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Meeting of Consultants for the Study on Feasibility of Establishing an Institute of Public Finance

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en ESS is an independent legal entity with the status of a public institution
zh 斯洛文尼亚就业服务局是一个具有公共机构地位的独立法律实体。
en It is not only a question of quantitative impact, as the numerical results are still little significant, given the objective of including black young people in higher education: less than ‧ per cent of public institutions have adopted affirmative actions, and these account for only ‧ per cent of admissions to higher education (IPEA, op. cit
zh 鉴于目标是将黑人青年纳入高等教育,所以这不仅仅是一个数量效应问题,因为数量结果的意义仍然微不足道:采取肯定行动的公立学校不到 ‧ %,而这些学校的入学人数只占高等教育入学人数的 ‧ %(应用经济研究所,同上)。
en Guatemala, for instance, has created a small cadre of public defenders with UNDP help while Uzbekistan has instituted a new legal-aid NGO
zh 例如,在开发计划署的协助下,危地马拉已有一小批公设律师,乌兹别克斯坦成立一个新的法律援助非政府组织。
en As the third element of the mandate contained in its resolution ‧ the Sub-Commission called for the preparation of “a draft set of principles and guidelines for all relevant actors, not only national or federal Governments but also local governments as well as private sector entities such as corporations, schools, religious institutions and other public places where discrimination based on work and descent often occurs, in cooperation and collaboration with relevant international human rights treaty bodies and United Nations organs and agencies, inter alia the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, taking full account of the contents of the Committee's general recommendation XXIX”
zh 作为第 ‧ 号决议所规定的第三项任务,小组委员会要求,“充分考虑到委员会第 ‧ 号一般性建议的内容,同有关的国际人权条约组织及联合国机构和部门合作,特别是同消除歧视委员会、国际劳工组织以及联合国教育、科学和文化组织合作,为所有有关的行为者编写一套原则和指导方针的草案,这些行为者不仅仅涉及国家或者联邦政府,而且也涉及地方政府和各种私营部门实体,诸如公司、学校、宗教机构和其他经常发生基于工作和出身歧视的工作场所等”。
en To improve its strategic actions, the Institute prepared a Strategic Plan ( ‧ ) with the following goals: (a) to promote and support the review of the policies, plans, programmes and projects of State bodies in order to ensure equity and equal opportunity between women and men; (b) to mainstream the gender perspective in the national development plan; (c) to promote the Plan on Equal Opportunity for Rural Women and Gender Equity in Rural Development; (d) to coordinate the implementation of the National Plan of Action for the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence; and (e) to support the finalization of SISESIMHN, which has become the System of Gender-Focused Indicators, as a tool to influence public policies
zh 为了更好地完成其战略任务,妇女协会出台了《 ‧ 年战略规划》,这份文件主要包含了以下内容:(a)帮助修改国家机构的政策、规划、项目和计划,确保男女机会均等;(b) 将两性平等的观点纳入《国家发展计划》中去;(c)推广《农村妇女机会均等及农村发展中的男女平等规划》;(d)协助贯彻《国家预防家庭暴力及性暴力计划》;(e)协助完成后转为两性问题指数体系的“尼加拉瓜男女生活状况跟踪信息系统”,将其作为推行政府政策的一种工具。
en Department of Public Information activities to increase awareness of institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women included the production of television programmes on the Commission on the Status of Women
zh 新闻部为增加对提高妇女地位体制机制的认识的活动包括制作关于妇女地位委员会的电视节目。
en To that end, my Government is engaged in initiatives aimed at sensitizing its public institutions to NEPAD's pillars and philosophy
zh 为此目的,我国政府正在采取新行动,以提高公共机构对新伙伴关系的各个支柱和原则的敏感性。
en My delegation is also pleased to see the progress made in the development of institutional capacity in Iraq, in particular with regard to the management of public budgets for the delivery of local services
zh 我国代表团还高兴地看到伊拉克在发展体制能力方面,特别是在管理用于提供本地服务的公共预算方面取得进展。
en Farmers' organizations, including cooperatives and professional bodies, are being established or strengthened with a view to providing complementary services at local level and participating in policy debate with decentralized public institutions
zh 农民组织(包括合作社和专业机构)也正在建立起来或予以加强,以期在地方一级提供辅助性服务和与下放公共机构进行政策讨论。
en Reducing circumstantial poverty is primarily a task for the private sector with the support of public policies and institutions, with civil society playing a limited role
zh 得到公共政策和公共机构的支持,减少偶然贫困主要是私营部门的任务,民间社会只能发挥有限的作用。
en We have seen attacks against institutions, public buildings and vehicles
zh 我们目睹了针对机关、公共建筑物和车辆的袭击。
