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  • 传输规则   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.
  • 傳輸規則   
    A concept that implements a single function point of a transport messaging policy. A transport rule contains conditions as to when to trigger this rule and an ordered set of actions as to what to do if the rule is triggered. Additionally, each transport rule can have exceptions that specify what to exclude from the condition. Exceptions typically identify a subset of criteria identified in the condition.

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en There is a need to take serious steps towards harmonization and modernization of domestic laws and regulations, on the basis of internationally agreed rules, conventions and standards, in order to facilitate their international trade and transport
zh 必须采取认真的步骤,根据国际议定的规则、公约和标准协调国内法律和规章,并使之现代化,以促进它们的国际贸易和运输。
en Many countries lack supporting infrastructure, both physical, such as transport and communications, and institutional, such as bodies to implement international trade rules or to offer technical and financial services
zh 许多国家没有可提供支助的基础设施,既无运输、通信等方面的有形基础设施,又无可执行国际贸易规则或提供技术、金融服务的机构。
en There was some support for the alternate view that the text in paragraph ‧ was appropriate and that the approach taken in the Hamburg Rules was not necessarily fair to the carrier, since most containers in modern transport were packed by shippers, thus making it difficult for the carrier to prove the cause of the loss
zh 另一种观点也得到一些与会者的支持,这种观点认为,第 ‧ 款中的案文是合适的,《汉堡规则》所采取的做法对承运人不一定公平,其原因是,在现代运输中,大多数集装箱都是由托运人装箱的,因此承运人很难证明灭失的原因。
en In addition, Order No ‧ issued on ‧ eptember ‧ concerns revision of the technical rules for preparing and equipping vehicles used for transporting dangerous materials by road
zh 此外 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日发布了第 ‧ 号法令,修改了关于装备运送危险物资的车辆的技术法规。
en The rules governing that transport document, however, are often not too well defined
zh 但是,关于运输单据的规则往往没有得到很好的界定。
en The restoration of the rule of law, the protection of the right to life and personal security, the right to property, and the right to move freely and transport goods throughout the country are critically necessary for the economy to be regenerated, for agriculture to revive, for trade to resume, for markets to function, for employment opportunities to be promoted and for access to be afforded to housing, education and health facilities
zh 在全国范围内恢复法治、保护生命和人身安全权、财产权,以及移徙自由和货运权,都是至关重要的举措,有助于重新启动经济、振兴农业、恢复贸易、市场动作、增强就业机会和提供可承担得起的住房、教育和卫生设施。
en Yet another suggestion was that the draft instrument should provide rules to solve possible conflicts that might arise between the paper and the electronic version of transport documents issued for the purposes of the same contract of carriage, in particular if not all the originals of a paper bill of lading were surrendered prior to the issuance of an electronic version
zh 草案应制订规则,用以解决为同一运输合同目的发出的运输单证的纸面版本和电子版本之间有可能产生的冲突,特别是如果在电子版本发出之前并没有将纸面提单的所有原件都交出的话。
en One possibility would be to limit the rule to the context of a negotiable transport document that has been duly negotiated to a third party acting in good faith
zh 一种可能将是这条规则以已经妥善地向诚信行事的第三方转让的可转让运输单据为限。
en sea transport operations between Algeria, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia are exclusively subject to the Hague Rules (however, in its Commercial Code, Germany has altered the liability limits foreseen by the Hague Rules by replacing them with those of the Visby Rules
zh • 阿尔及利亚、德国、爱尔兰、以色列、摩纳哥、葡萄牙、罗马尼亚、土耳其和南斯拉夫之间的海运业务只受《海牙规则》的约束(然而,在德国商法典中,德国改变了《海牙规则》规定的责任限制,以《维斯比规则》的责任限制加以取代)。
en In this regard, concerns were reiterated from the earlier discussion (see para ‧ above) concerning the adequacy of draft article ‧ in dealing with general conflict of conventions issues as they may arise with respect to certain unimodal transport conventions and with regard to some regional unimodal transport instruments other than the CMR, such as the uniform rules on road carriage that had been formulated by the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA
zh 在这方面,有与会者重申了先前的讨论中提出的关切(见上文第 ‧ 段),即第 ‧ 条草案是否能充分解决一般的公约冲突问题,因为这些问题可能涉及某些单种方式运输公约和《国际货物公路运输合同公约》以外的一些区域性单种方式运输文书,如非洲商法统一组织制定的公路运输统一规则
en Finally, this option provides predictability so that parties can negotiate transport terms knowing which rules will apply to dispute resolution
zh 最后,这种选择方案提供了可预测性,当事方可以在了解解决纠纷将适用哪些规则的情况下谈判运输条款。
en OIOS also believes that the established procedures for reimbursing COE preparation and inland transport cost do not comply with the Organization's Financial Regulations and Rules
zh 监督厅还认为,偿付特遣队自备装备和内陆运输费用的既定程序不符合联合国的财务条例和细则。
en In this regard it should be noted that the Unctad/ICC Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents which came into effect on the ‧ st January ‧ and which apply a network system, have gained wide acceptance within the industry and are in common use in relation to door-to-door carriage contracts
