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  • atmosphere     
    (noun   )
  • common practice   
  • general mood   

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general mood; atmosphere; common practice
to swarm; to rise in masses

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zh 这些活动将主要力求支持国家反腐败政策和机制,加强司法廉洁和能力,在公私营部门提倡廉洁风气,没收腐败所得和便利追缴非法资产。
en These activities will essentially seek to support national anti-corruption policies and mechanisms, strengthen judicial integrity and capacity, promote integrity in the public and private sectors, confiscate the proceeds of corruption and facilitate the recovery of illicit assets
zh 新闻部 ‧ 年开始的调整方向进程使评价风气深入新闻部工作的各个领域。
en As a result of the reorientation process initiated by the Department of Public Information in ‧ a culture of evaluation has permeated all areas of the Department's work
zh 最后,我要指出,我们在整个地区看到变革的新风气
en In the end, let me say that we now see fresh winds of change in the whole region
zh 我在访问塞拉利昂期间公开表示,拖延把泰勒先生交给特别法院,助长了该区域有罪不罚的风气,也可能阻碍塞拉利昂和利比亚巩固和平。
en During my visit to Sierra Leone, I stated publicly that delays in the delivery of Mr. Charles Taylor to the Special Court contributed to a climate of impunity in the region, which could undermine the consolidation of peace in both Sierra Leone and Liberia
zh “(c) 结束达尔富尔地区有罪不罚的风气,查明所有应对普遍侵犯人权和违反国际人道主义法行为负责的人,包括人民保卫部队和金戈威德民兵成员,并追究其责任
en “(c) To end the climate of impunity in Darfur by identifying and bringing to justice all those responsible, including members of popular defence forces and Janjaweed militias, for the widespread abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law
zh 由于智利国内传统性的家长制风气仍颇为盛行,抑制儿童表达自己的意见,而且在家庭、学校、社区乃至整个社会生活方面凡涉及儿童的决定,基本都不听取儿童的意见,也不给予儿童意见应有的考虑,对此委员会感到关注。
en The Committee notes with concern that, due to traditional and paternalistic attitudes still widespread in the country, children are not encouraged to express their views and that, in general, their views are not heard nor given due weight in decisions affecting them in the family, at school, in the community and in social life at large
zh 这是拉脱维亚准备探寻新的提高生活水准和改善社会风气的途径的信号。
en It is a sign of Latvia's readiness to explore new ways of improving the living standards and the social climate
zh 而且,我们认识到,为了遏制腐败,有必要在公共和私营部门促进廉正的风气
en Furthermore, we recognize that, in order to curb corruption, it is necessary to promote a culture of integrity in both the public and the private sector
zh 尽管自十九世纪晚期以来,服用麻醉药物在西方世界曾经是某些知识界和艺术界亚文化的一部分,但现在看起来,它已经发展成为一种更广泛的文化现象,至少在某些发达国家,人们对服用麻醉药物持更加宽容的态度,越来越多的年青人正受到这种社会风气的薰陶。
en While drug taking has been part of particular intellectual and artistic subcultures in the western world since the late nineteenth century, it now appears to be growing into a much more widespread cultural phenomenon, at least in some developed countries where more and more young people are exposed to a culture that appears to be more tolerant towards the use of drugs
zh 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,与民间组织联合发起联合国在喀麦隆各警察局宣传《禁止酷刑和其他残忍、不人道或有辱人格的待遇或处罚公约》的活动,体现了这种与民间组织合作的风气
en The culture of collaboration with civil society organizations was this year marked by the joint launching, on ‧ anuary ‧ of the United Nations campaign for the dissemination of the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in police stations of Cameroon
zh 希望国际社会帮助尼日利亚应对挑战,从而预防恶劣的贩毒风气在该次区域蔓延。
en It was hoped that the international community would help Nigeria to meet that challenge and thereby forestall a major drug trafficking epidemic in the subregion
zh 如果与保护妇女、儿童和其他脆弱群体相关的社会规范失去作用,有时会导致暴力侵害最脆弱群体的风气盛行。
en A breakdown in social norms connected to the protection of women, children and other vulnerable groups has sometimes led to a pervasive culture of violence against the most vulnerable
