pronunciation: IPA: /waɪf/ waɪvz waɪf , SAMPA: /waIf/          

Translations into Zulu:

  • inkosikazi 
    (  c9)
    married woman
    married woman
  • unkosikazi 
    (  c1a)
    married woman
    married woman
  • indoda 
  • umnyeni 
  • umka 
    (  c1a)
    married woman
    married woman
  • umakoti 
  • umfazi 
  • umka- 

Other meanings:

A married woman, especially in relation to her spouse.
wife (esp. of a prominent, recently married man)
(a) wife
(another person’s) wife
(one’s) wife
mistress (of a restaurant)
(Geordie, dialect, archaic) A woman (compare old wife and aad wife) .
The female of a pair of mated animals.
A married woman.
(my) wife

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