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  • bodhi (Sanskrit)   
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antigua and barbuda
bank run
bank run
castilla elastica
to talk about sb's weak point
Pilates (physical fitness system)
Plotinus (Neoplatonism philosopher)
Plotinus (Neoplatonism philosopher)
Antigonus of Socho
to amortize; amortization
to amortize; amortization
to raise (an issue); mention; carry; to lift; lifting brush stroke (in painting); to mention; scoop for measuring liquid; lifting; upwards character stroke; to carry (hanging down from the hand); to put forward
to take up one's pen; to start to write
to start to write; to take up one's pen
a cue; to prompt
a cue; to prompt
a portable lamp
a portable lamp
to supervise (troops); to select and assign; to appoint (officers)
to supervise (troops); to appoint (officers); to select and assign
Epistle of St Paul to Titus
Epistle of St Paul to Titus
Tyre (Lebanon)
Tyre (Lebanon)
Tyre (Lebanon)
Tyre (Lebanon)
to sue; to raise a legal plaint
; pelican
; pelican
to make provision (against a loss); a bookkeeping entry
to carry
Tim Robbins, American actor
Tim Robbins, American actor
to make a claim (for damages etc)
to make a claim (for damages etc)
; to mention; to speak of; to arouse; mention; to lift; to pick up
to promote and appoint
to refer to
to give a lead
to give a lead
to make sth palatable; to improve taste
to withdraw funds
to withdraw funds
to receive a raise in salary
superintendent of education (formal title)
superintendent of education (formal title)
to bring sb to trial
to bring sb to trial
to refine; to extract
to refine; to extract

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zh 秘书长报告( ‧ )及其他文件均已到这些进展。
en The latest report of the Secretary-General ( ‧ ) underscored that progress
zh 他告知委员会,任何改革事项都应于年底前上日程,并于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月前完成。
en He informed the Committee that everything related to reform should be tabled by the end of the year and completed by June
zh 他指出,该首脑会议有两个目标:审查里约热内卢地球问题首脑会议上所建议的执行情况,为将来十年制定新的议程。
en He noted that the Summit had two objectives: to review implementation of the recommendations from the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and to develop a new agenda for the next ‧ years
zh eill先生(联合王国)说,在委员会第六次会议上,联合王国代表团曾请求延期讨论这个问题,以便它可以争取得到对吉尔吉斯斯坦代表所提案的进一步澄清。
en Mr. O'Neill (United Kingdom) said that, at the ‧ th meeting of the Committee, his delegation had asked for a deferral of discussion of the matter so that it might seek further clarification of the proposal introduced by the representative of Kyrgyzstan
zh 正如贝拉米女士在简报中指出的那样,我们在冲突前,冲突期间和冲突后一直在实地,我们的部分工作就是确保对今天所若干评论和意见采取实地后续行动。
en As Ms. Bellamy noted in her briefing, we are on the ground before, during and after conflicts, and it is partly our job to make sure that some of the comments and observations that have been made today are followed up on the ground
zh 大会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 号决议请大会主席设立一个特设工作组,负责监测秘书长关于非洲境内冲突起因和促进持久和平与可持续发展的报告( ‧ )所建议的执行情况,以供大会第五十五届会议讨论。
en In its resolution ‧ of ‧ ecember ‧ the General Assembly requested the President of the General Assembly to establish an ad hoc working group to monitor the implementation of the recommendations made by the Secretary-General in his report on the causes of conflict and the promotion of durable peace and sustainable development in Africa ( ‧ ) to prepare for discussions at the fifty-fifth session of the Assembly
zh 由于编写向大会提出报告受到许多限制,特别委员会不再出定期报告。
en Due to the restrictions imposed on the elaboration of reports to the General Assembly, the Special Committee gave up the submitting of periodic reports
zh 委员会注意到,提交人于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日对Valladolid的Villanubla监狱当局关于他的监狱制度提出过申诉,其中他到他在这一制度下所遭受的虐待。
en he Committee observes that on ‧ ctober ‧ the author filed a complaint against the authorities of the Villanubla penitentiary, Valladolid, regarding his prison regime, in which he mentioned the ill-treatment to which he was subjected under that regime
zh 关于指称的干预主观武断的问题,缔约国到中央上诉庭的判决。 该判决承认必须特别谨慎,在类似提交人的情况中避免滥用残疾养恤金。
en n the question of whether the alleged interference was arbitrary, the State party refers to the judgement of the Central Appeals Tribunal, which acknowledges that special care should be given to avoid abusing invalidity pensions in circumstances like the author's
zh 也可邀请相关的非政府组织联名发言,说明民间社会可以何种方式参与解决小组所的问题。
en Relevant non-governmental organizations may also be invited to submit a joint statement on the possible contribution of civil society with respect to the issues raised in the panel
zh 新议程联盟就这一问题所决议草案的许多内容,与加拿大长期以来的核裁军政策一致,但加拿大就本决议草案弃权,是因为我们相信,在目前进行这种讨论的论坛里,集中关注这一问题详细的技术方面,在当前来说成效最大。
