pronunciation: IPA: plʊərəl    

Translations into Hindi:

  • बहुवचन   
    (noun   )
  • अनेक   
    (adjv   )
  • एकाधिक   
    (adjv   )
  • विषमांगी   

Other meanings:

more than one
More than one of something.
plural (number)
Grammatical number that is used for more that one (many) object of the same type.
word in plural form
(grammar): a word in the form in which it potentially refers to something other than one person or thing; and other than two things if the language has a dual form.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Hindi. (2)

pluralismअनेकवृत्तिभोग; अनेकत्व; अनेकवाद
pluralityबहु संख्या; बहुमत; आधिक्य; बहुवचन

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