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Insert Screen Shot
touch screen; touchscreen
Touch Improvements
touchscreen; touch panel
flat screen monitor; flat screen
full screen; pan-scan
full-screen program
full-screen mode
Show Full Screen Video
TV screen
screen (of a TV, computer etc);
screen; screen (of a TV, computer etc)
screen saver
screen background
screen review utility
screen resolution
screen dump
on-screen keyboard; software keyboard; soft keyboard
screen shot; screenshot
screen font
Windows Media 螢幕轉碼器
Windows Media Screen codec

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zh & kde; 支援雙重螢幕( Xinerama) 嗎 ?
en Does & kde; support dual screen (Xinerama)?
zh 新增元件到您的螢幕保護程式
en Add widgets to your screensaver
zh KMouth 的第一個螢幕快照
en First screenshot of KMouth
zh 筆記型電腦上蓋已關閉, 現在將切到空白螢幕
en Laptop lid is closed, blanking screen now
zh 他们中有:多夫·希兰斯基,他曾在犹太人区作战,后来成为以色列议会的议长;尤希·帕莱德,在从纳粹分子的恐怖之下撤出之后,他最终成为以色列国防军的少将,保护他的人民免受另一场灾难的恐怖;戴维·格林斯坦,他在劳动营生存下来之后现在主持一个对纳粹统治下的强迫劳工进行补偿的组织;以及象吉拉·阿拉玛戈尔这样的妇女,她今天是以色列舞台和荧幕上的第一女明星,她把自己作为大屠杀幸存者女儿的经历改变为艺术,感动了成百万的人。
en They are men like Dov Shilansky, who fought in the ghetto and later became speaker of Israel's parliament, the Knesset; Yossi Paled, who, after being evacuated from the terrors of the Nazis, eventually became a Major-General in the Israel Defence Forces to protect his people from the horrors of another calamity; and David Grinstein, who survived the labour camps and now heads an organization for restitution for the forced labourers under Nazi rule; and women like Gila Almagor, today the first lady of the Israeli stage and screen, who has translated her experiences as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor into art that has touched millions
zh 如果您已啟動了您的螢幕保護程式, 而其它使用者想登入, 只要按下 切換使用者... 鍵並登入另一個工作階段 。
en If you have activated your screensaver and another user wants to log in she or he can simply press the Switch User... button and log into another session
zh 設定空的螢幕保護程式
en Setup Blank Screen Saver
zh 游標移動您要移動的視窗上頭時, 按住 & Alt; 鍵與滑鼠左鍵。 滑鼠游標會變成十字箭頭型, 此時移動滑鼠, 視窗就會跟著跑。 只要放開滑鼠左鍵就能放下視窗。 這個方法在視窗的標題列已經跑出螢幕之外時特別有用, 因為前兩個方法您都沒辦法再使用了 。
en Hold down & Alt; and the & LMB; when the mouse cursor is above the window you want to move. The mouse cursor changes to a compass, and by moving the mouse, you can move the window. Just release the mouse button to release the window. This method is particularly useful if the window titlebar has been moved off the screen, so you cannot use the other methods
zh KMouth 的第二個螢幕快照
en Second screenshot of KMouth
zh 這裡讓您設定您的螢幕保護程式, 包括啟動螢幕保護程式的閒置時間, 是否需要密碼來解除螢幕鎖定等等 。
en Here you can configure options about your screensaver. You can configure the timeout before it starts, and whether it requires a password to unlock the screen
zh & kde; 有一些圖形相關的應用程式, 從 PDF 檢視器到讓您抓取螢幕快照的程式都有。 以下是簡單的介紹, 以及一些相關的連結 。
en & kde; has several graphics-related applications, ranging from PDF viewers to applications enabling you to take screenshots. Below is a delineation, as well as some related links, for a few of them
zh 切換至全螢幕。 如遠端桌面有不同的螢幕解像度, 遠端桌面連線會自動切換至最接近的解像度 。
en Switches to full screen. If the remote desktop has a different screen resolution, Remote Desktop Connection will automatically switch to the nearest resolution
zh 這裡讓您建立與管理各種佈景主題。 佈景主題是指桌面背景、 顏色、 kde; 元件風格、 圖示、 字型與螢幕保護程式等等的組合。 這能讓您節省時間, 只需要點選滑鼠就可以儲存並套用所有您最喜愛的外觀設定 。
en This is where you can create and manage themes that are made up of personalized settings. They are a combination of desktop background, colors, & kde; widget styles, icons, fonts and what Screensaver you 'd like to display. This allows you to save your favorite looks and apply them with the click of a mouse button
zh KMouth 的第三個螢幕快照
en Third screenshot of KMouth
zh 螢幕保護程式下切換使用者
en Switch User with the screensaver
zh 將滑鼠游標移到視窗的邊框( 如上面的螢幕快照的淡藍色處 ) 。 此時滑鼠游標會變成一個雙向箭頭。 點選並拖曳就能讓視窗變大或變小。 如果您移到視窗上方或下方的邊框上, 您可以調整視窗的高度。 如果是移到視窗左右方的邊框上, 則可以調整視窗的寬度。 要同時調整兩者, 則移到視窗的角落。 總之在游標變成雙向箭頭時, 點擊並拖曳就對了 。
en Move the mouse cursor over the border of the window (it is light blue in the screenshot above). The pointer will turn into a double-headed arrow. Click and drag, and the edge of the window follows the mouse cursor, making the window bigger or smaller. If you click on the borders on the top or bottom of the window, you can adjust the height on its own. If you click on the borders on the left or right of the window, you can adjust the width. To change both at the same time, move the mouse cursor over the corner of the window. When the pointer becomes a diagonal double-headed arrow, click and drag
zh 我要怎麼改變螢幕解析度 ?
