pronunciation: IPA: ˈkʌlə /ˈkʌl.ɚ/ /ˈkʌl.ə(ɹ)/ , SAMPA: /"kVl.@`/ /"kVl.@(r)/    

Translations into Cree:

  • itasinâsowin 

Other meanings:

To affect without completely changing.
draw using crayons
To attribute a quality to.
A front or facade: an ostensible truth actually false.
(snooker) Any of the colored balls excluding the reds.
A particular set of visible spectral compositions, perceived or named as a class; blee.
interest, especially in a selective area
spectral composition of visible light
give something color
Human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity.
(of a face) To become red through increased blood flow.
(colloquial) Color me confused.
(mathematics) To assign colors to the vertices of (a graph) or the regions of (a map) so that no two adjacent ones have the same color.
hue as opposed to achromatic colours
standard or banner (colours)
(physics) A property of quarks, with three values called red, green, and blue, which they can exchange by passing gluons.
To draw within the boundaries of a line drawing using colored markers or crayons.
An attribute of things that results from the light they reflect, transmit, or emit in so far as this light causes a visual sensation that depends on its wavelengths.
conveying color
any of the standard dark tinctures used in a coat of arms
become red through increased blood flow
(figuratively) interest, especially in a selective area.
particular set of the visible spectrum
To add color to.
human skin tone, especially as an indicator of race or ethnicity
In corporate finance, details on sales, profit margins, or other financial figures, especially while reviewing quarterly results when an officer of a company is speaking to investment analysts.
To give something color.
The spectral composition of visible light.
Hue as opposed to achromatic colors (black, white and greys).
Conveying color, as opposed to shades of gray.
affect without completely changing

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