zh 在建立一套灵活、合格的专业保安人员班子的同时,采取措施发展更加广泛的保安意识风气,并且帮助全体工作人员更加有效地管理他们自己和同事们的安全。
en Efforts to establish a flexible, qualified cadre of professional security officers had been accompanied by measures to develop a wider culture of security awareness and to help all staff members become more effective in managing their own, as well as colleagues' safety
zh 另外,苏丹政府必须做出更大的努力,结束目前有罪不罚的风气
en Furthermore, the Sudanese must do more to end the prevailing culture of impunity
zh 就将儿童卷入武装冲突而言,委内瑞拉武装部队的最低参军年龄为 ‧ 岁,武装部队成员在尊重一切人权,特别是妇女儿童权利方面受到训练,这有利于营造一种在战争或冲突中尊重个人的风气
en As far as the use of children in armed conflict was concerned, the minimum age for entry into the armed forces in Venezuela was ‧ and members of the armed forces were trained to respect all human rights, particularly those of women and children, which helped create a culture of respect for the individual in situations of war or conflict
zh 但这不足以作为开创这种败坏风气的先例的充分理由。
en That is not a good excuse to create such a demoralizing precedent
zh 这可能造就工作人员忠于个别的方案管理人员而不是本组织的风气
en That would create an atmosphere where the staff were loyal to an individual programme manager rather than to the Organization
zh 《公约》序言明确承认,腐败危害可持续发展和法治,强调妥善管理公共事务和公共财产、公平、尽责和法律面前平等各项原则以及维护廉正和提倡拒腐风气的必要性。
en It highlights the principles of proper management of public affairs and public property, fairness, responsibility and equality before the law and the need to safeguard integrity and foster a culture of rejection of corrupt practices
zh 他从上述会谈和讨论中得到的结论是,虽然选举进程受到特别的注意,不安全的局势、有罪不罚的风气和严重侵犯人权的行为令人担忧的程度仍然没有减少。
en These meetings and discussions revealed that while attention is being focused on the electoral process, lack of security, impunity and serious human rights violations remain cause for concern
zh 同时,宣传工作有助于消除默许和助长家庭暴力的风气,这种风气往往不利于制止暴力行为。
en The information efforts have at the same time contributed to breaking the silence and the taboo surrounding domestic violence, which used to be a barrier to stopping violence
zh 发言人提醒注意,科特迪瓦目前处于冲突状态,在这样的国家里诽谤风气盛行,他邀请新任特别报告员前往科特迪瓦进行实地考察,会晤所有的敌对派别。
en and ‧ ). Citing the climate of defamation that prevailed in countries that, like Côte d'Ivoire, were in conflict situations, he invited the new Special Rapporteur to visit the country in order to meet all the protagonists
zh 与这些国际文书内容一致,人权教育在行动计划中被定义为“进行教育、培训和宣传,以期通过传播知识、传授技能和塑造正确的态度,”尤其是对加强尊重人权和基本自由、增进可持续发展和社会正义的态度,“从而营造普遍崇尚人权的风气”。
en Consistent with the content of these instruments, human rights education was defined in the plan of action as “education, training and information aiming at building a universal culture of human rights through the sharing of knowledge, imparting of skills and moulding of attitudes directed to”, inter alia, the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the promotion of sustainable development and social justice
zh 这种法不治罪的风气仍然在缅甸境内蔓延,因而犯有严重罪行的政府人员极少受到追究,令特别报告员感到严重关注。
en Such a culture of impunity which continues to pervade in Myanmar, whereby State agents who perpetrate serious crimes are rarely prosecuted, is of grave concern to the Special Rapporteur
zh b) 从政治和经济上支持安全理事会关于部署联合国非洲联盟/混合部队的决议,使维持和平部队有能力保护达尔富尔平民的人权和制止有罪不罚的风气
en b) Support the Security Council resolution on the United Nations/African Union hybrid force politically and financially to enable it to protect the human rights of civilians in Darfur and to end the culture of impunity
zh 上述权利的前提是“尊重他人的自由和权利,必须维护公共秩序和良好风气”。
en Such freedoms may be restricted only out of “respect for the freedoms and rights of others and the imperative need to maintain public order and morality”
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