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to omit (a character when writing)脱落; 脫落
to write characters in simplified form简写; 簡寫
to write wrong character

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In particular, the rules governing: (a) the capacity of parties to the contract; (b) the specific character and modalities of the obligation secured; (c) the objects upon which the acquisition financing right might be taken; (d) evidentiary obligations such as a writing and signature; and (e) the time of effectiveness of the agreement between the parties would have to be closely coordinated so as not to favour one type of acquisition financing transaction over another (see recommendation特别是,管辖(a)合同当事人的能力;(b)所担保的债务的具体性质和形式;(c)哪些物品上可以取得购置款融资担保权;(d)证明义务,例如文书和签名;以及(e)当事人之间协议的生效时间等的规则必须高度协调,使购置款融资交易的一种类型不会得到优于另一种类型的待遇(见建议 ‧ )。
This will insert a text field, where you may write text. The text you write will be matched literally. (i. e. you do not need to escape any characters这将插入一个文本编辑框供您书写。 您所写的文本将被逐字匹配 。 (也就是说您无须回避任何字符
Mr. Morán Bovio (Spain) said that his delegation welcomed the proposal put forward by the representative of the United States, although it had some reservations about the somewhat broad character of the exclusion relating to assignments of receivables evidenced by a writing transferred by delivery, book entry or control of electronic recordsorán Bovio先生(西班牙)说,西班牙代表团欢迎美国代表提出的提案,然而认为排除以书面形式证明的、通过交割、记帐或电子记录控制进行的应收款转让,范围多少有些太广,对此持有一些保留。
Another widespread practice employed is the change of the architectural details of different monuments, as the Saatly mosque and Khanlyg Mukhtar caravanserai in Shusha town, as well as replacement of the Azerbaijani-Muslim elements of the monuments with alien ones, such as the Armenian cross and writings, which have been engraved on the Arabic character of the nineteenth century Mamayi spring in Shusha town所采用的另外一种普遍做法是:改变不同历史遗迹的建筑细节,如Shusha镇的Saatly清真寺和Khanlyg Mukhtar旅舍;以及用外来元素代替历史遗迹的阿塞拜疆-穆斯林元素,例如在Shusha镇具有阿拉伯特征的十九世纪Mamayi起拱面上雕刻亚美尼亚十字架和文字。
Thematic units of intercultural character were elaborated, such as shadow theatre, music, dance, costume, embellishment, religion, time perception and organization, writing, ceramics安排了具有跨文化特点的主要内容,如皮影戏剧场、音乐、舞蹈、服装、装饰、宗教、时间的感受和组织、写作、陶瓷。
Secondly, the General Assembly, with its inclusive membership and its more democratic character, is the best forum in which to follow the Commission's work第二,由于其会员国广泛,而且更具民主性,大会是关注委员会工作的最佳论坛。
The Special Rapporteur would like to recall that all parties to an armed conflict, be it of an international or an internal character, are bound by the minimum standards of humanitarian law that prohibit violence to life and person, in particular cruel treatment and torture, as well as outrages upon personal dignity, by any party to the conflict at any time and in any place whatsoever特别报告员希望重申,无论是国际武装冲突还是国内武装冲突,冲突各方都要遵守人道主义法中关于禁止冲突的任何一方无论在何时何地对生命和人身采取暴力行为,尤其是残酷对待和施加酷刑,以及有辱人的尊严的行为的最低标准。
Many may find the provisional character of the ‧ year-old rules of procedure of the Security Council to be a conundrum in judicial practice; they cannot divine its logic许多人可能发现,历时 ‧ 年的安全理事会议事规则,其暂时性是司法实践中的一个迷;他们猜不出其中的情理。
if the crime of which he is accused or alleged to have been convicted is an offence of a political character;”a) 逃犯被控或被指控犯下的罪行是政治罪
Given the multi-ethnic character of Afghanistan, but also given that there is consensus among the various multi-ethnic groups that they are committed to a unified Afghanistan, the national institutions must be multi-ethnic, broad-based and truly representative基于阿富汗的多种族性质,并基于不同种族团体之间都愿意有一个团结的阿富汗,国家机构必须是多种族性的,有广大基础的并且真正具有代表性。
It is able to adapt its methods and networks and to assert its global character它能够调整其方法和网络,以强化其全球性。
Mr. Oraon (India) said that, during the past ‧ years, the General Assembly and the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) had helped to strengthen international space cooperation and to maintain the peaceful character of outer space, thereby benefiting both space-faring and space-using countriesraon先生(印度)说,过去五十年来,大会及和平利用外层空间委员会已协助加强了国际空间合作并维持外层空间的和平性质,因而惠及空间旅行和空间使用国。
The Secretariat had been asked to prepare a reference document, based on its note on the subject, but of a more normative character要求秘书处根据其关于该主题的说明编写一份参考文件,但文件应更具规范性质。
