pronunciation: IPA: /təˈɡɛð.ə(ɹ)/ /tʊˈɡɛð.ə(ɹ)/ tə'geðəɸ /tʊˈɡɛðɚ/ , SAMPA: /tU"gED@`/ /tU"gED.@(r\)/ /t@"gED.@(r\)/          

Translations into Welsh:

  • gyda’i gilydd   
  • ynghyd   
    (advb   )

Other meanings:

At the same time, in the same place; in close association.
together (with)
At the same time.
Mentally and emotionally stable.
In contact with each other or in proximity.
(be) together
(colloquial) well organized, well developed.
Assembled in one place.
Into one place; into a single thing; combined
With a common plan.
at the same time, in the same place
With cooperation and interchange.
(all) together
into one place

Similar phrases in dictionary English Welsh. (15)

birds of a feather flock togetheradar o’r unlliw hedant i’r unlle; adar o'r unlliw hedant i'r unlle
consult togethercydymgynghori
decide togethercydbenderfynu
flow togethercydlifio
gather togethercydgynnull; cydgasglu; cydgrynhoi
heap togethercruglwytho
join togethercyd-uno
live togethercyd-fyw; cydfyw
lodge togethercydletya
plan togethercydfwriadu
recite togethercydadrodd
sing togethercydganu
suffer togethercyd-ddioddef
travel togethercyd-deithio
work togethercydweithio

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Example sentences with "together", translation memory

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Reply-To addresses This sets the Reply-to: header to contain a different email address to the normal From: address. This can be useful when you have a group of people working together in similar roles. For example, you might want any emails sent to have your email in the From: field, but any responses to go to a group address. If in doubt, leave this field blankCyfeiriadau Ateb-I Mae hwn yn gosod y penawd Ateb-i: i gynnwys cyfeiriad ebost gwahanol i' r cyfeiriad Oddiwrth: rferol. Gall hyn fod yn ddefnyddiol pan mae gennych cylch o bobl sy' n gweithio efo' u gilydd mewn ffyrdd tebyg. Er enghraifft, efallai hoffech i ebostau a anfonir gael eich cyfeiriad yn y maes Oddiwrth:, ond i ymatebion fynd i gyfeiriad cylch. Os mewn amheuaeth, gadewch y maes yma' n wag
Skip run-together wordsHepgor geiriau difwlch
There is nowhere to dig, so you must dodge the enemies and avoid falling to the concrete at the wrong time. Try to keep the enemies together. If an enemy has gold coloring, he is holding a nugget. He might drop it as he runs over the concrete or maybe at the top of a ladder... patience, patience!Does dim unlle i balu, felly fe fydd yn rhaid i chi osgoi' r gelynion ac osgoi syrthio i' r concrit ar yr amser anghywir. Ceisiwch gadw' r gelynion gyda' u gilydd. Os oes gan gelyn amliniad aur, mae' n cario clapun o aur. Efallai bydd yn ei ollwng wrth redeg ar hyd y concrit neu efallai ar frig ysgol... amynedd!!
Consider run-together & words as spelling errorsYstyried geiriau & difwlch fel camgymeriadau sillafu
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