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  • 传输规则   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.
  • 傳輸規則   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.

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en The services include: personnel services (recruitment and administration of the staff rules for headquarters staff and international staff in the field); financial services (payroll, general accounting, treasury and expenditure approval); general services (office space, buildings management, communications, mail and messenger service, issuance of United Nations official documents, travel and transportation assistance, central local area network computer services and electronic mail and Internet access
zh 这些服务包括:人事服务(征聘和管理总部工作人员和外地国际工作人员的工作人员细则);财务服务(工资单、一般会计、出纳、支出审批);总务(办公用地、房舍管理、通信、邮件和送信服务、联合国正式文件的分发、旅差和运输援助、对中央局域网计算机服务和电子邮件及因特网)。
en Article ‧ of the Penal Code establishes the criminal offence of endangerment with nuclear materials for persons that possess, use, discard, transport or in any other manner have nuclear materials available and act in contravention of regulations or technical rules relating to nuclear materials
zh 《刑法典》第 ‧ 条规定拥有、使用、废弃、运输核材料由此造成危险或以任何其他方式提供核材料和违反管制核材料的条例及技术规定的,即属犯罪。
en In further support of the view that the limits of liability provided in the Hague or Hague-Visby Rules were satisfactory, it was said that the limitation levels of other transport conventions, such as the CMR or the COTIF/CIM conventions, were not directly comparable to those in the maritime transport conventions, since several of the unimodal transport conventions included only per kilogram limitation levels
zh 为进一步支持认为《海牙规则》或《海牙-维斯比规则》中规定的赔偿责任限额令人满意的观点,有与会者指出,《公路货运公约》和《国际铁路运输公约》/《铁路货物运输统一规则》等其他运输公约中的限额与海运公约中的限额并不具有直接的可比性,其原因是某些单种方式运输公约只列入单位公斤数的限额。
en The establishment of a sound framework for business, involving good governance on the part of both the public and private sectors on the basis of transparent rules and regulations and the elaboration of best practices, are the vital prerequisite for the development of efficient transit transport infrastructure development
zh 发展有效的过境运输基础设施的重要前提是,建立健全的业务框架,其中公营和私营部门根据透明的规章条例施行善治及制订最佳做法。
en It was further stated that some respondents expressed support for a new instrument based on the UNCTAD/ICC Rules, while a minority of respondents, mainly from maritime transport interests, favoured the extension of an international sea carriage regime to all contracts for multimodal transport involving a sea leg, and still others felt that the new instrument should reflect a completely new approach
zh 据进一步指出,有些答复者表示支持建立在《贸发会议/国际商会规则》基础上的一项新文书,而大多数答复者,主要是代表海运利益的答复者,则主张扩大国际海运制度,使之包括所有涉及海运段的多式联运合同,还有一些答复者则认为,新文书应反映一种全新的做法。
en iii) In addition to the unaccompanied shipment entitlements under the present rule, the cost of transporting a privately owned motor vehicle to one of the duty stations designated for that purpose may be partially reimbursed under conditions established by the Secretary-General
zh 三) 除本条细则规定的托运非随身行李的权利外,可按照秘书长所定条件,部分报销将私人汽车运到一个为此目的指定的工作地点的费用。
en The Almaty Programme of Action aims (a) to secure access to and from the sea by all means of transport according to applicable rules of international law; (b) to reduce costs and improve services so as to increase the competitiveness of landlocked developing countries' exports; (c) to reduce the delivered costs of their imports; (d) to address problems of delays and uncertainties in trade routes; (e) to develop adequate national networks; (f) to reduce loss, damage and deterioration en route; and (g) to open the way for export expansion
