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  • car               
    (Noun  ) (noun, adjv   )
    railway carriage, a nonpowered unit in a railroad train
  • compartment     
    (Noun  ) (noun   )
  • carriage         
    (verb, noun   )

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carriage; compartment; car

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zh 十年前,我们霍贾里人民和成千上万阿塞拜疆人亲身经历了此种剧痛,今天,我们仍居住在帐篷、车厢、地洞和地窖里,过着悲惨的难民生活。
en Ten years ago, we, the people of Khojaly, and tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis personally experienced such terrible grief, and today we are living in tents, train carriages, dugouts, and cellars, sharing the bitter fate of refugees
zh 当时,铁路基础设施和全部车辆(机车、客运车厢等)都大量受损。 而部分车辆也被归于塞尔维亚的财产。
en At this time, the railway infrastructure, as well as the rolling stock (locomotives, passenger wagons, etc.), was largely destroyed or damaged, and, with regard to the latter, had partly been taken to Serbia proper
zh 工程处拒绝对这种搜查表示默认,而只是打开车辆的后车厢,以让把守检查站的以色列国防军士兵确信,车厢内没有藏匿任何不明人员。
en The Agency refused to acquiesce in such searches, except to open the boot of the vehicle in order to assure the IDF soldiers at the checkpoint that no unknown persons were hiding inside
zh 我们还对以下报道感到关切,即米矶仑前哨定居点的车厢房将被撤消,作为交换,将在附近其他定居点建造永久居住单位。
en We are also concerned at reports that the trailers of the Migron settlement outpost are to be evacuated in exchange for the construction of permanent residential units in other nearby settlements
zh 出版物报告说,非洲联盟正在力图将其成员国的基础设施纳入一个全面的泛非运输基础设施,并提出了以下需求:制定更换陈旧火车头和车厢的系统方案;改进通讯系统;改进薄弱的铁路线;恢复或更新运输结构;提供针对客户要求的服务,以吸引客户。
en It reported that the African Union was seeking to link the infrastructures of its member countries into a comprehensive pan-African transport infrastructure, and cited the following needs: systematic programmes to replace old locomotives and wagons; improved communications systems; the improvement of inadequate railway lines; rehabilitation or upgrading of structures; and customer-responsive services to attract customers
zh 第 ‧ 条:任何人故意纵火烧毁有人居住在内或用于住人的建筑物、船舶、船只、仓库、工地,或载人或虽未载人但属于一个车队的车辆或车厢,处死刑。
en Article ‧ nyone convicted of wilful destruction by fire of buildings, ships, boats, warehouses, building sites while inhabited or serving as dwellings, cars or wagons whether carrying passengers or not but forming part of a convoy shall be punished by the death penalty
zh h) 联海稳定团一家地面燃料供应商的卡车司机试图将一个仍然满载燃料的 ‧ 加仑油罐车厢驶离特派团燃料仓库。
en h) At MINUSTAH, a ground fuel supplier's truck driver attempted to exit the Mission's fuel depot with one compartment with a capacity of ‧ gallons still full of fuel
zh “集装箱”包括任何种类的集装箱、可运输罐式集装箱或平台、可交换式车厢,或用于并装货物的任何类似成组货载,以及附属于这种成组货载的任何设备。
en “Container” includes any type of container, transportable tank or flat, swapbody, or any similar unit load used to consolidate goods, and any equipment ancillary to such unit load
zh 同时,为了保证改善难民和流离失所者(分散在野营帐篷、火车车厢及不适宜居住之地)的日常生活条件,为其创建工作岗位并解决其它社会问题,直至解放被占领的阿塞拜疆领土,并使其返回故土 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的总统令批准了《改善难民和流离失所者的生活条件并提高其就业率的国家纲要》。
en In addition, a State programme approved by a presidential order of ‧ uly ‧ has been set up to improve the living conditions and increase employment of refugees and internally displaced persons (settled in tent camps, railway freight cars and other places unsuitable for living) and to address other social problems pending the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands under occupation and the return of those persons to their homes
zh 修复受损铁道 修复并有限实现南北线路的信号设备现代化 修复电信设备,安装铁路无线系统 修复机车和车厢工厂的建筑物 修复大量信号建筑 提供十辆机车 提供十辆客运车厢 提供一辆可调度的机车 提供三辆电动火车
en Repair of damaged railway tracks Repair and limited modernisation of signalling equipments on the north/south line Repair of telecommunications equipment and installation of a railway radio system Repair of buildings in the locomotive and wagon workshops Repair of a number of signalling buildings Supply of ten locomotives Supply of ten passenger wagons Supply of one manoeuvring locomotive, and Supply of three motor trains
zh 多万阿塞拜疆人--或每八个居民中一人--不得不在难民营、火车车厢或其它临时住所无法忍受的条件下生活。
