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la Vir senex est.
en The man is old.
la Vir liber sum.
en I'm a free man.
la Vir feminam osculatur.
en The man kisses the woman.
la Ego vir sum.
en I am a man.
la Ego vir sum.
en I'm a man.
la Vir lac odoratur.
en The man smells the milk.
la Quis est hic vir?
en Who is that man?
la Cuius praeceptis ut res gereretur, Quintus Atius Varus, praefectus equitum, singularis et animi et prudentiae vir, suos hortatur agmenque hostium consecutus turmas partim idoneis locis disponit, parte equitum proelium committit.
en That his orders might be faithfully performed, Quintus Atius Varus, general of the horse, a man of uncommon spirit and skill, encouraged his men, and pursuing the enemy, disposed some of his troops in convenient places, and with the rest gave battle to the enemy.
la Syriam et quattuor legiones obtinebat Licinius Mucianus, vir secundis adversisque iuxta famosus.
en Syria and its four legions were under the command of Licinius Mucianus, a man whose good and bad fortune were equally famous.
la Quis est vir qui tecum loquebatur?
en Who is the man who was talking with you?
la Ex matrimonio se jugendi aetate , vir mulierque jus habent , nullo genere , nulla gente aut religione id nequaquam impediente , matrimonio se jungere et familiam constituere .
en Men and women of full age , without any limitation due to race , nationality or religion , have the right to marry and to found a family .
la Vir sum.
en I'm a man.
la Vir panem edit.
en The man is eating bread.
la Cum iam amplius horis sex continenter pugnaretur, ac non solum vires sed etiam tela nostros deficerent, atque hostes acrius instarent languidioribusque nostris vallum scindere et fossas complere coepissent, resque esset iam ad extremum perducta casum, P. Sextius Baculus, primi pili centurio, quem Nervico proelio compluribus confectum vulneribus diximus, et item C. Volusenus, tribunus militum, vir et consilii magni et virtutis, ad Galbam accurrunt atque unam esse spem salutis docent, si eruptione facta extremum auxilium experirentur.
en When they had now been fighting for more than six hours, without cessation, and not only strength, but even weapons were failing our men, and the enemy were pressing on more rigorously, and had begun to demolish the rampart and to fill up the trench, while our men were becoming exhausted, and the matter was now brought to the last extremity, P. Sextius Baculus, a centurion of the first rank, whom we have related to have been disabled by severe wounds in the engagement with the Nervii, and also C. Volusenus, a tribune of the soldiers, a man of great skill and valor, hasten to Galba, and assure him that the only hope of safety lay in making a sally, and trying the last resource.
la Et Cerialis quidem alterius successoris curam famamque obruisset: subiit sustinuitque molem Iulius Frontinus, vir magnus, quantum licebat, validamque et pugnacem Silurum gentem armis subegit, super virtutem hostium locorum quoque difficultates eluctatus.
en Indeed he would have altogether thrown into the shade the activity and renown of any other successor; but Julius Frontinus was equal to the burden, a great man as far as greatness was then possible, who subdued by his arms the powerful and warlike tribe of the Silures, surmounting the difficulties of the country as well as the valour of the enemy.
la Quis est hic vir?
en Who is this man?
la Ille vir Guilielmum necavit.
en Bill was killed by that man.
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