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an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)鬼怕恶人; 鬼怕惡人
behind someone's back背地
Call Someone...呼叫某人...; 撥打電話...
give someone a big head过奖; 過獎
give someone the eye抛媚眼
However strong you are, there is always someone stronger強中自有強中手; 强中自有强中手
Invite Someone邀请某人; 邀請某人
let down someone's guard放鬆戒備
send shivers down someone's spine發毛; 发毛
someone某人; 有人
someone else另外一個人; 别的人; 別的人; 另外一个人
someone on death row死囚
Someone on Windows LiveWindows Live 使用者
someone who does not easily get along with others落落难合; 落落難合
there is someone there有人
to attack someone by innuendo (idiom)含沙射影
to esteem someone's progress刮目相看
to flatter someone in a hundred different ways百般巴结; 百般巴結
to follow in someone's footsteps (literary)步武
to force someone to do something強人所難; 强人所难
to get someone drunk灌醉
to get someone involved in one's trouble帶累; 带累
to give someone a demerit or demerits記過; 记过
to give someone a hold on oneself授人以柄
to hand someone the swordhilt (idiom)授人以柄
to hit on someone搭讪; 搭訕
to inconvenience (someone or sb)勞煩; 劳烦
to let someone down挖牆腳; 挖墙脚
to look straight in someone's face正眼
to make a copy (and send it to someone)抄送
to make things difficult (for someone)为难; 為難
to part ways with someone各奔東西; 各奔东西
to pester someone again and again死乞白賴; 死乞白赖
to pose as (someone else)假冒
to punish (someone)懲辦; 惩办
to repay a debt or obligation in place of someone else代償; 代偿
to seduce someone away from something挖墙脚; 挖牆腳
to see someone in a new light刮目相看
to see someone off送行
to shift the blame onto someone else嫁祸; 嫁禍
to stand someone up放鸽子; 放鴿子
to take disciplinary action against (someone)惩办; 懲辦
to walk in someone's steps步武
use mouth (to reason with someone)動口; 动口

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f) To refrain from forcing someone who wishes to fill a public post to take an oath swearing his or her allegiance to any religion against his willf) 不强迫希望担任公职者违心发誓效忠某一宗教
We find mercenaries in the pay of someone from the exterior, and adventurers who use it as a source of commerce to gain unwarranted material advantages or to satisfy personal ambitions in exchange for their return to legality, in disdain of the authority of the State apparatus, of the law and of the country's regulations我们发现有外部人出钱招募雇佣军,有些冒险者无视国家机器、法律和国家规定的权威,将此作为一种商业来源,以获得不正当的物质利益,或者用来满足个人换取合法身份的野心。
Pick someone else, or it' il be the whole department? 选 其他人, 要不然 就是 整? 个 部? 门
And, by " someone, " I do mean Daniel而 那? 个 人 就是 Daniel
Qualified types of rape are also included in Article ‧ in case of the occurrence of a serious physical injury, death, or other serious consequences, or the act has been committed by more than one person, or in a particularly cruel or humiliating manner, or by coercion to sexual intercourse, with a serious threat that something shall be revealed concerning the victim or someone close to the victim that shall harm the victim's honor and reputation, or that another serious evil will be caused符合强奸定义的类型也包括在 ‧ 条内:如果发生严重的身体伤害、死亡、或其他的严重后果;或行为是由多人实施的;或以特别残酷或羞辱的方式;或以揭发受害人或与之亲近人的隐私以毁坏其名誉和名声,或其他严重的不幸后果相威胁,强迫性交的。
If a person is not eligible to purchase a firearm from an FFL to possess in the United States, they may not have someone who is eligible purchase one for them如果一个人没有资格从联邦特许枪支经销商处购买拟在美国境内持有的火器,他们不得让有资格购买的人替他们购买。
The Sierra Leone Government also notes that one of the sources of the Panel's observation is a key former member of RUF, someone who among other things, is known to have been an RUF commander of operations; a signatory, on behalf of RUF, to documents negotiated with international organizations; and a known active participant in transactions involving rough diamonds from Sierra Leone, which were used to fuel the rebel war塞拉利昂政府还指出,该小组看法的来源之一是一名联阵前关键成员,他曾经是联阵军事行动指挥官;代表联阵签署同国际组织谈判的文件;并且众所周知他曾积极参与从塞拉利昂贩运粗金刚石,用于资助叛乱战争;并且参与其他活动。
In fact, relevant laws provide detailed rules on how the decision-making procedure to place someone in a re-education through labour institution shall be conducted事实上,相关法律对于将某人送交劳动教养的决策程序作了详细的规定。
That mandate should be assumed by someone with a high-level position in the international community in order to maintain the momentum of regional consultations, the involvement of countries, NGOs and the relevant agencies, including ILO, UNESCO and OHCHR这项任务应由在国际社会中担任高级别职务的人承担,以便保持区域磋商的势头及各国、非政府组织和有关机构,包括劳工组织、教科文组织和人权高专办介入的势头。
I am convinced that the wise choice of someone with the experience and requisite skills of Mr. Julian Hunte to preside over this historic meeting will guarantee the success of the session我相信,具有历史意义的本届会议由朱利安·亨特先生这样具有经验和必要能力的人来主持,定将取得成功。