en More than ‧ million Azerbaijanis- or one in every eight residents- have been forced to live in unbearable conditions in refugee camps, railroad cars and other temporary shelters
zh 这些人被拥挤地塞满货车车厢,一路上许多人窒息死亡。
en Crowded onto freight trains, many died of suffocation during the journey
zh 其中有 ‧ 家返回Vitina(格尼拉内) ‧ 个家庭返回Belo Polje(佩奇),在Obilic (普里什蒂纳),有 ‧ 个家庭迁入公寓 ‧ 个家庭迁入被摧毁公寓大楼旁的临时车厢式住房。
en These include ‧ families who returned to Vitina (Gnjilane) ‧ families to Belo Polje (Pec) ‧ families to their apartments and ‧ families to containers next to a destroyed apartment building in Obilic (Pristina
zh 卡车和火车车厢很容易移动,是为躲避武检人员而设计的。
en The trucks and train cars are easily moved and are designed to evade detection by inspectors
zh 工作组普遍认为,只应当允许承运人对于适合在舱面上运载的公路货运车辆和火车车厢才在舱面上运载,而且船舶在舱面上应有特别装置,适合运载这些车辆和车厢
en There was general agreement in the Working Group that the carrier should only be allowed to carry on deck road cargo vehicles and railroad cars that were fit for such carriage and that the ship's deck should be specially fitted to carry them
zh 数据包含下述信息:铁路网络中车厢的位置;破旧车厢、负载超过三天的车厢和在车间的车厢数目; 铁路管理局各级管理人员每周/每月报告现在可以不费力地编制。
en Weekly/monthly reports for managers at various levels within railway administrations can now be generated easily. The reports include such information as weekly loading data, customer/commodity performance, average locomotive/kilometer fuel issued and train transit time
zh · 顾客信息提供效率发生了惊人的变化,先前用纸面信息系统将有关顾客车厢所在地点的信息提供给顾客需要 ‧ 至 ‧ 天时间,现在提供的是实时信息。
en • Customer information has drastically improved from paper-based information systems, which took ‧ to ‧ days to provide a customer with information about the whereabouts of the customer's wagon, to real-time information
zh 尽管火车可更好地适应残疾人的旅行需要,但是,许多地方车厢门与站台之间的缝隙太宽,使用厕所和包厢仍然是有困难的,特别是对肢体残疾者和轮椅使用者更是如此。
en While trains could better accommodate the travel needs of disabled persons, in many cases the gap between the car door and the platform is too wide; access to toilets and compartments remains a constraint, especially for people with physical disabilities and wheelchair users
zh 铁路的经济状况不佳,导致推延维修、基础设施簿弱和速度限制; 由于铁路运输车辆车龄老化,经常损坏,从而进一步削减了其满足运输需求的能量和能力; 此外,由于不能够对铁路公司之间租用车厢和设备进行结账,也破坏了相关合作安排。
en The poor financial condition of railways has led to deferred maintenance, weak infrastructure and speed limits; the aging of rolling stock produced frequent breakdowns, further reducing capacities and ability to meet traffic demand; and the inability to settle inter-railways' accounts for hire of wagons and equipment has undermined cooperative arrangements
zh 根据残疾类型不同,潜在旅行者需要确保在所计划的渡假中,要充分注意到其特殊需要,例如车厢的特别升降机和经改装的酒店客房。
en Depending on the type of disability, the would-be travellers need to ensure that during the envisaged vacation due attention will be given to their special needs, such as special lifts for coaches and adapted hotel rooms
zh 人们发现,流离失所者居住在种种可以想得到的场所,从拥挤不堪的公用建筑物,到泥屋、破布搭成的帐篷、火车车厢、铁皮箱、纸板箱、到谷仓和马房无处不有,甚至就在毫无遮盖的地方栖身。
en Displaced persons have been found in every imaginable living situation, ranging from overcrowded public buildings to mud huts, tents made of torn bits of fabric, railway wagons, iron containers, cardboard boxes, barns and stables, and even no shelter at all
zh 到达目的地后,视察员们立即向场址负责人了解该场址的官方名称、属于谁所有以及是否计划用来装卸车厢
en On arrival, the inspectors questioned the person in charge of the site about the official name of the site, who it belonged to and whether it was to be used to load and unload railway cars
zh 在边界过境点采取实际措施,其中包括使用侦测放射性物质的手提式探测器和检查火车车厢是否有存放放射性物质的便携式X射线扫描机。
en Practical measures are applied at border crossings that include, inter alia, the employment of carry-on pagers for detection of radioactive substances and a portable x-ray for checking railway carriages for radioactive emissions
zh 除第 ‧ (b)款增列“公路货运车辆”和“火车车厢”两个词外,工作组核准了第 ‧ 条草案的实质内容。
en The Working Group approved the substance of draft article ‧ subject to inclusion of reference to “road cargo vehicles” and “railroad cars” in subparagraph ‧ (b
zh 这些公共汽车将超过Euro ‧ 清洁空气标准,而且由于对车厢内部进行了重新设计,扩大了乘客运载能力。
en The buses will exceed Euro ‧ clean air standards and have increased passenger capacity due to a redesign of the interiors
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