en After some American publications had imposed a moratorium on the publication of articles submitted by Cuban scientists, some others, such as the American Institute of Physics (AIP), the American Physical Society (APS) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which publishes the prestigious journal Science, openly refused to comply with the Treasury Department's order
zh 在美国一些出版公司禁止发表古巴科学家提出的论文后,另外一些出版公司,如美国物理研究所(物理研究所)、美国物理协会(物理协会)和出版著名学术杂志“科学”的美国科学促进协会(科促会)公开拒绝执行财政部的命令。
en b) Supporting decentralized institutions that can provide the necessary interfaces for programme promotion and serve a catalytic role by providing public information and encouraging participatory approaches involving NGOs and community-based organizations
zh b) 支持能够对促进方案提供必要联系并且发挥催化作用的分散化机构,它们提供新闻和鼓励采取让非政府组织和基于社区的组织参与的参与方法
en Recommends public policy for developing women's affairs in society's constitutional and civil institutions
zh 在宪法机构和民事机构就发展问题和妇女事务开发问题提出公共政策。
en In the case of obesity, on the basis of national data collected by public institutions, the following targets were adopted for the five-year period ‧ by ‧ stabilizing the prevalence of obesity among preschool children, schoolchildren and pregnant women; by ‧ diminishing obesity by three percentage points among preschool children; by ‧ diminishing obesity by four percentage points among primary schoolchildren and pregnant women
zh 就肥胖而言,根据政府收集的国家数据,通过了 ‧ 年 ‧ 年期的下列目标:到 ‧ 年,使学龄前儿童、小学生和孕妇的肥胖发病率稳定下来;到 ‧ 年,将学龄前夕肥胖率降低 ‧ 个百分点;到 ‧ 年,将小学生和的肥胖率降低 ‧ 个百分点。
en Various projects are being implemented including the literacy courses organized by public agencies and institutions, as well as by NGOs
zh 目前正在实施的各类项目中也包括相关公共机构和非政府组织开设的扫盲课程。
en CAT recommended that the State should take all necessary measures to ensure effective and thorough judicial control over detention procedures in public and private mental health institutions
zh 禁止酷刑委员会建议缔约国采取一切必要措施,确保对公共和私营精神保健机构内的拘留程序实行有效而彻底的司法控制。
en Projects are designed for small land-holders, males, females and young farmers, members of cooperatives and associations, experts of the public sector, researchers, etc. Projects having being implemented since ‧ cover the following broader units: non-farm income generation; production diversification, processing, marketing (plant and animal production fisheries); cooperatives; institutional capacity building; research; consultancy for public sector's institutions; and international conferences, and workshops on the economic role of rural women
zh 为小土地所有者、男子、妇女、青年农民、合作社和协会的成员、公共部门的专家、研究者等等制定了项目。 自从 ‧ 年以来所实施的项目涉及以下更加广泛的内容:创造非农业收入;生产多样化;动物、植物和鱼类的生产、加工和销售;合作社;机构能力建设;公共部门机构的咨询;有关农村妇女经济作用的国际会议和讲习班。
en We call for more assistance to the family, particularly in its formative mission, by national and international law and the practice of States, various public institutions, religious communities and the mass media
zh 我们呼吁,在国家法律和国际法的协助下,国家、各社会机构、宗教团体和媒体的协助下,加强对家庭的支助,特别是在教育方面的支助。
en Moreover, the Committee appreciated the growing interest shown by universities and other institutions of higher learning and the publication of several pertinent dissertations and other scholarly works on the Committee
zh 此外,委员会赞赏各大学和其他高等院校日益关心其工作,并就委员会的工作出版了若干有关的论文和学术著作。
en But security can be sustainable in the long term only if the Provisional Institutions develop a broad programme that reaches out to the Serbs of Kosovo and the members of other minorities- one that is reflected in concrete advances, including measures for the employment of members of the minorities in the public administration at various levels
zh 但是,要使安全能够长期维持,临时机构就必须制定一个面向科索沃塞族人和其他少数族裔成员的广泛方案--一个能反映在具体进展中的方案,包括让少数族裔成员在各级公共行政部门就业的措施。
en In conclusion, the opportunities of globalization cannot be seized, nor the risks contained, without a reordering of priorities and renewed emphasis on strengthening public institutions on some new, as well as traditional, fronts
zh 总之,不重新调整优先次序,不重新强调某些关于新的方面以及某些传统方面的公共机构,就不可能抓住全球化带来的机会,也不能控制住它带来的威胁。
en The Fourth King devoted ‧ years of his reign to set-up every political and public institution necessary for the introduction of parliamentary democracy in
zh 第四任国王在就任的 ‧ 年间,致力于制定 ‧ 年引入议会民主制所需的各种政治和公共制度。
en We need good, working public institutions within countries to tackle the many issues at hand
zh 我们需要各国国内建立良好和行之有效的公共体制,以处理手头的许多问题。
en The seminar was organized by Saferworld (London), the Institute of Public Affairs (Warsaw) and co-hosted by the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
zh 该讨论会由加强世界安全组织(伦敦)、公共事务学会(华沙)主办,由波兰外交部共同赞助。
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