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  • 不久   
  • 旋即   
  • 随后   
  • 隨後   

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en The reconstituted Expert Panel is expected to reassemble in late January ‧ either in Nairobi or here in New York, and start its work soon after
zh 预期重新组建的专家组将于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月底在内罗毕或纽约重新开会,并很快于其后开始工作。
en I am pleased to inform the Committee that after consultations we held, particularly over the past three weeks, a new text has been formulated and will soon be presented by the representative of Indonesia
zh 我高兴地通知委员会,在我们协商之后,特别是在过去三周里的协商之后,已经拟定一个新的案文,不久将由印度尼西亚代表提出。
en In August ‧ just two months after the creation of CORU, a right-wing newspaper of Cuban origin based in Miami published a so-called war dispatch in which, after reporting on a dynamite attack on the Embassy of Cuba in Colombia and another which destroyed the offices of Air Panama, announced that “Very soon, we will attack airliners in flight.” The announcement was signed by the five terrorist groups making up CORU
zh 年 ‧ 月,革命组织联合指挥部成立仅两个月,迈阿密一家古巴右翼报纸刊登了一份所谓战争专利。 在叙述了用炸弹袭击古巴驻哥伦比亚使馆和巴拿马航空公司办公室的经过后,该报宣称:“我们很快将攻击飞行中的飞机。”
en b) The calendar setting out the Security Council's provisional monthly schedule of work, and updated versions thereof, should be made available to all Member States as soon as possible after their consideration by the members of the Council
zh b) 一俟安全理事会成员审议确定安理会每月暂定工作时间表及其增订的时间表后,即应尽快分发给所有会员国
en OHCHR, in consultation with the Bureau and the Chairpersons, should set the dates for working group sessions, as soon as possible after the Commission session
zh 人权高专办应与主席团和主席磋商,在委员会届会之后尽快确定工作组届会的日期。
en The Administration should emphasize to all missions the importance of preparing bank reconciliations as soon as possible after each month-end and of senior officials reviewing and approving the bank reconciliations in a timely manner
zh d 包括共用现金份额,并包括现金和定期存款 ‧ 美元、短期投资 ‧ 美元(市值 ‧ 美元)、长期投资 ‧ 美元(市值 ‧ 美元)和应计未收利息 ‧ 美元。
en l) In operative paragraph ‧ after the words “urges States to sign and ratify”, the words “as soon as possible, and States parties to implement effectively” were added, and the words “as soon as possible” were deleted at the end of the paragraph
zh l) 执行部分第 ‧ 段,在段尾加上一句“并促请缔约国有效执行该公约”
en Background: The financial procedures of the Convention ( ‧ dd ‧ decision ‧ ) require that a final audited statement of accounts for the full financial period shall be provided to the Conference of the Parties as soon as possible after the accounts for the financial period are closed
zh 背景:《公约》的财务程序( ‧ dd ‧ 第 ‧ 号决定)要求,在财政期间帐目结请后,应尽快向缔约方会议提供整个财务时期的最后审定帐目报表。
en The Special Rapporteur delivered an address on “The Judiciary and Constitutionalism in a Democratic Society” soon after the opening of the conference by the President of the Republic of Suriname
zh 在苏里南共和国总统致开幕词后,特别报告员就作了“民主社会中的司法机构和立宪政体”的演讲。
en Before I begin, I would like to welcome you, Sir, as new Permanent Representative of your great country, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and congratulate you on assuming your role as President of the Security Council soon after having taken up your new responsibilities
zh 主席先生,首先,我谨欢迎你就任伟大的贵国--阿拉伯利比亚民众国--的新任常驻代表,并祝贺你在履新不久就担任安全理事会会主席一职。
en Reports must be filed with authorities as soon as possible but no later than ‧ working days after forming that suspicion, and if possible before the transaction is carried out
zh 必须在产生怀疑后 ‧ 个工作日内尽早报告,并且如果可能,须在交易发生前报告。
en At each session, the provisional agenda shall be submitted to the Conference for consideration and approval as soon as possible after the opening of the session
zh 每届会议的临时议程均应在会议开幕之后尽快提交缔约国会议审议和核准。
en This indication is translated into action in Article ‧ which states that “except as provided for in Article ‧ each State Party undertakes to destroy or ensure the destruction of all stockpiled anti-personnel mines it owns or possesses, or that are under its jurisdiction or control, as soon as possible but not later than four years after the entry into force of this Convention for that State Party.”
