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en Doing so would place manageable limits on the work, and should the Commission later determine that it must more fully examine the rights and obligations of non-State actors, its work concerning the conduct of States would provide a useful point of departure
zh 这样做可以适度地限制工作量。 如果委员会随后决定它必须充分审查非国家机构的权利和义务,就可以用它在国家行为方面的工作作为起点。
en he Government would also like to solicit the attention of all persons concerned to the substantive issue of where Mr. Bockarie presently resides, as opposed to dwelling on past procedural inadequacy in documentation of his departure from Liberia
zh 政府还希望提请所有有关人士注意博卡里先生如今居住在何处这一实质性问题,而不是细抠过去在书面记录他离开利比里亚方面手续不清之事。
en The Special Rapporteur noted that more restrictions and more severe sanctions had been imposed on departures from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; instead of the previous practice of imposing fines, prison sentences are now being applied
zh 特别报告员指出,朝鲜民主主义人民共和国对离开本国实施了更加严格的限制和制裁;过去采用罚款的做法,现在则处以监禁。
en To date, no persons have been identified concerning whom any restriction on entry into or departure from Brazil or transit through national territory has been issued on the basis of the provisions of Security Council resolution
zh 迄今为止,尚未查到依据安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议的规定发出的限制出入巴西或在巴西过境的人士。
en One major goal of UNTAET is to ensure that a human rights presence remains in each of the districts after the departure of UNTAET
zh 东帝汶过渡当局的一个首要目标是确保在东帝汶过渡当局撤离之后各个地区人权依然不受侵犯。
en During the interview the complainant stated in details circumstances preceding an attack on him by the supporters of the Awami League on ‧ anuary ‧ as well as his departure from Bangladesh
zh 在面谈中,申诉人详细说明了 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日人民联盟支持者攻击他之前的情形以及他离开孟加拉国的情况。
en The Department has offices equipped with information systems such as SIFDAS, with different modules, such as one for requests made by various judicial authorities (orders for arrest and blocks on departure from the country
zh 保安行政局各办事处装配有SIFDAS等不同单元的情报系统,例如有一个单元是各司法当局提出的要求(逮捕令和阻止离境)。
en If the purchaser is a non-resident alien, the police will transport the weapon to the border, where it will be handed over to the purchaser on his/her departure from the Principality
zh 如购买人为无居民身份的外侨,警察局将把武器送到边界,在购买人离开公国时交给购买人。
en Treating them separately and distinctly in the revised model law would, in the view of some delegations, result in a departure from the general premise on which the draft revised model law was based- that is, the complexity of the procurement in question rather than its subject matter or the sector in which it took place
zh 有些代表团认为,在示范法修订本中单独对这种采购予以不同处理会偏离示范法修订本草案所基于的基本前提--即所进行的采购的复杂性,而不是采购标的或采购涉及的领域。
en Pending such a registration process and since the departure of UNHCR from West Timor in the wake of the incident on ‧ eptember ‧ the Government of Indonesia has facilitated the spontaneous return of hundreds of refugees to East Timor
zh 在进行登记之前,自从难民专员办事处由于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日事件而离开西帝汶以来,印度尼西亚政府已经协助数百名难民自愿返回东帝汶。
en The Committee urges the State party to step up its efforts to protect women migrant workers; prevent the activities of illegal employment agencies; ensure that women are provided with adequate information on safe migration before departure; and conclude bilateral agreements with receiving countries
zh 委员会促请缔约国加紧努力,保护妇女移民工人,防止非法就业机构的活动,确保妇女在动身之前获得足够的有关移民安全的信息,并与接受国缔结双边协定。
en The annual General Assembly resolutions on UNRWA represent a politically motivated departure from the standard United Nations policy on refugee matters
zh 大会关于近东救济工程处的年度决议体现出因政治动机偏离了联合国关于难民事务的标准政策。
en I have asked for the floor today on behalf of the members of the Western Group to express our regret and deep sadness over Mr. Bensmail's departure
zh 我今天代表西方集团成员要求发言,对本斯梅尔先生的离开表示遗憾和深为难过。
