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  • atmosphere     
    (noun   )
  • common practice   
  • general mood   

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general mood; atmosphere; common practice
to swarm; to rise in masses

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zh 欢迎 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 日在曼谷举行的第十一届联合国预防犯罪和刑事司法大会高级别部分通过的《关于协作与对策:建立预防犯罪和刑事司法战略联盟的曼谷宣言》 ‧ 其中各会员国宣告,对公共事务和公共财产的妥善管理以及法治对于预防和控制腐败至关重要,而且认识到,为了遏制腐败,有必要在公共和私营部门促进廉洁和问责的风气
en Welcoming the Bangkok Declaration on Synergies and Responses: Strategic Alliances in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, adopted at the high-level segment of the Eleventh United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, held in Bangkok from ‧ to ‧ pril ‧ in which Member States stated that the proper management of public affairs and public property and the rule of law were essential to the prevention and control of corruption, and recognized that, in order to curb corruption, it was necessary to promote a culture of integrity and accountability in both the public and the private sector
zh 报告显示了,暴力、种族仇恨(尤其在该国东部)、大规模的侵犯人权行为和危害人类罪,以及日趋泛滥的腐败风气所造成的灾难相当于自 ‧ 年以来 ‧ 次海啸对该国侵袭所造成的灾难。
en The report shows the catastrophic consequences- the equivalent of ‧ tsunamis hitting the country since ‧ of the violence, racial hatred (particularly in the east of the country), massive human rights violations and crimes against humanity and an increasingly widespread climate of corruption
zh 我们需要改变联合国的风气
en We need to change the UN's culture
zh 上述一切行动都源于加拿大所作的承诺,即铲除诸如灭绝种族罪、危害人类罪和战争罪等罪行不受惩罚的现象,并树立起责任制的意识风气
en All of the initiatives outlined above stem from Canada's commitment to the elimination of impunity for crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and to the creation of a culture of accountability
zh 有一代表团指出,各国应当避免形成责怪偷运和贩运人口的“受害者”的风气
en One delegation suggested that States must avoid a culture of blaming the “victims” of smuggling and trafficking
zh 已任命一名资深的东帝汶律师领导这个单位。 他负有在新政府中培养一种追究责任和透明化风气的责任。
en A senior East Timorese lawyer was appointed to lead the unit, which is responsible for developing a culture of accountability and transparency in the new government
zh 与这些团体有牵连的一些指挥官继续担任公职,令有罪不罚的风气一时难除。
en The continuing presence of some in public office with links to these groups had served to perpetuate a climate of impunity
zh 另外还采取措施,提高预防和解决冲突及培养和平风气的能力(突尼斯)。
en Steps have also been taken to expand capacity for conflict prevention and resolution and the development of a culture of peace (Tunisia
zh 还有许多严重的跨国界问题影响到这一分区域的许多地区,例如:有罪不罚的风气;艾滋病毒/艾滋病的扩散;治安部门继续受到削弱;到处设置路障;青年失业;环境退化;社会排斥;战争遗留的弹药;大规模的难民流动和其他被迫背井离乡的人口;对自然资源进行不公平和非法开采;国家机构和民间社会结构薄弱;侵犯人权,包括侵犯妇女的权利。
en The culture of impunity, the spread of HIV/AIDS, the continued weakening of the security sector, the proliferation of roadblocks, youth unemployment, environmental degradation, social exclusion, remnants of war, mass refugee movements and other forced displacement, inequitable and illicit exploitation of natural resources, weak national institutions and civil society structures, and violations of human rights, including the rights of women, are some of the other serious cross-border problems afflicting many parts of the subregion
zh 欧洲联盟赞赏秘书长在其报告中介绍联东综合团中期战略。 该战略包含有四个规定优先领域--审查和改革安全部门、加强法治、经济和社会发展,以及促进民主施政对话的风气--能够说明问题的基准,而这是安全理事会第 ‧ 号决议所要求的。
en The European Union appreciates the Secretary-General's presentation in his report the medium-term strategy for UNMIT, with illustrative benchmarks for the four mandated priority areas- the review and reform of the security sector, the strengthening of the rule of law, economic and social development and the promotion of a culture of democratic governance dialogue- as requested by resolution
zh 希望国际社会帮助尼日利亚应对挑战,从而预防恶劣的贩毒风气在该次区域蔓延。
