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  • audit policy   
    A policy that determines the security events to be reported to the network administrator.

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安全策略security policy
版本策略version policy
绑定策略binding policy
保护策略protection policy
保留策略Retention Policy; retention policy
本地组策略编辑器Local Group Policy Editor
策略to be tactful; tactics; policy; plot
策略地圖strategy map
策略更新标志policy update flag
策略模块policy module
策略筛选页面Policy Filter page
策略条码policy bar code
策略性合併或收購評估Strategic Merger or Acquisition Evaluation
代理参与策略agent participation policy
动态策略更新dynamic policy update
发送方策略框架sender policy framework
分散的策略diffused strategy
复制策略replication policy
高级组策略管理Advanced Group Policy Management
工作流策略workflow policy
故障回复策略failback policy
管理策略management policy
管理策略规则Management Policy Rule
广告活动审核ad campaign audit
恢复策略recovery policy
活动审核activity audit
基于策略的管理policy-based management
集中的策略focus strategy
健康策略health policy
解决策略resolution strategy
解決方案策略resolution strategy
具体审核策略Granular Audit Policy
可接受的使用策略acceptable use policy
类比策略analogy strategies
類比策略analogy strategies
漫游用户策略文件roaming user profile
密码策略password policy
密码策略选项Password Policy option
密码复制策略Password Replication Policy
灭火策略fire strategy
签入策略check-in policy
全局策略global policy
权限策略permission policy
审核to investigate thoroughly; ; audit; auditing; to audit; verify
审核历史记录audit history
审核模式audit mode
审核日志audit log
審核to investigate thoroughly; to audit
授权策略向导Authorization Policies Wizard
数据策略data policy
托管文件夹邮箱策略managed folder mailbox policy
网络策略network policy
网络策略服务器Network Policy Server
文件屏蔽审核File Screening Audit
无线组策略客户端Wireless Group Policy Client
隐私策略privacy policy
邮件策略Message Policy
有线组策略客户端Wired Group Policy Client
有效策略effective policy
远程桌面连接授权策略Remote Desktop connection authorization policy
帐户策略account policy
诊断策略服务Diagnostic Policy Service
证书策略certificate policy
终结点操作策略endpoint action policy
终结点操作数据策略endpoint action data policy
自助服务策略self-service policy
组策略Group Policy
组策略对象Group Policy object
组策略管理编辑器Group Policy Management Editor
组策略管理控制台Group Policy Management Console
组策略客户端Group Policy Client
组策略客户端扩展插件Group Policy client-side extension
组策略模板Group Policy template
组策略容器Group Policy container
组策略软件安装Group Policy Software Installation

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委员会邀请缔约国更加努力拟定和实施长期策略,以及使传统和宗教领袖、妇女组织和大众参与的教育和提高认识方案。The Committee invites the State party to increase its efforts to design and implement long-term strategies, as well as education and awareness-raising programmes involving traditional and religious leaders, women's organizations and the general public
她想听取代表团在这一问题上的意见并欢迎任何可以改善这些委员会形象和工作的策略或计划的信息。She would like to hear the delegation's thoughts on the matter and would also welcome information on any strategies or plans that were envisaged to improve the image and work of the committees
c) 收受并审核第 ‧ (XXVII)号决议第二节第 ‧ 段内提及的联合国环境规划署执行主任就联合国系统内环境方案执行情况提出的定期报告c) To receive and review the periodic reports of the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, referred to in section II, paragraph ‧ of the resolution], on the implementation of environmental programmes within the United Nations system
项目的目标是为了通过提供培训和指导及其他帮助,协助南非当局制定打击有组织犯罪的有效策略并发展相关专门知识。The aim of the project was to assist the South African authorities in developing effective strategies and expertise for fighting organized crime by providing, among other things, training and mentors
中国的案例中包含了类似的应对策略:例如,调整种植日历和种植轮作,改进灌溉和节水技术,根据气候变化情况和价格挑选已种植的作物,采用抗热作物和节水型栽培品种等。The case of China includes similar responses, for example, adjusting the cropping calendar and rotation, improving irrigation and water saving technologies, selecting planted crops based on changed climate and prices, and adopting heat resistant crops and water efficient cultivars
联合国帮助各国加强其打击贩运毒品的努力,方法是就管制毒品的策略提供咨询意见,查明并促进执法方面的良好做法以及制定提高执法当局效力的适当项目。The United Nations helps countries to strengthen their efforts to combat drug trafficking by advising on strategic approaches to drug control, identifying and promoting good practice in law enforcement and developing appropriate projects to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement authorities
我们赞同这种观点,认为全面应对和全面保护是处理和解决对武装冲突中平民的人的安全威胁的最有效策略We share that view and believe that a comprehensive approach and inclusive protection strategies are the most effective ways to address and to respond to human security threats to civilian populations in armed conflict
取得这一成果的策略The Strategies to achieve this outcome include
二. 重要问题:行动选择和策略Key issues: options and strategies for action
