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    A sample e-mail address used in Microsoft software and help files for demonstration purposes.

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Call Someone...
呼叫某人...; 撥打電話...
However strong you are, there is always someone stronger
強中自有強中手; 强中自有强中手
Invite Someone
邀请某人; 邀請某人
某人; 有人
someone else
另外一個人; 别的人; 別的人; 另外一个人
Someone on Windows Live
Windows Live 使用者
to force someone to do something
強人所難; 强人所难
to hit on someone
搭讪; 搭訕
to let someone down
挖牆腳; 挖墙脚
to part ways with someone
各奔東西; 各奔东西
to pester someone again and again
死乞白賴; 死乞白赖
to punish (someone)
懲辦; 惩办
to stand someone up
放鸽子; 放鴿子

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en Although Israeli Military Order No ‧ defines a child as someone under the age of ‧ the present report accepts the international standard of ‧ (article ‧ of the Convention on the Rights of the Child ‧ ), which is also the position under Israeli law
zh 虽然以色列第 ‧ 号军事命令把儿童定义为年龄少于 ‧ 岁的人,但本报告采取 ‧ 岁这一国际标准(《 ‧ 年儿童权利公约》第 ‧ 条),它也是以色列法的立场。
en Upon his release- a Marxist regime held power in Afghanistan at that time- he was immediately hired by the World Bank, which needed someone like him to work on the waterways extending from Turkey to Syria
zh 他被释放以后(当时统治阿富汗的是马克思主义政权),立即被世界银行雇用,该行需要一个像他这样的人为从土耳其至叙利亚的水道工作。
en It is a shame that someone comes to this Council to defend occupation
zh 竟然有人在安理会前为占领辩护,真是一种耻辱。
en In his interview with Novoye vremya magazine, Mutalibov stated that “the shooting of the Khojaly residents was obviously organized by someone to take control in Azerbaijan”
zh 穆塔利博夫在Novoye vremya杂志的一次采访中说:“向霍贾里居民开枪显然是由想控制阿塞拜疆的人组织的”。
en Affirmative preference means that someone's gender or race will be taken into account in the granting or withholding of social goods
zh 偏向扶持是指在提供或不提供社会益处方面将考虑到某人的性别或种族。
en Furthermore, would it be rational for someone to proclaim that he or she enjoys certain rights or liberties, without recognizing that others have the duty to respect them?
zh 此外,某个人宣布他或她享有某些权利和自由,但没有认识到他人有义务尊重这些权利或自由,这样是否合理?
en Too many see the danger, but they walk idly by, hoping that someone else will take care of it
zh 太多的人看到危险,但他们若无其事地走过去,希望有其他人来处置这一危险。
en It was also stressed that that person must be someone who could get people to unite and be conciliatory
zh 其间特别强调,这一人士应具有团结和调解各方的素质。
en Extent of the Digital Divide A person living in a high-income country is over ‧ times more likely to be an Internet user than someone in a low-income country
zh 生活在高收入国家的人成为互联网用户的可能性比生活在低收入国家的人要高出 ‧ 倍。
en Questions probing understanding, awareness, levels of tolerance, whether respondents know someone who has been victimized, and willingness to intervene/report are the foundation of such measures
zh 不论答复者是否知道某位曾受过害的人,以及是否愿意出面干涉/报告,问题要探讨对容忍的理解和认识程度,这是上述此类衡量的根本所在。
en I still believe, with the firm hope of someone who knows the values of his people, that the road we started on will not be barren
zh 我仍然认为,只要有了解其人民的价值观的坚定希望,我们开始走上的道路就不会是一条贫脊的道路。
en The pain of long-haul travel in an economy-class seat for someone with stiff limbs or arthritis, the sheer size of modern airports for those with mobility problems and endless forward planning for all are some of the challenges still facing travellers with disabilities
zh 对于肢体残疾或关节炎患者来说在经济舱位进行长途旅行的痛苦、对于行走不便的人来说庞大的现代化机场以及对所有人来说无休止地提前规划都是残疾旅行者仍然面临的一些挑战。
en We have overcome the opponents who have said that HIV was not a problem in their country, that it was someone else's problem
zh 我们克服了反对派认为艾滋病毒在其国内不是问题,而是别人的问题的说法。
en Where are you going?We need groceries.- I have to meet someone
zh 你 去 哪 里 ? 有些 生活 用品? 还 要? 买- 我 得去?? 个 人
en You are about to sign key: %‧ ID: %‧ Fingerprint: %‧. You should check the key fingerprint by phoning or meeting the key owner to be sure that someone is not trying to intercept your communications
zh 您正要签名密钥 : % ‧ ID: % ‧ 指纹 : % ‧ 。 您现在应该通过电话或面见密钥属主来核对密钥指纹, 以确保没有人正试图窃听您的通讯 。
en What action is taken in the case of someone applying from an overrepresented country?
