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    A sample e-mail address used in Microsoft software and help files for demonstration purposes.

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Call Someone...
呼叫某人...; 撥打電話...
However strong you are, there is always someone stronger
強中自有強中手; 强中自有强中手
Invite Someone
邀请某人; 邀請某人
某人; 有人
someone else
另外一個人; 别的人; 別的人; 另外一个人
Someone on Windows Live
Windows Live 使用者
to force someone to do something
強人所難; 强人所难
to hit on someone
搭讪; 搭訕
to let someone down
挖牆腳; 挖墙脚
to part ways with someone
各奔東西; 各奔东西
to pester someone again and again
死乞白賴; 死乞白赖
to punish (someone)
懲辦; 惩办
to stand someone up
放鸽子; 放鴿子

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en Special mention should be made to Law ‧ of ‧ pril ‧ which defines the crimes of torture, and establishes in paragraph ‧ of article ‧ that it is a crime of torture “submitting someone under your guardianship, power or authority, through violence or serious threat, to intense physical or mental suffering as a way of applying personal punishment or measure of a preventive character”
zh 特别值得一提的是 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号法律,该法律界定了酷刑罪,并在第 ‧ 条第二款规定,“作为一种实施个人惩罚或预防性措施的办法,通过暴力或严重威胁,使在其监护或掌控下的某人遭受严酷的肉体或精神折磨”属于酷刑罪。
en I read you should never date someone if you can think of three reasons not to
zh 我 想 您 不???? 会 一? 个 人 如果 您 想得 出 三? 个 原因 不去?? 会
en he maintains that it is important to keep in mind that, once a victim informs a public institution, such as the immigration service, about her situation, the woman concerned becomes very vulnerable, especially because of the great risk that someone in the trafficking network will hear that she has gone to the authorities
zh 她坚持认为必须铭记,如果妇女受害者向移民局等政府机构报告自己的处境,她就会极易受到伤害,尤其是会遇到严重的危险,因为贩运人口网络中有人会打听到她已经向主管当局举报了案情。
en Make sure it' s someone he really despises
zh 班 克 一定 要 痛恨? 这 家伙
en WARNING: The identity of the remote host '%‧ ' has changed! Someone could be eavesdropping on your connection, or the administrator may have just changed the host 's key. Either way, you should verify the host 's key fingerprint with the host 's administrator before connecting. The key fingerprint is: %‧ Would you like to accept the host 's new key and connect anyway?
zh 警告: 远程主机 “ % ‧” 的身份已经改变 ! 也许有人在窃听您的网络连接, 或者是管理员可能改变了主机的密钥。 不管怎样, 连接前您应该与主机的管理员核实主机的密钥。 主机的密钥指纹是 : % ‧ 您要接受新的密钥并继续连接吗 ?
