pronunciation: IPA: skeə(r)krəʊ /ˈskɛə.krəʊ/ /ˈskɛr.kroʊ/

Translations into Chinese:

  • 稻草人   

Other meanings:

(figuratively, pejorative) A tall, thin, awkward person.
An effigy, typically made of straw and dressed in old clothes, fixed to a pole in a field to deter birds from eating seeds or crops planted there.
an effigy made to scare the birds away
tall, thin, awkward person

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en Do we therefore really have a sense of ownership about the spending cap, or do we rightly believe- most of us, at any rate- that this is some kind of turnip ghost from an aborted Halloween party, a scarecrow that, fortunately, failed to scare and was therefore given a decent burial?
zh 因此,我们是否真的在支出上限方面有了当家作主感,或者说我们--当然是指我们大多数人--是否正确地认为,这是办得不成功的鬼节聚会上某个用芜菁镂出来的鬼,一个幸运地没有起到吓唬作用,因而能得到体面埋葬的稻草人
en You know in that one scene in The Wizard of Oz...... when the flying monkeys pull apart the Scarecrow?
zh 你 知道 綠野 僊 蹤 裡 有 個 片斷...... 飛 猴 把 稻草人 撕開 兩半?
en That scarecrow ain' t gonna frighten off no Yankee
zh 別 想 拿 稻草人 來 嚇唬 我們
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