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  • Ars longa, vita brevis   
  • Life is short, learning is limitless   

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愛知Aichi (prefecture in Japan); Aichi
半知菌类fungi imperfecti
北也门north yemen
大凡粗知a rough acquaintance with sth
民主也门democratic yemen
哪知; unexpectedly
南也门southern yemen
人生短暂,学术无涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
人生短暫,學術無涯Ars longa, vita brevis; Life is short, learning is limitless
任一字元,無或有符合Any Character, 0 or More Matches
塞翁失马焉知非福; it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
塞翁失馬焉知非福it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
司马昭之心路人所知; Sima Zhao's stratagem is obvious to everyone
所知known; what one knows
梯也尔Adolphe Thiers
梯也爾Adolphe Thiers
天佑吾人基业annuit coeptis
天佑吾人基業annuit coeptis
推知to infer
未知的成員unknown member
温故而知新to recall the past to understand the future;
溫故而知新to recall the past to understand the future
无知是福ignorance is bliss
my (old); surname Wu; I; my
吾生也有涯,而知也無涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
無知是福ignorance is bliss
border; shore; horizon
哑然无生silence reigns (idiom)
啞然無生silence reigns (idiom)
too; also; surname Ye;
也不nor; neither
也不例外is no exception
也就是; that is
也门Yemen; yemen
一望而知to be evident at a glance (idiom)
已知known (to science)
有目无睹blind (to sth great);
有目無睹blind (to sth great)
有无corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible; surplus and shortfall; to have or have not
有无相通to reciprocate with material assistance; mutual exchange of assistance (idiom)
有無corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible; surplus and shortfall; to have or have not
有無相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有缘无分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有緣無分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有征无战to win without a fight (idiom)
有征無戰to win without a fight (idiom)
有足夠的工作積點而可受保的fully insured
幼吾幼,以及人之幼to care for other's children as one's own
早知今日何必当初to regret vainly one's past behaviour
早知今日何必當初; to regret vainly one's past behaviour
周知well known

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激活“ device-uni” 上的网络“ network-uni ” 。 ‧ 此外, 如果使用 WEP‧ 加密, 可以用十六进制密钥“ key” 来启用网络 。 ‧ 验证方式“ authentication” 应该是下列之一 : ‧ wep hex‧|ascii‧|hex‧|ascii‧|passphrase‧|passphrase‧ ' key ' [ open|shared ] ‧ wpapsk wpa|wpa‧ tkip|ccmp-aes password ‧ wpaeap 在 solidshell 中尚未实现Activate the network 'network-uni ' on 'device-uni '. ‧ Optionally, use WEP‧, open-system encryption with hex key 'key '. (Hardcoded) ‧ Where 'authentication ' is one of: ‧ wep hex‧|ascii‧|hex‧|ascii‧|passphrase‧|passphrase‧ 'key ' [ open|shared ] ‧ wpapsk wpa|wpa‧ tkip|ccmp-aes password ‧ wpaeap UNIMPLEMENTED IN SOLIDSHELL
此类方案还必须考虑到女童战斗人员以及与武装团体关联的女童的特殊关切。Such programmes must also take account of the particular concerns of girl combatants and girls associated with armed groups
我要指出,我们应该改造我们的经济,非仅仅多样化,以便提高原材料附加值。Instead of just diversifying, I say we should transform our economy so that it adds value to the raw materials
例如, ‧ 个南共体国家的评价揭示:一个国家(莱索托)合法管制立法严重过时;对所有严重贩毒的罪犯惩罚不够;其中只三个国家能罚没涉嫌前体犯罪的前体;其中多数国家已经发现很难获得支持最终罚没贩毒得来的资产的法庭裁决;任何非南共体国家均未规定移交诉讼;而且南共体国家尚未在针对其领水外涉嫌贩毒的船只采取措施方面,通过任何促进与 ‧ 年《公约》其他缔约国合作的立法。For example, an evaluation of the ‧ s revealed that: licit control legislation was seriously outdated in one State (Lesotho); penalties for all serious drug-trafficking offences were inadequate; only three of those States could confiscate precursors involved in precursor offences; most of them have found it difficult to obtain a court ruling in favour of final confiscation of assets derived from drug trafficking; no SADC State provides for the transfer of proceedings; and no legislation has yet been adopted in SADC States to facilitate cooperation with other parties to the ‧ onvention in taking steps against vessels suspected of drug trafficking outside their territorial waters
孩子或流产时,妇女权休假,在保健中心或医院接受医生治疗。In case of the birth of a baby or having an abortion, women are entitled to take days off in order to consult with doctors at health care centers or hospitals
现用的编制方法时歪曲了该项原则,埃及愿意探索改进编制方法的选择方案。The current methodology sometimes distorted that principle, and his country stood ready to explore options for improving it
国家援引了危急情况,若干国际法庭对它进行了审理。It has been invoked by States and has been dealt with by a number of international tribunals
