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  • 传输规则   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.
  • 傳輸規則   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.

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Syntax Rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

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en Rules on the Manner of Transport of Dangerous Goods in Maritime Traffic and in Traffic on Inland Waterways, Official Gazette of the FRY, No
zh 《关于危险物品海上、内陆和水路运输方法的规定》,南斯拉夫联邦共和国政府公报,第 ‧ 号
en In that connection, he noted that the draft convention, unlike the Hague-Visby Rules, allowed additional contract particulars in the transport document other than those referred to in draft article ‧ to trigger the evidentiary effect in draft article ‧ subparagraphs (a) and (b
zh 在这方面,他指出,与《海牙-维斯比规则》不同的是,除第 ‧ 条草案提及的事项以外,公约草案允许在运输单证中载明更多的合同事项,从而产生第 ‧ 条草案(a)项和(b)项中的证据效力。
en The Contracting Parties, in case of occurrence of questions regarding transit traffic performed by railway transport, should review and solve those in accordance with the procedures and rules of the Organization for Railway Cooperation
zh 在发生与铁路运输部门从事的过境运输有关的问题时,缔约各方应按照铁路合作组织的程序和规则加以审查和解决。
en Reaffirming the right of access of landlocked countries to and from the sea and freedom of transit through the territory of transit countries by all means of transport, in accordance with applicable rules of international law
zh 重申内陆国按照适用的国际法规则,应有权出入海洋和享有利用一切运输工具通过过境国领土的过境自由
en The Group had noted with concern the problems identified with respect to air transportation, particularly the shortcomings in air safety and the failure to enforce the relevant procurement regulations and rules
zh 非洲集团关切地注意到已查明的空运问题,特别是航空安全方面的缺陷以及有关的采购条例和细则未得到执行。
en Stringent rules on flammability apply to textiles used in the public sector, the transport sector and business sector, but rules for domestic use are less consistent
zh 关于可燃性的严格规定适用于公共部门、运输部门和商业部门中使用的纺织品,但是有关家庭使用的规则不够协调一致。
en d) Governments should take the necessary initiative to adhere to relevant international conventions related to rail and combined transport, which provide internationally accepted rules for an efficient and safe environment of inter-country rail and combined transport operations
zh d) 政府应该采取必要的行动,遵守关于铁路运输和联运的国际公约;这些公约规定了国际接受的关于国家间铁路营运和联运的有效和安全环境规则
en explosives storage) Land Transport Rule: Dangerous Goods ‧ (transport on land) International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
zh b. 陆上运输细则:危险物品 ‧ 年(陆上运输
en The Council considers that the wording of article ‧ constitutes a significant step backwards compared with the advances reflected in article ‧ of the Hamburg Rules and the provisions of the most recent international transport conventions
zh 理事会认为,与《汉堡规则》第 ‧ 条和最新的国际运输公约中的条文所反映出的进步相比,第 ‧ 条的行文措词是一种很大的倒退。
en There is a need to take serious steps towards harmonization and modernization of domestic laws and regulations, on the basis of internationally agreed rules, conventions and standards, in order to facilitate their international trade and transport
zh 必须采取认真的步骤,根据国际议定的规则、公约和标准协调国内法律和规章,并使之现代化,以促进它们的国际贸易和运输。
en There is the addition of “on-demand carriage” included in paragraph ‧ to show that such carriage is included in the scope of application of the draft convention even if it is not a question of liner transportation, as is the case when applying the Hague and the Hague-Visby Rules
zh 在第 ‧ 款中列入“按需运输”的补充说法是为了表明将此种运输列入公约的适用范围,即便与班轮运输无关,在适用《海牙规则》和《海牙--维斯比规则》时就是如此。
en Since ‧ taly has been working through diplomatic channels to draw up international rules to combat the traffic and transport of illegal immigrants by sea, and this led to the adoption by the United Nations of the Protocol Against the Unlawful Traffic of Migrants by Land, Air and Sea, annexed to the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organised Crime, done at Palermo in December
zh 自 ‧ 年以来,意大利一直通过外交渠道致力于拟订打击海上贩运和运输非法移民的国际规则;其努力促使联合国于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月在巴勒莫通过了列入《联合国跨国有组织犯罪公约》附件的《打击经由陆地、空中和海上非法贩运移民议定书》。
en a) UNCITRAL and the International Maritime Committee have drafted a document on door-to-door carriage which explores how to replace port-to-port carriage and which determines liability for such carriage on the basis of both the Hague-Visby Rules and the Hamburg Rules, extends door-to-door transport to cover multimodal transport and brings together in a single instrument the rules for carriage of goods by sea, trans-shipments, where applicable, whether by land or by rail, including auxiliary operations in the transport chain during both loading and unloading, and electronic data transmission
zh a) 贸易法委员会和国际海事委员会草拟了一份关于门到门运输的文件,文件探讨了如何取代港到港运输问题,依照《海牙-维斯比规则》和《汉堡规则》确定这种运输的赔偿责任,扩展门到门运输的范围,以使之涵盖多式联运,以及在一份单一文书中汇编关于海上货物运输、包括运输链中装载和卸载期间辅助业务在内的相关陆路或铁路转运以及电子数据传输规则
