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antigua and barbuda
status-silent "agreement to disagree"
third part of a State's submission; supporting scientific and technical data
bank run
bank run
alkaline extraction
to censor;
castilla elastica
to talk about sb's weak point
Pilates (physical fitness system)
Plotinus (Neoplatonism philosopher)
Plotinus (Neoplatonism philosopher)
solvent extraction
Antigonus of Socho
amortization schedule
to amortize; amortization
to raise (an issue); mention; carry; to lift; lifting brush stroke (in painting); to mention; scoop for measuring liquid; lifting; upwards character stroke; to carry (hanging down from the hand); to put forward
to take up one's pen; to start to write
to start to write; to take up one's pen
a cue; to prompt
a cue; to prompt
a portable lamp
to supervise (troops); to select and assign; to appoint (officers)
to supervise (troops); to appoint (officers); to select and assign
Epistle of St Paul to Titus
Epistle of St Paul to Titus
Tyre (Lebanon)
Tyre (Lebanon)
to sue; to raise a legal plaint
; pelican
to make provision (against a loss); a bookkeeping entry
Tim Robbins, American actor
Tim Robbins, American actor
to make a claim (for damages etc)
to make a claim (for damages etc)
; to mention; to speak of; to arouse; mention; to lift; to pick up
to promote and appoint
to refer to
to give a lead
to give a lead
to make sth palatable; to improve taste
to receive a raise in salary
superintendent of education (formal title)
superintendent of education (formal title)
to bring sb to trial
to bring sb to trial
to refine; to extract
to refine; to extract
Wuqia county in Xinjiang;

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zh 绝大部分的私立学校分布在黎巴嫩山省(以及贝鲁特的郊区),而奈拜耶的私立付费学校占有比例最小。
en The highest percentage of private sector schools is in Mount Lebanon (and the Beirut suburbs) and the lowest in Nabatieh
zh 因此,咨询委员会建议大会,延迟审议联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处的预防恐怖主义处所的新员额问题。
en Accordingly, the Advisory Committee had recommended that the Assembly should defer consideration of the new posts proposed for the Terrorism Prevention Branch of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC
zh 在秘书长报告( ‧ )所的这种困难背景下,我们全力支持秘书长提出的通过恢复强烈的紧迫感,加快巴黎议程的落实的呼吁。
en Against the difficult background evident in the Secretary-General's report ( ‧ ), we fully support his call to accelerate the implementation of the Paris agenda by restoring a strong sense of urgency
zh 然而,“英联邦人权倡议”到有报告说,三名记者因诽谤罪被逮捕,并被带到警察总部盘问,因为某个媒体报道声称在某个警察的邮箱中发现大量钱款。
en However, CHRI made reference to reports that three journalists were arrested on charges of defamation and brought into Police headquarters for questioning about a media report that had alleged that a large sum of money had been found in a police officer's mailbox
zh 谨此附上一份增编(见附件),就联合国武器禁运专家组(安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议)所问题提供进一步资料,这些问题是专家组在收到乌干达有关早先提到的问题的立场文件时提出的。
en Please find herewith an addendum (see annex), providing additional information on the issues raised by the United Nations Group of Experts on the Arms Embargo (Security Council resolution ‧ ) when they were given the Uganda position paper on the issues raised earlier
zh 《联合国全系统援助非洲倡议》是秘书长出来的。
en The United Nations System-wide Initiative for Africa was an initiative of the Secretary-General
zh 关于美国,例如见“美国对外关系法的(第三次)重新表述”,前注 ‧ 第 ‧ 段,见第 ‧ 页),称:被动人格原则尚未在普通侵权或犯罪方面得到普遍承认;中国、意大利和丹麦将行使被动人格管辖权限于某些类型的案件,施以某些最低程度的惩罚;双重犯罪标准是希腊、芬兰、挪威和瑞典行使被动人格管辖权的法定前提;《挪威刑法典》规定,只有国王可根据被动人格管辖权起法律诉讼;芬兰、意大利和瑞典适用该原则也要求行政当局的同意 (Eric Cafritz and Omer Tene, 前注 ‧ 见第 ‧ 页)。
en at p ‧ ) which states that the passive personality principle has not been generally accepted for ordinary torts or crimes; China, Italy, and Denmark limit the exercise of passive personality jurisdiction to certain classes of crimes or to crimes with a certain minimum degree of punishment; the dual criminality requirement is a statutory precondition to passive personality jurisdiction in Greece, Finland, Norway, and Sweden; the Norwegian Penal Code provides that only the king may commence legal proceedings based on passive personality jurisdiction; Finland, Italy, and Sweden also require executive consent for the application of the principle (Eric Cafritz and Omer Tene, supra note ‧ at p
zh 由于继 ‧ 年的“艾伦”(Allen)飓风,以及 ‧ 年的大卫飓风之后,害虫肆虐成灾,所以这种配方产品被马尼克和瓜德罗普岛等地使用。
en The formulation was used in Martinique and Guadeloupe following hurricane Allen in ‧ and David in ‧ which led to considerable pest infestations
zh 与会者指出,所收集的数据经常到有组织犯罪团伙的活动。
en It was stated that the data collected often referred to activities of organized criminal groups
zh 可笑的是,一个从 ‧ 年代以来长期依赖使用化学武器并且不遗余力地搜求大规模毁灭性武器的政府的一名官员,竟然在这方面针对我国向安理会意见,而我国,不仅是记录有案的伊拉克使用化学武器行为的受害者,同时在消除和不扩散大规模毁灭性武器方面也是严格遵守所有义务的国家。