在失踪人员与和解方面出现了改善。Improvements have also been made with regard to missing persons and towards reconciliation
非全日制但一天工作至少 ‧ 小时的工人,权在工作日内按工作时间的比例休息。Workers who work part time, but at least ‧ hours a day, have the right to a break during the working day in proportion to the time spent at work
科索沃目前没有必要的专长,因此最重要的是一名销售专家从一开始就把农业销售制度纳入正轨。The necessary expertise is not available in Kosovo and a marketing expert is of paramount importance to put the agricultural marketing system on track from the beginning
斯普斯卡共和国一直作为种族上几乎清一色塞族的准国家生活着,联邦一直努力维持较小的克族和较大的波族之间的平衡。The Republika Srpska has led its own life as an ethnically, almost pure, para-State of Serbian people, whilst the Federation has been struggling to maintain a proper balance between its lesser Croat and larger Bosniac population
扫盲政策取得了令人满意的成果,每年共 ‧ 名未接受初级教育或未完成小学学业的人顺利脱盲。A policy aimed at the eradication of illiteracy is likewise obtaining satisfactory results, with ‧ new literates per year among persons who have not received primary education or have not completed elementary schooling
人们不仅关切水处理可能达到的程度,而且关切水处理的质量。There is concern not only as regards the degree of water treatment possible, but also the quality of that treatment
第二,联刚特派团必须有效地利用其得到加强的资源。The second point is that it is also essential that MONUC should use its enhanced resources effectively
很显然,我们必须告诫人们,每个人保持身体健康的首选办法是使自己免遭感染,抗逆转录病毒治疗和其他干预办法只是第二选择。What is clear is that the message for our people must be that each person's first choice for remaining healthy is to not become infected and that antiretroviral treatment and other interventions are only the second choice
虽然上述情况涉及的是小组的工作方式,但分析两小组提交理事会报告所载建议的执行情况,可以汲取一些重要的经验教训。While the developments described above relate to the working modalities of the groups, some important lessons can also be drawn from the analysis of the implementation of the Groups' recommendations, contained in their reports to the Council
恐怖主义分子知道。And so do the terrorists
约 ‧ 辆联合国和非政府组织的车辆在达尔富尔遭劫持,包括达尔富尔混合行动的 ‧ 辆车和粮食计划署承包的 ‧ 辆卡车。 在这些事件中, ‧ 名人道主义工作者和粮食计划署的合同司机被绑架。Some ‧ vehicles belonging to the United Nations and non-governmental organizations were hijacked in Darfur, including ‧ vehicles and ‧ contracted trucks, during which ‧ humanitarian workers and WFP-contracted drivers were abducted
科威特支持通过 ‧ 年《公约》的议定书,该议定书将扩大《公约》的适用范围并加强对联合国人员和有关人员的保护无须审查该《公约》。Kuwait supported the adoption of a protocol to the ‧ onvention that would broaden the scope of its application and enhance the protection of United Nations and associated personnel without a review of the Convention
除了交互式主题会议以外,某些下午将用于供最不发达国家及其发展伙伴就对最不发达国家具有关键利益的比较具体的部门问题进行辩论。In addition to the interactive thematic sessions, some afternoons will also be used for more specific sectoral debates of critical interest to LDCs and their development partners
“区域合作与组织三重性的优势......:首先,区域海洋与现在称作大型海洋生态系统最为相似,这有利于渔业管理和控制大多数来源的污染。“The advantages of regional cooperation and organization are threefold...: first of all, the regional sea approximates most closely what is now called the `large marine ecosystem' (LME), and this facilitates fisheries management as well as pollution control from most sources
虽然我们赞扬联合国会员国和各机构以及非政府组织在和平非暴力文化国际十年所涉各种领域取得的进展,我们注意到阻碍在其他领域取得进展的障碍。While we commend the progress achieved by Member States and agencies of the United Nations, as well as by non-governmental organizations, in the various areas covered by the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, we have also taken note of the hurdles that have impeded the achievement of progress in other areas
对于制裁问题,我们认为仍改进的余地并赞同秘书长的观点,即实行制裁必须考虑到最大限度地减少它们对平民和邻国的不利影响。On the question of sanctions, we believe that there is room for improvement and share the Secretary-General's view that the administration of sanctions must be geared to minimizing their negative effects on civilian populations and neighbouring States
因此,他敦促发展伙伴将官方援助发展额增加至国民总收入的 ‧ %,这是一致商定的目标。He therefore urged development partners to scale up their ODA contribution to the agreed target of ‧ per cent of their GNI
我们继续希望伊拉克和阿富汗的民选政府将最终成功地创造条件,帮助其人民过上意义的生活,巩固社会的民主化进程。We continue to hope that the elected Governments of Iraq and Afghanistan will ultimately succeed in achieving conditions that will allow their peoples to live meaningful lives and consolidate the democratization of their societies
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