pronunciation: IPA: pɒt pɑt /pɒt/ /pɑt/ , SAMPA: /pAt/ pQt /pQt/ pAt    

Translations into Hawaiian:

  • ipu hao 

Other meanings:

(Australian) A glass of beer. Size varies regionally but is normally 10 fl oz (285 ml).
(poker) A round in a poker game.
A drug prepared from the cannabis plant, that is smoked or ingested for its euphoric effect.
To put (something) into a pot.
(cue sports) To be capable of being potted.
(slang) A protruding belly; a paunch.
(sports, billiards, snooker, pool) The act of causing a ball to fall into a pocket.
(melting) pot
A vessel used for cooking or storing food.
A trap for catching lobsters, crabs, or fish.
(poker) The money wagered in poker or similar games.
(archaic) An iron hat with a broad brim.
to preserve
(cue sports) To cause a ball to fall into a pocket.
(slang) A potentiometer.
(slang) Ruin or deterioration.
To preserve by bottling or canning, e.g. potted meat
A great number or large amount of things not placed in a pile.
A generic kitchen utensil used for cooking food by boiling, frying or other methods.
to put (something) into a pot
(rail transport) a non-conducting, usually ceramic, stand that supports the third rail while keeping it electrically insulated from the ground.
(slang, uncountable) The drug marijuana.
A potshot
(UK) To send someone to gaol, expeditiously.

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cooking potipu hao

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