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third-person singular perfect active indicative of quaerō "he (she, it) has sought, he (she, it) sought, he (she, it) has looked for, he (she, it) looked for" "he (she, it) has asked, he (she, it) asked, he (she, it) has questioned, he (she, it) questioned, he (she, it) has inquired, he (she, it) inquired" "he (she, it) has striven for, he (she, it) strove for; he (she, it) has endeavored, he (she, it) endeavored" "he (she, it) has missed, he (she, it) missed, he (she, it) has lacked, he (she, it) lacked" "he (she, it) has desired, he (she, it) desired"

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la Hactenus Nero flagitiis et sceleribus velamenta quaesivit.
en Hitherto Nero had sought a veil for his abominations and wickedness.
la nec ille quaesivit, poposcitque poculum et solita convivio celebravit.
en Nor did he ask the question, but called for the cup and finished his repast as usual.
la sed Augustus in domo successorem quaesivit, ego in re publica, non quia propinquos aut socios belli non habeam, sed neque ipse imperium ambitione accepi, et iudicii mei documentum sit non meae tantum necessitudines, quas tibi postposui, sed et tuae.
en But Augustus looked for a successor in his own family, I look for one in the state, not because I have no relatives or companions of my campaigns, but because it was not by any private favour that I myself received the imperial power.
la Dum ea aestas Germanico pluris per provincias transigitur, haud leve decus Drusus quaesivit inliciens Germanos ad discordias utque fracto iam Maroboduo usque in exitium insisteretur.
en While Germanicus was spending the summer in visits to several provinces, Drusus gained no little glory by sowing discord among the Germans and urging them to complete the destruction of the now broken power of Maroboduus.
la Ne famam quidem, cui saepe etiam boni indulgent, ostentanda virtute aut per artem quaesivit; procul ab aemulatione adversus collegas, procul a contentione adversus procuratores, et vincere inglorium et atteri sordidum arbitrabatur.
en Fame itself, of which even good men are often weakly fond, he did not seek by an ostentation of virtue or by artifice. He avoided rivalry with his colleagues, contention with his procurator, thinking such victories no honour and defeat disgrace.
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