en It is ironic, indeed, that an official of a Government that has extensively resorted to the use of chemical weapons in the ‧ s, and has never spared any efforts in having access to weapons of mass destruction comes up with advice, in the very same field, for the Council against my country, which has not only been the victim of documented Iraqi resort to chemical weapons, but has also meticulously abided by all its obligations in the field of elimination and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
zh 我们欢迎巴亚大使。
en We welcome Ambassador Al Bayati
zh 可以看到,这条准则草案是完全仿照关于“过时具有条件解释性声明”的准则草案 ‧ 起草的。
en It will be noted that the wording of this draft guideline is modelled very exactly on that of draft guideline ‧ concerning “Late formulation of a conditional interpretative declaration”
zh 主席到自己关于在第 ‧ 条中新增一款并删除第 ‧ 条的建议。
en The Chairperson mentioned her proposal for an additional paragraph in article ‧ and the deletion of article
zh 另一观点认为,保存者甚至无权评估保留是否以应有的适当形式具。
en Yet according to another view the depositary was not even entitled to assess whether reservations were submitted in due and proper form
zh 至于结论意见第 ‧ 段,如果提供剥离的选项,具保留的国家也许就不必修改或撤回其保留,也不必放弃加入条约。
en As for paragraph ‧ of the conclusions, if the option of severability was available there might be no need for the reserving State to modify or withdraw its reservation, or to forgo becoming a party to the treaty
zh 她认为,还应到不是条约缔约国的国家,包括以色列。
en In her view, a reference should also be made to those States not members of the Treaty, including Israel
zh 各国政府和国际组织对在哥本哈根商定的 ‧ 项承诺和《社会发展问题世界首脑会议行动纲领》作了不同程度的回应;在该会议举行五年后,对各种结果的研究和评价显示,许多新的政策和国家方案在国家一级了出来。
en Governments and international organizations have responded in various ways to the ‧ commitments and to the Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development, agreed at Copenhagen; five years after that meeting, the study and assessment of the results reveal that many new policies and national programmes have been initiated at the international level
zh 关于方案和协调委员会第四十一届会议就深入评价可持续发展所各项建议的执行情况进行的三年期审查
en Triennial review of the implementation of the recommendations made by the Committee for Programme and Coordination at its forty-first session on the in-depth evaluation of sustainable development
zh 要注意的重要一点是,国家的所有法律均没有到《美洲防止、惩罚和根除对妇女暴力行为公约》(贝伦杜帕拉公约 ‧ 年)规定的精神暴力行为。
en It is important to notice that no law in the country refers to psychological violence, which is provided for in the Inter-American Convention to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women (Belém do Pará Convention
zh 到两个额外的新方案即“加强人民的财产安全”和“加强社区安全”。
en Reference was made to two additional new programmes “safer property for people” and “a safer community”
zh 两项维也纳公约或其筹备文件都没有适当表明具反对的国家或国际组织应在何时明确表示不让条约在它们和做出保留者之间生效的意向。
en Neither the Vienna Conventions nor the travaux préparatoires give any useful indication regarding the time at which the objecting State or international organization must clearly express its intention to oppose the entry into force of the treaty as between itself and the reserving State
zh 如果根据上文第 ‧ 段所作计算或ERU、CER、AAU和/或RMU的注销将承诺期储备量得高于该缔约国在相关承诺期间有效和没有取消的排ERU、CER、AAU和/或RMU的持有量,则秘书处应通知该国,并于通知起 ‧ 日内将数量降至规定的水平。
en If calculations under paragraph ‧ above, or cancellations of ERUs, CERs, AAUs and/or RMUs, raise the required level of the commitment period reserve above the Party's holdings of ERUs, CERs, AAUs and/or RMUs valid for the relevant commitment period, which have not been cancelled, the Party shall be notified by the secretariat and, within ‧ days of this notification, shall bring its holdings to the required level
zh 仍未得到解决的局势多得令人沮丧-- 我还要一下:分散在几个非洲国家的 ‧ 名苏丹难民、迟迟不能从西撒哈拉地区返回的难民、泰缅边境地区难民营的 ‧ 名难民、南高加索地区仍然处于“冻结”状态的冲突造成的许多流离失所者、哥伦比亚数十万内部流离失所者,以及斯里兰卡 ‧ 万以上流离失所者。
en The list of situations where a solution remains elusive is frustratingly long- I should also mention the more than ‧ udanese refugees spread across several African nations, the ever-pending return of refugees from Western Sahara, the ‧ refugees in camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, the many people displaced by the still “frozen” conflicts of the South Caucasus, the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people in Colombia, and over half a million displaced people in Sri Lanka
zh 她随后到在该国东部地区和其他受冲突影响的地区普遍存在的性暴力问题,并询问独立专家,自独立专家拟定自己的报告以来,关于此问题是否有什么新情况,特别是政府是否已采取措施来打击有罪不罚现象,以及他认为与所指出的相比,性暴力行为事实上要多多少。
en She asked to what extent sexual violence was underreported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
zh 特波巴基金会的观察员解释说,这项文件在某种程度上依据了自由、预先和知情同意的经验,如在菲律宾,是通过国家法律文书来实施这一概念的,这表明可以具体客观地运用这项原则。
en The observer for the Tebtebba Foundation explained that the paper was to a certain degree based on experiences with free, prior and informed consent, which in the Philippines was applied through national legal instruments, demonstrating that it was possible to apply the principle in concrete terms
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