zh 在来自一个任职人数过多的国家的人提出申请的情况下采取了哪些行动?
en Under conditions provided by section ‧ paragraph ‧ (c), of the Act, such election could be made only by someone who had not been sentenced with legal effect during the previous five years for an intentional crime
zh 根据该法第 ‧ 条第 ‧ (c)款规定的条件,只有前五年未被判故意犯罪的人才能作出这种选择。
en If you had sat in the shattered city of Sarajevo, and someone had said that this country, in a mere six years after the war, would have the most stable currency in the Balkans, that there would be complete freedom of movement right across the country, that there would be more than a quarter of a million people moved back to the homes from which they were driven in blood and terror only six years earlier, and that completely peaceful, violence-free elections would have been conducted, then you would have said that that was impossible
zh 如果你曾坐在满目疮痍的萨拉热窝市内,有人说这个国家能在短短六年时间内拥有巴尔干地区内最稳定的货币,能做到全国完全自由来往,将有 ‧ 多万人口返回仅六年前他们被血腥与恐怖地赶出来的家园,并能举行一次完全和平、没有暴力的选举,你会说,那是不可能的。
en It is similarly submitted that article ‧ was violated as imposing the death sentence irrespective of the circumstances was cruel, inhuman and degrading, and an arbitrary and disproportionate punishment which cannot justify depriving someone of the right to life
zh 同样认为,由于不顾具体情况即判处死刑是残忍、不人道和有辱人格的,而且这种任意和不成比例的处罚并不能说明剥夺某人的生命权是合理的,因此构成了对第 ‧ 条的违反。
en I read you should never date someone if you can think of three reasons not to
zh 我 想 您 不???? 会 一? 个 人 如果 您 想得 出 三? 个 原因 不去?? 会
en It was said that such an interpretation would be inconsistent with draft article ‧ which allowed notice to be given to someone other than the consignee
zh 据说这种解释与第 ‧ 条草案不一致,该条允许将通知发送给收货人以外的其他人。
en If someone starts to place weapons in outer space, naturally we will have to react appropriately
zh 如果有人开始在外层空间放置武器,我们当然要作出适当反应。
en But he' d be safe with someone refined like you, sir
zh 在先 生 您?? 样 的 文化人 家 里 我 就 放心 了
en That change in his life is an example of someone who, having been within the conflagration and having intimate knowledge of its devastating consequences, embraces new professions geared to spreading the truth in the ongoing quest for international peace
zh 这样的人生转变体现了一个亲身经历战火并深知战争破坏性后果的人,后来选择了致力于在追求世界和平的事业中传播真理的新职业的例子。
en To appoint someone to be the compliance chief, an insurance company shall, in accordance with the Administrative Provisions on the Post-holding Qualifications of Directors and Senior Managers of Insurance Companies and the relevant provisions promulgated by China Insurance Regulatory Committee, submit the appointment for approval
zh 保险 公司 任命 合规 负责人 , 应当 根据 《 保险 公司 董事 和 高级 管理 人员 任职 资格 管理 规定 》 和 中国 保监会 的 有关 规定 申报 核准 。
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