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Meeting of Consultants for the Study on Feasibility of Establishing an Institute of Public Finance

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en Moreover, the participation of a strong civilian component is key to the provision of humanitarian assistance, the re-establishment of public order, functioning public institutions, reconstruction, rehabilitation and peace building for longer-term sustainable development
zh 而且,阵容强大的民政人员的参与,对于提供人道主义援助、恢复公共秩序、公共机构运作、重建、复兴及建设和平以促进长期可持续发展至关重要。
en The Institute published a wide range of publications which are all freely accessible through its website
zh 研究所出版了种类繁多的出版物,均可通过其网站免费查阅。
en Capacity-building of health personnel and community members is also backed up by training in communication strategies and techniques, which is integrated in the curricula of schools of public health and medicine, social work, communication and journalism, and teacher training institutions
zh 保健人员和社区成员的能力建设也以通信战略和技术培训为后盾,这方面的能力建设是公共卫生和医学院课程、社会工作、通信和新闻工作及教师培训机构的组成部分。
en The Special Rapporteur recommends to Governments that they attach high priority to the objectives and principles of indigenous education and that they provide public and private agencies and institutions involved in promoting indigenous education with sufficient material, institutional and intellectual resources; he invites them to prepare, in close collaboration with indigenous communities, programmes for the training of an adequate number of bilingual and intercultural education teachers during the Second International Decade of the World's Indigenous People and invites the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and international cooperation partners in general to become involved in this effort
zh 特别报告员建议各政府应高度重视土著人民的教育目标和原则,同时为参与促进土著人民教育的公私营机构和组织提供充足的物质、体制和知识资源;他邀请各国与土著社区密切协作在世界土著人民第二个国际十年期间制订各项方案,培养充足的双语和跨文化师资,并邀请联合国教育、科学及文化组织(教科文组织)和一般国际合作伙伴参与这一工作。
en In order to enhance the Institute's visibility and promote its mission, the Centre will also implement a programme of cultural initiatives focused on crime prevention and criminal justice themes, which call the attention of the general public
zh 为了提高研究所的知名度并对其任务进行宣传,该中心还将实施以预防犯罪和刑事司法主题为重点的文化活动方案,以引起广大民众的关注。
en Special efforts are needed to ensure the maintenance of essential public services, such as education, health, security, justice and institutions of democratic governance
zh 必须特别努力,维持必要的公共服务,例如教育、保健、安全、司法和民主治理机构
en The National Officer will focus on the development of the public safety institutions and also support the Public Safety Governance Adviser on multilevel coordination requirements to ensure the development of a workable governance mechanism
zh 本国干事将侧重于发展公共安全机构,并就多层面的协调需求支助公共安全治理顾问,以确保制订一个可行的治理机制。
en The results of the blood tests conducted by the Institute of Public Health of Serbia in April ‧ on children currently living in the Çesmun Llug/Česmin Lug and Osterode camps in northern Kosovo allegedly showed that, for all but two of the ‧ children tested, lead levels in their blood exceeded the maximum acceptable levels
zh 据称,塞尔维亚公共卫生研究所 ‧ 年 ‧ 月对目前居住在科索沃北部Çesmun Llug/Cesmin Lug和Osterode营地的儿童进行验血的结果显示,接受验血的所有 ‧ 名儿童中,除了 ‧ 名儿童之外,其余所有儿童的血液含铅水平均超过可接受的最高水平。
en The results, based on data received from ‧ national institutions worldwide, showed that they face capacity needs mainly in relation to, inter alia, organizational and resource management; knowledge of the international human rights system; relationships with public bodies and civil society; and the effective follow-up of their recommendations
zh 根据从世界各地 ‧ 个国家人权机构得到的数据,调查结果显示,国家人权机构主要在诸如以下方面面临能力需求:组织管理和资源管理;对国际人权系统的了解;与公共机构和民间社会的关系;其各项建议的有效后续落实。
en c) In the context of national e-strategies, provide and improve ICT connectivity for all schools, universities, health institutions, libraries, post offices, community centres, museums and other institutions accessible to the public, in line with the indicative targets
zh c) 在国家信息通信战略方面,根据指示性指标,为向公众开放的机构提供信息通信技术连接,并加强连通性,连接所有中小学、大学、医疗机构、图书馆、邮局、社区中心、博物馆及其它机构
en The Committee recommends that gender mainstreaming be introduced in all public institutions, policies and programmes and gender training be provided and focal points be established
zh 委员会建议在所有公共机构、政策和方案中实现社会性别主流化,提供性别平等培训,设立协调中心。
en The World Bank and the African Development Bank are collaborating with regional institutions in Africa such as the Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa in regional public procurement reform projects in which the legal work is largely inspired by the UNCITRAL Model Procurement Law
zh 世界银行和非洲开发银行目前正在与非洲经济和货币联盟和东非和南部非洲共同市场等非洲区域机构合作实施区域政府采购改革项目,而其中的法律工作基本上受到《贸易法委员会采购示范法》的启示。
en A number of ministries and dozens of national organisations took part in the project, including the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), the police, the National Office of the Public Prosecution Service, the Probation Service, Slachtofferhulp Nederland (a Dutch victim aid organisation), the Federatie Opvang (victim support federation), GGZ-Nederland (a Dutch organisation concerned with mental health care and care for addicts) and various support organisations like Transact (Dutch centre for gender issues in healthcare and the prevention of sexual violence) and the NIZW (Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare
