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business as usual scenario
abstract plural of intensification
counterfactual scenario
tone of one's voice when asking a rhetorical question
tone of one's voice when asking a rhetorical question
plural of intensity
key variables and assumptions
basic postulate
GCA; going concern assumption
conjecture; hypothesis; ; assumption; assume; scenario
HRX; hypothetical reference connection
assumption; conjecture; hypothesis
"what-if" evaluation
actuarial assumption
falsifiable hypothesis
rational expectations
crowding-out hypothesis
universal hypothesis
universal hypothesis
imperative mood; imperative
global assumption
global assumption
decremental assumption
conjecture; hypothesis
hypothesis; conjecture
project assumption
null hypothesis (statistics)
null hypothesis (statistics)
tone of voice; mood; tone; ; manner of speaking
tone of voice; tone; manner of speaking; mood
project assumption
worst case scenario

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zh 简言之,这项假设就是外国人在外国犯下针对外国人的恐怖主义行为。
en More simply put, this hypothetical case is of a foreign national who has committed acts of terrorism abroad against foreign victims
zh 对多哈回合产生的福利效应所作的各种估计利用了不同的假设和预设情节。
en Various estimates of the welfare effects of the Round have used different assumptions and scenarios
zh 对提交的信息,包括假设、方法和结果的较详细描述载于 ‧ dd ‧ 号文件。
en A more detailed description of the information submitted, including assumptions, approaches and results, is provided in document ‧ dd
zh 概数是根据两年期头 ‧ 个月的实际支出、最后 ‧ 个月的预计所需经费、通货膨胀率和汇率以及生活费调整数与第一次执行情况报告( ‧ )所列的假设数字相比较的变化计算的。
en The estimate is based on actual expenditures for the first ‧ months of the biennium, projected requirements for the last ‧ months, changes in inflation and exchange rates and cost-of-living adjustments as compared with the assumptions made in the first performance report ( ‧ ), which was reviewed by the General Assembly at its fifty-seventh session and which formed the basis for the revised appropriation and estimate of income for the biennium
zh 东帝汶支助团的规划假设是,东帝汶在独立后两年内将能够实现自立。
en UNMISET was planned on the basis that Timor-Leste would be in a position to achieve self-sufficiency within two years of its independence
zh 关于用尽国内补救办法的问题,委员会认为,即使假设所提议的补救办法能够为指称的侵权行为提供充分有效的补救,但提交人最初于 ‧ 年就向缔约国法院提出上诉,要求满足其要求。
en s to the issue of exhaustion of domestic remedies, the Committee observed that, even assuming that the remedies proposed could offer full and effective satisfaction for the alleged violations, the authors first applied to the State party's courts in ‧ for a resolution of their claim
zh 资源规划假设反映了中乍特派团在继续及时、顺利部署实务人员、军事联络官和联合国警察以及在履行授权任务方面面临的诸多挑战和问题。
en The resource planning assumptions reflect extensive challenges and issues surrounding a timely and successful continued deployment of MINURCAT substantive personnel, military liaison officers and United Nations police, as well as the execution of the Mission's mandate
zh 注:用于计算会议服务意外需要预算的假设如下
en Note: Assumptions used for calculating the conference services contingency budget include the following
zh 这些国家的假设是,不需要订立任何具体规则,最好使用与确定书面文件归属相同的普通取证方法确定归属:“对任何签字都表示相信的人都必须承担签字无效的风险,这条规则不会因电子签字而有所改变。”
en The assumption in those countries was that no specific rules were needed and that attribution was better left to ordinary methods of proof, the same way as attribution of documents on paper: “The person who wishes to rely on any signature takes the risk that the signature is invalid, and this rule does not change for an electronic signature.”
