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  • a rally   
  • to hold a rally   
  • to join forces   
  • unite       
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cooperation of ethnic groups
cooperation of ethnic groups
a rally; to hold a rally; to join forces; rally; unite
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

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zh 呼吁国际社会本着团结和共挑重担、分担责任的精神积极响应非洲难民到第三国重新定居的需要,并在这方面感兴趣地注意到在高级专员提出的公约补充倡议的范围内拟订了一项关于安置问题的多边谅解框架
en Appeals to the international community to respond positively, in the spirit of solidarity and burden and responsibility sharing, to the third-country resettlement needs of African refugees, and in this regard notes with interest the development of a multilateral framework of understandings on resettlement in the context of the High Commissioner's Convention Plus initiative
zh 这一民族团结政府还应成为国际社会的伙伴,以支持重新启动和平进程。
en Such a Government of national unity would also be a partner for the international community to support in the re-launching of the peace process
zh 前总统查尔斯·泰勒于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月流亡到尼日利亚,并于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月被利比里亚全国过渡政府所取代,该政府仍然由原先的三个交战派系(利比里亚人和解与民主团结会、争取利比里亚民主运动和利比里亚前政府)组成。
en Former President Charles Taylor went into exile in Nigeria in August ‧ and was replaced in October ‧ by the National Transitional Government of Liberia, which was and remains composed of the three previously warring factions (LURD, MODEL and the former Government of Liberia
zh ajula女士(爱沙尼亚)在行使答辩权时说,今年 ‧ 月,联合国人权事务专员在斯特拉斯堡同爱沙尼亚人口部长会晤时说,她十分关注爱沙尼亚在少数民族一体化方面所作的努力和成果,爱沙尼亚国家一体化方案体现了一种实用的观点和团结一致的精神。
en Ms. Pajula (Estonia), speaking in exercise of the right of reply, said that at a meeting between the Minister of Population Affairs of Estonia and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights held in Strasbourg in October ‧ the High Commissioner had said that she had followed attentively efforts and progress made in Estonia in the area of integration of national minorities, and that the Estonian national programme for integration demonstrated a pragmatic approach and an effort to unify society
zh 劳动和社会团结部《后续报告》 ‧ 年。
en Follow-up Report ‧ inistry of Labour and Social Solidarity
zh 我们敦促巴勒斯坦新领导层继续走已故的阿拉法特主席开创的道路,并继续忠实于激励他的政治行动的原则和理想,其中,在斗争中巩固和紧密团结是最重要优先事项。
en We urge the new Palestinian leadership to persevere on the course charted by the late President Arafat and to remain faithful to the principles and ideals that inspired his political actions, among which the consolidation of unity and the closing of ranks in the struggle were top priorities
zh 战胜艾滋病不仅是道德必要,帮助无数艾滋病毒/艾滋病感染者和受艾滋病毒/艾滋病各种影响沉重打击的人们,而且也是一个迫切的政治和人道主义问题,否则无法实现我们和平、安全与团结发展的志向。
en Winning the battle against AIDS in not only a moral imperative- a service to the millions of people infected or affected in one way or another by its devastating impact- it is also an issue of political and humanitarian urgency if we wish to fulfil our aspirations for peace, security and development in solidarity
zh 据称,苏丹武装部队得到了前南部苏丹团结运动成员――他们现在加入了苏丹武装部队――和米斯里亚族武装平民的支持,而苏人解得到了丁卡族武装平民的支持。
en Reportedly, the SAF was supported by former members of the Southern Sudan Union Movement (SSUM) who are now integrated into the SAF and armed Misseriya civilians, while the SPLA drew support from armed Dinka civilians
zh 欧洲委员会社会团结事务总干事加芙列拉·巴塔伊尼-德拉戈尼夫人
en Mrs. Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Director-General of Social Cohesion of the Council of Europe
zh 我们已听到有关“团结谋共识”决议草案的介绍,听到非洲集团的决定,以及类似情况。
en We have been briefed about the Uniting for Consensus draft resolution, and we have been informed of the African Group's decision, as well as a few variations of the same
zh 中美洲和洪都拉斯、萨尔瓦多、危地马拉、尼加拉瓜、哥斯达黎加、巴拿马、伯利兹和多米尼加共和国本着中美洲旗手弗朗西斯科·莫拉桑的理想团结在一起,用奥马尔·托里霍斯将军的话来说,该区域的领导人具有当代大陆思想,艺术家享誉整个拉丁美洲和世界,并且它是连接南北美洲的纽带和通向世界的桥梁。
en Central America and Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and the Dominican Republic are united by the dreams of Francisco Morazán, the champion of Central America, a region of leaders in contemporary continental thought and artists of stature throughout Latin America and the world, the belt of the Americas and a bridge to the world, in the words of General Omar Torrijos
