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  • accomplishment     
    (noun   )
  • training   
    (noun, adjv   )

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pasture rest
to convalesce; to recuperate; to recover; recuperate; rest and recuperation; R&R; rest and recreation
to recuperate; to recover; to convalesce
accomplishment; training

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zh 它还取消了对司法和立法系统的限制,保证司法机关的独立性,并制定了一项加强法律修养和对人民进行人权教育的国家方案。
en It had liberalized its judicial and legal systems and guaranteed the independence of the judiciary and had established a national programme to enhance a culture of law and educate the population in human rights
zh 最贫穷的人口选择在他们的工作领域中增进技能之前,以及在他们寻求文化修养之前,他们必须得到保障,这样他们才能为参与全新的活动领域作出准备。
en Security is necessary before the poorest can improve their skills in fields of their choice and before they can seek cultural enrichment, thus preparing themselves for participation in completely new areas of activity
zh 提案的内容称得上均衡兼顾,用意也很良好,无疑体现了起草提案的五位大使的个人和专业修养
en This text is very balanced in its content and its good intentions are undoubtedly in keeping with the personal and professional qualities of the five ambassadors who drafted it
zh 当仇恨剥夺了我们的修养时,我们都能够从事令人无法置信的暴行。
en When hatred strips us of our civility, we are all capable of incredible brutality
zh 我们从没见过有人,即使是敌对者也罢,如此这般缺乏礼貌和道德修养
en We have never before seen such a complete lack of courtesy and moral credibility- even from an opponent
zh 海洋大气署渔业局力求鼓励其他国家落实修养生息做法,但只有一个国家,厄瓜多尔同意这么做。
en Although NOAA Fisheries has attempting to encourage other nations to implement these mitigation techniques, only one country, Ecuador, has agreed to do so
zh 加共体缔约国确认,国际刑院必须拥有这样的法官,他们不仅素质高,道德修养高,而且还具备国际法或刑法和刑事诉讼方面的必要经验,具备被任命担任本国最高司法职务的资格。
en CARICOM States parties recognize the need for the Court to have judges who not only are highly qualified and of high moral character, but who also possess the requisite experience in international law, or criminal law and procedure, and who qualify for appointment to the highest judicial offices in their countries
zh 年开始了一项重要的预防试点计划,其目的是避免某些医院、精神病机构及修养室或保健室所雇用人员背部疾病的加重。
en In ‧ an important pilot-project was launched in the area of dorsal ailment prevention among persons employed in certain hospitals, psychiatric institutions and nursing and convalescent homes
zh 在一个位于欧洲心脏的有文化修养和十分先进的民族国家(其艺术家和思想家为世界作出了如此大的贡献),怎么可能发生这种恶行?
en How could such evil happen in a cultured and highly sophisticated nation-State, in the heart of Europe, whose artists and thinkers had given the world so much?
zh 秘书长还提议,把现行的间歇修养假改为带薪的休息和休假旅行,包括支付前往指定休假地点的旅费、不计入年假的五天假期和旅行的时间。
en The Secretary-General has also proposed replacing the current occasional recuperation break with paid rest and recuperation travel, which would provide for payment of travel to a designated rest and recuperation location, five days of leave not charged to annual leave and travel time
zh 一旦确定应接受要求获得财政援助的申请,秘书长应设置一个专家小组,由三名具备最高标准的法律素养和道德修养的人士组成。
en Once the request for financial assistance is determined to be admissible, the Secretary-General shall establish a Panel of Experts composed of three persons of the highest judicial and moral standing
zh 相反,女孩就被引导发展持家的能力和文学修养,重点是人文科学和艺术。
en By contrast girls were directed along paths that led to domestic competence and literacy, with a focus on the humanities or “arts.”
zh 我们很怀疑一个缺乏基本道德修养的非政府组织能够为经社理事会的工作做出什么贡献。
en We doubt whether an organization so lacking in basic morality could make much of a contribution to the work of the Economic and Social Council
zh 年,该局向约 ‧ 名学生提供了大约 ‧ 门课程,涉及各种科目,从学术科目到职业课程、休闲和文化修养课程不等。
en During the year ‧ the department offered about ‧ courses to about ‧ students in a variety of subjects, ranging from academic subjects to vocational courses, leisure and cultural accretion courses
zh 父母的职责包括:照顾并养育未成年的孩子,照料他们的生活和健康,关心他们的教育(包括孩子的正规教育以及父母根据其能力向孩子提供进一步的学校教育的职责和权力),关注他们的能力、修养和合理要求。
en The duties of the parent are: care and nurturing of their adolescent children, of their life and health, of their education, which includes the regular education of children, as well as the duty and right of a parent to, in accordance with their capabilities, provide further schooling of their children, paying attention to their capabilities, tendencies, and justifiable desires
zh 特别是将努力实现指派任务方面的连贯性,将对不带家属工作地点采用特别行动办法并将以带薪修养旅行来取代间歇修养假,作为统一服务条件的一项内容。
en In particular, as part of the harmonization of conditions of service, there would be an effort to achieve consistency in the designation of missions, a special operations approach would be introduced for non-family duty stations and the occasional recuperation break would be replaced with paid rest and recuperation travel
zh 然而,专家小组发现,有明确无误和无可辩驳的证据表明,利比里亚一直在各级积极支持联阵,提供培训、武器和有关物资、后勤支助,成为进攻的集结区、撤退和修养的避难所,并开展公关活动。
en The Panel, however, found unequivocal and overwhelming evidence that Liberia has been actively supporting the RUF at all levels, in providing training, weapons and related matériel, logistical support, a staging ground for attacks and a safe haven for retreat and recuperation, and for public relations activities
zh 主席:我感谢穆尼尔·阿克拉姆大使的发言和他对本人的热情赞誉,特别是讲到我们共同的经历和往事,以及我们同样受到的职业和修养的培训。
en The PRESIDENT: I thank Ambassador Munir Akram for his statement and for the warm remarks towards me, particularly the reference to our shared experiences and recollections and our common training to be officers and gentlemen
zh 我们认为,这种明知犯了错误却又遮遮掩掩,不愿老实承认的态度再次说明“自由之家”缺乏知错能改、诚实信用的基本道德修养
en In our view, such covering-up of mistakes rather than honestly admitting them once again reveals that Freedom House possesses neither the ability to learn from its errors nor the most elementary sense of morality and honesty
zh 年前劳动力市场和就业发展的战略目标之一是,提高参加经济活动人口的教育水平及其素质修养
en One of the strategic aims of the development of the labour market and employment to ‧ is raising the level of education of the active population and its level of qualification
zh 在国际合法方面修养不太深厚的专门人员正越来越多。
en There were more and more specialists who did not have a deep background in public international law
zh 古巴人民受过教育,是有文化修养的,有深厚的文化,他们能接触国际媒体,包括联合国的广播。
en The Cuban people were educated and literate, with a deep culture, who had access to international media, including United Nations broadcasts
zh 所有这一切都有助于土库曼斯坦人民的精神修养,建立高尚的推崇生命的理想,在社会中灌输和培养人道主义的价值观念、和平、公正、开放、容忍、相互尊重,将其作为国家思想的基础,渐渐深入土库曼人民的血肉。
en All of this is furthering the spiritual education of the Turkmen people in lofty, life-affirming ideals and the implantation in society, as the foundation of the national philosophy, of humanist values- peace, justice, openness, tolerance, mutual respect- which are gradually penetrating the flesh and blood of the Turkmen people
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