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    A feature of Microsoft Office Live Web sites and Shared Sites that allows users to restore their Web site or Shared Sites from backups maintained on Microsoft servers. This feature also allows users to switch to Microsoft FrontPage for creating their Web pages and to select a time zone for their Shared Sites.

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kawasan pentadbiran khas
special administrative region
Khidmat Web Pentadbiran Carian
Search Administration Web Service
persediaan pentadbiran
administrative setup
port pentadbiran
administration port
tapak Pentadbiran Pusat
Central Administration site

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ms Pentadbiran
en Administration
ms Pentadbiran Sistem
en System Administration
ms Pencetak Pengurus Percetakan KDE ialah sebahagian daripada KDEPrint yang sebagai antaramuka untuk subsistem cetak sebenar Sistem Operasi anda. Walaupun ia menambah fungsinya sendiri untuk subsistem itu, KDEPrint bergantung kepada komponen tadi untuk menjalankan fungsinya. Tugas menggelung dan menapis, masih dilakukan oleh subsistem cetak andam atau tugas pentadbiran, (tambah atau ubahsuai pencetak, menetapkan hak capaian, dan sebagainya) Ciri-ciri cetakan yang KDEPrint sokong sangat bergantung kepada subsistem cetak yang anda pilih. Untuk sokongan tebaik bagi cetakan modem, Pasukan Cetakan KDE menggalakan penggunaan sistem cetakan berasaskan CUPS. NAME OF TRANSLATORS
en Printers The KDE printing manager is part of KDEPrint which is the interface to the real print subsystem of your Operating System (OS). Although it does add some additional functionality of its own to those subsystems, KDEPrint depends on them for its functionality. Spooling and filtering tasks, especially, are still done by your print subsystem, or the administrative tasks (adding or modifying printers, setting access rights, etc.) What print features KDEPrint supports is therefore heavily dependent on your chosen print subsystem. For the best support in modern printing, the KDE Printing Team recommends a CUPS based printing system
ms Pentadbiran folder ini
en Admins of This Folder
ms Pentadbiran SistemName
en Sys. Administration
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