pronunciation: IPA: piːs /piːs/ , SAMPA: /pi:s/            

Translations into Scottish Gaelic:

  • sìth 
    (Noun  f)
    tranquility, quiet, harmony
    state of being free from war
    tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence
    harmony; lack of conflict in personal relations
    state of being free from war
    state of mind
    tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence

Other meanings:

A state free of war, in particular war between different countries.
Harmony in personal relations.
(archaic) Shut up, be quiet, be silent
harmony, lack of conflict in personal relations
A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony, e.g., a state free from civil disturbance.
(slang) Shortened form of peace out; goodbye.
A state free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Scottish Gaelic. (5)

nobel peace prize
duais nobel airson sith
suaimhneach; foiseil
ciùineas; sàmhchair
rest in peace
rest in peace
rest in peace my love
rest in peace my love

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Example sentences with "peace", translation memory

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en Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom , justice and peace in the world ,
gd Do bhrìgh ' s gu bheil e air aideachadh gu bheil dualchas nàdarra agus còirichean neo-sgaraichte uile bhuill a ' chinne-daonna na stèidh airson saorsa , ceartas agus sìth an t-saoghail ,
en Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association .
gd Tha còir aig na h-uile saorsa a bhith aca airson co-chruinneachadh agus co-chomunn .
en It shall promote understanding , tolerance and friendship among all nations , raci al or religious groups , and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace .
gd Bithidh foghlam a ' brosnachadh tuigseachd , foighidinn agus càirdeas am measg dhùthchannan , am measg bhuidhnean cinneadail is cràbhach , còmhla ri a bhith a ' cur air adhart oidhirpean nan Dùthchannan Aonaichte a thaobh cumail na sìthe .
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