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it is no disgrace to be poor (idiom)
贫不足耻; 貧不足恥
many things waiting to be done (idiom)
百廢待舉; 百废待兴; 百廢待興; 百废待举
to be able bodied (idiom)
有手有脚; 有手有腳
to be all alone (idiom)
孤身隻影; 孤身只影
to be arduous and strict (idiom)
从难从严; 從難從嚴
to be ashamed into anger (idiom)
恼羞成怒; 惱羞成怒
to be burning with anger (idiom)
熱血沸騰; 热血沸腾
to be deaf and blind (idiom)
眼瞎耳聾; 眼瞎耳聋
to be determined to win (idiom)
勢在必得; 势在必得
to be eager to give sth a try (idiom)
躍躍欲試; 跃跃欲试
to be extremely talented (idiom)
三头六臂; 三頭六臂
to be forever filial (idiom)
孝思不匱; 孝思不匮
to be full of praise (idiom)
赞叹不已; 贊嘆不已
to be full of vigor (idiom)
發揚踔厲; 发扬踔厉
to be gone forever (idiom)
杳如黄鹤; 杳如黃鶴
to be industrious and frugal (idiom)
克勤克俭; 克勤克儉
to be itching to do sth (idiom)
心里痒痒; 心裏癢癢
to be lenient with others (idiom)
寬以待人; 宽以待人
to be meddlesome (idiom)
狗逮老鼠; 狗拿耗子
to be notorious (idiom)
恶名昭著; 惡名昭著
to be observant and alert (idiom)
眼观六路耳听八方; 眼觀六路耳聽八方
to be on intimate terms with sb (idiom)
腹背相親; 腹背相亲
to be on the horns of a dilemma (idiom)
介於兩難; 介于两难
to be overflowing with tears (idiom)
眼泪横流; 眼淚橫流
to be overly ambitious (idiom)
处高鹜远; 處高鶩遠
to be prepared, just in case (idiom)
有備無患; 有备无患
to be red and swollen (idiom)
又紅又腫; 又红又肿

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en While noting that the elections would likely not be perfect, he vowed to address the concerns of the candidates and promote a secure environment during the elections
zh 他表示,虽然选举可能不会十全十美,但他发誓,将解决候选人关切的各项问题,促进创造安全的选举环境。
en The Working Group noted that no model or methodology was likely to be perfect, given the number of countries involved and the quite different capabilities and cost structures that influence the results of any methodology
zh 工作组注意到“由于所涉国家为数众多,能力和费用结构各不相同,都会影响计算结果,因此,不论采用何种模式和方法都不会十全十美”。
en Also reaffirms that democracy is both an ideal to be pursued and a mode of government to be applied according to modalities that reflect the diversity of experiences and cultural particularities without derogating from internationally recognized principles, norms and standards, and that it is thus a constantly perfected and always perfectible state or condition whose progress will depend upon a variety of political, social, economic and cultural factors”
zh “ ‧ 又重申民主既是一种值得追求的理想,也是一种应该按照既反映历史和文化特点、又不违背国际公认的原则、规范和标准的模式加以应用的政府形式。 因此,它是一种不断完善的、而且永远可以再作进一步完善的状况,其进步有赖于各种政治、社会、经济和文化因素”。
en To address that issue it was suggested that the words “including perfection or enforcement of security interests” could be added to recommendation (a
zh 针对这个问题,有与会者提出在建议(a)中加入“包括担保权益的完成或强制执行”这样的词语。
en That is why, together with the United Nations Children's Fund, we have perfected a model of multi-grade rural schools that is being implemented in rural areas of the Dominican Republic and will be launched in September with the implementation of pilot programmes for full-day studies to improve the quality of education
zh 正因为如此,我国与联合国儿童基金会一道,完善了多年级乡村学校模式,目前正在多米尼加共和国农村地区实施该模式,而且将在 ‧ 月发起该模式,届时还将实施全日制学习试点方案,以提高教育质量。
en Using solar power to generate electricity would seem to be a perfect cultural-economic match for indigenous people seeking to participate in climate mitigation
zh 利用太阳能发电同土著人寻求参与减轻气候变化影响似乎在文化-经济上完全吻合。
en And then the perfect world it is not going to be perfect ... ... until Jesus be the true Gentleman
zh 世界 不?? 变 得 完美 ...... 在 万 口 承? 认 耶?? 为 主 之前
en The draft was not a perfect solution and did not, of course, give every side everything it wanted but he considered it was a fair proposal that provided a solution to the dispute that would be satisfactory for all sides
zh 该草案不是一个完美的解决方案,当然也不会给予每一方它想要的一切,但他认为这是一个公平的提案,为解决该争端提供了可以使所有各方都感到满意的解决办法。
en Acknowledges that democracy is an always-perfectible process that should be measured by the degree to which its principles, norms, standards and values are given effect and contributes to the full realization of all human rights
zh 承认民主是一种永远可以不断完善的进程,应当以民主原则、准则、标准和价值观的落实程度予以衡量,民主有助于充分实现一切人权
en Those obligations could be both perfect- where the State had to refrain from doing something- or imperfect- where the State must take a course of action in order to fulfil a right
zh 这些义务可以是完善的或者不完善的。 前者,特定国家必须不作一些事;后者,特定国家必须采取一定行动以实现一项权利。
en Yet I have to say that the perfect can sometimes be the enemy of the good
zh 但我要说的是,追求完美有时会不利于美好愿望的实现。
en Mechanisms for withdrawal from the marketplace are to be perfected by clearing the necessary channels and progressively establishing norms for enterprises, particularly loss-making ones, to cease trading
zh 完善市场退出机制,积极疏通和逐步规范企业特别是上市亏损公司退出市场的通道。