zh 例如,在假设 ‧ 中,假定三个发达国家的进口市场经济增长放缓,则部门出口受到的影响就比其他情景假设更为温和,另外的两种情景中假设出现更为严峻的全球性经济危机。
en For example, in scenario ‧ which assumes an economic slowdown in the three developed import markets, the sectoral export impacts are milder than in other scenarios, which assume a harsher and global economic crisis
zh 咨询委员会获知,采用 ‧ %的延迟征聘系数的假设是,到 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,新增的工作人员已进入稳定团(见下文第 ‧ 段)。
en The Advisory Committee was informed that the delayed recruitment factor of ‧ per cent is based on the assumption that the additional staff will be in the Mission as from ‧ ctober ‧ (see para ‧ below
zh 预期本次级方案在下列假设下可实现其目标和预期成绩:各国政府和国际组织将作为优先事项执行《 ‧ 世纪议程》及联合国环境与发展会议和小岛屿发展中国家可持续发展问题全球会议上所作的其他承诺。
en The subprogramme is expected to achieve its objectives and expected accomplishments on the assumption that Governments and international institutions would attach priority to the implementation of Agenda ‧ and other commitments made during the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development and the Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States
zh 可以是合理地假设,应请求而作出的表示,严格而言不应被视为不友好行为或对请求国内政不必要的干预,其理由恰恰在于这种表示是该国请求的(当表示国和请求国之间存在关于可能提供的救灾援助的“条约依据”时尤其如此)。
en b)). It may be reasonable to assume that offers made in response to a request could not, by definition, be perceived as unfriendly acts or unwarranted intervention in the domestic affairs of the requesting State, exactly because they were solicited by that State (and especially when there exists a treaty basis between the offering and requesting States for the potential provision of disaster relief assistance
zh 打击恐怖主义活动的努力不意味着自动将难民与恐怖主义分子挂钩;这种假设对寻求庇护者极不公平,充满偏见,而且将使难民的权利受到不适当的限制,特别是就公正评估程序而言。
en Efforts to fight terrorism should not suggest any automatic link between refugees and terrorists; such an assumption would be both unfair and prejudicial to asylum-seekers and would inappropriately restrict the rights of refugees, particularly in terms of fair assessment procedures
zh 但有与会者说,工作组在第 ‧ 条草案中采用的经修订的做法不再是公约冲突规定,而是在假设合同的基础上建立一个分段赔偿责任办法。
en However, it was observed that the revised approach taken by the Working Group in draft article ‧ was no longer as a conflict of convention provision, but rather as the establishment of a network approach on the basis of a hypothetical contract
zh 同样,它对重置费的估计按假设年通货膨胀率 ‧ %,计算到两艘船的重置日期,未扣除折旧。
en Again, it has based its estimate of replacement cost on an assumed ‧ per cent annual rate of inflation applied to the date of replacement of both vessels, without deduction for depreciation
zh 现在认识到,就国内生产总值和商品价格演变等变量而言,重债穷国方案中的某些假设过于乐观。
en It is now recognized that some of the assumptions built into the HIPC programmes were over-optimistic in terms of GDP and the evolution of commodity prices, among other variables
zh 還有一點很重要: 遇到問題時, 不要自動假設都是 & kde; 的錯誤。 不然若是最後發現是您自己的問題而非 & kde; 的錯誤, 可能會讓別人很不爽 。
en Do n't assume automatically that the problem is the fault of & kde;. Proceed as though this is your error, otherwise you will quickly annoy people if it does indeed turn out to be your problem and not & kde
zh 基于下列假设,本次级方案可望实现其目标和预期成果:各国政府和国际机构优先重视执行《 ‧ 世纪议程》、《可持续发展问题世界首脑会议执行计划》(《约翰内斯堡执行计划》)、以及可持续发展问题世界首脑会议其它承诺和《关于进一步执行小岛屿发展中国家可持续发展行动纲领的毛里求斯战略》(《毛里求斯战略》)。
en The subprogramme is expected to achieve its objectives on the assumption that Governments and international institutions give priority to the implementation of Agenda ‧ the Plan of Implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg Plan of Implementation), and other commitments made during the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States (the Mauritius Strategy
zh 我们注意到,拨款帐户(假设 ‧ )和合并帐户(不含大楼帐户)(假设 ‧ )的逐月余额情况均属正常分配情况。
en It is observed that the monthly balances of both the appropriation account (scenario ‧ ), and the consolidated account (without building account) (scenario ‧ ), follow a normal distribution pattern
zh 再次,如果不假设维持保留,就有可能对新独立国家的真正意图产生不可扭转的影响,但如果假设维持保留,而这种假设与新独立国家的意图不符,新独立国家始终有可能撤回保留。”
en Thirdly, if presumption in favour of maintaining reservations were not to be made, the actual intention of the newly independent State might be irrevocably defeated; whereas, if it were made and the presumption did not correspond to the newly independent State's intention, the latter could always redress the matter by withdrawing the reservations.”
zh 预计该次级方案将能够实现其目标和预期成绩,假设前提是,各方案主管充分支持进行内部审计并且接受各项建议。
en he subprogramme is expected to achieve its objectives and expected accomplishments on the assumption that programme managers render full support to the conduct of internal audits and accept recommendations
zh 在整个 ‧ 年,从特派团现有人员中抽调的方案试点组提供了以下方面的大量反馈意见:电子学习单元、情景假设、个人发展讲习班、案例研究和面对面的讲习班方法,以及促进并参与改进课程设计的培训方案导师不断变化的作用。
en Throughout ‧ the SMART pilot group, drawn from existing mission personnel, provided extensive feedback on the e-learning modules, scenarios, personal development workshops, case studies and face-to-face workshop methodologies, as well as the evolving role of the SMART mentors who contributed to and participated in course design improvements
zh a 不包含将生活费阈值改为 ‧ %的费用,因为定期估值模型假设养恤金每年增加幅度为 ‧ %。
en a Excludes the cost of changing the cost-of-living threshold to ‧ per cent because the regular valuation model assumes ‧ per cent annual increases in pensions
zh 咨询委员会注意到,基本建设计划的假设之一是,总部建筑群应是节能的,没有有害材料,而且符合东道城市的建筑物、防火和安全法规,并应对所有人提供充分无障碍的进出环境( ‧ 第 ‧ 段(b))。
en The Advisory Committee notes that one of the assumptions for the capital master plan is that the Headquarters complex should be energy-efficient, free of hazardous materials and compliant with host city building, fire and safety codes, and should provide full accessibility to all persons ( ‧ para ‧ (b
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