Translations into Welsh:

  • planedau   

Other meanings:

Plural form of planet.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Welsh. (3)

dwarf planetplaned gorrach
extrasolar planetplaned allheulol
planetplanet; blaned; planed

Example sentences with "planets", translation memory

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Ruler: Select ending planetRheolydd: Dewis planed terfynol
Planet NameConstellation Name
Planet %‧ has fallen to %Mae planed % ‧ wedi syrthio i %
Planet name: %Enw' r planed: %
Planet %‧ has held against an attack from %Mae planed % ‧ wedi bwrw' n ôl ymosodiad gan %
The distance from Planet %‧ to Planet %‧ is %‧ light years. A ship leaving this turn will arrive on turn %% ‧ o flynyddoedd golau yw' r pellter rhwng Planed % ‧ a Planed % ‧. Bydd llong sy' n gadael ar y tro yma yn cyrraedd ar dro %
Select source planetDewis planed darddiad
Planets ConqueredPlanedau wei' u Gorchfygu
Ruler: Select starting planetRheolydd: Dewis planed gychwynnol
Select destination planetDewis planed gyrchfan
GL Planet (GLGL Planed (GL) Name
& Neutral PlanetsNifer planedau diblaid: % ‧NAME OF TRANSLATORS
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