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  • a rally   
  • to hold a rally   
  • to join forces   
  • unite       
    (verb, noun   )

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Umoja local process expert; Local Process Expert
intergenerational partnership
principle of international solidarity and burden-sharing
international solidarity organization
Partnership Solidarity Twinning project
air-ticket solidarity levy; air-ticket solidarity contribution
cooperation of ethnic groups
TGoNU; Transitional Government of National Unity
cooperation of ethnic groups
SSE; social and solidarity economy
digital solidarity
a rally; to hold a rally; to join forces; rally; unite
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
solidarity levy
unity Government
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

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zh 但是联合国各组织争夺有限的资金使促进本组织团结一致的努力复杂化。
en But competition among United Nations organizations for a limited pool of funding complicates the system's drive for greater unity and coherence
zh 该方案在西岸、加沙地带、约旦和阿拉伯叙利亚共和国设有分办事处网开展业务,通过创收来支付业务费用,实现自我维持。 该方案的一个组成部分是致力于使妇女参与其信贷活动,向妇女提供专门为她们而设的的团结集体借贷产品,鼓励妇女特别是在非正规部门工作的妇女在经济上自力更生。
en The programme operates through a network of branch offices in the West bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan and the Syrian Arab Republic that are self-sustaining through the generation of income required to meet branch operating costs. An integral part of the programme is a commitment to mainstreaming women in its credit activities through its specialised solidarity group lending product, which encourages the economic self-reliance of women, especially those working in the informal sector
zh 我们尚未看到该国各族裔和实体紧密团结,同心协力地谋求实现共同的目标:建立一个完全根植于欧洲-大西洋各国大家庭的和平、稳定与繁荣的国家。
en We do not yet see a country whose people and entities are fully united around the common goal of a peaceful, stable and prosperous State fully anchored within the Euro-Atlantic community of nations
zh 这造成 ‧ 月 ‧ 日根据在麦加达成的协议建立的巴勒斯坦民族团结政府垮台。
en This led to the collapse of the Palestinian National Unity Government established on ‧ ebruary on the basis of the agreement reached in Mecca
zh 应该以我们将鼓起勇气打击恐怖主义的同样决心、气势和团结来致力于实现全面彻底裁军。
en The international commitment to general and complete disarmament should be pursued with the same resolve, vigour and unity as we will muster to combat international terrorism
zh 坦桑尼亚联合共和国前总统姆卡帕先生等人讲到它应是非洲 ‧ 国集团联系的重要内容。 而团结发展的原则和也与气候变化问题有关,联合国秘书长指出,气候变化对非洲的发展显然构成了威胁,尽管非洲人民对造成气候变化问题的影响甚微。
en That was relevant for the Africa ‧ link, mentioned inter alia by the former president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mr. Mkapa, and the principle of development solidarity could be extended to the issue of climate change, which the United Nations Secretary-General identified as a clear threat to African development, even though the African population had only contributed marginally to the problem in the first place
zh 确认世界团结基金对实现《千年发展目标》的潜在重要贡献,特别是在实现将每日生活费不到 ‧ 美元的人口比例和面临饥饿的人口比例分别减少一半的目标方面的潜在重要贡献
en Recognizes the important potential contribution of the World Solidarity Fund to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, in particular the objective of reducing by half the proportion of people living on less than one dollar a day and the proportion of the people who suffer from hunger
zh 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日在吉布提举行正式签字仪式,政府与恢复团结和民主阵线代表之间的和平进程告一段落。
en On ‧ ay ‧ an official signature ceremony, held in Djibouti, concluded the peace process between the Government and representatives of FRUD
zh 主张必须建立新型公平的全球伙伴关系和当代人之间的团结,必须为了人类的持久延续而促进不同代别人之间的团结
en Asserting the necessity for establishing new, equitable and global links of partnership and intra-generational solidarity, and for promoting intergenerational solidarity for the perpetuation of humankind
zh 我们还必须在集体框架内开展努力,使体育运动能为团结创造机会--促进和平文化,以及增强社会与两性平等,进一步呼吁对话与和睦。
en We must also work in a collective framework in which sports and physical education create opportunities for solidarity- promoting the culture of peace and enhancing social and gender equality and the call for dialogue and harmony
zh 文件指出,虽然国际团结对实现人权的重要性已没有异议,但有些概念问题仍然需要进一步澄清。
en It points out that though, by and large, there is no disagreement as to the importance of international solidarity for the realization of human rights, there are some conceptual issues that could be clarified further
zh 我们希望,非洲联盟的诞生将加强非洲兄弟博爱和团结的精神,对该大陆面对的诸多挑战作出回应:武装冲突、贫困、以及艾滋病毒/艾滋病流行。