en Finally, general efforts to promote integrity can benefit from trade and transport facilitation measures that reduce individual civil servants' discretion in interpreting rules and regulations
zh 最后,提升素质的全面努力可受益于贸易和运输便利化措施,因为它们将减少个别公务员在解释规则和条例方面的酌处权。
en In addition, it was noted that the ‧ amendment had referred only to bills of lading and had not extended to non-negotiable transport documents, because the scope of application of the Hague-Visby Rules was limited to bills of lading and similar documents of title
zh 此外,还有与会者指出 ‧ 年的修正仅提及了提单,并没有扩大到不可转让的运输单证,因为《海牙-维斯比规则》的应用范围仅限于提单和类似的所有权文据。
en Norway has for many years advocated the strengthening of international regulations on the transport of radioactive materials by sea, as well as stronger liability rules for such activities
zh 挪威多年来主张加强对海上运输放射性材料的国际管制,以及加强对此类活动的赔偿责任规定。
en Regarding paragraph ‧ it was noted that the shipper might have difficulties to fulfil his obligation to mark or label the goods in accordance with existing rules, regulations and requirements of authorities because of the fact that it does not have knowledge about how the exact voyage is to take place or what transport modes are to be used
zh 对于第 ‧ 款,据指出,托运人可能会因为不了解确切的航程情况或使用何种运输方式而难以按当局现行的规则、条例和要求履行为货物加标志或标签的义务。
en d) Unaccompanied shipments shall normally be made in one consignment, and shall be reimbursed on the basis of the maximum entitlement provided under this rule for transportation by the most economical means, as determined by the Secretary-General, between the places of departure and destination of the authorized travel of the staff member or his or her family members
zh d) 非随身行李通常应一次托运,并应依照本条细则所规定的权利极限,按照秘书长所确定工作人员及其家属获准旅行的启程地点和目的地点之间,最廉价的运输方式,报销运费。
en a) Air transport: Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw on ‧ ctober ‧ (Warsaw Convention), amended by Montreal Protocol No ‧ and the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air (Montreal Convention
zh a) 航空运输:经《第 ‧ 号蒙特利尔议定书》及《统一国际航空运输的某些规则的公约》( ‧ 年蒙特利尔公约)修订的 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在华沙签署的《统一国际航空运输某些规则的公约》(华沙公约
en i) Following the ordinary rule for non-negotiable transport documents: the document is prima facie evidence in accordance with article ‧ (a), or
zh 一) 依照不可转让运输单证的普通规则:该单证根据第 ‧ 条(a)款的规定是初步证据
en The United Nations Convention on the International Multimodal Transport ‧ had not received the required number of ratifications to enter into force and the UNCTAD/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents ‧ was a set of contractual rules and as such its usefulness in achieving international uniformity was limited
zh 年《联合国国际货物多式联运公约》没有达到所要求的批准数,因而未能生效 ‧ 年《贸发会议/国际商会多式联运单据规则》是一套合同规则,因而对实现国际统一的作用有限。
en In addition, it was reiterated that the liability limits in the Hague-Visby Rules were often much higher in practice than might appear at first sight, and that given the volume of container traffic and the “per package” liability limit set out therein, they were often much higher than those in the unimodal transport regimes where the liability limits for recovery were based only on weight
zh 此外,有与会者重申,《海牙-维斯比规则》中的赔偿责任限额在实践中往往比初看上去的要大得多,根据集装箱运输的运输量和所规定的“每包装件”赔偿责任限额,《海牙-维斯比规则》中的限额往往比仅仅根据重量计算赔偿责任限额的单式运输机制中的要大得多。
en As such, one other possibility could be to await the outcome of these studies, and to allow the international carriage of goods by sea to be governed in the interim by the existing maritime conventions along with the UNCTAD/ICC Rules for the ancillary transport, and the other contractual regimes established by industry
zh 因此,另一个可能性大概是等待这些研究的结果,让海上国际货运暂时适用现有的海运公约连同贸发会议/国际商会关于辅助运输方式的规则和业界制订的其他合同制度。
en c) [Notwithstanding the provision of paragraph (d) of this article,] a the carrier that delivers the goods upon instruction of the controlling party or the shipper in accordance with paragraph (b) of this article is shall be discharged from its obligation to deliver the goods under the contract of carriage [to the holder], irrespective of whether the negotiable transport document has been surrendered to it, or the person claiming delivery under a negotiable electronic record has demonstrated, in accordance with the rules of procedure referred to in article ‧ that it is the holder
zh c) [虽有本条(d)款的规定,]承运人根据本条(b)款按照控制方或托运人的指示交货的,即应解除其根据运输合同[向持单人]交货的义务,而不论该可转让运输单证是否已经交给承运人,或根据可转让电子记录要求交货的人是否已经根据第 ‧ 条提及的程序规则证明其是持单人。
en The following areas have been identified as priorities: institutional support for regional organizations; the strengthening of integration mechanisms; management of common resources; development of regional transport and communications networks; research; consolidation of the rule of law; and conflict management
zh 下列领域已确定为优先事项:对区域组织的机构性支持;公共资源的管理;建立区域运输和通讯网络;研究;巩固法制;冲突管理。
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