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it is no disgrace to be poor (idiom)
贫不足耻; 貧不足恥
many things waiting to be done (idiom)
百廢待舉; 百废待兴; 百廢待興; 百废待举
to be all alone (idiom)
孤身隻影; 孤身只影
to be ambitious and unafraid (idiom)
长风破浪; 長風破浪
to be arduous and strict (idiom)
从难从严; 從難從嚴
to be as good as one's word (idiom)
說到做到; 说到做到
to be ashamed into anger (idiom)
恼羞成怒; 惱羞成怒
to be deaf and blind (idiom)
眼瞎耳聾; 眼瞎耳聋
to be determined to win (idiom)
勢在必得; 势在必得
to be eager to give sth a try (idiom)
躍躍欲試; 跃跃欲试
to be extremely talented (idiom)
三头六臂; 三頭六臂
to be full of praise (idiom)
赞叹不已; 贊嘆不已
to be full of vigor (idiom)
發揚踔厲; 发扬踔厉
to be gone forever (idiom)
杳如黄鹤; 杳如黃鶴
to be industrious and frugal (idiom)
克勤克俭; 克勤克儉
to be itching to do sth (idiom)
心里痒痒; 心裏癢癢
to be lenient with others (idiom)
寬以待人; 宽以待人
to be meddlesome (idiom)
狗逮老鼠; 狗拿耗子
to be notorious (idiom)
恶名昭著; 惡名昭著
to be observant and alert (idiom)
眼观六路耳听八方; 眼觀六路耳聽八方
to be on intimate terms with sb (idiom)
腹背相親; 腹背相亲
to be overflowing with tears (idiom)
眼泪横流; 眼淚橫流
to be overly ambitious (idiom)
处高鹜远; 處高鶩遠
to be prepared, just in case (idiom)
有備無患; 有备无患
to be promoted and gain wealth (idiom)
升官发财; 升官發財

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en The proposed solution under draft resolution ‧ would have the undesirable result of perfecting the very same cloning technology that could be used to produce cloned babies
zh 决议草案 ‧ 建议的解决办法可能会使与制造克隆人完全相同的克隆技术愈加完善,而这是人们所不希望看到的结果。
en commencement or continuation of individual actions or proceedings concerning the assets of the insolvency estate and the rights, obligations or liabilities of the debtor, including perfection or enforcement of security interests, are stayed except to the extent those individual actions or proceedings [are considered necessary by the court] [may be necessary] to preserve or quantify a claim against the debtor; execution or other enforcement against the assets of the insolvency estate is stayed; termination of any contract with the debtor is stayed; and transfer, encumbrance or other disposition of any assets of the insolvency estate is suspended
zh a) 有关债务人的破产财产中的资产、权利、义务或负债,包括担保权益的实现或强制执行的单独行动或程序的启动或继续即予中止,但[法院认为]对于维护或量化针对 债务人的债权[实属必要的][可能必要的]那些单独行动或程序除外
en The Working Group noted that no model or methodology was likely to be perfect, given the number of countries involved and the quite different capabilities and cost structures that influence the results of any methodology
zh 工作组注意到“由于所涉国家为数众多,能力和费用结构各不相同,都会影响计算结果,因此,不论采用何种模式和方法都不会十全十美”。
en We believe that the Assembly should use the Court's advisory opinions to strengthen its capacity to perform its duty in the most perfect manner possible by referring contentious issues to the Court and requesting advisory opinions from it, so that such opinions can be applied, despite the fact that we know that these opinions are advisory in nature and are open to interpretation of binding legal principles that are upheld by international law
zh 我们相信,大会应当利用法院的咨询意见加强其能力,以尽可能完善的方式履行职责,把有争议的问题提交法院并要求它提供咨询意见,以便能够实施这种咨询意见,尽管我们知道这些意见是咨询性的,可以根据国际法提倡的有约束力的法律原则加以解释。
en I think it is clear, at least to me and to my delegation, that that is fundamental: without security- or improved security, as we will not be able to have perfect security for some time to come- everything is at risk
zh 我认为,至少对我和我国代表团而言,根本问题显然在于:如果没有安全--或是改善安全,因为我们在今后一段时期内不会有完美的安全--那么一切都面临风险。
en A formal discussion should perhaps be held on ways to perfect the process
zh 或许应该就如何完善这个进程的方法进行正式讨论。
en In our view, humankind is today trying to cope with a whole complex of individual crises that cannot be dealt with simply by increasing financial resources or perfecting the organizational machinery
zh 我们认为,人类今天正在努力应对由个体危机组成的综合体,这些危机不能仅靠增加财政资源或完善组织机制来解决。
en While noting that the elections would likely not be perfect, he vowed to address the concerns of the candidates and promote a secure environment during the elections
zh 他表示,虽然选举可能不会十全十美,但他发誓,将解决候选人关切的各项问题,促进创造安全的选举环境。
en Stability in grain production capacity will be assured through implementation of the “Seed Engineering” scheme, perfection of field irrigation facilities, further upgrading of low- and middle-yielding fields and adjustments to the facilities in and distribution of grain-commodity centres
zh 通过实施“种子工程” ‧ 、完善农田水利配套设施、加强中低产田改造、调整商品粮基地建设的内容和布局等措施,稳定粮食生产能力。
en Thirdly, while there has been progress with regard to such mechanisms, a great deal remains to be done in order to fully develop and perfect them
zh 第三,这种机制虽然有所进展,但若要充分发展和完善,仍有大量工作要做。
en In an ideal world, addressing the core issues on the CD agenda, in a uniform and balanced manner, will surely be the perfect answer to the security challenges we all face today
zh 在一个完美的世界中,以相同和均衡方式处理裁谈会议程上的核心问题,无疑是完美解决我们所有国家今天面临的安全挑战的办法。