zh 《阿拉木图行动纲领》的目标是:(a) 确保各种运输工具均可根据适用的国际法准则出入海洋;(b) 降低成本,改善服务,提高内陆发展中国家的出口竞争力;(c) 降低进口商品运输费用;(d) 解决贸易运输延误和路线不确定问题;(e) 发展适当的国家网络;(f) 减少运输中的损失、损毁和变质;(g) 为扩大出口创造条件。
en xpected accomplishments would include: (a) effective changes in practices and legislation in the field of trade and investment; (b) greater use of standardized trade practices and procedures in the ECE region; (c) dissemination of information on best practices in international trade; (d) recommendations on trade facilitation and United Nations Rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT) standards; (e) promotion of public-private partnership in economies in transition; and (f) new and updated international standards and recommendations on agricultural produce
zh 预期成绩包括(a)有效改变贸易和投资领域的惯例和立法;(b)在欧洲经委会区域增加使用标准化贸易惯例和程序;(c)传播关于国际贸易的最佳做法的资料;(d)关于贸易手续简化和联合国/行政、商业和运输电子数据交换(联合国/电子数据交换)规则标准的建议;(e)促进转型期经济国家的公私伙伴关系;和(f)关于农产品的新的和经增订的国际标准和建议。
en In the case of conventions which apply to contracts such as the CMR and the Hamburg Rules, it would mean that while the Convention would apply to a transport contract, the absence of a prescribed transport document would render the relevant provisions on documentation inapplicable
zh 就适用于合同的《公路货运公约》和《汉堡规则》等公约而言,这将意味着,虽然《公约》仍适用于运输合同,但缺少规定的运输单据将使关于单据的规定不可适用。
en Few industries were by nature as international as the transportation industry or therefore in greater need of modern, predictable and uniform rules to support its transactions
zh 几乎没有一个行业,就其本性而言,像运输业一样是国际性的,或者因此而更加需要有一些现代、可预测的和统一的规则来支持其交易。
en UNCTAD is completing studies on unification of the rules for multimodal transport
zh 贸发会议正在完成关于统一多式联运规则的研究。
en Article ‧ of the Draft Instrument requires the shipper to provide the carrier with the information, instructions, and documents reasonably necessary for (a) the handling and carriage of the goods; (b) compliance with rules and regulations in connection with the intended carriage; and (c) compilation of the contract particulars and issuance of the transport documents
zh 文书草案第 ‧ 条要求托运人向承运人提供为以下目的所必要且合理的资料、指示和单证:(a)装卸和运送货物;(b)遵守预定进行的运输方面的规则和条例;以及(c)拟订合同细则和签发运输单证。
en e) The establishment of regional transport corridors and the adoption of common rules and standards, where appropriate, should play a major role in transit transport facilitation
zh e) 斟酌建立区域运输走廊并制订共同的规则和标准,这可在促进过境运输方面发挥重大作用。
en There was some support for the alternate view that the text in paragraph ‧ was appropriate and that the approach taken in the Hamburg Rules was not necessarily fair to the carrier, since most containers in modern transport were packed by shippers, thus making it difficult for the carrier to prove the cause of the loss
zh 另一种观点也得到一些与会者的支持,这种观点认为,第 ‧ 款中的案文是合适的,《汉堡规则》所采取的做法对承运人不一定公平,其原因是,在现代运输中,大多数集装箱都是由托运人装箱的,因此承运人很难证明灭失的原因。
en Regarding the use of the words “properly and carefully”, a widely shared view was that such wording, which originated in the Hague Rules and had enjoyed the benefit of extensive interpretation through case law worldwide, should be preserved in the draft instrument and possibly extended (together with the remainder of the provisions contained in draft article ‧ with the exception of draft article ‧ ) to the non-maritime segments of door-to-door transportation
zh 关于使用“妥然和仔细地”的字眼,广泛认同的意见认为,该措词原出于《海牙规则》,通过全世界的案例法已经从广泛的解释中得益,因此在文书草案中应加以保留并有可能(同第 ‧ 条草案中所载的其余条文一起,但第 ‧ 条草案除外)扩大到门到门运输的非海运部分。
en d) Unaccompanied shipments shall normally be made in one consignment, and shall be reimbursed on the basis of the maximum entitlement provided under this rule for transportation by the most economical means, as determined by the Secretary-General, between the places of departure and destination of the authorized travel of the staff member or his or her family members
