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Antiochus IV Epiphanes
Antigua and Barbuda
bank run
bank run
castilla elastica
Hands Free;
the Parthenon, Athens
the Parthenon, Athens
stripping (chemistry)
Antigonus of Socho
to amortize; amortization
to amortize; amortization
to raise (an issue); mention; carry; to lift; lifting brush stroke (in painting); to mention; scoop for measuring liquid; lifting; upwards character stroke; to carry (hanging down from the hand); to put forward
to take up one's pen; to start to write
to start to write; to take up one's pen
a cue; to prompt
a cue; to prompt
a portable lamp
a portable lamp
to supervise (troops); to select and assign; to appoint (officers)
to supervise (troops); to appoint (officers); to select and assign
Arch of Titus
Tyre (Lebanon)
Tyre (Lebanon)
to sue; to raise a legal plaint
; pelican
to propose marriage
to make provision (against a loss); a bookkeeping entry
to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
to carry
to make a claim (for damages etc)
to make a claim (for damages etc)
; to mention; to speak of; to arouse; mention; to lift; to pick up
to foster; to bring up; to support; to hold by the hand;
to promote and appoint
to refer to
to make sth palatable; to improve taste
to withdraw funds
to withdraw funds
to receive a raise in salary
superintendent of education (formal title)
superintendent of education (formal title)
to bring sb to trial
to bring sb to trial
to recommend sb for a promotion; to guide and support sb
to refine; to extract
to refine; to extract
grape; to capture stones (in Go); raisin
the Erechteum, Athens
the Erechteum, Athens

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zh 为设法纠正这一情况 ‧ 年,委员会根据大会第六委员会在 ‧ 年讨论中所建议以及工作组就长期工作方案提出和规划小组提出的如下提议决定将对条约的保留这一专题列入其议程。
en It was in order to try to remedy this situation that, in ‧ in accordance with suggestions made during discussions in the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly in ‧ and following proposals made by the Working Group regarding the long-term programme of work and by the Planning Group, the Commission decided to include the topic of reservations to treaties in its agenda
zh 过去的案文强调国家“在具保留之时”的意图,这种意图应“在认真审查现有资料”时确定,“同时假设有关国家希望保持其没有提出保留的条约缔约国地位,但这种假设可予推翻”。
en The previous text placed the emphasis on the intention of the State “at the time it enters its reservation”, an intention which must be determined “during a serious examination of the available information, with the presumption, which may be refuted, that a State would prefer to remain a party to the treaty without the benefit of the reservation”
zh 第三,我要到一个对冲突后重建至关重要的工具,即国际法庭。
en Thirdly, let me mention one instrument that is crucial for post-conflict reconstruction: international tribunals
zh 在这方面,反恐委员会在到《阿拉伯制止恐怖主义公约》时提醒叙利亚,加入区域恐怖主义公约不能被视为可以取代加入和在国内法中实施关于恐怖主义的所有国际公约和议定书。
en In this context, it wishes to remind Syria, in relation to its reference to the Arab Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism, that joining regional terrorism conventions cannot be viewed as an alternative to becoming a party to and implementing in domestic law all the international conventions and protocols related to terrorism
zh 到了 我? 给 你 意? 见 假? 装 你 听 得? 进 去 的? 时 候 了. 我喜?? 这部分
en This is where I give you advice and pretend you' re gonna listen to it.I like this part
zh 有人指出,该方案的总方向应充分到几次重大的国际会议。
en It was stated that adequate reference to major international conferences should have been included in the overall orientation of the programme
zh 然而,由于某些到《不扩散条约》的文字,我们被迫对本决议草案投了弃权票,而印度关于该《条约》的立场是众所周知的。
en We were, however, constrained to abstain in the vote on this draft resolution because of certain references to the NPT, on which India's position is well-known
zh 虽然报告用很大篇幅讨论了联合国人道主义事务协调厅、机构间常设委员会(机构间常委会)和联合呼吁程序等机制,但对共同国家评估/联合国发展援助框架只是一笔带过,根本不根据报告查明的问题正在处理的其他领域。
en While extensive treatment is given to mechanisms such as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), and the Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP), with passing reference to Common Country Assessment/United Nations Development Assistance Framework, there is no mention of the other areas being addressed in response to the report's identification of problems
zh 时至 ‧ 时 ‧ 分,敌国以色列一架侦察机侵犯黎巴嫩领空,由尔城近海上空进入向东飞行,在南部地区上空盘旋,随后从Naqurah上空离去。
en Between ‧ and ‧ hours an Israeli enemy reconnaissance aircraft violated Lebanese airspace, entering over the sea off Tyre heading east, circled over the southern regions, then left over Naqurah
zh 关于水污染问题,食物权利问题特别报告员和有毒废物问题特别报告员都曾致函菲律宾政府,例如,其中一封到一家私营采矿公司的经营活动,据称,它以氰化物污染了海水;还到一家跨国采矿公司的活动,据称,该公司向一条河流排放有毒淤泥。
