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business as usual scenario
abstract plural of intensification
counterfactual scenario
tone of one's voice when asking a rhetorical question
tone of one's voice when asking a rhetorical question
plural of intensity
key variables and assumptions
basic postulate
GCA; going concern assumption
conjecture; hypothesis; ; scenario; assumption; assume
hypothetical reference connection; HRX
assumption; conjecture; hypothesis
"what-if" evaluation
actuarial assumption
falsifiable hypothesis
rational expectations
crowding-out hypothesis
universal hypothesis
universal hypothesis
imperative mood; imperative
global assumption
global assumption
decremental assumption
conjecture; hypothesis
hypothesis; conjecture
project assumption
null hypothesis (statistics)
null hypothesis (statistics)
tone of voice; mood; tone; ; manner of speaking
tone of voice; tone; manner of speaking; mood
project assumption
worst case scenario

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zh P. Klein在前注 ‧ 的第 ‧ 页举了一个假设的例子, 即,为联合国难民事务高级专员工作的人员未经许可跨越边界,以救助一些在该组织保护下的难民,使其免于对难民营的轰炸所造成的后果。
en P. Klein, supra note ‧ at pp ‧ gives as a hypothetical example the unauthorized crossing of a border by agents of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in order to save some refugees under the protection of the organization from the effects of the bombing of a refugee camp
zh 较一般而言,对《关贸总协定》/世贸组织案例法中作出的关于未经货币基金组织核准的汇率限制构成违反《关贸总协定》/世贸组织规则的这一假设是应该提出质疑的。
en More generally, it is valid to question the apparent presumption of GATT/WTO case law that exchange restrictions not endorsed by IMF entail violation of GATT/WTO rules
zh 例如,在发生涉及 ‧ 岁以下少年儿童的种族主义、种族歧视、仇外心理和相关不容忍重大事件时,就可以合理地假设,政府没有作到为增进整个《公约》和尤其是第 ‧ 条第 ‧ 款所述各价值观而应当作的所有工作。
en Thus, for example, where major incidents of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance occur which
zh 假设特遣队的内部战术通讯可百分之百地自我维持。
en Contingents are assumed to be ‧ per cent self-sustaining with respect to internal tactical communications
zh 假设意见条数相当于第一卷审查期间所收意见条数,则很可能至少需要四至五周来采纳这些意见。
en Assuming that they are as extensive as those arising from the equivalent review of volume ‧ it is likely to take at least four to five weeks to incorporate the comments
zh 此外,附件提供了计算 ‧ 两年期初步批款所使用的预算假设以及本报告现在提议的各种计算率。
en In addition, the annex provides the budgetary assumptions used in the initial appropriations for the biennium ‧ and the rates now proposed in the present report
zh 这样,在假设个人犯下侵略罪的情况下,只有在安全理事会确定存在由国家实施的侵略行为后,法院才能干涉。
en Accordingly, in the case of a presumed perpetration of a crime of aggression by an individual, the Court could only become involved after the Security Council had determined the existence of an act of aggression on the part of a State
zh 尽管《贸易法委员会电子商务示范法》得到广泛接受,而且越来越多的国家参照《示范法》进行了电子商务立法,但一项有关电子订约的国际文书不能立足于《示范法》原则已得到普遍适用这一假设
en Despite the wide acceptance that the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce has found, and the increasing number of States that have based their legislation on electronic commerce on the Model Law, an international instrument on electronic contracting could not be based on the assumption that the principles of the Model Law have already achieved universal application
zh 这一办法的依据是下述假设:有担保债权人对附担保债务的偿付上享有合法权益,通常不准备或不愿意接受与所有权有关的责任和费用,除非其明确决定要取得所有权。
en This approach is based on the assumption that secured creditors have a legitimate interest in the payment of the secured obligation and are generally not prepared or willing to accept the responsibilities and costs associated with title, unless they specifically decide to acquire title
zh 它支持联塞建和办与塞拉利昂国内的其他联合国机构、方案和基金建立密切联系,还支持联塞建和办提出的关于更多常规发展任务的假设
en It supported the close ties between UNIPSIL and other United Nations agencies, programmes and funds in the country, and also the assumption by UNIPSIL of more regular development tasks
zh 在有些情况下,缔约方以部门为背景提出了假设情况,在另一些实例中,缔约方则以区域和全球为背景。
en In some cases, Parties generated scenarios within a sectoral context, and in other cases they undertook this within a regional and global context
zh 最后,假设国家决定不向每位机动车车主提供实物转移,而是向催化剂转换器的私营生产提供补贴,使其价格接近零。
