of the BWC and its effective implementation
zh 因此,我们反对这种武器的发展和扩散的基本出发点应是集中于加强联合努力以实现《生物武器公约》的普遍性和它的有效实施。
en The escalation by Israel of such illegal activities and practices is clearly intended not for security purposes, as claimed by the occupying Power, but to entrench the occupying Power's de facto annexation of Palestinian land, particularly land on which illegal settlements have been build, and their surrounding areas, and to thus demarcate a new border in far departure from the pre ‧ borders
zh 以色列这种非法活动和做法的不断升级,显然不是像占领国所声称的那样,是为了安全目的,而是为了加强占领国事实上对巴勒斯坦土地的吞并,尤其是已建立非法定居点的土地,及其周围地区,因此,划定一条新的边界,远远背离 ‧ 年之前的边界。
en d) Credit towards home leave shall accrue as from the date of departure from the home country to enter into service, or the date of departure on a previous home leave, whichever of these dates is later
zh d) 应自从本国启程赴任之日起或自上次回籍假启程之日起积存计算回籍假的工作时间,两个日期以较晚者为准。
en For my part, I would like to note the departure of certain colleagues who have been particularly helpful in the work of the Conference on Disarmament, who helped us- I have in mind in particular Ambassador Sood of India, Ambassador Westdal of Canada, and of course the Ambassador of Korea, Ambassador Chung, who will be leaving us very shortly
zh 在我这方面,我愿提到有些同事离开了我们,他们在裁军谈判会议的工作中起了很大作用,给了我们很大的帮助,我特别想到的是印度的索德大使、加拿大的韦斯特达尔大使,当然还有大韩民国的钟大使,他不久将要离开我们。
en The President (spoke in French): I should like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the members of the Security Council, to say that we regret the departure of the Permanent Representative of Colombia, to thank him for his very valuable contribution to the Council's work over the past two years, and warmly to wish him every success in his future endeavours
zh 主席(以法语发言):我要借此机会代表安全理事会成员表示,我们对哥伦比亚代表的离任感到遗憾。 我们感谢他过去两年里对安理会工作所作的非常宝贵的贡献,并热情祝愿他在今后的事业中诸事顺利。
en Comparing the points of departure of the legislative proposal drawn up by the Ministry of Justice and the land ownership study, one may consider the following
zh 比较司法部起草的立法提案和土地所有权研究的出发点,可考虑下述情况
en Concerning the questions posed by the Commission to member States and reproduced in chapter ‧ of the Commission's report, WHO is of the view that a general rule on attribution of conduct to international organizations should indeed contain a reference to the rules of the organizations, and that the definition given in article ‧ paragraph ‧ (j) of the ‧ ienna Convention on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations would be adequate, at least as a point of departure for a definition more suitable to the specific purpose of the draft articles
zh 关于委员会向成员国提出并在委员会报告第四章中再次提出的问题,卫生组织认为,关于行为归于国际组织的一般规则的确应该提到组织的规则,并认为 ‧ 年《关于国家和国际组织间或国际组织相互间条约法的维也纳公约》第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款(j)项中所下的定义是适当的,至少作为更加适合本条款草案特定宗旨的定义的出发点是适当的。
en However, as pointed out earlier, the text of the draft resolution just adopted states, in the eighth preambular paragraph and operative paragraph ‧ alike, something that delegation has consistently viewed as a new concept: an international conference that is qualitatively different, and, what is more, one that represents a departure from the consensus agreements reached in the area of nuclear-weapon-free zones
zh 但如前所述,刚才通过的决议草案案文在序言部分第 ‧ 段和执行部分第 ‧ 段中,同样提出了我国代表团一贯将之视为一种新概念的问题:这是一种性质不同的国际会议,而且这种会议背离了在无核武器区领域达成的共识协定。
en Prevention measures included pre-departure programmes developed with countries of origin, particularly the Philippines; and fliers that briefed temporary foreign workers on employment standards and rights in Canada
zh 保护措施包括与原籍国一同制定的离境前方案,特别是与菲律宾;以及加拿大关于临时外籍工人雇用标准与权利的宣传单。
en Where there is a departure from such statements, the departure, its particulars, the reason for the departure and its effect on the financial statements must be disclosed
zh 凡偏离这些原则者,必须说明偏离的具体情况、偏离的原因及其对财务报表的影响。
en “This study also takes into consideration those cases in which, in accordance with the existing national laws and regulations, the departure of undesirable immigrants is enforced without application of the regular expulsion procedure, i.e., when aliens against whom an expulsion order is envisaged or made are allowed to leave the country voluntarily, or when aliens are, through administrative decisions, excluded from the country (without being formally expelled)...” United Nations, “Study on Expulsion of Immigrants”, Secretariat ‧ ugust ‧ ( ‧ and Corr ‧ (replaces Corr ‧ )), para
zh “本研究报告也考虑到如下情况:按照现行国内法规和条例,强制不受欢迎的移民离开,无须适用驱逐程序,即打算对其作出或已作出驱逐命令的外国人,准许其自愿地离开国家,或者通过行政决定将外国人排拒国外(并非正式驱逐)......”联合国,“关于驱逐移民问题的研究”,秘书处 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日( ‧ 和Corr ‧ (取代Corr ‧ )),第 ‧ 段。
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