土地改革还带来了其它影响;其中主要的一个影响是大地主将耕地变为牧场和森林,以作为其保护性策略的一部分;根据法律规定,对用于这些目的的土地不实行再分配。The land reform also had other effects; the main one was the transformation of farming land into pastureland and forests as part of the big landowners' defence strategy; by law, the areas used for such purposes were not subject to reassignment
从能力结构和内容发展的角度审核建议的设计方案。Revision of the design of the proposal with respect both to its training structure and to the development of its content
董事会在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月的常会上,为审核这些文件成立了一个特设专业人员委员会。At its regular meeting of February ‧ the Board established an ad hoc committee of professionals to review the documents
您必须先选择一个要修改的策略You must first select a policy to be changed
要增强女孩的能力,就必须支持她们增强自信和自尊,并授予她们一系列健康上的应对策略Empowerment takes place when girls are supported in the development of self-confidence and self-worth and when they are taught a range of healthy coping strategies
有关动员男子参与预防对妇女暴力行为的策略包括有组织地提高他们对这个问题的认识--比如在军队、工会、体育运动队和警察部队等,同时通过树立积极的男性角色样板开展运动,以反对侵害妇女。Strategies to engage men in the prevention of violence against women have included work to raise awareness of the issue with organized groups- such as the military, trade unions, sports teams and the police- as well as campaigns that utilize positive male role models to oppose violence against women
此外,名册系统可以缩短并简化征聘过程,它会促使管理人员在自己熟悉的专业人员圈子之外选择经审核的合格候选人,同样,它又可以使得候选人有机会真正得到考虑获聘担任其合格的职位;如果工作人员调动方案按计划执行,这种做法就会具有更加重要的作用。Moreover, with its potential to shorten and simplify the recruitment process, the roster system provides an incentive for managers to look outside their circle of professional acquaintances at qualified (and vetted) candidates, and likewise provides candidates with the opportunity to be truly considered for positions for which they are qualified; this will have added importance if the staff mobility programme is implemented as planned
第 ‧ 号决议将性暴力视为战争策略之一,而不是战争中不可避免的意外结果,这是向前迈出的重要一步,因为这将性暴力摆到了与其他危害人类罪在政治上同等的位置。The fact that the resolution views sexual violence as a tactic of war, not an inevitable outcome or by-product of it, marks an important step forward because it places sexual violence on the same political footing as other crimes against humanity
必须审核适用于审计机构(取决于它是否《债务法》第 ‧ 条规定的上市公司)的不同专业资格和独立性规定或进行另一个普通的或有限的法定考试。Different professional qualifications and independence requirements apply to auditing bodies depending on whether public companies (as defined in art ‧ of the Code of Obligations) are being audited or another ordinary or limited statutory examination is performed
根据从若干组织得到的情报,委员会逐个研究了四个关键方面,对于这四个方面应制定一些计划,用以加强执行共同制度的那些组织内的流动性,这四个方面即:制定一些策略以改善各个组织在流动性方面的做法;明确确定各种不同的流动形式;合同规定;配偶就业。Drawing on lessons learned from various organizations, it had identified ‧ key domains for which it would be advisable to establish programmes to enhance mobility in organizations applying the common system, namely: the preparation of strategies aimed at changing organizational culture in terms of mobility; precise definition of the different forms of mobility; contractual provisions; and the employment of spouses
( 四 ) 审核 并 向 董事会 审计 委员会 提交 公司 年度 、 半 年度 合规 报告 ;verifying the annual and semi-annual compliance reports and submitting them to the auditing committee of the board of directors
委员会始终致力于确保政府间进程能够将《公约》充分考虑在内,以便增强旨在促进两性平等的综合策略The Committee had consistently endeavoured to ensure that the Convention was fully taken into account in the intergovernmental process so as to strengthen a holistic approach to the promotion of gender equality
第四,亟须对维和人员进行充分的适当训练,教会他们如何处理侵犯人权的行为以及应对基于性别的暴力的策略Fourthly, it is imperative to provide adequate and appropriate training to peacekeepers on dealing with human rights violations and on strategies to address gender-based violence
审计策略是我们依据这类信息以及对可能的错报的审查和评估结果确定的。The audit strategy was determined by us based on the results of this information and review and evaluations of possible misstatements
多边系统在拟定和落实全球应对危机的一致性策略以及将其转化为国家行动方面具有重要作用,它应运用所有资源和能力制定快速和有效的对策,而同时秉持国际社会承诺的原则、价值和目标。The multilateral system, which had an important role to play in articulating and delivering a global and coherent response to the crisis and in translating it into action at the country level, should deploy all of its resources and capacities in a rapid and effective response, while upholding the principles, values and goals to which the international community was committed
发展策略还包括更加突出重点的人力开发战略,它承认各省和地方政府在实现人类发展目标中所发挥的核心作用。The approach also incorporates a more focused human development strategy that recognizes the central role of the provinces and local governments in achieving human development goals
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