en There was general agreement with the essence of the recommendation contained in paragraph ‧ that, if goods were moved from State A to State B, creation issues would remain subject to the law of State A, while priority issues would be subject to the law of State B and secured creditors with priority under the law of State A would preserve their priority provided that they perfected their right under the law of State B within a certain period of time after the goods were moved to State B
zh 与会者普遍同意第 ‧ 段所载建议的实质内容,即如果货物从A国移到B国,设定问题仍由A国法律管辖,而优先权问题则由B国法律管辖,并且根据A国法律享有优先权的有担保债权人将保留其优先权,条件是他们在货物移到B国后的一定期限内根据B国法律使其权利得以成立。
en A delegate noted that even a perfect reform would require political will in order to be implemented effectively
zh 有一名代表说,即使是完美无缺的改革也需要有政治意愿,这样才能加以有效贯彻。
en With regard to the draft international convention for the suppression of acts of nuclear terrorism, his delegation felt that, although the text proposed was not perfect, it would be far better for the international community to have a legal regime on the matter than to allow a gap to remain
zh 关于制止核恐怖行为的国际公约草案,秘鲁代表团认为,尽管拟议案文并不完美,但国际社会在此领域制定一个法律制度要比任由空白继续存在好许多。
en With the exception of industries or enterprises critical to the nation's defence or its economic survival, ownership of which must remain in State hands, restrictions on the proportions of company ownership will be lifted. Finally, attention will be paid to the formulation and perfection of laws dealing with foreign nationals and their economic affairs, so as to raise the general level of legal administration in this regard
zh 根据经济和社会发展、结构调整的需要及加入世界贸易组织的承诺,逐步降低关税,有步骤地开放银行、保险、电信、外贸、内贸、旅游等服务领域;对外商投资企业逐步实行国民待遇,制定统一、规范、透明的投资准入政策,除关系国家安全和经济命脉的重要行业或企业必须由国家控股外,取消对其他企业的股比限制;抓紧制定和完善相关涉外法律法规,提高涉外经济工作依法行政的水平。
en Where, for example, perfection required registration, it might be permitted to occur after commencement of insolvency proceedings, but a different view might be taken of perfection which involved the secured creditor taking possession of an asset, thus reducing the assets available for the estate
zh 例如,如果担保权益的成立需要登记,则可能允许在破产程序启动后进行登记,但担保权益成立问题如涉及有担保债权人占有某一资产,因而使可提供给破产财产的资产减少,看法就可能不同了。
en The Tribunal stressed that in such a survey a perfect match, which was not necessary to reach sound conclusions, could not be made
zh 法庭强调,在此类调查中,不可能作出丝毫不差的比较,也不需要依赖这样的比较,来得出正确的结论。
en From that standpoint, his delegation saw the High-level Dialogue on Financing for Development, to be held during the current session of the General Assembly, as the perfect setting for discussions on the establishment of a global economic framework for cooperation that would go beyond the national and regional levels and would be based on institutions that fostered equitable development
zh 从这个角度出发,智利代表感到,在发展筹资问题上的高水平对话--对话将在本届联合国大会中进行--正是讨论如何建立一个全球经济框架的最佳时机,这个框架的建立有利于进行超越国内和地区范围的合作,它所依托的是主张平等发展的机构。
en Where the focus of short-term indicators is on comparisons of percentage changes, rather than relative levels of activity between different services industries, it may be possible to live with less than perfect harmonization
zh 短期指标注重百分比变化的对比,而非不同服务业相对活动水平的对比,因此可能不需要完全的协调。
en You have before you the results of what we have tried to the best of our ability to do and, while this may not yet be the perfect programme of work, it is a commitment to you that we are determined to implement a medium-term strategy that will allow this institution to respond to the priorities you have set
zh 你们已经收到了我们目前尽全力所取得的成果。 尽管这项工作方案可能还并不完善,但这是我们向你们作出的一项承诺,表明我们决心实施一项中期战略,通过这项战略使环境署得以对你们所设定的优先事项作出响应。
en For example, the ‧ handong regulations, which banned foetal sex identification, allowed termination of pregnancy if “a foetus has [a] serious deficiency.” The one-child policy has had a serious negative effect on the image of disability in society as parents wish their one and only child to be perfect, and discrimination on the grounds of gender and disability leads to selective infanticide
zh 例如,禁止胎儿性别鉴定的 ‧ 年山东条例规定,如果“胎儿有严重缺陷”可以中止妊娠。 ‧ 一胎政策给残疾人在社会上的形象带来严重消极影响,因为父母都希望自己的唯一子女完美无瑕,基于性别和残疾的歧视导致选择性杀婴。
en It might not be perfect but it represents the best chance to get the CD back to work
zh 它可能并不完美,但是体现了使裁谈会恢复工作的最好机会。
en To be very candid, Dayton was a less than perfect peace to end a horrible war
zh 非常坦率地说,为了结束那场可怕的战争,代顿所带来的和平不是一个美满的和平。
en Stability in grain production capacity will be assured through implementation of the “Seed Engineering” scheme, perfection of field irrigation facilities, further upgrading of low- and middle-yielding fields and adjustments to the facilities in and distribution of grain-commodity centres
zh 通过实施“种子工程” ‧ 、完善农田水利配套设施、加强中低产田改造、调整商品粮基地建设的内容和布局等措施,稳定粮食生产能力。
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