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  • armchair strategist   
  • idle theorizing   

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cf Zhao Kuo 趙括|赵括 leading an army of 400,000 to total annihilation at battle of Changping 長平之戰|长平之战 in 260 BC

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armchair strategist; idle theorizing;
armchair strategist

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zh 如果不改变态度观念,深刻的变革就是纸上谈兵
en No profound change was possible without attitudinal change
zh 加澳新集团还关切的是,按成果编制预算制度有可能成为纸上谈兵,而不是一个管理工具。
en The CANZ group was also concerned that results-based budgeting was in danger of becoming a paper exercise rather than a management tool
zh 在发展问题上,联合国仅限于纸上谈兵
en In terms of development, the United Nations is limiting itself to rhetoric
zh 没有财务稳定,让联合国在国际事务中发挥更大的作用就是纸上谈兵
en Without stable finances, proposals to give the United Nations a greater role in international affairs would be no more than empty talk
zh 我们加强这一斗争的力度并取得更好结果的最宝贵和最重要工具就是各方齐心协力,脱离纸上谈兵,采取实际行动,果断及时地执行这方面的大量国际法律。
en The most valuable and important instrument we have to strengthen this struggle and achieve better results is joint resolve to move beyond words and intentions to acts, to implement the abundant international legislation in this area decisively and promptly
zh 我们认为,路线图并非具约束性,它可能会只是纸上谈兵,该地区将最终被卷入暴力浪潮。
en We believe that if the road map is not made binding in nature, it may remain on paper and the region will ultimately be swept up in a wave of violence
zh 如果我们不能动员必要的财政资源并走向一个新的框架,确保稳定的国际财政制度,在千年首脑会议上做出的承诺和制订的道路将成为纸上谈兵
en Unless we mobilize the necessary financial resources and move towards a new architecture ensuring a stable international financial system, the commitments and the course set out at the Millennium Summit will be a dead letter
zh 阐述人权与贫困问题、并载有侧重实施的诸项原则的文书,可以成为一项所有人都可以利用的宝贵国际机制,它体现了克服贫困斗争中各方的权利和责任,而其宗旨是为了使这项艰巨的目标能跳出纸上谈兵的境地。
en A text on human rights and poverty combining principles with an operational dimension could be a valuable international tool for all, embedding rights and responsibilities in the fight against poverty, with a view to bringing this challenging objective beyond the realm of rhetoric
zh 否则,加强联合国维和行动最终也将无异于纸上谈兵
en Otherwise, talking about strengthening United Nations peacekeeping operations will ultimately be no more than empty words
zh 他不敢肯定过去曾发生过这种情况;这一问题比较棘手,纸上谈兵很难解决。
en He was not aware that that situation had ever arisen, and the problem was not an easy one to resolve in the abstract
zh 我们认为,联合国科索沃临时行政当局特派团的领导人应当与驻科部队密切合作,采取措施,切实完成科索沃解放军的非军事化进程,而不仅仅是纸上谈兵;这些措施应当有助于后科索沃解放军结构积极影响政治局势,阻止武器向这些结构的非法流动。
en We consider that the head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, in close cooperation with KFOR, should enact measures for the true completion of the process of demilitarizing the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), rather than its completion merely on paper; these should make it impossible for post-KLA structures to actively influence the political situation and should prevent the illegal flow of weapons to those structures
zh 路线图上所提供的标记如果不变成真实的发展,满足如图瓦卢等小岛屿发展中国家的独特需求便只能是纸上谈兵
en The signposts offered under these road maps will remain mere rhetoric unless they translate into real developments, responsive to the unique needs of small island developing States such as Tuvalu
zh 由于对青年活动缺乏兴趣,供资不足,青年积极行动只是纸上谈兵而已。 可是,负责资助积极行动的人却批评推动国际进程的力度不足。
en Owing to a lack of funding interest in youth activities, youth initiatives seldom reach beyond the phase of discussion and yet young people are criticized by the people responsible for funding the initiatives for not bringing enough action to international processes
zh 《宪法》中规定的法案虽然计划最终赋予司法培训学校、最高司法委员会和司法机构以保证其有更大权力与独立性的法律地位,但迄今仍然是纸上谈兵,如同计划成立法律和司法改革委员会的项目一样。
en The bills provided for in the Constitution and designed finally to give the Judicial Training College, the Supreme Council of Justice and the judiciary a legal status that would give them greater authority and independence are still on the drawing board, as is the project to set up a preparatory commission for the reform of law and justice
zh 关于特殊和有差别待遇的条款依然是纸上谈兵,并未落实任何有利发展中国家的具体措施。
en The provisions relating to special and differential treatment remain rather theoretical and have not materialized in any concrete steps in favour of developing countries
zh 法院行使职能并非纸上谈兵,不注意其存在和行动对实地决策者的影响方式而考虑其授权的作法是错误的。
en The Court does not operate in a textbook reality, and it would be wrong to contemplate its mandate without paying attention to the ways its existence and actions can influence the decision-makers on the ground
zh 因此,令人遗憾的是,由于各国的无所作为,这项关键性的国际协约变成纸上谈兵
en It is therefore regrettable to note that this crucial international pact has been rendered ineffective as a result of inaction on the part of States
zh 在通过第 ‧ 号决议 ‧ 年后,妇女参与解决冲突--尤其是参与正式的和平进程,仍然不过是纸上谈兵,而保护她们不受暴力犯罪危害的目标仍然没有实现。
en Nine years after the adoption of resolution ‧ the participation of women in conflict resolution, in particular in formal peace processes, is still little more than rhetoric and their protection from violent crimes is still elusive
zh 总的说来,重债穷国债务倡议基本上还只不过是纸上谈兵
en The Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Initiative is, for the most part, still good only on paper, largely speaking
zh 不可能在选择纸上谈兵而不要实际和平的会员国的政治计谋中找到希望。
en Hope cannot be found in political manoeuvring by Member States that choose to promote pieces of paper instead of peace
zh 国际社会对于国际刑法的强制执行仅仅是纸上谈兵,无法令人感到满意。
en The international community cannot be satisfied with the mere reinforcement of international criminal law on the books
zh 加拿大、澳大利亚和新西兰极力主张有效管理和制定明确的预算,敦促秘书处提出明确的、理由全面合理的预算。 当然,它们也知道维和行动的管理不是简单的纸上谈兵
en As strong advocates of effective management and clear budgeting, Canada, Australia and New Zealand urged the Secretariat to produce clear and fully justified budgets, though they were aware that peacekeeping missions could not simply be managed on paper
zh 对我国而言,裁谈会议必须超越纸上谈兵,实干起来,通过切实努力就具有法律约束力的承诺达成一致,防止各种武器落到恐怖分子手中。
en For our country, it is imperative that this Conference should move beyond rhetoric and get down to work, through effective efforts to agree on legally binding commitments that will prevent weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists
zh 但是,要超越纸上谈兵,就有必要认真地审查一种概念,就是消除贫穷乃一项人权,被认定的责任承担者必须为此承担落实的义务。
en But to go beyond the rhetoric, it would be necessary to examine carefully the concept that the eradication of poverty is a human rights entitlement that entails enforceable obligations on identified duty bearers
zh 一宗法庭案件肯定教育是人权,就成为人权教育的有力工具,表示能够使法律成为推动变革和消除下述疑虑的手段:国际人权条约和宪法人权保障只是纸上谈兵
en A single court case which has affirmed education as a human right becomes a powerful tool of human rights education, showing that law can be made to work as a means for effectuating change and dispelling suspicions that international human rights treaties and constitutional human rights guarantees are parchment promises
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