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  • Ars longa, vita brevis   
  • Life is short, learning is limitless   

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愛知Aichi; Aichi (prefecture in Japan)
北也门north yemen
测知to detect; to sense
測知to sense; to detect
大凡粗知a rough acquaintance with sth
故知a close friend over many years
旧知former friend; old acquaintance
民主也门democratic yemen
南也门southern yemen
全知omniscience; omniscient
人生短暂,学术无涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
人生短暫,學術無涯Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
任一字元,無或有符合Any Character, 0 or More Matches
受知recognized (for one's talents)
司马昭之心路人所知; Sima Zhao's stratagem is obvious to everyone
所知what one knows; known
梯也尔Adolphe Thiers
梯也爾Adolphe Thiers
天佑吾人基业annuit coeptis
天佑吾人基業annuit coeptis
推知to infer
无知是福ignorance is bliss
I; my; my (old); surname Wu
吾生也有涯,而知也無涯Ars longa, vita brevis; Life is short, learning is limitless
border; horizon; shore
哑然无生silence reigns (idiom)
啞然無生silence reigns (idiom)
also; too; ; surname Ye
也不neither; nor
也不例外is no exception
也就是; that is
也门yemen; Yemen
一望而知to be evident at a glance (idiom)
已知known (to science)
有目无睹; blind (to sth great)
有目無睹blind (to sth great)
有无corporeal and incorporeal; to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; tangible and intangible
有无相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有無to have or have not; surplus and shortfall; corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible
有無相通mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
有缘无分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有緣無分destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
有征无战to win without a fight (idiom)
有征無戰to win without a fight (idiom)
有足夠的工作積點而可受保的fully insured
幼吾幼,以及人之幼to care for other's children as one's own
早知foresight; foreknowledge;
早知今日何必当初to regret vainly one's past behaviour
周知well known

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他进一步辩称,审议程序不客观,因为是在瑞典进行的,只是偶尔未经训练的译员提供协助,使他无法用自己的语言理解和回应对他作出的决定。He further argues that the procedure was not objective since it took place in Swedish with only sporadic assistance from untrained interpreters, which prevented him from understanding and responding to the decisions taken concerning him in his own language
由于受害者援助方面的进展应该具体、可测定和时限,并且某些具体测定结果必然需要由每个缔约国根据其各自不同的情况确定,因此,有关缔约国如果尚未做到,应提供毫不含糊的评估,说明在 ‧ 年审查会议之前如何测定这些国家的受害者援助方面的进展。i) As progress in victim assistance should be specific, measurable and time-bound, with specific measures logically needing to be determined by individual States Parties based on their very diverse circumstances, relevant States Parties that have not yet done so should provide an unambiguous assessment of how progress with respect to victim assistance as concerns their States could be measured by the time of the Second Review Conference in
为该两年期制订的按时提交文件比率提高 ‧ %的目标没有实现( ‧ %按时提交),原因是因应人权理事会工作量的增加、更多国家批准条约以及成立防范酷刑和其他残忍、不人道或辱人格待遇或处罚小组委员会带来的新需求,本次级方案印发的文件数量有所增加。The target set for the biennium to increase documents submitted on time by ‧ per cent was not met ( ‧ per cent were submitted on time) owing to the increase in the number of documents issued by the subprogramme in response to the augmented workload of the Human Rights Council, additional treaty ratifications and new demands created by the establishment of the Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
决定将起草、通过和转交对应于 ‧ 年提交报告的缔约国的问题单,这些国家巴林、贝宁、丹麦、爱沙尼亚、格鲁吉亚、德国、危地马拉、意大利、日本、拉脱维亚、卢森堡、纳米比亚、荷兰、挪威、 巴拉圭、波兰、葡萄牙、斯里兰卡、突尼斯、乌克兰、美利坚合众国和乌兹别克斯坦。b) Decided that it will prepare, adopt and transmit lists of issues for States parties whose reports are due in ‧ which are Bahrain, Benin, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Namibia, the Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, United States of America and Uzbekistan
到 ‧ 年期间,石油和矿物出口国贸易条件的变化导致收入大为提高,增加额占国内生产总值的百分比分别超过了 ‧ %和 ‧ %,其他初级商品出口国的收入則平均出现下降。Between ‧ and ‧ income gains from changes in the terms of trade were high for oil- and mineral-exporting countries, exceeding ‧ and ‧ per cent, respectively of gross domestic product, while, on average, exporters of other commodities showed losses
剥夺自由达如此长的时间具有任意性质,因为似乎违反了《世界人权宣言》第九条和第十条以及《公民权利和政治权利国际公约》第九条,根据各该条规定,被逮捕或拘留的任何人均权在合理的时间内受到审判或获得释放。Deprivation of liberty for such a long period is arbitrary, as it appears contrary to articles ‧ and ‧ of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article ‧ of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, according to which anyone arrested or detained is entitled to trial within a reasonable time or to release
在这方面,缔约国说《公约》和《任择议定书》所建立的制度要求具体违约行为的受害人。In this respect it argues that the system established in the Covenant and the Optional Protocol requires there to be a victim of a specific violation