en Concerning water pollution, communications were sent to the Government by the Special Rapporteur on the right to food and the Special Rapporteur on toxic waste, for example relating to the operations of a private mining company which allegedly contaminated seawater with cyanide, and the activities of a multinational mining company which allegedly released a flood of toxic silt into a river
zh 我要重申关于亚美尼亚代表所提议的建议,联合王国代表作了小小的修正
en Let me repeat once again the suggestion concerning the proposal by the representative of Armenia, with a slight amendment by the representative of the United Kingdom
zh 委员会在下文到它在听询期间听到的特别是在工作人员征聘和职位安排方面遇到的困难。
en The Committee makes reference below to the difficulties described during its hearings, especially in the areas of recruitment and placement of staff
zh 莫里斯先生到有两个相互纠缠的问题--艾滋病毒/艾滋病和食品危机--他和其他人模糊地提到了人为的问题。
en Mr. Morris mentioned that there are two intertwined problems- the scourge of HIV/AIDS and the food crisis- and he and others have vaguely referred to man-made problems
zh 另外,考虑到Hvidovre警方和国家检察院均将提交人的申诉驳回,提交人对O.T.先生和K.P.先生起法律诉讼也不会有结果。
en and Mr. K.P. would not be effective, taking into account that the police of Hvidovre and the State Attorney had rejected the author's complaints
zh 自第一次世界环境问题会议( ‧ 年,瑞典斯德哥尔摩)以来,荒漠化和干旱问题就上了世界议程。
en Since the first World Conference on the Environment (Stockholm, Sweden ‧ ), the issue of desertification and drought has been on the world's agenda
zh 过去七年在稳定方面取得了来之不易的成就--我高兴地听到阿富汗大使今天到这些成就--但是再说一遍,正如他指出的,除非我们坚持并加强国际努力,否则不仅在安全任务方面,而且也包括重建与发展方面的进展将会前功尽弃。
en There have been hard-won gains on stabilization over the past seven years- and I was pleased to hear them referred to by the Ambassador of Afghanistan today- but again, as he said, unless we sustain and reinvigorate international efforts, not just for security tasks, but also for reconstruction and development, progress will be undone
zh 在危地马拉安瓜市举行的伊比利亚美洲国家最高司法机构女法官第九次会议签署了《安瓜宣言》,承诺将遵守妇女所拥有的诉讼司法以及生活无歧视无暴力的权利,为此采取必要的行动,并将性别问题纳入机构日常工作中。
en " It dealt with the preparation of statutes and bylaws, and was attended by ‧ women from ‧ cantons of Chinautla. This training served to consolidate the organization and begin the process of legalization
zh 图瓦卢是世界贸易组织协定缔约国,因此希望把我国立场写入记录:《执行计划》中任何到世界贸易组织的地方,不意味图瓦卢政府承担任何义务。
en Tuvalu is a party to the WTO Agreement, and as such we wish to place on record that any reference to WTO in the Plan of Implementation does not imply any obligation upon the Government of Tuvalu
zh 克洛德法官曾在我今天所报告中述及的大部分时期里担任法庭庭长。
en Judge Jorda served as President of the Tribunal during much of the period upon which I report to you today
zh 巴亚先生(主席)主持会议。
en Mr. Al Bayati (Chairman) took the Chair
zh 特别要到他强调本组织在裁军与安全方面的作用的重要性的一段,这一作用是联合国国际责任的一个组成部分,并提到提请国际社会注意预防冲突和充分了解其根源的重要性的部分。
en I wish specifically to refer to the passage in which he stresses the importance of the Organization's role in the area of disarmament and security as being an integral part of the United Nations international responsibility, and to the part in which he draws the attention of the international community to the importance of preventing conflict and fully understanding its causes
zh 决议草案执行部分第 ‧ 段中到三个联合国和平与裁军区域中心的三个 ‧ 级主任员额 ‧ 两年期拟议方案预算将继续为此提供资金。
en The proposed programme budget for the biennium ‧ would continue to provide for the three ‧ posts of Directors of the three United Nations regional centres for peace and disarmament referred to in operative paragraph ‧ of the draft resolution
zh 班加罗尔草案根据以下意见进行修订:CCJE-GT及上文述之其它人士的意见;CCJE第 ‧ 号意见书:司法机关独立之标准;CCJE意见书草案:法官专业行为(尤其是道德)、不兼容行为与公正无私之原则及规则;并参照较新的司法行为守则进行修订,包括 ‧ 年 ‧ 月澳洲首席法官委员会发表之司法行为指引,波罗的海诸国法官行为模范规则,中华人民共和国法官司法道德守则,以及马其顿法官协会之司法道德守则。
en The Bangalore Draft was revised in the light of the comments received from CCJE-GT and others referred to above; Opinion no ‧ of CCJE on standards concerning the independence of the judiciary; the draft Opinion of CCJE on the principles and rules governing judges' professional conduct, in particular ethics, incompatible behaviour and impartiality; and by reference to more recent codes of judicial conduct including the Guide to Judicial Conduct published by the Council of Chief Justices of Australia in June ‧ the Model Rules of Conduct for Judges of the Baltic States, the Code of Judicial Ethics for Judges of the People's Republic of China, and the Code of Judicial Ethics of the Macedonian Judges Association
zh o女生(新加坡)到在新加坡有合法堕胎的情形。 她说 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年,平均每年有 ‧ 起堕胎,其中 ‧ %以上为已婚妇女。
en Ms. Mo (Singapore), referring to the incidence of legal abortion in Singapore, said that an average of ‧ abortions had been performed each year between ‧ and ‧ more than ‧ per cent of them on married woman
zh linder先生(信息技术事务司司长)对所问题作了答复,他说联合国全系统搜索引擎已在内联网上使用。
en Mr. Blinder (Director of the Information Technology Services Division), replying to questions raised, said that the United Nations system-wide search engine was operational on the Intranet
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