zh 在这一方面,应当指出 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日生效的采用网络制度的《贸发会议/国际商会多式联运单证规则》已经在业内得到了广泛的认同,并且在门到门运输合同方面被普遍采用。
en Paragraph ‧ study on multimodal transport rules was published, an ad hoc expert meeting on multimodal transport rules was organized
zh 第 ‧ 段:有关多式联运规则的一项研究已经发表,多式联运规则特设专家组已经成立。
en Without prejudice to article ‧ paragraph ‧ if the negotiable transport document or the negotiable electronic transport record expressly states that the goods may be delivered without the surrender of the transport document or the electronic transport record, the following rules apply
zh 在不影响第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款的情况下,可转让运输单证或者可转让电子运输记录明确规定可以不提交运输单证或者电子运输记录交付货物的,适用下列规则
en Delegations entitled to reimbursement of transportation costs, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules Governing Payment of Travel Expenses and Subsistence Allowance in Respect of Organs or Subsidiary Organs of the United Nations ( ‧ ev ‧ of ‧ arch ‧ ) may submit claims on form ‧ (Reimbursement voucher for official travel of representatives of Member States
zh 有权要求报销旅费的代表团,可按照支付联合国机构或附属机构成员旅费和生活津贴规则( ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ ev ‧ )的规定填写 ‧ 表格(会员国代表公务旅行报销凭单)要求偿还。 报销时必须附上账单、收据、票根。
en The steamer Vega ‧ committed a gross violation of the legislation of Georgia, including the Penal Code (illegal crossing of the State frontier and violation of customs rules), and also Decree No ‧ of ‧ anuary ‧ of the President of Georgia, which is in force, on the closure of the Sukhumi seaport, the port facilities, the marine waters and a sector of the State frontier with Abkhazia, Georgia, to all forms of international transport, which was duly notified to the Russian side
zh 韦加一号轮船严重违反了格鲁吉亚立法,包括《刑法》(非法跨越国界和违反海关规则),并违反了正在实施的 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日格鲁吉亚总统第 ‧ 号法令,这项法令规定对一切形式的国际运输关闭苏呼米海港、港口设施、海域以及格鲁吉亚阿布哈兹一段的国界。 我们已将该法令适当地通知了俄罗斯一方。
en It was pointed out, however, that one purpose of the draft instrument was to establish stand-alone rules, on the basis of which the legal value of electronic communications exchanged as substitutes for paper-based documents would be directly recognized, without necessarily referring to the traditional concepts of paper-based transport documentation
zh 然而会上有人指出,文书草案的一个目的就是要确立独立的规则,在此基础上,所交换的作为纸面单证替代物的电子通信的法律价值将被直接确认,而不必参照传统的纸面运输单证概念。
en Original legislation setting forth the rail carriers' obligations with respect to loss and damage of cargo codified common law rules that a rail carrier was a "common carrier" and, as such, was liable for the full actual loss caused by it as a result of loss, damage or delay in the transportation of property
zh 规定铁路承运人对货物的灭失和毁损承担责任的最初立法,编纂了普通法上的一项规则,即铁路承运人是“公共承运人”,因此,他应当对财产运输过程中的灭失、毁损或延迟而造成的全部实际毁损承担责任。
en Therefore, in the view of the Netherlands delegation, it is desirable that the draft convention should treat bills of lading consigned to a named person as a separate category of documents and should try, in the interests of uniformity and certainty of law, to provide for some rules relating to this type of transport document
zh 因此,荷兰代表团认为,公约草案宜将记名收货人提单作为单独一类单证来处理,并应为法律的统一性和确定性而尽量规定一些有关这种运输单证的规则
en ECA also supported the preparation and adoption of competition rules for air transport liberalization in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC), and supported regional economic communities in organizing meetings and workshops on Member State implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision
zh 非洲经委会还支助拟定并通过了在东部和南部非洲共同市场(东南非共同市场)、南部非洲发展共同体(南共体)和东非共同体实现航空运输自由化竞争规则,并且支持区域经济共同体举办各种会议和讲习班,推动成员国执行《亚穆苏克罗决定》。
en b) When a negotiable transport document is issued, the following rules apply
zh b) 当签发一项可转让运输单证时,适用下列规则
en The table compares provisions of the Draft Instrument with other maritime texts such as the Hague-Visby Rules, the Hamburg Rules, and the Multimodal Convention, as well as other conventions in the fields of road, rail and air transport such as the ‧ the Warsaw Convention, and the Montreal Convention
zh 该表比较了文书草案的规定与《海牙-维斯比规则》、《汉堡规则》和《多式联运公约》等其他海事文书以及《国际公路货物运输合同公约》、《内河货运公约》、 ‧ 年《铁路货运公约--统一规则》、《华沙公约》和《蒙特利尔公约》等公路、铁路和航空运输领域的其他公约的规定。
en In these ongoing negotiations, important provisions are to be added to the existing instrument, enhancing efforts against terrorism, as well as providing for the penalization of the transport of weapons of mass destruction, dual-use goods and delivery systems, by providing clear and mutually agreed rules on boarding ships on the high seas
zh 在这些正在进行的谈判中,将要在现存文书中加入重要条款,增强反恐怖主义的努力,以及通过制订明确和相互同意的公海上船规则,规定对运输大规模杀伤性武器、两用物品和运载系统的处罚。
en The United Kingdom also welcomes and agrees with the policy of UNCITRAL that the instrument should introduce new rules governing current and anticipated developments in the transport industry, such as “door-to-door” transport and the use of electronic transport records
zh 英国也欢迎和同意贸易法委员会关于文书应当引入管辖运输行业当前和预期发展情况的新规则的政策,如“门到门”运输和电子运输记录的使用。
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