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  • Ars longa, vita brevis   
  • Life is short, learning is limitless   

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fungi imperfecti
north yemen
a rough acquaintance with sth
democratic yemen
southern yemen
Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
Ars longa, vita brevis; Life is short, learning is limitless
Any Character, 0 or More Matches
; it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good
; Sima Zhao's stratagem is obvious to everyone
Adolphe Thiers
Adolphe Thiers
annuit coeptis
annuit coeptis
due publicity
unknown member
to recall the past to understand the future;
to recall the past to understand the future
ignorance is bliss
my (old); surname Wu; I; my
Life is short, learning is limitless; Ars longa, vita brevis
ignorance is bliss
border; shore; horizon
silence reigns (idiom)
silence reigns (idiom)
too; also; surname Ye;
nor; neither
is no exception
; that is
Yemen; yemen
to be evident at a glance (idiom)
no claims for accident reported; NCAR
reserve for known outstanding liabilities; reserve for known outstanding claims
blind (to sth great);
blind (to sth great)
corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible; surplus and shortfall; to have or have not
to reciprocate with material assistance; mutual exchange of assistance (idiom)
corporeal and incorporeal; tangible and intangible; surplus and shortfall; to have or have not
mutual exchange of assistance (idiom); to reciprocate with material assistance
destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
destined to meet but not fated to be together (idiom)
to win without a fight (idiom)
to win without a fight (idiom)
to care for other's children as one's own
to regret vainly one's past behaviour
; to regret vainly one's past behaviour
well known

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zh 四) 特设专家组会议:采取可持续生计办法促进西亚经社会区域农村发展;对西亚经社会区域共水资源管理适用综合水资源管理原则;在西亚经社会区域推动可再生能源应用的最佳做法和措施;关于促进供水和卫生政策及相关组织改革的高级别区域会议;可持续土地管理作为在西亚经社会区域促进农业发展的一个最佳做法;以及能源网络在区域一体化中的作用
en iv) Ad hoc expert group meetings on: adopting the sustainable livelihoods approach for promoting rural development in the ESCWA region; applying integrated water resources management principles in managing shared water resources in the ESCWA region; best practices and measures for promoting renewable energy applications in ESCWA region; high-level regional meeting on promoting water supply and sanitation policies and related organizational reforms; sustainable land management as a best practice to enhance rural development in the ESCWA region; and the role of energy networks in regional integration
zh 很显然,这方面取得了成绩,正如今天上午俄罗斯大使在十分有趣和充满内容的发言里所指出的,但仍然必须以更准确的方式衡量这一进展,以便获得更大的安全感。
en Again, clearly, progress has been made, as pointed out by the Russian Ambassador this morning in a very interesting and substantive statement, but it would nevertheless be useful to measure this progress even more accurately in order to sustain a sense of greater security
zh 提交人宣称,这个问题构成了违反《公约》第十四条第 ‧ 款(丙)项的情况,因为他们的案件有待最高法院审理五年之久,并在随时可作出判决的时候转给了上诉法院,从而使案件的审理遭到不应有的拖延。
en he authors claim that the same issue constitutes a violation of article ‧ paragraph ‧ (c) of the Covenant, since their case had been pending for five years before the Supreme Court and was ready for a decision when it was transferred to the Court of Appeals, thereby unduly delaying the hearing
zh 秘书处表示,目前具有咨商地位的非政府组织 ‧ 个,每年平均 ‧ 份四年期报告提交,秘书处和委员会在每届会议上只能处理其中的一半。
en The Secretariat noted that with ‧ s currently in consultative status, an average of ‧ quadrennial reports were due annually, although the Secretariat and the Committee had the capacity to deal with only half that number per session
zh 移民人权问题特别报告员在大韩民国和印度尼西亚的国别访问报告中提出了这个问题( ‧ dd ‧ and Add ‧ respectively)。
en The Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants also raised this issue in the reports on his missions to the Republic of Korea and Indonesia ( ‧ dd ‧ and Add ‧ respectively
zh 但是,与风险资本不同的是,中小企业必须为租赁付款或面对失去设备的风险,必须能力生产或向其客户提供服务。
en However, unlike venture capital, the SME must meet its lease payment or risk losing its equipment and ability to produce or provide services to its customers
zh 因此,我们认为,不论在东帝汶还是在任何冲突局势中,必须长期承诺。