en Such uncertainties relate, for example, to the conclusion of licence agreements; the treatment of infringements; the extension of the security over benefits and revenues resulting from the right (like royalties); the consequences of the right being declared invalid or of the commencement of insolvency proceedings in respect of the debtor owning the intellectual property right; the scope of party autonomy; and the formalities required for perfection of the security interest
zh 例如,有关下述方面的不确定性:缔结许可证协议;处理侵权行为;将担保范围扩展到权利产生的福利和收益(如特许使用费);宣布权利无效或对拥有知识产权的债务人开始破产程序的后果;当事方自主权的范围;以及实现担保权益所需的手续等。
en A system based on values and principles may not be perfect, but it is likely to be more peaceful and, in the long run, more conducive and responsive to the needs of peoples
zh 一个基于各种价值和原则的体系也许不完美,但它很可能更和平,并且从长远角度看更加有益于并响应人民的需要。
en Where the focus of short-term indicators is on comparisons of percentage changes, rather than relative levels of activity between different services industries, it may be possible to live with less than perfect harmonization
zh 短期指标注重百分比变化的对比,而非不同服务业相对活动水平的对比,因此可能不需要完全的协调。
en The United States does not find this path forward to be perfect or easy
zh 美国不认为这一前进道路是完美的或轻松的。
en Powder magazines, storage containers, warehouses and/or storerooms for restricted items must be regularly maintained to prevent the growth of weeds around them while ensuring that fire extinguishers are kept in perfect condition, materials are carefully stowed to permit proper ventilation and walls, floors, roofs and ventilation systems are kept in a good state of repair”
zh 受管制物项所使用的火药库、容器、仓库和/或储存室必须定期维护,防止周围滋生杂草,保证灭火器状况良好,物品摆放有序、不妨碍空气流动,墙壁、地板、屋顶和通风系统维护良好”。
en a) Establishment of a transparent electoral process with, for the first time, the creation of an electoral roll- in what were undoubtedly difficult and imperfect, but perfectible, conditions- which enabled forgery-proof voter registration cards to be issued
zh 首次制定了一个透明选举程序、在无疑困难和残缺但是可完善的条件下设立选举站、并有可能分发防伪选民登记卡; 以未受到实际质疑的选举结果而选出行政首脑、共和国总统; 重建民选议会; 根据宪法任命经议会批准的总理。
en It was also observed that use of the term “perfection” might need to be reconsidered and a broader description such as that in square brackets in recommendation ‧ (b) “actions to make security interests effective against third parties” or a description referring to “publicity requirements” adopted
zh 还据指出,可能有必要对“成立”一词的使用作重新考虑,并采用例如建议 ‧ (b)中方括号内的“旨在使担保权益对第三方具有效力的行动”这一较笼统的说明或对“公示要求”的说明。
en It should be understood, once and for all, that Cuba had the revolution it desired, was ready to defend it and was convinced that even if not perfect, it was a thousand times better than what the Government of the United States wished to impose
zh 最后应该理解的是,古巴拥有其渴望得到的革命,愿意捍卫它的革命,并且相信,即使革命并不完美,那也好过美国政府希望强加的东西一千倍。
en A further suggestion was that the phrase, “including perfection or enforcement of security interests”, could be deleted from (a) as the matter was dealt with by recommendation , which included a cross reference to recommendation
zh 再一项建议是,“包括担保权益的实现或强制执行”可以从(a)中删除,因为建议已经对这一问题作了处理,其中包括了参照建议。
en To be sure, our Organization is far from perfect, but how could it be otherwise in a world as complex and unequal as ours?
zh 诚然,我们的组织远非尽善尽美,但在我们这样一个复杂和不平等的世界里它怎能做到尽善尽美?
en In this regard, the Commission observed that the ILO Administrative Tribunal, in its judgement ‧ stated that it was not necessary to achieve a perfect match between outside jobs and those in the common system, but that there must be sufficient similarity between the jobs
zh 在这方面,委员会注意到,劳工组织行政法庭第 ‧ 号判决指出,进行对比的外界职位与共同制度职位不必完全一样,但两者之间必须有足够的相似之处。
en Those obligations could be both perfect- where the State had to refrain from doing something- or imperfect- where the State must take a course of action in order to fulfil a right
zh 这些义务可以是完善的或者不完善的。 前者,特定国家必须不作一些事;后者,特定国家必须采取一定行动以实现一项权利。
en It was aware that several years would be needed to perfect this method of budgeting, but in the long run it would make it possible to rationalize expenses and more effectively monitor the quality of results obtained by the Organization
zh 南非代表团意识到,可能需要若干年才能使这种制定预算的方法成熟起来,但南非代表团认为,到那个时候这种方法将可以使开支合理化,并且更好地跟踪联合国所取得的成果的质量。
en We conclude our statement by affirming the importance of perfecting the ICC, seeking to make it more efficient in order to prevent the crimes over which it has jurisdiction from being committed, but especially with a view to building it up as a subsidiary instrument to the action of national courts- courts that, given the validity of the Court, are obliged to be more active and vigilant in the face of crimes of extreme gravity that have universal impact
zh 在结束发言之前,我们申明应当完善国际刑事法院,寻求使之更有效率,以便防止犯下法院对之具有管辖权的那些罪行,但特别是为了把它建成一个国家法庭行动的辅助机构--鉴于刑事法院的效力,在面对具有普遍性影响的极为严重的罪行时,国家法庭必须更加积极和警惕。
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