Persons were interviewed individually and/or with someone they trusted; they were also told that their testimonies would be kept confidential这些人个别和/或同他们所信任的人一同接受访问;访问之前已向他们表明这些证词将予保密。
The securities firm shall not hire or select someone, who has not got qualification, to take position prescribed in the previous term; for those, who are already hired or selected, resolution or decision of hiring or selecting them is invalid证券 公司 不得 聘任, 选 任 未 取得 任职 资格 的 人员 担任 前 款 规定 的 职务; 已经 聘任, 选 任 的, 有关 聘任, 选 任 的 决议, 决定 无效
A sculler is someone who crews on a rowing team划 艇 手 就是 在? 赛 艇? 队 里 和? 队 友 一起 划 艇 的 人
Chances are, you have been linked to this document from IRC or a mailing list. You 've asked a question, and someone has told you that you need to learn how to ask more effectively. In order to get an appropriate, clear answer you need to ask an appropriate, clear question in a manner that 's going to provide an incentive for people to take their time to help you. If you appear to be rude, lazy or use bad or unclear language then chances are your question will be ignored您是否問了個問題, 然後有人告訴您, 您必須講清楚一點, 然後有人叫您來看這份文件? 為了要得到清楚而適當的答案, 您的問題也必須清楚而適當, 這樣其他人才能夠瞭解您的問題, 進而提供您解答。 如果您詢問問題的方法不當, 被認為是粗魯的, 不禮貌的, 懶惰的或是講得不清不楚, 則您的問題可能就會被刻意忽略 。
That was not to say that they became disabled; in Spain, the term “dependent” referred to persons who needed someone else to help them with the most basic activities of life这并不是说她们会残疾;在西班牙,“依赖者”一词指在最基本的生命活动中需要他人帮助的人。
For example, if country A agreed to eliminate dual residence with a group of countries that includes country C, and country B agreed to eliminate dual residence with a group of countries that includes country C (but not country A), there could still be a case where someone was a dual resident of countries A and B (although in practice this would likely be extremely rare例如,如果A国同意与其中包括C国的一组国家消除双重居住地;而B国同意对其中包括C国的一组国家(但不包括A国)消除双重居住地,但仍可能有人为A国和B国的双重居民(尽管实际上这种情况可能极为罕见)。
Further, there may well be a need for the full-time presence of someone who, in effect, in the absence of a president at the seat of the mechanism(s), would act as the administrative head此外,很可能需要有人全时驻留,此人在庭长不在机制所在地期间,实际担当行政“首长”。
Someone I happened to sit next to on the train就是? 个 火? 车 上 我? 随 便 坐 的? 时 候?? 识 的
Actually, I don' t even care what kind of life have to...... have with someone else事? 实 上 , 我 才 不管 你? 过 得好 不好
Ms. Salanueva was no longer inadmissible because she was a “terrorist” but because she was now presumed to be an intelligence agent, saboteur, or someone who might aim at the overthrow of the United States Government by force, violence or other unlawful means, as can be inferred from the wording of section ‧ (a) (A), which was invoked to justify the refusal to grant a visa以萨拉努埃瓦女士是恐怖分子为由,不准入境,怀疑她是“特务、颠覆分子或使用武力、暴力和其他非法手段设法推翻美国政府的人员”,并援引第 ‧ (A)(a)节的规定拒发签证。
Thus, the additional costs of implementing Rotterdam Convention requirements in such a country would be proportionately low, because that country will need to implement only the limited, specific commitments articulated in the Convention, such as naming a Designated National Authority (DNA), having someone prepare and mail the required notifications to the Secretariat, fine-tuning export regulations to ensure that exporters comply with articles ‧ and having someone prepare and forward export notifications to importing countries因此这种国家达到《鹿特丹公约》各项要求的额外费用就可能较低,因为该国只需要履行《公约》规定的有限的具体义务,例如任命一个指定的国家主管部门,请人编写所需通知并邮寄给秘书处,调整出口规章以确保出口者遵守第 ‧ 条,并请人编写出口通知并发送给进口国。
We will bring no benefit today to the cause of peace, or to the legitimate rights of Palestinians and Israelis, if we come to the defence of someone who has brought only suffering and the promise of further bloodshed如果我们为某个只带来苦难和可能造成进一步流血的人辩护,我们今天就不会给和平事业带来任何好处,也无利于巴勒斯坦人和以色列人的合法权利。
Must the Saharans perish in the desert before someone- some country- acted on their behalf?难道在有人或者有国家采取行动拯救他们之前,撒哈拉人就得死在沙漠里吗?
Either it will be held in July or August, or it will be postponed until next year, or, if someone is interested in assuming the chairmanship to avoid all of the complications we are facing, it might take place the same month, or the month after或者在七月或八月举行,或者将推迟到明年,或者,如果有人感兴趣担任主席,以避免我们现在所面临的各种问题,会议也可能当月举行,或者下一个月。
In the global village, someone else's poverty very soon becomes one's own problem: of lack of markets for one's products, illegal immigration, pollution, contagious disease, insecurity, fanaticism, terrorism在全球村里,别人的贫困很快就会变成自己的问题--产品没有市场、非法移民、污染、传染病、安全没有保障、狂热主义、恐怖主义等等。
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