zh 有许多部会和众多国家组织参加了这一项目,包括荷兰市级政府协会、警察局、国家检察院、缓刑局、Slachtofferhulp Nederland(荷兰受害者援助组织)、the Federatie Opvang(受害者支助联合会)、GGZ-Nederland(荷兰心理保健和戒毒治疗组织)和像Transact(荷兰卫生保健和预防性暴力中的性别问题研究中心)一样的各种支助组织和NIZW(荷兰照护和福利机构)。
en The objective of this cluster is to promote good governance, including effective public sector administration, peace and security in Africa, and to support institutional capacity-building for peacekeeping activities of the African Union and the regional economic communities
zh 这个专题组的目的是促进善政,包括在非洲促进有效的公营部门管理、和平与安全,并支持非洲联盟和各区域经济共同体为开展维和活动进行机构能力建设。
en Report of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa ‧ ugust ‧ eptember ‧ (United Nations publication, Sales No ‧ and corrigendum), chap. I, resolution ‧ annex, chapter XI, entitled “Institutional framework for sustainable development”, paragraph ‧ subparagraph (d
zh 《可持续发展问题世界首脑会议报告,南非,约翰内斯堡 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 月 ‧ 日》(联合国出版物,出售品编号 ‧ 和更正)第一章,决议 ‧ 附件,第十一章,题为“可持续发展的体制框架”,第 ‧ (d)段。
en The Committee recommends that the State party, taking into account the recommendations adopted on its Day of general discussion on children without parental care, held on ‧ eptember ‧ (see ‧ ), carry out a comprehensive, national evaluation of the alternative-care system and based on the results of this evaluation provide children residing in out-of-home care, including foster families, public and private residential institutions and care providers, with adequate social and educational services tailored to respond to the needs of these children
zh 委员会建议该缔约国应参照 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日举行的关于无家长照料的儿童问题一般性讨论日所通过的建议(见 ‧ ),对替代性照料制度开展全面的全国性评估,并在评估结果的基础上对生活在家庭外管理场所,包括领养家庭、公私营慈善机构和照料提供单位的儿童,提供专门满足这些儿童需要的充分的社会和教育服务。
en The Committee notes that despite the measures adopted by the State party to enhance its legal and institutional mechanisms aimed at combating racial discrimination, de facto discrimination against foreigners and persons belonging to ethnic and national minorities, in particular migrant workers and members of their families, members of the Muslim community and Roma, is still widespread among some sectors of the population, especially in the fields of employment, housing and access to public places such as restaurants and bars
zh 委员会注意到,尽管缔约国采取措施加强其打击种族歧视的法律和体制机制,但是在一些居民阶层中仍相当普遍存在着对外国人和少数族裔和民族,特别是移徙工人及其家属、穆斯林社区成员和罗姆人的事实上的歧视,特别是在就业、住房和进入餐馆和酒吧等公共场所方面。
en In May ‧ the headquarters of the Institute for Public Penal Defence was ransacked by unknown individuals
zh 年 ‧ 月,公设刑事辩护人制度研究所的总部受到了不明身份人员的洗劫。
en The law shall determine the supports for the protection of minors in the charge of public institutions.”
zh 法律应该明确在公共机构负责下,对保护未成年人所提供的援助。”
en According to the Committee, key elements of such a strategy should include: establishing human resources planning management systems and units; professionalizing the public service, including human resources management; enhancing the social value of service to the public; creating a learning culture in public institutions; and utilizing the best talent from underrepresented groups
zh 委员会认为,这样一项战略应包括以下关键要素:建立人力资源规划管理系统和单位;使公务员系统专业化,包括人力资源管理专业化;提高向公众提供的服务的社会价值;在公共机构中树立学习文化;利用任职人数不足的团体的最佳人才。
en The Advisory Committee further requests that in future the Secretariat indicate with whom it cooperates in the production of recurrent and non-recurrent publications, whether within the United Nations or with the specialized agencies and partners outside the United Nations system; for example, information should be given on the role played by the International Labour Organization or the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other institutions for publications on employment matters and poverty reduction
zh 咨询委员会进一步请秘书处在今后表明:它同谁合作制作经常性和非经常性的出版物,是否在联合国范围内,是否同专门机构和联合国系统以外的伙伴,例如应提供资料,说明国际劳工组织和联合国粮食及农业组织及其他机构在关于就业和减轻贫穷问题的出版物方面所起的作用。
en • Letters of credit are not normally used by Governments and public institutions
zh · 政府和公共机构一般并不使用信用证。
en The questionnaire enquired about the national (including regional/provincial/state) legislation applicable to prevent, counter and eliminate the sale of children as well as the public institutions in charge of these actions
zh 调查问卷询问国家(包括地区/省/州)防止、打击和消除贩运儿童的法律以及负责这些行动的公共机构
en In ‧ schools, UNICEF completed the upgrading of water and sanitation facilities, conducted maintenance training and launched a hygiene education project in cooperation with the local Institute for Public Health
zh 儿童基金会与当地公共保健所合作,在 ‧ 所学校中完成了提升其供水及卫生设施质量、举办维修培训和开始一个卫生教育项目的工作。
en Although women are found on boards of public corporations and institutions and in trade unions and NGOs, no data is available to provide the exact figures
zh 尽管妇女出现在公用事业公司和公共机构的董事会、工会和非政府组织中,但没有得到关于确切数字的数据。
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