en We hope that the birth of the African Union will strengthen the spirit of African brotherhood and unity in responding to the numerous challenges that confront the continent: armed conflict, poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic
zh 敦促有关国际组织研究尊重文化多样性如何为促进各国之间的国际团结和合作作出贡献
en Urged relevant international organizations to conduct studies on how the respect for cultural diversity contributes to fostering international solidarity and cooperation between all nations
zh 为了支持各国的努力,共有 ‧ 个联合国实体 参加了秘书长的“团结起来制止暴力侵害妇女行为”运动和联合国制止武装冲突中性暴力的行动,目标是改进协调和问责,并为预防性暴力和有效处理幸存者的需要的国家努力提供支助。
en In support of national efforts, the Secretary-General's campaign “Unite to End Violence against Women” and United Nations Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict, encompassing ‧ nited Nations entities, aim at improving coordination and accountability, providing support to national efforts to prevent sexual violence and respond effectively to survivors' needs
zh 有些代表团迅速地团结在保护儿童不受武装冲突影响的大旗之下,但是其行动却暴露出他们真实的政治意图。
en There remain delegations that are quick to unite under the banner of protecting children from armed conflict, but whose actions betray their true political motives
zh 这是对国际团结的表达和确认,其本身也是卢森堡大公国政府开展对外活动的一个重要载体。”
en It is the expression of an affirmed and confirmed international solidarity and, as such, is an important vehicle for the external activities of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg”
zh 基于阿富汗的多种族性质,并基于不同种族团体之间都愿意有一个团结的阿富汗,国家机构必须是多种族性的,有广大基础的并且真正具有代表性。
en Given the multi-ethnic character of Afghanistan, but also given that there is consensus among the various multi-ethnic groups that they are committed to a unified Afghanistan, the national institutions must be multi-ethnic, broad-based and truly representative
zh 通过参加这些活动,特别代表还能鼓励并帮助建立人权维护者之间跨越国家和地区界限的网络和联盟,并观察和报告有助于加强维权者之间的合作、协调和团结的国家、区域和国际各级的倡议。
en Through her participation in these events the Special Representative is also able to encourage and help build networks and alliances between human rights defenders across national borders and regional boundaries and to observe and report on initiatives that have strengthened cooperation, coordination and solidarity among defenders at national, regional and international levels
zh 我们希望在“团结行动在非洲”口号下致力于伙伴关系的新阶段。
en It is our hope to dedicate ourselves to a new partnership stage under the slogan “Together for action in Africa”
zh 年, 团结工会领导人莱赫·瓦文萨当选为波兰共和国总统。
en In ‧ ech Wałęsa, leader of the “Solidarity” trade union was elected President of the Republic of Poland
zh 正如我们作为团结谋共识运动积极成员以及以本国身份多次重申的那样,我们的建议是在各国间开始直接和透明的谈判,不要中间人,直到我们找到一个协商一致的公式,在经过 ‧ 年的尝试之后将对安全理事会进行改革。
en Our proposal, as we have reiterated many times as active members of the Uniting for Consensus movement and in our national capacity, is to begin negotiating directly and transparently among States, without intermediaries, until we find a consensus formula that, after ‧ years of trying, will reform the Security Council
zh 会议还表示支持埃及总统穆罕默德·胡斯尼·穆巴拉克发出的呼吁,即巴勒斯坦各派应迅速结束纷争,恢复民族对话,其基础是以有利于尽快恢复合法权力机构在加沙地带的作用的方式确保巴勒斯坦民族团结,维护巴勒斯坦人民的更高利益。
en The meeting also expresses its support for the call made by Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak for the Palestinian factions to expeditiously end their differences and resume the national dialogue on foundations that secure Palestinian national unity and serve the Palestinian people's higher interests in a way that is conducive to the reinstatement of the legitimate authority's role in the Gaza Strip as soon as possible
zh 普遍重视道德使我们大家团结起来。
en A common regard for morality unites us all
zh 加强并证明不结盟运动各成员之间的统一与团结,特别是与那些人民生活在殖民或外国统治或外国占领下的不结盟国家,以及那些经历外来的使用武力威胁、侵略行为或单边胁迫性措施的国家、生活在极端贫穷或遭受病痛,以及自然灾害的受害者,同时铭记,在这些情况下不结盟运动不能没有统一和团结
en trengthen and manifest the unity and solidarity among the membership of the Movement, particularly with those Non-Aligned Countries whose peoples are living under colonial or alien domination or foreign occupation, and with those experiencing external threats of use of force, acts of aggression or unilateral coercive measures, living in abject poverty or suffering ill-health, and victims of natural disasters, bearing in mind that the Movement cannot afford lack of unity and solidarity under those circumstances
zh 巴林王国认为两圣地护法的倡议活动是一个崭新的构想,它将不同宗教的世界各国人民更加紧密地团结起来。
en The Kingdom of Bahrain considers the initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques calling for a dialogue of religions as a new vision to bring the peoples of the world with their different religions closer together
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