en Finally, this would also apply to someone who helped others in any way (by financial means in particular) to commit terrorist acts
zh 最后,一个人用某种方法(尤其是提供资金)帮助进行恐怖主义行为,也是属于这种情况。
en third-party- someone who may be indirectly involved but is not a principal party to a contract or transaction
zh 第三方--可能间接参与某项合同或交易,但不是主要当事方的人员
en Aid someone else who is not permitted to implement an industrial action
zh 援助不被允许采取劳工行动的其他人。
en The sizeable Moslem community in Fiji sometimes causes confusion with identifying the true person, for example Mohamed Jahir Khan, a Fiji Moslem, was held up for identification verification by the US Immigration, for three hours in Honolulu because he had the same name as someone wanted for questioning in Illinois
zh 在斐济,庞大的穆斯林社区在查验是否正确的人方面有时候引起混淆,例如Mohamed Jahir Khan(斐济的穆斯林)在火奴鲁鲁被美国移民官员扣留三小时查验身份,因为他的姓名同在伊利诺伊当局要询问的人一样。
en Instigation is for example when someone in word or in deed encourages, incites or tempts another person to commit a criminal offence
zh 例如,教唆,即以语言或者行动怂恿、煽动或者诱惑他人实施一项刑事犯罪行为。
en Someone who has sold his technology and services to terrorists and rogue states
zh 他 也 曾 向 恐怖 分子 和 流氓? 国 家出售 他的 技? 术 和服? 务
en Every now and then, the Prime Minister, the President and I get criticized by someone in the press in Haiti claiming that this mandate is some vast colonial conspiracy by me to take over Haiti
zh 总理、总统和我本人时不时地受到海地新闻界的批评,它们说这一任务多少是我的一个殖民主义阴谋,目的是要接管海地。
en Guardians Allowance is an additional payment to someone who is entitled to Child Benefit for an orphan who is taken into the family
zh 监护人津贴是在儿童补贴以外额外发放的津贴,发放对象是抚养孤儿的人士。
en We think that your attacker is about to go after someone else
zh ?? 击 你的 人 正 准? 备 去??? 别 的 人
en Someone said that we need to get traditional workers to play untraditional roles and that we need more untraditional workers taking on new roles
zh 有人说我们需要让传统的工作者发挥非传统的作用,需要更多的非传统工作者充当新角色。
en A person shall be deemed to discriminate against another when he or she treats someone less favourably than someone else, or deliberately refuses to enter into a contract or agreement with someone, on like terms, on the basis of the protected grounds
zh 一个人以自我保护为由不像对待其他人一样平等地对待另一个人,或故意拒绝与另一个人签订协议或合同等,都应视为对另一个人的歧视。
en Options for this include asking the Vice-President who had been elected to begin his or her term of office at close of the meeting to instead begin immediately or to elect someone to serve as Vice-President for the meeting only
zh 在此方面的备选办法计有:请获选的副主席在所涉会议结束之际开始任职,而不是立即开始任职,抑或是另行选举一人仅在所涉会议期间担任副主席。
en Someday, I' ‧ meet someone from the future
zh 有一天 , 我 會 遇到 從未 來來 的 人
en Klingon commander, someone wishes to speak with you
zh 克 林? 贡 指? 挥 官 , 有人 想 跟 你? 谈
en Providing care for the mother since the onset of pregnancy and during natural nursing either by the mother or someone else if the mother is unable to suckle the baby
zh 自怀孕起和在母亲自然喂养或在母亲无法给婴儿喂奶时由他人自然喂养期间,向母亲提供照顾。
en The police have the power, in connection with proceedings concerning offences, to take a thing from someone if they have grounds to believe that it may be pronounced forfeit or confiscated in court proceedings
zh 警方有权在处理不法行为过程中,没收某人的物品,但条件是警方有理由认为,该物品可能在法院进行的审理中被宣布为没收品或予以没收。
en Enforcement of a security right in fixtures may also require special rules to deal with the problem of severing a fixture from immovable property owned by someone other than the grantor
zh 关于定着物担保权的执行,可能也要制订专门的规则,以处理不动产的所有权人不是出押人时如何将定着物同不动产分开的问题。
en The Penal Code punishes those who induce someone to satisfy the lasciviousness of others (article ‧ ) and those who induce or attract someone to prostitution, facilitate it or prevent someone from leaving it
zh 《刑法典》惩治那些引诱妇女满足他人情欲的人(第 ‧ 条)和诱惑或引诱妇女卖淫,纵容卖淫或阻止妇女洗手不干的人。
en You are about to sign user id: %‧ (%‧) ID: %‧ Fingerprint: %‧. You should check the key fingerprint by phoning or meeting the key owner to be sure that someone is not trying to intercept your communications
zh 您正要签名用户 ID : % ‧ (% ‧) ID : % ‧ 指纹 : % ‧ 。 您现在应该通过电话或面见密钥属主来核对密钥指纹, 以确保没有人正试图窃听您的通讯 。
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