en Many elements of the draft resolution submitted by the New Agenda Coalition on this subject are consistent with long-standing Canadian nuclear disarmament policy, but Canada abstained on the draft resolution out of our conviction that it is most productive for the present to focus on the detailed technical aspects of this issue in the forums currently appropriate for such discussions
zh 因此,应该将其他缔约方的一致同意视为过时具保留之所必需。
en The unanimous consent of the other contracting parties should therefore be regarded as necessary for the late formulation of reservations
zh 虽然在关于保留和有条件的解释性声明的定义中提到了可具保留或有条件的解释性声明的时候, 但有必要再加以讨论:首先,仅列出“可具保留的各种情况”(委员会给指导方针草案 ‧ 选定的标题)并不解决这方面所出现的所有问题;其次,维也纳各项公约也在几处涉及这个题目。
en Although the moment at which a reservation or a conditional interpretative declaration may be formulated is mentioned in their definitions, it is necessary to come back to it: first of all, simply listing the “cases in which a reservation may be formulated”, to use the title chosen by the Commission for draft guideline ‧ does not solve all the problems raised in this regard; secondly, the Vienna Conventions themselves address the issue in several places
zh 经充分调查后,书记官长可核准注销现金、储藏品和其他资产的损失,但必须将所有此种注销数目的报表随同帐目送审计人,并向缔约国大会提出报告。
en he Registrar may, after full investigation, authorize the writing-off of losses of cash, stores and other assets, provided that a statement of all such amounts written off shall be submitted to the Auditor with the accounts and reported to the Assembly of States Parties
zh 尽管法律没有到这样的批准,但似乎在实践中对于每一种手续都要求获得这样的批准,对于开立银行账户来说尤其如此。
en Although the law makes no mention of approval as such, it seems that in practice such approval is demanded at each stage and, in particular, for the opening of a bank account
zh 路线图的“安那波利斯联合声明”表明,以色列不认为联合国承认的规范框架对它具有约束力。
en The Annapolis joint statement which refers only to the road map suggests that Israel does not see itself as being bound by the normative framework accepted by the United Nations
zh 凡在谈判、通过或认证条约文本时或在签署须经批准、正式确认、接受或核准的条约时具的有条件解释性声明,须由保留国或保留国际组织在表示同意接受条约约束时正式予以确认。
en If formulated when negotiating, adopting or authenticating the text of the treaty or when signing the treaty subject to ratification, act of formal confirmation, acceptance or approval, a conditional interpretative declaration must be formally confirmed by the reserving State or international organization when expressing its consent to be bound by the treaty
zh 除其他外,序言应到《规约》第三条第一款和第二款、第四条第一款和第四十八条。
en The preamble should refer, inter alia, to article ‧ paragraphs ‧ and ‧ article ‧ paragraph ‧ and article ‧ of the Statute
zh 最近,西撒特派团还获知并访问了自 ‧ 年 ‧ 月第一周以来就在提法里一带受到波利萨里奥阵线照看的另外 ‧ 名无助的移徙者,据报导他们来自孟加拉国。
en Recently, MINURSO also learned of and visited an additional ‧ stranded migrants, reportedly from Bangladesh, who have been in the care of the Frente Polisario in the Tifariti area since the first week of April
zh 联合国还将此案报纽约南区美国检察官办公室,对这名采购干事所犯刑事罪提出控告。
en The Organization also referred the matter to the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, which has charged the Procurement Officer with criminal offences
zh 到第 ‧ 段,其中指出,政府鼓励女性律师在反歧视的法律方面采取主动,这是可取的,但是,另一方面,最高法院既指令政府修改所涉法律,又指示它“保存根深蒂固的社会制度”。
en In reference to paragraph ‧ she said it was encouraging that female lawyers were at the forefront of action against discriminatory laws, but it was a matter of concern that the Supreme Court, despite ordering the Government to amend offending legislation, had also instructed it “to preserve deep-rooted social systems”
zh 因此,在以缺乏协定规定的法律要求为由,或在没有这些协定的情况下,以缺乏国内法规定的法律要求为由,拒绝引渡某一外国人的请求后,有关的外国人必须由黎巴嫩法院审。
en Accordingly, an alien, a request for whose extradition is denied owing to the absence of the legal requirements provided for in agreements, or, in the absence of any such agreement, in domestic law, must be arraigned before the Lebanese courts for trial
zh 我只要,现在卖得到的药物,每人每月需要约 ‧ 万美元;坦率地说,当我看到这一数字时,我又核对了我的材料,但发现,一个身患艾滋病毒的人,每月治疗确实需要约 ‧ 万美元。
en I need only mention that the medications now available cost about $ ‧ per month per person; frankly, when I saw that figure I reviewed my files, and learned that a person infected with the AIDS virus really does need approximately $ ‧ a month for treatment
zh 美国政府一直在竭力散布苏丹侵犯人权的谎言,却对其言论不出丝毫的证据。
en The United States Government, which was continually spreading lies about so-called violations of human rights in the Sudan, was unable to provide a single proof in support of those allegations
zh 如无异议,他就认为委员会希望通过 ‧ 号文件所载关于临时措施和初步命令的立法条文草案第 ‧ 条之四第款以及按照国际商会和美国仲裁协会观察员所建议修订的解释性说明。
en If he heard no objection, he would take it that the Commission wished to adopt article ‧ quater, paragraph , of the draft legislative provisions on interim measures and preliminary orders contained in document ‧ with a revised explanatory note as proposed by the observers for ICC and the American Arbitration Association
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