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Plural form of montón.

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daños en el montónheap corruption
gracias un montónthanks a lot;
montóncrush; good deal; great deal; mess; sledgehammer; swarm; multitude; accumulation; umpteen; body; mallet; host; huddle; mass of people; heap; lump; ; pot; bank; batch; clamp; congeries; cumulus; drift; dump; hill; load; mound; pack; packet; peck; raft; ream; scads; slew; hatful; lot; mass; stack; mountain; crowd; pile; bunch; whopper; throng; lode; shitton
montón de tierramound
montón de tolerancia a erroresfault tolerant heap
Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montónPepi, Luci, Bom
un montóna lot
un montón deumpteen

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Tomamos un montón de factores en cuentaWe took a lot of factors into consideration
Tampoco es igual transportar toneladas de materias primas textiles, que transportar una abultada carga de corbatas de seda -a propósito, yo mismo me compré una de ese montón-.It is also quite a different matter to transport raw textiles weighing tons as compared to an enormous load of silk neckties - I had one for myself, by the way.
El Tor wiki proporciona un montón de contribuciones útiles de los usuarios de Tor.If you have questions, we have an IRC channel (for users, relay operators, and developers) at ‧tor on . If you have a bug, especially a crash bug, read how to report a Tor bug first and then tell us as much information about it as you can in our bugtracker .
La reputación de Riad por su excelente comida, habitaciones y servicios está creciendo y tenemos un montón de comentarios muy positivos de nuestros clientes.The Riad's reputation for great food, rooms and service is growing and we've been getting a lot of very positive feedback from our customers.
El siglo XX dejó montones de cadáveres tras sí y ahora se están amontonando otra vez y, sin embargo, ¿cuántas figuras públicas de la importancia de McNamara han expresado jamás algún arrepentimiento por los errores, locuras y crímenes?The twentieth century left heaps of corpses in its wake, and now they are piling up again. And yet, how many public figures of McNamara’s importance have ever expressed any regret for their mistakes and follies and crimes?
Veras un monton de cambios por alrededorSee you later, alligator- You' il be seeing a lot of changes around here
El solia ser un monton de cosasHe used to be a lot of things
Tendría que presentarte a un montón de gente no sabes, gastar un montón de tiempoI’ d just have to introduce you to a bunch of people you don’ t know, waste a bunch of time
Hubo montones de " avances "There was loads of upgrading going on
Hay mercados chinos de pescado, mercados de verduras, y pasan un monton de cosas, se ve la aglomeracion del auténtico Nueva YorkYou see Chinese fish markets and vegetable markets...... and all those things happening, and that crush of real New York
Esto es para un contribuyente un montón de dinero.To the taxpayer, that is an enormous amount of money.
Hay un montón de gente solidaria.There is a multitude of caring people.
Pienso en un monton de cosasI think about a lot of things
Hemos hecho un montón de películas juntos la Patinadora y yoWe' ve done a whole bunch of films together, Rollergirl and I
En Warwickshire hay un montón de tejonesBadgers are very plentiful all overWarwickshire
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