en Finally, suppose that the state decides, rather than provide each owner of a motor vehicle with a transfer in kind, to subsidize the private production of catalytic converters so that their price is close to zero
zh 按照改革计划时间表,并假设没有任何意外的障碍,海地国家警察还需 ‧ 年时间才能达到履行基本的维持治安责任所需的 ‧ 人这一最低数量。
en In accordance with the reform plan timelines, and assuming that there are no unforeseen obstacles, it will take four more years before the Haitian National Police can reach ‧ the minimum figure for basic policing duties
zh 有两种方法可以考虑第二阶段的塑料泡沫经营的转厂,这使审议禁产日期变得更加复杂。 这两种方法是 假设这些转厂是随着时间的推移逐渐进行的,占总转厂量的一定百分比,以及 假设在考虑从新的氟氯烃设备进行转厂之前尽快进行转厂。
en The consideration of cut-off dates is made more complex by the fact that there are two ways of considering second conversions of foam operations: assuming that these conversions take place in a gradual manner over time, as a percentage of the total conversions, and assuming that they take place as soon as possible, and before any conversions from new HCFC equipment are considered
zh 从开办阶段以来对情况的了解和经验都有所加强,规划假设更加扎实。
en This improved level of knowledge and experience gained from the start-up phase has resulted in firmer planning assumptions
zh 首先,安全理事会应以一份语气坚定的主席声明的形式表明它的领导作用,表达它致力于在和平进程的所有阶段与民间社会代表,包括妇女和儿童保持联系。
en First, the Security Council should demonstrate its leadership in the form of a strong presidential statement, expressing its commitment to engage civil society representatives, including women and children, in all phases of peace processes
zh 你的 語氣 很 強硬但 你 說的 話 都 是 真的
en You tread heavily...... but you speak the truth
zh B. 就国家继承的其他假设而言
en Other possibilities with regard to the succession of States
zh 这里的假设是,当前和未来的系统运营商将很快从绝对竞争模式转变到更注重合作的模式,他们在普遍利用全球导航卫星系统服务中有着共同利益,而无论其系统如何。
en The assumption is that current and future system operators will soon move from a strictly competitive to a more collaborative mode where there is a shared interest in the universal use of GNSS services regardless of the system
zh 因此必须根据上述“最坏情况假设”,紧急向其他供应商采购发电机,这是特派团的不可或缺的物品。
en Hence the need to procure generators, as a mission-critical item, from elsewhere, on an exigency basis in line with the “worst case scenario” mentioned above
zh 通过分析犯罪现场找到的电子元件和调查哈里里车队的电子干扰装置状况,委员会掌握的关于引爆装置类型方面的资料涉及几种可能的假设
en The Commission's holdings on the type of initiating device covered several possible hypotheses by examining the electronic parts recovered from the crime scene and investigating the status of the electronic countermeasures used in the Hariri convoy
zh 预期本次级方案将实现其目标和预期成果,其假设条件是:(a) 决策者将优先改善区域各国经济同全球经济的联系;建立技术、体制和决策能力,抓住全球化提供的机会;并进一步制订一体化协定;(b) 国际社会对大会和经济及社会理事会所订的准则作出反应;(c) 能够得到资源,以支助拉加经委会成员国努力改进同全球经济的联系,并进一步拟定一体化协定;(d) 有足够的预算外资源来进行业务活动。
en he subprogramme is expected to achieve its objectives and expected accomplishments on the assumption that: (a) member States assign priority to improving the linkages of the region's economies with the global economy, to building up technical, institutional and policy-making capacities in order to seize the opportunities offered by globalization and to further developing integration agreements; (b) the international community is responsive to the guidelines of the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council; (c) resources are available to support the efforts of ECLAC member States to improve their linkages with the global economy and to further develop integration agreements; and (d) sufficient extrabudgetary resources are available to execute operational activities
zh 假设变动成本与目前系统的变动成本一样,需花费 ‧ 年时间开发新系统,分析期间则长达 ‧ 年。
en Assuming that variable costs are the same as in the present system, it takes ‧ years to develop the new system and the time span for the analysis is ‧ years
zh 提倡建立全球人类新秩序的前提假设是,考虑到联合国的普遍性特征,联合国在经济和社会发展领域的能力必须得到加强。
en The promotion of the New Global Human Order is premised on the assumption that, given the universal character of the United Nations, its capabilities in the field of economic and social development must be strengthened. This includes
zh 然而,委员会认为,超过 ‧ 年的预防性拘留是过长的拘留,确实影响到被假设无罪的权利,因此,表明已违反第十四条第二款。
en Nevertheless, the Committee is of the opinion that the excessive period of preventive detention, exceeding nine years, does affect the right to be presumed innocent and therefore reveals a violation of article
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