pronunciation: IPA: hiː /heɪː/ , SAMPA: /he:/        

Translations into Old English:

    personal pronoun "he"
    personal pronoun "he"
  • he 
    (Pronoun  )
    personal pronoun "he"
  • se 
    (Pronoun  )
    personal pronoun "he"

Other meanings:

O (او)
(personal) Refers to a male person or animal already known or implied.
she’ PRO 3rd sg.
A male other; the male previously mentioned; himself. 3rd person singular masculine subject pronoun.
went to Chendu
(personal) Refers to an animal whose gender is unknown.
Another person; the person previously mentioned.
that gentleman (lady)
The name of the fifth letter of many Semitic alphabets (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).
(personal) Refers to a person whose gender is unknown.
(derogatory or familiar) he

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Example sentences with "he", translation memory

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He is old.
is eald.
He drank a beer.
dranc bēor.
What did he say?
Hƿæt sæᵹde ?
He was a good king.
ƿæs gōd cyning.
I didn't know that he was there.
Ič ne ƿiste, þe þǣr ƿæs.
He has green eyes.
hæfþ grēne ēagan.
He was very poor.
ƿæs sƿīðe ærm.
He drinks beer.
dranc bēor.
He sold all that he owned.
sealde eall ðæt āhte.
He has green eyes.
Hēo hæfþ grēne ēagan.
everything that he does comes out well for him.
eall him cymð tō gōde þæt þæt dēð
He drank beer.
dranc bēor.
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