en It was hoped that the international community would help Nigeria to meet that challenge and thereby forestall a major drug trafficking epidemic in the subregion
zh 开创一种根据事实开展行动的风气
en Nurturing a culture of evidence-based action
zh 他们应当共同努力,树立政治融合与宽容的风气,打击有罪不罚的现象,扭转媒体宣扬仇恨的现象,在这个国家消除仇外心理,关注西部当地恶性的土地和族裔冲突,响应包括非洲联盟和西非经共体在内的国际社会的呼吁,为建立旨在保障至关重要的查验居民身份的公信度和透明度的机制作出贡献。
en They must together cultivate a culture of political accommodation and tolerance, fight impunity, tackle the hate media, rid the nation of xenophobia, pay attention to the insidious local land and ethnic conflicts in the west and contribute, as called for by the international community, including the African Union and ECOWAS, to put in place a mechanism to guarantee the credibility and transparency of the crucial identification of the population
zh 由于智利国内传统性的家长制风气仍颇为盛行,抑制儿童表达自己的意见,而且在家庭、学校、社区乃至整个社会生活方面凡涉及儿童的决定,基本都不听取儿童的意见,也不给予儿童意见应有的考虑,对此委员会感到关注。
en The Committee notes with concern that, due to traditional and paternalistic attitudes still widespread in the country, children are not encouraged to express their views and that, in general, their views are not heard nor given due weight in decisions affecting them in the family, at school, in the community and in social life at large
zh a) 总体目标--在联合国系统国家一级的高级管理人员中创造一种共同学习和管理的风气
en a) Overall objective- to create a common learning and management culture among senior managers within the United Nations system at the country level
zh 意大利代表指出,自 ‧ 年以来,原先处在殖民统治下的五十几个国家已获独立,并加入联合国,带来一股民主和公开的风气
en The representative of Italy stated that, since ‧ more than ‧ countries, whose people were formally under colonial rule, had become independent and had joined the United Nations, bringing with them a wind of democracy and transparency
zh 该区域的大多数国家都采用“禁欲、忠诚和使用安全套”办法(ABC办法),她很想知道,这种方案在多米尼克这种信奉天主教且男尊女卑风气严重的国家是否有效。
en Most countries in the region used the “abstinence, be faithful and use condoms” (ABC) approach, and she wondered whether such a programme could be effective in a Catholic and very patriarchal country such as Dominica
zh 年第四季度,本组织推出了一个措施,帮助树立分享知识的风气
en In the fourth quarter of ‧ the organization introduced an initiative to foster a culture of knowledge sharing
zh 现在,攻击软性目标,最好是造成最大程度的伤亡,似已成风气
en Soft targets, preferably with maximum casualties, would now appear to be the order of the day
zh 但是,我们要促请你大力阻止这样一种风气,即提出决议草案,或威胁进行表决,以此作为得到需要通过谈判来讨论和商定的东西的手段。
en But we would urge you to strongly discourage the culture of putting forward draft resolutions and of threats of voting as a means of achieving what needs to be discussed and agreed in negotiations
zh 持续存在的、关于男女角色、职责和期望的陈规定型观念创造并维持了一种歧视妇女的普遍风气,这也一直是对促进两性平等的重大挑战。
en The persistence of stereotypical attitudes with regard to the roles, responsibilities and expectations for women and men created and sustained a pervasive climate of discrimination against women, and remained a critical challenge in the promotion of gender equality
zh 由此,此项中期战略标志了在确定环境署战略方面过程中,相互协作、交流思想、和开诚布公的风气达到了新的高度。
en As such, the MTS represents a new level of collaboration, exchange of ideas and openness in defining strategic directions for UNEP
zh 没有司法,就不可能有持久的和解。 绝不能让有罪不罚风气在东帝汶扎根成为一种风气
en There can be no enduring reconciliation without justice, and it is critical that a culture of impunity not be allowed to establish itself in Timor-Leste
zh 对乱伦和强奸受害者而言,一个较好的选择方案是教育男子并在男子中提倡尊重妇女的风气,以消除这种虐待,而不是提供一种反生命的选择方案。
en Rather than offering an anti-life option in the case of victims of incest and rape, a better option was to educate men and promote a culture of respect for women among men, with a view to eliminating such abuse
zh 在另外一些国家中,由于司法部门的军事官员和其他官员的干涉,有罪不罚的风气愈演愈烈,更助长了性暴力。
en In other countries, interference by military and other officials in the administration of justice reinforces the culture of impunity on which sexual violence thrives
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