en We believe, therefore, that- whether in Timor-Leste or in any post-conflict situation- there has to be long-term commitment
zh 在审理案件的 ‧ 天中,共 ‧ 位证人作证。
en Fifty witnesses have testified over ‧ trial days
zh 报告均作为联合国正式文件印发,除非国家要求将报告保密。
en Reports are published as official United Nations documents except if a State requests that its report remain confidential
zh 司法认定现已扩展到洗钱和恐怖计划及其与组织犯罪的联系。
en The judicial characterization now extends specifically to money-laundering as well as terrorist undertakings and their links to organized crime
zh 会议满意地注意到,自 ‧ 年以来,已 ‧ 个国家依照条约第三条第 ‧ 款,与原子能机构缔结了保障监督协定,其中 ‧ 个国家的协定已经生效。
en The Conference notes with satisfaction that, since ‧ tates have concluded safeguards agreements with IAEA in compliance with article III, paragraph ‧ of the Treaty ‧ of which have brought the agreements into force
zh 此外还这么一个事实,政府成员及其支持者感到痛苦的是,在他们看来,他们民主、和平和繁荣的国家是被那些想要在一瞬间摧毁国家的叛乱分子引向冲突的。
en Added to this is the fact that members of the Government and their supporters are pained by the fact that, in their view, their democratic, peaceful and prosperous country has been brought to conflict by rebels who would destroy the country at a wink
zh 其次,鉴于实施是一个长期进程,必要考虑采取一种适当的逐步、逐渐和循序渐进的办法来建立这种机制。
en Secondly, given the fact that implementation was a longer-term process, there was a need to give thought to developing an appropriate step-by-step, gradual and progressive approach leading to the establishment of the mechanism
zh 理事会认为,这种情况可能损害指定经营实体在规章管理结构中的重要作用。
en The Board perceives that this may potentially compromise the important role of the DOEs in the regulatory set up
zh 在政策上当然是错误的既得利益集团在阻碍改革,但是,该区域各国政府面对各种艰巨问题,在没有得到外国持续提供、组织和目标性的援助的情况下,危机的可能性必然极大。
en Policy errors were certainly made and vested interests also obstructed reforms, but the sheer scale of the problems facing the Governments of the region meant that the probability of crises was bound to be high in the absence of sustained, well organized and targeted assistance from abroad
zh 本项下经费减少,因为检察官办公室执行精简措施将任务次数减至最低限度,所以工作人员差旅项下经费减少,而且情报侦察股所需经费低于预算。
en The decrease pertains to lower requirements under travel of staff owing to streamlining measures implemented by the Office of the Prosecutor to keep the number of missions to the minimum as well as lower requirements by the Intelligence Tracking Unit
zh 请秘书长利用其认为用和适当的现有矛盾解决和调解机制,促进工作人员与管理当局之间重新对话
en Requests the Secretary-General to take advantage of the existing mechanisms for conflict resolution and mediation as deemed useful and appropriate in order to facilitate renewed dialogue between staff and management
zh 二十一世纪的挑战需要一种更新和加强的区域伙伴关系不仅仅是合作。
en The challenges of the twenty-first century require an updated and strengthened regional partnership rather than simple cooperation
zh 列支敦士登代表团支持为使审议圆满结束正在进行的努力,满怀兴趣地等待着特别委员会继续研究建立一般性法律体制和召开有关这个专题的会议的可能性。
en His delegation supported the ongoing efforts to bring those discussions to a successful conclusion and looked forward to the work of the Ad Hoc Committee on a comprehensive legal framework and its discussions on the convening of a conference on that subject
zh 有些实体认为现今的技术合作活动与过去大不同,在现今的技术合作活动中往往不会派遣顾问往外地向高级干事报到。
en Some entities argue that technical cooperation today is much different than in the past and often does not involve sending advisers to see senior officials in the field
zh 欧洲委员会的观察员发了言。
en The observer of the Council of Europe also made a statement
zh 程序问题,如果没有多数或仲裁庭授权仲裁庭庭长自行单独决定时,仲裁庭庭长可自行单独决定,但须服从仲裁庭对其决定作出的任何修正。
en In the case of questions of procedure, when there is no majority or when the arbitral tribunal so authorizes, the presiding arbitrator may decide on his or her own alone, subject to revision, if any, by the arbitral tribunal
zh 如果妇女怀孕,她们就权带全薪和全部福利在预产期之前 ‧ 周和产后 ‧ 周内休育儿假。
en When women become pregnant, they have the right to parental leave from their employment four weeks before the expected due date and ‧ weeks after delivery at full wages and benefits
zh 认识到艾滋病毒/艾滋病感染随着教育的加强减少,秘书长科菲·安南甚至曾就预防艾滋病的“教育疫苗”撰写文章。
en Recognizing that, as education increases, HIV/AIDS infections decrease, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has even written of the “education vaccine” for AIDS
zh 这方面的研究所取得的调查结果表明,在家工作的工人中三分之二是女性。
en Findings from the study indicate that two thirds of home-based workers are female
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