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  • a rally   
  • to hold a rally   
  • to join forces   
  • unite       
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Umoja local process expert; Local Process Expert
intergenerational partnership
principle of international solidarity and burden-sharing
international solidarity organization
Partnership Solidarity Twinning project
air-ticket solidarity levy; air-ticket solidarity contribution
cooperation of ethnic groups
TGoNU; Transitional Government of National Unity
cooperation of ethnic groups
SSE; social and solidarity economy
digital solidarity
a rally; to hold a rally; to join forces; rally; unite
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)
solidarity levy
unity Government
Solidarity (Polish worker's union)

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zh “安理会重申对黎巴嫩在国际公认疆界内的充分主权、政治独立、领土完整和民族团结的承诺。
en “The Council reaffirms its commitment to the full sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries
zh 《给予殖民地国家和人民独立宣言》第 ‧ 段规定,目的在于破坏一国民族团结和领土完整的任何企图均违背《联合国宪章》。
en Paragraph ‧ of the Declaration on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples stated that any attempt aimed at the disruption of the national unity and the territorial integrity of a country was incompatible with the Charter of the United Nations
zh 苏丹解放运动/团结派和正义运动班达派继续合作。
en Cooperation between SLM/Unity and the JEM Banda faction continued
zh 联合国谋求为人类因本机构而取得的重大文化成就做出贡献,维护人类尊严,并在充分尊重国际合法性情况下,本着自由和团结精神,确保男女乃至各国不分大小权利和义务一律平等。
en It seeks to contribute to the significant cultural accomplishments made by mankind thanks to this institution, to preserve human dignity, and to ensure equality in rights and obligations, not only between men and women, but also among nations, large and small, in full respect of international legality, and in a spirit of freedom and solidarity
zh 与此同时,民族团结政府也在销毁许多储存中的杀伤人员地雷,虽然还会为训练目的而保留部分地雷。
en Concurrently, the Government of National Unity was destroying many stockpiled anti-personnel mines, although some would be retained for training purposes
zh 正是在这种情况下,我们开展了重新建立伙伴关系和国际团结的倡议,以对付我们在其中不幸地既是演员又是观众的这场人类悲剧。
en It is in this context that we have launched an initiative to renew partnership and international solidarity to confront this human tragedy, in which we are, unfortunately, actors and spectators
zh 正如大会决议所阐明的那样,和平文化包括容忍、理解、团结、尊重多样化和促进各种人权和基本自由。
en As defined by the General Assembly resolution, a culture of peace includes tolerance, understanding, solidarity, respect for diversity and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms
zh 我还要欢迎并祝贺黑山共和国加入本组织,成为联合国第一百九十二个会员国,并向黑山代表团保证,他们将得到利比里亚的友谊、团结和支持。
en I wish also to welcome and congratulate the Republic of Montenegro for its admission as the one hundred ninety-second Member of the Organization and to assure its delegation of Liberia's friendship, solidarity and support
zh 事实上,在一个相互依存的世界上,只以捍卫有限的私人或国家利益为基础,生存是得不到保障的,必须有团结友爱的精神。
en An interdependent world could not be sustained only on the basis of the defence of narrow private or national interests. It required solidarity
zh “安全理事会敦促刚果所有各方继续充分承诺参与《包容各方的全面协定》的和平进程,并尊重民族团结和过渡政府这一刚果民主共和国的唯一合法管理当局。
en “The Security Council urges all Congolese parties to remain fully committed to the peace process of the Global and All-Inclusive Agreement and to respect the Government of National Unity and Transition as the sole legitimate governing authority in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
zh 它确认了可由国际协调,但在国家一级实施的团结税和市场机制作为新的财政来源的可行性。
en It identified the feasibility of new financial sources such as solidarity levies and market-based mechanisms which could be coordinated internationally, but implemented at a national level
zh 新人类/布隆迪团结联合框架也提供了有关这些问题的信息。
