pronunciation: IPA: ɪ.ˈklɪps /ɛˈklɪps/ /iˈklɪps/      

Translations into Khmer:

  • សួរគ្រាស 

Other meanings:

(transitive) Of astronomical bodies, to cause an eclipse.
To cause an eclipse
A seasonal state of plumage in some birds, notably ducks, adopted temporarily after the breeding season and characterised by a dull and scruffy appearance.
(transitive) To overshadow; to be better or more noticeable than.
A software platform comprising extensible application frameworks, tools and a runtime library for software development and management.
eclipse (solar, lunar, etc.)
To overshadow
An astronomical alignment in which a planetary object (for example, the Moon) comes between the sun and another planetary object (for example, the Earth), resulting in a shadow being cast by the middle object onto the other object.
keep out (rain)
passage of a planetary object between others
A type of alignment, in which a planetary object comes between the sun and another planetary object.

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