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en This will insert a text field, where you may write text. The text you write will be matched literally. (i. e. you do not need to escape any characters
zh 这将插入一个文本编辑框供您书写。 您所写的文本将被逐字匹配 。 (也就是说您无须回避任何字符
en Mr. Morán Bovio (Spain) said that his delegation welcomed the proposal put forward by the representative of the United States, although it had some reservations about the somewhat broad character of the exclusion relating to assignments of receivables evidenced by a writing transferred by delivery, book entry or control of electronic records
zh orán Bovio先生(西班牙)说,西班牙代表团欢迎美国代表提出的提案,然而认为排除以书面形式证明的、通过交割、记帐或电子记录控制进行的应收款转让,范围多少有些太广,对此持有一些保留。
en In particular, the rules governing: (a) the capacity of parties to the contract; (b) the specific character and modalities of the obligation secured; (c) the objects upon which the acquisition financing right might be taken; (d) evidentiary obligations such as a writing and signature; and (e) the time of effectiveness of the agreement between the parties would have to be closely coordinated so as not to favour one type of acquisition financing transaction over another (see recommendation
zh 特别是,管辖(a)合同当事人的能力;(b)所担保的债务的具体性质和形式;(c)哪些物品上可以取得购置款融资担保权;(d)证明义务,例如文书和签名;以及(e)当事人之间协议的生效时间等的规则必须高度协调,使购置款融资交易的一种类型不会得到优于另一种类型的待遇(见建议 ‧ )。
en Thematic units of intercultural character were elaborated, such as shadow theatre, music, dance, costume, embellishment, religion, time perception and organization, writing, ceramics
zh 安排了具有跨文化特点的主要内容,如皮影戏剧场、音乐、舞蹈、服装、装饰、宗教、时间的感受和组织、写作、陶瓷。
en Another widespread practice employed is the change of the architectural details of different monuments, as the Saatly mosque and Khanlyg Mukhtar caravanserai in Shusha town, as well as replacement of the Azerbaijani-Muslim elements of the monuments with alien ones, such as the Armenian cross and writings, which have been engraved on the Arabic character of the nineteenth century Mamayi spring in Shusha town
zh 所采用的另外一种普遍做法是:改变不同历史遗迹的建筑细节,如Shusha镇的Saatly清真寺和Khanlyg Mukhtar旅舍;以及用外来元素代替历史遗迹的阿塞拜疆-穆斯林元素,例如在Shusha镇具有阿拉伯特征的十九世纪Mamayi起拱面上雕刻亚美尼亚十字架和文字。
en Having examined the available information, and without prejudging the arbitrary character of the detention, the Working Group decides, in conformity with paragraph ‧ (a) of its revised methods of work, to file the case of Mr. Abdullah William Webster
zh 工作组经审查现有资料,在不预先判断拘留之任意性的前提下,决定按照修订的工作方法第 ‧ 段(a)项的规定,将Abdullah William Webster先生的案件归档备案。
en This matter links again to the special character of certain multilateral treaties
zh 这个问题又与某些多边条约的特殊性有联系。
en This Conference provides an auspicious opportunity to welcome new members of the Organization representing more than one billion people, a significant step towards its becoming an organization of a universal character
zh 这次会议提供了一个好机会,欢迎代表十几亿人民的新成员加入本组织。 这是朝向使其成为一个具有普遍性的组织迈进的重要的一步。
en There is a prohibition on taking any measure of such a character as to cause the physical suffering or extermination of protected persons in their hands
zh 五) 禁止采取任何足以使其手中之被保护人遭受身体痛苦或消灭之措施。
en In contrast to that homogenizing trend is the work of the movement of the so-called new or restored democracies, whose main success is its increasingly inclusive character, which marks a very important difference to other processes of doubtful origin and clearly selective and excluding character
zh 与这种同化趋势造成对照的是所谓新民主政体和恢复民主政体运动所开展的工作。 其重要的成功之处在于越来越大的包容性,这与其他来源不明以及明显具有选择性和排他性的进程有着显著的不同。
en The jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunals has also contributed to the identification of certain human rights as part of customary law or as norms of peremptory character
zh 各国际刑事法庭的判决也有助于把若干人权确定为习惯法或强制性规范。
en The major outstanding issues related to the concept of the State for purposes of immunity, the criteria for determining the commercial character of a contract, contracts of employment and the question of post-judgement measures of constraint
zh 主要的未决问题涉及用于豁免目的之国家概念、确定合同商业性质的标准、雇用合同以及判决后的强制性措施问题。
en The founding fathers of the United Nations had a dream of creating an organization whose purpose, among others, was “to achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character
zh 联合国的创始者们有一个理想,即创建一个,除其他外,其宗旨是“促成国际合作,以解决国际间属于经济、社会,文化及人类福利性质之国际问题”的组织。
en “[...] the right to expel foreigners from or prohibiting their entry into the national territory is generally recognized; [...] each State reserves to itself the exercise of this right with respect to the person of a foreigner if it considers him dangerous to public order, or for considerations of a high political character, but that its application can not be invoked except to that end.” [Emphasis added. ]