en Ground personnel at the airport will facilitate the reception of delegates on arrival and departure
zh 机场地勤人员将为代表的接送提供便利。
en iii) In the case of home leave following the return from a family visit travel under staff rule ‧ (a) (ii) b, normally not less than nine months of continuous service have elapsed since departure on the family visit travel
zh 三) 在按照工作人员细则 ‧ (a)(二)b作探亲旅行回来之后使用回籍假,自探亲旅行启程之日起,工作人员通常已至少连续工作满九个月。
en The Rafah crossing was closed completely on ‧ une and has remained so, except for ‧ and ‧ ecember, when it was opened for the departure of Palestinian pilgrims
zh 月 ‧ 日,拉法过境点完全关闭,且一直如此,只有 ‧ 月 ‧ 、 ‧ 和 ‧ 日除外,这几日是为巴勒斯坦朝觐者离境而开放。
en Almighty God decided to defer my departure from this Earth and guided the hands of the doctors and nurses who operated on me
zh 全能的上帝决定我还不需要离开人世,通过医生和护士熟练的双手,手术顺利成功。
en d) Unaccompanied shipments shall normally be made in one consignment, and shall be reimbursed on the basis of the maximum entitlement provided under this rule for transportation by the most economical means, as determined by the Secretary-General, between the places of departure and destination of the authorized travel of the staff member or his or her family members
zh d) 非随身行李通常应一次托运,并应依照本条细则所规定的权利极限,按照秘书长所确定工作人员及其家属获准旅行的启程地点和目的地点之间,最廉价的运输方式,报销运费。
en As a special courtesy, it will be possible for those members of Permanent/Observer Missions in New York who will participate in the Second World Assembly on Ageing to fill out the accreditation forms, have them authorized by the Protocol and Liaison Service and be issued conference passes for Madrid before their departure for Spain
zh 作为特别礼遇,将参加第二次老龄问题世界大会的驻纽约常驻/观察员代表团成员可先填写核证表,再由礼宾和联络处核可,在出发前往西班牙之前发给马德里会议通行证。
en he State party further submits that the events which, according to the complainant, motivated his departure from Libya date relatively far back in time, and that his family has not been sought or harassed on account of the complainant since his brother's arrest and release in
zh 缔约国进一步称,据申诉人称促使他离开利比亚的那些事件发生的时间较早,自从 ‧ 年他的哥哥被捕和释放以来他的家庭并没有因为申诉人的原因而被追查或被骚扰。
en he authors maintain, secondly, that the criteria used to determine the electorates in local ballots represent a departure from French rules on electoral matters (the right to vote can be made dependent only on the criterion of inclusion on an electoral roll, either of the commune of domicile, irrespective of the period of residence, or of the commune of actual residence for at least ‧ months) and thereby impose on them discriminatory restrictions which are contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
zh 其次,提交人认为,确定地方投票的选民资格所采用的标准有悖于法国关于选举问题的规定(对投票权施加的条件只能是在住所所在区――无论居住时间长短――或实际居住区――至少六个月――的选民名册中的登记标准),从而对他们规定了具有歧视意义的限制,违反了《公民权利和政治权利国际公约》。
en In the absence of treaty provisions, the substantive and procedural requirements for the compulsory departure of illegal aliens may vary depending on the national law of the State concerned
zh 在没有条约规定的情况下,强制非法外国人离开的实质性和程序性规定,可能视相关国家的国内法而有不同。
en With the departure and non-replacement of some international judges, only one special panel can currently be constituted, as each panel requires two international judges and one East Timorese judge
zh 由于一些国际法官的离任,而且没有被替补,因此,目前只能组成一个专门小组,因为每个小组需要有两名国际法官和一名东帝汶法官。
en The Committee further encourages the State party to reduce the fees and administrative burdens imposed on migrant workers at points of departure from or entry into Indonesia
zh 委员会还鼓励缔约国减少在移徙工人离开或进入印度尼西亚时向他们收取的费用和强加于他们的行政负担。
en Turnover rates are based on the calculation of a standard labour turnover index, which is obtained by comparing the number of actual staff departures over the period from ‧ uly ‧ to ‧ une ‧ with the number of active staff as at ‧ uly
zh 更替率依据的是对标准劳动力周转指数的计算。 通过将 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日期间工作人员的实际离职人数与 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的在职工作人员人数相比较,得出这一系数。
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