pronunciation: IPA: sməʊk /sməʊk/ , SAMPA: sm@Uk /sm@Uk/      

Translations into Afrikaans:

  • rook   
    (Noun  )
    visible particles and vapour given off by burning material
    visible particles and vapour given off by burning material
  • sigaret   

Other meanings:

To inhale and exhale the smoke from a burning cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc.
figurative: fleeting illusion
(US, slang) To kill, especially with a gun.
(uncountable) A light grey colour/color tinted with blue.
smoke colour:
smoke (dispersal)
Of the colour known as smoke.
smoke (e.g. a pipe)
(colloquial, countable) A cigarette.
To give off smoke.
(eruption of) smoke
(UK, slang) ( The Smoke ) London
(colloquial, countable, never plural) An instance of smoking a cigarette, cigar, etc.; the duration of this act.
(uncountable, figuratively) Something used to obscure or conceal; an obscuring condition; see also smoke and mirrors .
A product manufactured out of cured and finely cut leaves, which are rolled or stuffed into a paper-wrapped cylinder for smoking.
(to) smoke
(a) dose
colloquial: cigarette
(slang) To perform (e.g. music) energetically or skillfully. Almost always in present participle form.
to preserve or prepare by treating with smoke
of the colour known as smoke
To kill a person or an animal with a shot from a firearm.
(uncountable, figuratively) A fleeting illusion; something insubstantial, evanescent, unreal, transitory, or without result.
To expose food to the smoke of wood fires in order to preserve it.
to inhale and exhale smoke from a burning cigarette
To preserve or prepare (food) for consumption by treating with smoke.
slang: to kill, especially with a gun
An aerosol, consisting of visible particles and gases, produced by the incomplete burning of carbon-based materials, such as wood and fossil fuels.
(military, uncountable) A particulate of solid or liquid particles dispersed into the air on the battlefield to degrade enemy ground or for aerial observation. Smoke has many uses--screening smoke, signaling smoke, smoke curtain, smoke haze, and smoke deception. Thus it is an artificial aerosol.
smoke (e.g. fire)
colloquial: instance of smoking
to give off smoke
something used to obscure or conceal
(baseball, slang) A fastball.
military: artificial smoke-like aerosol used on the battlefield
To inhale smoke from for example a cigarette or a cigar.
to inhale and exhale tobacco smoke regularly or habitually
(intransitive) To give off smoke.
(uncountable) The visible vapor/vapour, gases, and fine particles given off by burning or smoldering material.
(intransitive) To inhale and exhale tobacco smoke regularly or habitually.

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no smokingverbode te rook

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He doesn't smoke.Hy rook nie.
He does not smoke.Hy rook nie.
There is a smoke cloud over the province.Daar is 'n rook wolk oor die provinsie.
She does not smoke.Hy rook nie.
Don't smoke too much.Moenie te veel rook nie.
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