巴西、埃及、墨西哥、南非、泰国和突尼斯等国执行包容性政策、开展土地改革和管制方案以及为改善城市贫民生活质量努力的决心等都是改造贫民窟或防止形成贫民窟的方案获得成功的关键。In countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Tunisia, the implementation of inclusive policies, land reforms and regularization programmes and a commitment to improve the lives of the urban poor were key factors in the success of slum upgrading or prevention programmes
使这些国家容易受到贸易震荡的伤害,因为这种震荡对其国际贸易差额产生高度的不稳定性,并且(间接地)对其财务状况、经济增长和减贫造成冲击。It also makes them susceptible to terms-of-trade shocks that introduce high levels of uncertainty to their balance of payments and (indirectly) also have an impact on their fiscal positions, growth and poverty
办事处协助编写了与参与问题相关的言论、结社和集会自由、罪不罚现象及司法部门问题的信息。The Office helped to prepare messages on participation and related freedoms of expression, association and assembly, and on impunity and the justice sector
• ‧ 月 ‧ 日:在非政府组织心理健康委员会为筹备即将设立的社会发展委员会举行会议期间( ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日)讨论“心理健康方面的残疾问题”,我们出席了筹备会议。anuary ‧ discussion of “Disability Issues in Mental Health” during the NGO Committee on Mental Health meeting in preparation for the upcoming Commission on Social Development (February ‧ ) which we also attended
为此,破产法将必须考虑赋予参与者某些与财产中的资产的使用、出售或其他处分相关的权力。To that end, an insolvency law would need to consider endowing participants with certain powers relating to the use, sale or other disposition of the assets of an estate
委员会敦促缔约国采取所有必要措施,防止儿童在所有情况下并特别是在被执法人员逮捕期间和之后遭受酷刑或任何残忍、不人道或辱人格的待遇或处罚。The Committee urges the State party to take all necessary measures to prevent children from being subjected to torture or any other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in all circumstances, and in particular during or after their apprehension by law-enforcement officials
男子常常参与这些方案,这一点很必要,因为他们被称为社区的决策者。The involvement of males in these programmes is common and necessary because they are termed the decision makers of the communities
如上所述,工发组织是通过制订以为了增长和社会进步提高生产力这一中心主题为重点的综合性公司型战略来响应其成员国对其服务的需求和不断发展变化的国际发展议程的要求的。As indicated above, UNIDO has responded to the demands placed upon its services by its Member States and the evolving international development agenda by formulating a comprehensive corporate strategy focused on the central theme of productivity enhancement for growth and social advance
绝大部分的私立学校分布在黎巴嫩山省(以及贝鲁特的郊区),奈拜提耶的私立付费学校占有比例最小。The highest percentage of private sector schools is in Mount Lebanon (and the Beirut suburbs) and the lowest in Nabatieh
我们注意到,哥伦比亚大使提到了这样一支部队可能产生的促进作用。We note that the Ambassador of Colombia also referred to the possible catalytic role of such a force
由于财政资源不足,新闻部 ‧ 年发展中国家广播、电视评论员和记者培训方案只 ‧ 人参加。Owing to budgetary constraints, only ‧ participants had attended the Department's training programme for radio and television broadcasters and journalists from developing countries in
他们谴责为使新闻记者保持沉默或阻挠他们的工作对他们施行暴力的行为,并向那些以身殉职或受伤的记者致敬。They condemned violence against journalists to silence or obstruct them, and paid tribute to those who have lost their lives or have been injured in the line of duty
另一个代表团敦促儿童基金会在其比较优势的领域(特别是儿童健康、营养与权利)更多地关注促进国家政策对话。UNICEF was urged by another delegation to focus more strongly on contributing to national policy dialogue in areas where it had a comparative advantage, specifically child health, nutrition and rights
l) 各国应考虑利用示范立法和立法指南;关于引渡和司法互助个案工作的最佳做法指南;毒品和犯罪问题办公室与其合作伙伴为培训和帮助各国主管机关起草和执行关于司法合作的有效请求开发的其他工具l) States should consider making use of model legislation and legislative guides, best practice guidelines in extradition and mutual legal assistance casework, as well as other tools developed by UNODC and its partners to train and assist competent authorities in drafting and executing effective requests for judicial cooperation
主席就此说明指出,第 ‧ 段其历史发展,最早可追溯至上述安全理事会主席声明( ‧ )。In that regard, the Chairman clarified that the paragraph in question carried its own history, which began with the aforementioned presidential statement of the Security Council
在审查报告时,提交的报告国家的代表权出席委员会会议;这些代表应当能够就其政府提交的报告作出说明,并回答委员会委员可能向其提出的问题。Representatives of the reporting States are entitled to be present at the meetings of the Committee when their reports are examined; such representatives should be able to make statements on the reports submitted by their Governments and reply to questions which may be put to them by the members of the Committee
在第 ‧ 段中,行预咨委会建议作出最大努力,减少管理费用,并指出,基金会的资源只 ‧ %用作 ‧ 年的项目开支。In paragraph ‧ the ACABQ recommends that maximum efforts should be made to reduce overhead costs and comments that only ‧ per cent of Foundation resources would be used for project expenditures in
然而,我们不能无视同样阻碍实现和平的许多其他障碍。However, we must not lose sight of the many other obstacles that also block the road to peace
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