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Meeting of Consultants for the Study on Feasibility of Establishing an Institute of Public Finance

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en s) [Develop action-oriented recommendations on energy for sustainable development containing proposals for implementation] [Countries are urged to develop and implement actions within the framework of the ninth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development, including through public-private partnerships], taking into account the different circumstances of countries, based on lessons learned by Governments, international institutions and stakeholders and including business and industry, in the field of access to energy, including renewable energy and energy-efficiency and advanced energy technologies, including advanced and cleaner fossil fuel technologies
zh s) 在考虑到各国情况不同的情况下,尤其是根据各国政府、国际机构和利益攸关者、包括工商界在获取能源,其中包括可再生能源和能源效率和先进能源技术(包括先进和更清洁的矿物燃料技术)领域中的经验教训,[就能源促进可持续发展拟订着眼于行动的建议,其中包括执行提案][鼓励各国在可持续发展委员会第九届会议框架内,通过建立公共-私人伙伴关系,制订和采取行动]
en We have seen attacks against institutions, public buildings and vehicles
zh 我们目睹了针对机关、公共建筑物和车辆的袭击。
en The Israeli Government and high military officials have continued to threaten to bombard Lebanon, be it publicly or in the tripartite meetings in Naqoura, not sparing any civilian infrastructure or public institution, under the pretext of alleged arms stocking and transfer
zh 以色列政府和军方官员无论是在公开场合还是在纳库拉三方会议上,均以武器储存和转让指控为借口,继续威胁要轰炸黎巴嫩,甚至不放过任何民用基础设施或公共机构
en • What kind of public administration structures and systems are needed to make these institutions more pro-poor and oriented towards the Millennium Development Goals?
zh • 需要何种公共行政结构和制度来使这些机构更积极地扶贫和注重千年发展目标?
en This plan formulates specific oppositions on the way in which the principle of gender mainstreaming can be structurally implemented in each public federal institution in the matter of “statistics and indicators” and regarding the way in which their coordination, support, propagation, and evaluation might be organized
zh 这一计划提出了一些具体的建议,主要是在两大方面。 一是在社会性别主流化原则可以在每个联邦公共机构的统计和指数方面得到系统落实方面;一是在可以安排它们的协调、支持、推广和评估方面。
en Rebuilding a country's democratic institutions and its political and public life must involve the participation of women in the decision-making process, because of the need for gender equality
zh 由于两性平等的需要,重建一个国家的民主机制和政治和公众生活,涉及到妇女参与决策进程。
en What should be the role of traditional institutions in the practice of modern governance and public administration in a world that is increasingly globalized?
zh 在一个日益全球化的世界上,传统体制应在现代管理和公共行政领域发挥何种作用?
en c) [Agreed] Collect and disseminate information on cost-effective examples in cleaner production, eco-efficiency and environmental management, and promote the exchange of best practices and know-how on environmentally sound technologies between public and private institutions
zh c) [商定]收集和传播关于清洁生产、生态效率和环境管理方面符合成本效益的例子的资料,促进公共机构和私营机构交流关于无害环境技术的最佳做法和专门技能
en A comprehensive approach will also require enacting and implementing freedom of information legislation to facilitate more transparent and accountable government, financial institution regulation, accounting standards, procedures for public tendering, especially public procurement contracts and procedures, and other such interventions
zh 还需要采取综合策略,颁布和执行新闻自由法律,促进制定更透明和更负责的治理、金融机构条例,会计标准,公开投标程序,尤其是公共采购合同和程序,以及此种干预的其他活动。
en As the report suggests, we can understand that the rule of law implies a principle of governance according to which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, are subject to laws, which must be compatible with international human rights norms and must guarantee accountability, including procedural transparency
zh 正如报告建议,我们可以理解,法治意味着一种施政原则,其中所有人、公共和私人机构和实体都受法律制约,而法律必须符合国际人权标准,并必须确保责任制,包括透明的程序。
en Entities which, under this Act, are obliged to supply information relating to their activities, include State authorities, the bodies of territorial self-governing units and public institutions managing public finances
zh 根据该法,有义务提供关于其活动信息的实体包括:国家机关、地区自治机关和管理政府财政的公共机关。
en The Slovak Republic has become another country to provide in its rule of law the institute of the Ombudsman- the public defender of rights
zh 斯洛伐克共和国成为又一个在法制中确立了监察员机构--权利公设律师的国家。
en Between August and December ‧ young people took part in a programme that provided paid internships at public and private institutions in the country
zh 年 ‧ 月至 ‧ 月,有 ‧ 名青年人参加了在我国公共和私营机构提供有薪实习的方案。