Recalling that, with regard to the election of the members of the human rights treaty bodies, the Commission on Human Rights and the General Assembly have recognized the importance of giving consideration in their membership to equitable geographical distribution, gender balance and representation of the principal legal systems, and of bearing in mind that the members shall be elected and shall serve in their personal capacity, and shall be of high moral character, acknowledged impartiality and recognized competence in the field of human rights忆及关于人权条约机构成员的选举,人权委员会和大会已确认必须考虑到成员名额的公平地域分配和性别均衡及各主要法系的代表性,必须铭记各成员应以个人身份当选和任职,应品格高尚、具有公正无私的声誉和人权领域的公认能力
Bearing in mind the character of the compilation, which is a document in progress reflecting the state of negotiations on the draft outcome document as at ‧ ctober ‧ the compilation is being circulated as a separate document, which will be made available to the intersessional open-ended intergovernmental working group, established by the Preparatory Committee with a mandate to continue and finalize the process of negotiations on and drafting of the outcome document of the Durban Review Conference on the basis of this compilation and any further contributions (see decision考虑到汇编正在进行这一性质,它反映的是截至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日就成果文件草案进行谈判的情况,汇编正在作为一个单独的文件传阅,并将提供给筹备委员会设立的闭会期间不限名额政府间工作组,其任务是根据这一汇编和其他资料继续和最后完成就德班审查会议成果文件进行的谈判和起草工作(见第 ‧ 号决定)。
The Assembly also expressed concern that NCP had made little attempt to disseminate the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to the population, and had failed to develop an ethnically diverse information policy reflecting the national character of the state立法议会还表示关注,国民大会党并不想向大众宣传《全面和平协定》,也没有按照州内民族组成情况制定兼顾各个族裔的宣传政策。
The international community needs to fulfil its responsibility in preserving the integrity of the Treaty while promoting its universal character国际社会需要履行其责任,在促进该条约普遍性的同时维护其完整性。
It commends the credible and fair character of the vote and congratulates the Palestinian people who demonstrated their commitment to democracy by participating in the election under challenging conditions安理会称赞中央选举委员会在确保选举圆满结束方面发挥关键作用,并对国际观察员的贡献和联合国的支持表示感谢。
The Court stated that it “is mindful that in the field of environmental protection vigilance and prevention are required on account of the often irreversible character of damage to the environment and of the limitations inherent in the very mechanism of reparation of this type of damage.”国际法院指出:法院认识到,在环境保护领域,鉴于环境损害往往具有不可逆转性质,并鉴于此类损害的赔偿机制本身固有的局限性,因此要求保持警惕和预防。
In attributing conduct to international organizations, the only rules to be taken into account were those of a normative character with special legal significance, and that should be reflected clearly in the draft articles在把行为归属于国际组织时,要参照的唯一规则是具备特别法律意义、具有规范性质的规则,条款草案应明确反映这一点。
Justice Pillay is a person of high moral character, impartiality and integrity who possesses the qualifications required by South Africa for appointment to the highest judicial offices皮莱法官道德高尚,公正廉洁,具备南非要求担任最高司法职务必备的资格。
In that respect, it should be noted that article ‧ (b) (ii) provided that if an obligation breached was “of such a character as to affect the enjoyment of the rights or the performance of the obligations of all the States concerned”, the State concerned could claim injured status对此,应该提到及第 ‧ 条(b)(二)的规定:如果违反此义务的行为“具有影响各有关国家享有权利和履行义务的特性”,则有关国家有权认为自己是受害国。
On ‧ ecember ‧ a day after the assassination of Gebran Tueni, the Government of Lebanon requested the establishment of a tribunal of an international character and the expansion of the mandate of the Commission, or the establishment of another international investigation commission, to investigate the assassination attempts and assassinations and explosions that took place in Lebanon starting with the attempt on the life of Minister Marwan Hamadeh on ‧ ctober年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,即加桑·图韦尼遭被暗杀后的第二天,黎巴嫩政府要求设立具有国际性质的法庭并扩大委员会的任务范围,或者另设一个国际调查委员会,以调查 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日谋害马尔万·哈马德部长以来黎巴嫩发生的未遂暗杀以及暗杀和爆炸。
We must give a reformed United Nations, as the ultimate expression of multilateralism, the means to carry out its mandate, as set out in Article I of the Charter: “To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character“促成国际合作,以解决国际间属于经济、社会、文化及人类福利性质之国际问题。”
Name of owning State or State of registry; Orbital parameters (perigee, apogee, nodal period, inclination); General function of the space object; Reference to its unarmed character; Indication of maneuverability; Physical characteristics (mass, planned lifetime所属国或登记国名称;轨道参数(近地点、远地点、交点周期、轨道倾角);空间物体的基本功能;非武器特性证明;操控动作提示;物理特性(质量、设计寿命)。
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