en How do I change the screen resolution?
zh 縮放至和螢幕上一樣大小
en Scale to same size as on screen
zh 如果您開啟電腦後看到像下面這個螢幕, 那就是您已經可以使用圖形介面登入了。 您只需要輸入您的使用者名稱與密碼。 您的密碼不會被顯示出來, 可能只會顯示幾個星號 ( * ) 。 輸入完畢以後, 按下 登入 鍵, 然後 & kde; 就會啟動。 kde; 的啟始畫面會出現, 告訴您 & kde; 啟動的過程進度。 啟動完畢以後, 您就可以使用 & kde; 了 。
en If you see a screen a little bit like the one below when you start up your computer, then you are all set for logging in graphically. Just enter your username in the Login text box and your password in the Password text box. Your password will not be shown as you type it; it will probably be shown as asterisks. When you have entered that information, click on the Login button, and & kde; will start up. The & kde; splash screen will appear, and keep you informed about the progress of & kde; startup, and when it is done, & kde; will be ready to use
zh 一套影像檢視器, 可以顯示多種格式的圖片, 包括 JPEG 、 PNG 、 ( 動畫的 ) GIF 與 MNG 等。 它包含了樹狀檢視框架, 目錄預覽框架, 以及圖片檢視框架。 圖片檢視框架可以與目錄預覽框架交換。 它可以預覽與顯示多個目錄裡的影像, 並搜尋相同的影像 。 ShowImg 也提供全螢幕模式, 放大、 排序、 與 & konqueror; 間拖放, 以及檢視壓縮檔中的圖片 。
en A feature-rich image viewer, written for & kde;, which can display numerous formats, including JPEG, PNG, [ animated ] GIF and MNG. It consists of a tree-view frame, a directory/preview frame, and a view frame. The (larger) view frame can be exchanged with the (smaller) directory/preview frame. It can preview and display images from multiple directories and search for identical images. ShowImg also features a full-screen mode, zooming, sorting, drag and drop with & konqueror;, and support for images in compressed archives
zh 您聽到了一些謠言, 或是看到了螢幕快照, 您很想用 & kde; 是吧? 但是您對 作業系統 的事情一點都不瞭解。 不必擔心, 您只要讀一些文件就可以了 。
en So you have heard the rumors. Or you have seen the screenshots. And you are dying to get hold of & kde;. But you know next to nothing about this whole alternative OS business. Do n't worry! You only need to do some (well, maybe not some) reading, that 's all!
zh 年,国际生活试验组织联合会的加纳成员,即国际青年教育方案推出了荧幕艺术学院来帮助培养非洲下一代训练有素的电影制作人并支持利用电影就家庭暴力、强奸、性别平等、贫困和文化自豪感等问题开展教育。
en In ‧ ederation EIL's member in Ghana, International Youth Education Program (IYEP) launched the Academy of Screen Arts to help bring about the next generation of well trained filmmakers from Africa and to support use of film to educate about domestic violence, rape, gender equality, poverty and cultural pride
zh 如果您只是要讓視窗放到最大, 佔用整個螢幕, 您只要用 最大化 Maximizing Windows 視窗最大化 按鍵, 在視窗標題列右方的第二個按鍵。 用滑鼠左鍵點擊該按鍵就會讓視窗變到最大, 用滑鼠中鍵 Maximizing Windows Vertically 視窗最大化 垂直 點擊該按鍵會讓視窗垂直放到最大, 滑鼠右鍵 Maximizing Windows Horizontally 視窗最大化 水平 則能讓視窗水平放到最大 。
en If you just want to make a window as big as possible, so it takes up the whole screen, use the Maximize Maximizing Windows button, which is the second button from the right on the window titlebar. Clicking with the & LMB; on this button will make the window as big as possible in both directions; while clicking with the & MMB; Maximizing Windows Vertically or the & RMB; Maximizing Windows Horizontally will increase the window 's size in only the vertical or horizontal direction, respectively
zh 這裡讓您設定無障礙協助的工具選項, 以方便無法聽到聲音或使用鍵盤的使用者。 您可以設定將系統鈴聲改為視覺信號, 如閃爍螢幕或改變螢幕顏色等等, 也可以設定鍵盤的相黏鍵( sticky key) 與慢速鍵 。
en Here is where you can configure options for users who have difficulty hearing system sounds or using a keyboard. You can configure the system bell to use a visual signal, such as flashing the screen or inverting screen colors. You can also configure keyboard accessibility options such as sticky keys and slow keys
zh KMagnifier ( kmag ) 是 Linux 上的小工具, 可以將螢幕的某一部份放大。 它可以將滑鼠游標附近的一些區域放大, 或是放大使用者指定的區域。 此外, 它也可以將放大的螢幕儲存到磁碟中 。
en KMagnifier (or kmag, to use its & UNIX; name) is a small utility for Linux to magnify a part of the screen. It magnifies the area of the screen around the mouse pointer or, optionally, a user-defined area. Additionally, it can save a magnified screenshot to disk
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