en NH/CASOBU also submitted information on these issues
zh 阿尔及利亚比以往更有决心积极参加建立在国际团结基础上的旨在铲除这一祸害的行动,并期待着在区域和国际各级开展更为密切的合作。
en Algeria was more determined than ever to take an active part in action based on international solidarity with a view to stamping out that evil and looked forward to more intensive cooperation at the regional and international levels
zh 该和平进程是以《阿鲁沙协定》于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月启动的。 继此之后开始的政治过渡圆满完成,其标志是 ‧ 年 ‧ 月民主选举的民族团结政府就职。
en The peace process initiated in August ‧ with the Arusha Accord and the political transition that followed it concluded successfully with the installation of a democratically elected Government of National Unity in August
zh 然而,除了少数例外情况,这些理事会仍然是交流关于社区发展团结基金所资助项目的信息的论坛。
en With a few exceptions, however, they continue to serve as forums for information projects funded by the Solidarity Fund for Community Development
zh 现在该是发达国家向发展中国家展示真实有效的团结的时候了。
en It is time for the developed countries to show real and effective solidarity with the developing countries
zh 仅在后一起屠杀中,哥伦比亚团结自卫组织即在(山谷省) Buga市就杀害了乡村地区的 ‧ 名居民,而Palacé营部就驻扎在离该市不到 ‧ 公里处。
en In the latter alone, AUC killed ‧ inhabitants in rural districts in the municipality of Buga (Valle), within ‧ kilometres of the county seat where the Palacé Battalion is headquartered
zh 我们似乎认为,消除这些困难,将是民族团结政府可加速执行《全面和平协定》的第一项也无疑是最简单的措施。
en It seems to us that eliminating those difficulties would be the first- and undoubtedly the simplest- measure that the Government of National Unity could take to accelerate the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement
zh 在劳动就业部内设立了团结经济国务秘书处(SENAES)。
en In the scope of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), the National Secretariat of Solidary Economy (SENAES) was created
zh 为此,满足尼加拉瓜人民的要求及提供较紧急基本服务,例如免费接受教育、免费获得保健、饮用水、卫生、粮食、住房和就业,构成尼加拉瓜民族和解与团结政府所执行的政策和方案的重点。
en To that end, the rights designed to meet the demands of the Nicaraguan people and cover the most urgent basic services, such as free education and health care, clean drinking water and sanitation, food, housing and employment, are fundamental and cross-cutting themes of the policies and programmes conducted by the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity
zh “安全理事会欢迎各方商定按照阿拉伯联盟倡议选举共和国总统、设立一个民族团结内阁和解决黎巴嫩选举法问题,并欢迎各方决定继续全国对话,商讨如何加强国家在其领土全境的权威,以保障黎巴嫩国家和人民的主权与安全。
en “The Security Council welcomes the agreement to elect a President of the Republic, to establish a national unity cabinet and to address Lebanon's electoral law, in accordance with the Arab League Initiative, as well as the decision to continue the national dialogue on ways to reinforce the authority of the state over all its territory, in such a way to guarantee the sovereignty and the safety of the state and the people of Lebanon
zh 去年开始的反恐怖努力调动了整个国际社会,现在整个国际社会以一种幸存者的心情团结在一起。
en The anti-terrorist effort begun last year mobilized the entire international community, which is now united in a spirit of survival
zh 所需的重要技能之一是团队决策--汇总不同意见,寻找最佳解决方法,作出承诺并团结一致贯彻决定。
en One of the essential skills involved is that of group decision-making- bringing together diverse views, searching for the best solution, and generating commitment and solidarity to carry the decision through
zh 我们,来自 ‧ 个国家的儿童,在Artek国际儿童中心的第六届国际儿童节团结在一起,呼吁你们考虑儿童的观点。
en We, the children of ‧ countries, united at the International Children's Centre “Artek” for the sixth International Children's Festival, appeal to you to consider the opinion of children
zh 阿曼报告,它一直在竭尽全力建立恢复性司法,以期减少常规性程序和扩大社会和睦与团结
en Oman reported that it had been making every effort to establish restorative justice, with a view to reducing conventional procedures and spreading social harmony and unity
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