pronunciation: IPA: /dʌtʃ/ dʌtʃ , SAMPA: /dVtS/ dVtS      

Translations into Afrikaans:

  • Nederlands   
    (Proper noun  )
    the Dutch language
    A West Germanic language spoken mainly in the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname.
    the Dutch language
  • Hollands   

Other meanings:

(archaic) A German.
(archaic) The main language of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany, Austria, Alsace, Luxembourg)
In a shared manner; of a shared expense.
The people from the Netherlands.
of the Netherlands, people, or language
(obsolete) German.
people from the Netherlands
The main language of the Netherlands and Flanders (i.e., the northern half of Belgium).
Of or relating to the Netherlands, the Dutch people, or the Dutch language.
A person of Dutch nationality.
(archaic) Pertaining to the Dutch, the Germans, and the Goths; Germanic, Teutonic.
Of or pertaining to the Netherlands, the Dutch people or the Dutch language.

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