zh “[......]从国家领土驱逐外国人或禁止其进入国家领土的权力一般得到公认;[......]每个国家保留权力,如果它认为某一个外国人危及公共秩序或者是出于重大政治性考虑时,行使这一权力,但是除非为此目的,否则不得行使。”
en The Committee affirms that, in accordance with Security Council resolution ‧ all measures taken by Israel to change the physical character, demographic composition, institutional structure or status of the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since ‧ including Jerusalem, or any part thereof, have no legal validity
zh 委员会申明,根据安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议的规定,以色列为改变自 ‧ 年以来占领的包括耶路撒冷在内的巴勒斯坦领土和其他阿拉伯领土或其中任何部分的地理特征、人口组成、体制结构或地位而采取的所有措施都不具有法律效力。
en Burkina Faso is following with interest the work of the Security Council's informal working group on tribunals, which has held intensive discussions pertaining to the list of residual functions, the character and structure of the residual mechanisms and the issue of the Tribunals' archives
zh 布基纳法索正在感兴趣地关注安全理事会国际法庭问题非正式工作组的工作,该工作组已就遗留职能清单、遗留机制的特点和结构以及两庭档案问题进行了大量讨论。
en Yet, for such justice to flourish, it is also important to underscore the vital character of the collective action that must be taken by the international community, which is represented here, while never forgetting the voice of the victims and the ultimate goal of reconciliation among peoples
zh 然而,为使这种司法蓬勃发展,还必须强调集体行动这一重要性质,本大会所代表的国际社会必须采取集体行动,同时决不能忘记受害者的声音及各民族和解的最终目标。
en The current position, under section ‧ of the Extradition Act ‧ is that no offence to which section ‧ of the Suppression of Terrorism Act ‧ applies shall be regarded as an offence of a political character
zh 目前依据 ‧ 年《引渡法》第 ‧ 条采取的立场是 ‧ 年的《制止恐怖主义法》第 ‧ 条所适用的罪行不得被视为政治罪。
en Our Organization was formed in order to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations and promote cooperation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character
zh 建立联合国,是为了维持国际和平与安全,在各国间建立友好关系,以及推动合作解决经济、社会、文化或人道主义方面的各种国际问题。
en In paragraph ‧ and ‧ it is regulated that the shipper must mark and label the dangerous goods and that it has an obligation to inform the carrier of the dangerous nature or character of the goods
zh 其中第 ‧ 和 ‧ 款规定托运人必须在危险货物上加上标志或标签并且托运人有义务向承运人说明货物的危险性。
en Stresses that these threats to divide the Holy Al-Quds Mosque affirm the direct official support of the Israeli authorities for the process of Judaization of Al-Quds, of altering its religious, cultural, and political character in order to complete the plan to Judize the city by surrounding it internally and externally with settlements, and to perfect its control on it by building annexation and separation walls
zh 强调威胁分割圣城清真寺表明了以色列当局对圣城犹太化以及改变其宗教、文化和政治特性过程的直接官方支持,其目的是通过在圣城周围内外建立定居点来完成该城市犹太化的计划,并通过兼并和修建隔离墙来完善对圣城的控制。
en Efforts should be made to ensure the smooth implementation of the Organization's programmes and strategies and to maintain its unique character and comparative advantage in its cooperation with other agencies
zh 应当努力确保本组织各项方案和战略的顺利实施,并在与其他机构的合作中保持本组织独有的特点和相对优势。
en According to article ‧ paragraph ‧ of the Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, as amended, judges of the Tribunal shall be persons of high moral character, impartiality and integrity who possess the qualifications required in their respective countries for appointment to the highest judicial offices
zh 按照经修订的《卢旺达问题国际刑事法庭规约》第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款的规定,国际法庭法官应品德高尚、公正、正直,并应具备在其本国担任最高司法职务所需的资格。
en Recommends that the international community elaborate an international instrument of a binding character that preserves and promotes the cultural diversity of States; [Recommends that the United Nations elaborate an international instrument of a binding character defining the rights and obligations of persons belonging to minorities;]
zh 促请各国继续与消除种族歧视委员会和其它人权条约监督机构合作,以便通过包括建设性和透明的对话在内的方式促进有效地执行这些文书并适当地考虑这些机构就关于种族主义、种族歧视、仇外心理和相关的不容忍的申诉通过的建议;(筹委会第三次会议上通过
en Special mention should be made to Law ‧ of ‧ pril ‧ which defines the crimes of torture, and establishes in paragraph ‧ of article ‧ that it is a crime of torture “submitting someone under your guardianship, power or authority, through violence or serious threat, to intense physical or mental suffering as a way of applying personal punishment or measure of a preventive character
zh 特别值得一提的是 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号法律,该法律界定了酷刑罪,并在第 ‧ 条第二款规定,“作为一种实施个人惩罚或预防性措施的办法,通过暴力或严重威胁,使在其监护或掌控下的某人遭受严酷的肉体或精神折磨”属于酷刑罪。
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