zh 最后,该国代表团完全同意秘书长的意见,就是十年审查的目标应是达成一项全球承诺,推动新的南北伙伴关系和更高程度的国际团结,以进一步促进可持续发展( ‧ 第 ‧ 段),他希望发展筹资问题在高级别国际政府间的审议能够为这种新的伙伴关系打下基础。
en In conclusion, his delegation fully agreed with the Secretary-General that the goal of the ‧ year review should be to achieve a global commitment to a renewed North/South partnership and a higher level of international solidarity to further promote sustainable development ( ‧ para ‧ ), and hoped that the high-level international intergovernmental consideration of financing for development would lay the groundwork for such a new partnership
zh 今天,我们面前的挑战是把丰富和多样的文明、文化、宗教、传统以及习俗化为团结的力量,而不是分裂的诱因。
en The challenge before us today is to transform the wealth and diversity of civilizations, cultures, religions, traditions and customs into a unifying force rather than a cause for division
zh 支持为落实《阿鲁沙协定》而设立的过渡国民议会、过渡参议院和过渡政府等过渡机构,鼓励本着民族团结和相互信任的精神,落实《阿鲁沙协定》所载的改革措施
en Supports the transitional institutions set up in the context of the implementation of the Arusha Agreement, namely, the Transitional National Assembly, the Transitional Senate as well as the Transitional Government, and encourages the implementation of the reforms provided for in the Arusha Agreement in a spirit of national unity and mutual confidence
zh 既然国际法院已经提出了咨询意见,我们按照《团结起来争取和平》的程序,回到了大会这个要求提供咨询意见的机构,参加了第十届紧急特别会议。
en Now that the Court has rendered its opinion, we have returned to the General Assembly, as the requesting organ, in the context of the tenth emergency special session, under the “Uniting for peace” procedure
zh 他又极力敦促索马里所有派别,特别是政府和伊斯兰法院的派别,友好地解决分歧,建立民族团结
en He also strongly urged all Somali factions, particularly from the Government and the Islamic Courts, to amicably reconcile their difference and forge nation unity
zh 真正的团结不仅反应为在国际首脑会议和各种会议上作出承诺。
en True solidarity is reflected not only in the undertaking of commitments at international summits and conferences
zh 作为一个区域团结一致和对外开放,是我们能够在面对巨大挑战时不再显得微不足道的唯一方式,这种巨大挑战就是以必要的速度创造更多更好的工作,以便我们各国人民能够在自己的祖国为自己创造美好的未来。
en Being united and open to the world as a region will be the only way we will be able to cease to appear small in the face of the great challenge of creating, with all the requisite speed, more and better jobs so that all our peoples will be able to forge for themselves a worthy future in their own homelands
zh 关于将高级主管团改名为高级管理网络,中国代表团欢迎联合国系统行政首长协调理事会在采取积极主动地措施增强管理和施政能力,加强全系统团结和协同作用方面所做的努力。
en With regard to the redesignation of the Senior Management Service as the Senior Management Network, China welcomed the efforts of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination to take proactive measures to enhance managerial and governance capacity and strengthen system-wide unity and synergy
zh 最后,团结谋共识的方案甚至可以至少部分地顾及四国集团和争当常任理事国的其他国家的愿望和利益。
en Finally, the Consensus approach could even accommodate, at least partially, the aspirations and interests of the group of four and other aspirants for permanent memberships
zh 改进工作流程对综合结构团结一致和发挥效力至关重要。
en Essential to unity of effort and coherence and the effectiveness of integrated structures is the improvement of work processes
zh 在社会方面,一个争取团结的合约让我们能够急迫地致力于我们的优先任务,即消除作为今天世界特点的贫困、边际化和排斥。
en In the social sphere, a contract for solidarity will enable us urgently to address the priority task of eradicating the poverty, marginalization and exclusion that characterize today's world
zh 另外,新非洲领导层的形成使我们再次团结起来,共同致力于促进发展、民主、和平和政治稳定,这是国际社会为实现千年发展目标而提供更一致支持的机会。
en Furthermore, the emergence of a new African leadership, which is bringing us together again in our commitment to promoting development, democracy, peace and political stability, is an opportunity for the international community to provide more consistent support for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
zh 年 ‧ 月,日内瓦市、里昂市和巴马科市发起了一项国际城市团结基金,以便给提供资金援助,又转让技术技能。
en In March ‧ the cities of Geneva, Lyon and Bamako launched an international solidarity fund for cities, whereby financial support would go hand-in-hand with the transfer of technical skills
zh 在哥伦比亚,责成协调国家团结互助经济的政府部门负责为志愿行动提供便利。
en In Colombia, the government department concerned with coordinating the country's solidarity economy has been tasked with facilitating voluntary action
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