en Uzbekistan has working in this area such non-governmental organizations as the Uzbek Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Individuals, the Uzbek branch of the international organization Human Rights Watch, the Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, the Independent Human Rights Organization of Uzbekistan, the Ezgulik Human Rights Association of Uzbekistan, the Democracy and Human Rights Institute, the Bar Association, the Association of Judges, the Public Opinion Study Centre of Uzbekistan, the Centre for Support of Independent Candidates, etc
zh 在乌兹别克斯坦开展工作的非政府非商业性维权组织如下:乌兹别克斯坦人权保护委员会、国际组织“人权观察”乌兹别克斯坦分部、人权和人道主义法研究中心、乌兹别克斯坦人权独立组织、乌兹别克斯坦人权协会“Ezgulik”、民主和人权研究院、律师协会、法官协会、舆论研究中心和独立候选人支助中心等。
en Reconstruction of democratic institutions and of political and public life in a country must go hand in hand with the participation of women in the decision-making process, for reasons of parity
zh 基于平等的理由,重建一个国家的民主体制以及政治与公共生活必须与妇女参加决策进程平行地展开。
en If that institutional capacity does not already exist, it is highly desirable that reform of the insolvency law is accompanied by institutional reform, where the costs of establishing and maintaining the necessary institutional framework are weighed against the benefits of providing a system that is efficient, effective and in which the public have confidence
zh 如果尚不具备这种体制能力,则十分可取的做法是,在对破产法进行改革的同时进行机构改革,为此,建立和维护必要体制框架的成本将与提供一种高效率、有效和公众信赖的制度所带来的利益相权衡。
en The action plan is wide-ranging, comprising ‧ separate measures covering all aspects of the problem that are considered likely to have an affect in reducing violence in the homes of children and sexual violence, including preventive measures, support to employees in public institutions so as to enable them to identify indications of violence, measures to ensure appropriate assistance and, last but not least, to break the vicious circle in which violence often thrives
zh 行动计划内容广泛,包括 ‧ 项单独措施,涵盖可能被视为对减少儿童家庭暴力和性暴力有影响的问题的所有方面,包括预防性措施,支持公共机构工作人员以便使他们能够识别暴力的迹象,采取措施以确保提供适当的援助,最后但并非最不重要的是,打破暴力常常活跃的恶性循环。
en • Issue the public accountant professional identity card and ensure compliance with the regulations governing it, as well as the necessary certification within the sphere of its institutional competence
zh • 签发公共会计师职业身份证,并确保遵守管理条例以及其机构职权范围内的必要认证
en Thus, developing countries need to ensure that any possible future disciplines do not prejudge their flexibility to undertake regulatory and institutional reform and their ability to meet public policy objectives
zh 因此,发展中国家需要确保任何可能的未来纪律不会妨碍它们开展法规和体制改革的灵活性,以及它们实现公共政策目标的能力。
en In conclusion, the opportunities of globalization cannot be seized, nor the risks contained, without a reordering of priorities and renewed emphasis on strengthening public institutions on some new, as well as traditional, fronts
zh 总之,不重新调整优先次序,不重新强调某些关于新的方面以及某些传统方面的公共机构,就不可能抓住全球化带来的机会,也不能控制住它带来的威胁。
en They reaffirmed the commitments made in Tunis to deepen economic reforms, strengthen the regulation of financial institutions, harmonize fiscal and monetary policies, improve governance and accountability, diversify the export structure, make more judicious use of public revenue, and improve debt management
zh 他们再次重申其在突尼斯所做的深化经济改革、加强金融机构的管理、使财政和货币政策相一致、改进治理和问责制、使出口结构多元化、谨慎利用国库岁入和改进债务管理的承诺。
en It had taken many years to convince the public about the wisdom of instituting maternity leave, and perhaps the same would apply there
zh 瑞士经过了许多年才使公众相信出台产假是明智的,也许目前的情况也需要如此。
en The meeting identified the following possible areas of support by the Peacebuilding Commission: promoting human rights, democracy and freedom of the press; expanding access to justice; supporting security sector reform; mainstreaming gender; strengthening the capacity of public institutions; and, implementing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
zh 会议认为,建设和平委员会可在以下方面提供支持:促进人权、民主和出版自由;拓宽诉诸法律的渠道;支持安保部门改革;男女平等主流化;加强公共机构能力;执行真相与和解委员会的建议。
en g) Providing library services to the ECLAC organizational units, the general public and educational institutions
zh g) 向拉加经委会的组织单位、社会大众和教育机构提供图书馆服务。
en The Committee recommends that the State party develop a systematic approach to increasing public awareness of the participatory rights of children in the best interests of the child, particularly at the local levels and in traditional communities, with the involvement of community and religious leaders, and ensure that the views of children are heard and taken into consideration in accordance with their age and maturity in families, communities, schools, care institutions and the judicial and administrative systems
zh 委员会建议缔约国从儿童的最大利益出发,采取系统办法,提高公众对儿童参与权的认识,特别要在地方和传统社区,并吸收社区和宗教领袖参与有关工作,确保在家庭、社区、学校、照料机构和司法及行政系统中听取儿童的意见,并按照其年龄和成熟程度加以考虑。
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