zh d) 非随身行李通常应一次托运,并应依照本条细则所规定的权利极限,按照秘书长所确定工作人员及其家属获准旅行的启程地点和目的地点之间,最廉价的运输方式,报销运费。
en Article ‧ of the Regulation implementing the Act on the National Police stipulates that anyone transporting firearms from one location to another (within national territory, in transit, import or export) must be in possession of the relevant bill of lading, issued in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the local Public Security Department
zh 《国家警察法》实施条例第 ‧ 条规定,凡将火器从一处运输到另一处者(境内、中转、进口或出口)必须持有按当地公安局程序规则核发的有关提单。
en Stringent rules on flammability apply to textiles used in the public sector, the transport sector and business sector, but rules for domestic use are less consistent
zh 关于可燃性的严格规定适用于公共部门、运输部门和商业部门中使用的纺织品,但是有关家庭使用的规则不够协调一致。
en He also commended the Commission's progress in the areas of procurement, arbitration and conciliation, transport law and insolvency law, noting in particular the revision of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Procurement to reflect new practices, especially the use of electronic communications in public procurement, and the revision of the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
zh 他还称赞委员会在采购、仲裁和调解、运输法和破产法等领域取得的进展,并特别注意到,对《贸易法委员会采购示范法》的修订,以反映新的做法,尤其是在公共采购中使用电子通信的做法,并注意到对《贸易法委员会仲裁规则》的修订。
en i) Advisory services: advisory service for information and communication technology measurement; advisory services on the development of university curricula on UNCTAD issues in relation to the Virtual Institute; development of business services in the area of e-tourism; development of teaching resources and tools for the Virtual Institute network of academic, training and research institutions; innovative management for scientific and technological development; policies and practical aspects of information and communication technology for development; implementation of TrainForTrade training and capacity development activities; transport policies and international legal instruments, standards and rules related to the facilitation of international trade, transport and transport security
zh 一) 咨询服务:在信息和通信技术计量方面提供咨询服务;为虚拟学院编制有关贸发会议问题的大学课程提供咨询服务;在电子旅游领域开拓工商服务;为虚拟学院的学术、培训和研究机构网络开发教学资源和工具;科学和技术发展的创新管理;信息和通信技术促进发展的政策和实践方面;开展“外贸培训方案”培训和能力发展活动;运输政策和有关国际贸易便利化、运输及运输安全的国际法律文书、标准和规则
en One possibility would be to limit the rule to the context of a negotiable transport document that has been duly negotiated to a third party acting in good faith
zh 一种可能将是这条规则以已经妥善地向诚信行事的第三方转让的可转让运输单据为限。
en In this regard it should be noted that the Unctad/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents which came into effect on the ‧ st January ‧ and which apply a network system, have gained wide acceptance within the industry and are in common use in relation to door-to-door carriage contracts
zh 在这一方面,应当指出 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日生效的采用网络制度的《贸发会议/国际商会多式联运单证规则》已经在业内得到了广泛的认同,并且在门到门运输合同方面被普遍采用。
en f) In the area of transport, the United Nations Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Sea (Hamburg Rules), and the United Nations Convention on the Liability of Operators of Transport Terminals in International Trade; and
zh f) 在运输领域,《联合国海上货物运输公约》(《汉堡规则》),以及《联合国国际贸易运输港站经营人赔偿责任公约》
en d) The establishment of regional transport corridors and the adoption of common rules and standards should play a major role in transit transport facilitation
zh d) 建立区域运输走廊,制订共同的规则和标准,应在便利过境运输方面起主要作用。
en In contrast, Germany provides in cases of non-localized damage in a multimodal transport for the applicability of a single set of rules that follows mainly the CMR
zh 德国则规定在未确定多式联运中损害的地点的情况下应适用单一的一套主要是遵循《公路货运公约》的规则
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