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  • game       
    (verb, noun, adjv   )
    A class of computer program in which one or more users interact with the computer as a form of entertainment. Computer games run the gamut from simple alphabet games for toddlers to chess, treasure hunts, war games, and simulations of world events. The games are controlled from a keyboard or with a joystick or other device and are supplied on disks, on CD-ROMs, as game cartridges, on the Internet, or as arcade devices.
    playful activity, amusement, pastime
  • games   
    (noun   )
  • play         
    (verb, noun   )

Similar phrases in dictionary Malay English. (6)

arked permainan videoamusement arcade
konsol permainan videovideo game console
pembekal permainangame provider
permainan daun terupcard game
permainan videovideo game
taman permainanplayground

Example sentences with "permainan", translation memory

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Permainan seriGame is drawn
Kau pernah mendengar permainan tutup mulut?You' ve heard of the quiet game?
KMines ialah permainan klasik pengesan periuk apiKMines is a classic minesweeper game
Permainan digantungGame suspended
Permainan kami benar‧ hanya bohong‧anOur games were strictly friend lies
Permainan tamat tiada pemenangGame was aborted-no winner
Opsyen PermainanGame Options
Permainan LumbaNameRacing Game
Anda pasti mahu menutup permainan yang sedang berlangsung ini?Do you really want to close the running game?
Permainan Bola Lantun KDEKDE Bounce Ball Game
Memukulinya di permainan sendiriBeat him at his own game
Same Game-permainan mengalihkan bolaSame Game A little game about balls and how to get rid of them
Bagaimana jika kita memainkan permainan tutup mulut?How about we play the quiet game?
Permainan ini disebut ‧ PusinganThis one' s called ‧ Rounds
Pusat Kawalan Modul KDE untuk menguji Pedal PermainanKDE Control Center Module to test Joysticks
Permainan StrategiNameStrategy Game
Permainan Susun HurufGenericNameKDE Letter Order Game
Dia tidak sedang memainkan permainanHe' s not playing a game
Tidak boleh mendapat nilai tentukur untuk peranti pedal permainan % ‧: %Could not get calibration values for joystick device %‧: %
Tekan mula untuk permainan baruPress to start a new game
Tempat ni bukan taman permainan untuk kanak- kanak!This place is not a playground for children!
Permainan ArkedGenericNameArcade Game
Tidak dapat memulakan nilai tentukur untuk peranti pedal permainan % ‧: %Could not initialize calibration values for joystick device %‧: %
Permainan yang kami digunakan untuk bermain?The games we used to play?
Kita boleh meneruskan permainanWe can go on with the game
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