zh 这一表示在第 ‧ 条中变为了行动,该条规定“除第 ‧ 条规定者外,每一缔约国承诺尽快地但至迟在本公约对该缔约国生效后 ‧ 年内销毁或确保销毁其所储存的属其所有或拥有或在其管辖或控制下的所有杀伤人员地雷。”
en We caution against that unit pulling out too soon after the election
zh 我们要提醒注意,不要在选举后过早撤出这支建制警察部队。
en At each session the provisional agenda and the supplementary list shall be submitted to the Assembly for approval as soon as possible after the opening of the session
zh 每一届会议的临时议程和补充项目表, 应于会议开幕后尽快提请大会通过。
en equests the secretariat to make available to the expert review teams operating under Article ‧ of the Kyoto Protocol, the information provided by Parties for the establishment of the initial assigned amounts of Annex I Parties, in accordance with Article ‧ and ‧ of the Kyoto Protocol, in order to facilitate the review of this information in accordance with the guidelines under Article ‧ of the Kyoto Protocol, as soon as practicable after this information has been submitted by Annex I Parties;]
zh 请秘书处根据《京都议定书》第三条第 ‧ 款、第三条第 ‧ 款和第三条第 ‧ 款[第七条第 ‧ 款]向按《京都议定书》第八条开展工作的专家审评组提供各缔约方为确定附件一缔约方初步分配数额而提供的信息,以便利于在附件一缔约方提交这种信息后尽速根据《京都议定书》第八条的指南审查这种信息;]
en Again, soon after Pakistan's coming into existence, thousands of volunteers assisted the nascent administration of Pakistan in the rehabilitation of millions of refugees who had crossed over from India
zh 在巴基斯坦建立之后,数千名志愿人员协助新生的巴基斯坦政府进行数百万从印度过来的难民的善后工作。
en Having reviewed the decision taken at its forty-fifth session to allow the Executive Director to allocate core funds in programming as soon as possible after January ‧ st, decides that no adjustments are required for ‧ in these allocations
zh 审查了第四十五届会议所作决定,允许执行主任 ‧ 月 ‧ 日以后尽快分配方案规划的核心资金,决定在 ‧ 年这些拨款中无须作出调整
en After describing the events he had attended and countries he had visited during the year, he said that in every State he had sensed a great will to put the Kyoto Protocol into effect as soon as possible, preferably before the end of ‧ but had been informed of the existing economic difficulties, and of threats to the economies of certain States should the Kyoto Protocol be imprecisely introduced
zh 他介绍了一年中参加的活动和访问的国家的情况,他说,他感觉到所访问的每个国家都十分希望《京都议定书》尽快生效,最好能在 ‧ 年底以前生效,但是,他了解到存在经济方面的困难,并了解到在《京都议定书》实施不当的情况下会对某些国家的经济构成的威胁。
en Article ‧ (a) requires the seller to deliver goods “fit for the purposes for which goods of the same description would ordinarily be used.” This standard was found to be violated when the seller delivered a refrigeration unit that broke down soon after it was first put into operation
zh 第三十五条第款(a)项规定卖方交付的货物“适用于同一规格货物通常使用的目的”。 如果卖方交付的一台冷冻设备在首次投入运营后不久就损坏了,则认为卖方违反了该标准。
en What is more disturbing is the timing of this provocation, which comes soon after your visit to the island earlier this month, in an effort to intensify the ongoing direct talks, and the earlier call, by the Security Council, on the Turkish side on ‧ ay, to cooperate in that effort
zh 更令人不安的是这次挑衅的时机。 就在本月不久之前,阁下访问塞浦路斯,以加强进行中的直接谈判和响应安全理事会较早时在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日呼吁土耳其方面给予合作的要求。
en As the First Lady of the Republic of Korea mentioned in her statement (see ‧ ), the International Federation of Association Football World Cup games, hosted by the Republic of Korea and Japan, will commence soon after this special session
zh 正如大韩民国第一夫人在发言(见 ‧ )中指出,由大韩民国和日本举办的国际足球联合会世界杯赛将在这次特别会议之后不久举行。
en Soon after its founding congress in ‧ its membership and network expanded dramatically within and outside Eritrea embracing women with various social backgrounds
zh 在 ‧ 年全国妇联成立大会后不久,其成员人数和网络在厄立特里亚国内外有了引人瞩目的发展,吸引了具有各种社会背景的妇女加入。
en Ethiopia attached great importance to the promotion and protection of human rights, and its Transitional Government, soon after coming to power in ‧ had incorporated the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into the Transitional Charter
zh 埃塞俄比亚对倡导和保护人权给予极大的重视,并提请大家注意,埃塞俄比亚过渡政府自 ‧ 年上台执政后,已把《世界人权宣言》的条款吸收到《过渡宪法》中去。
en Training requirements will be made mandatory as soon as programmes are made available globally and appropriate administrative issuances are promulgated after consultations with staff
zh 一旦向全球所有工作人员都推出了方案并在同工作人员磋商后发布了适当的行政通知,培训要求将成为硬性的规定。
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