pronunciation: IPA: ˈviːnəs  

Translations into Latin:

  • Venus   
    (Proper noun  f) (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
    Venus (dea)
    Venus (mythology)
    Venus (planeta)
    The second planet (counted from the center) of our solar system.
  • Cytherea   

Other meanings:

The Roman goddess of love, erotic desire and beauty.
(Roman mythology) the goddess of love, beauty, and natural productivity
(obsolete) Sexual activity or intercourse; sex, lust, venery.
The second planet in our solar system, named for the goddess; represented in astronomy and astrology by ♀.
Venus (planet)

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Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (18)

attendants in the temple of Venus ErycinaVenerius
attendants of Venusgratia
change of venuetralatio; translatio
epithet of VenusAcidalia
of VenusVenerius
of|sacred to|devoted to VenusVeneri
planet Venuslucifer; Venus
son of VenusCupido; cupido
surname of VenusCloacina
surname of Venus as goddess of pleasureLibentina
venuelocus; vicus
venusvenus; Amathusia
venus as goddess of slothMurcia
Venus flytrapDionaea muscipula
Venus throwVenus
without Venusinvenustus
youth beloved by VenusAdonis

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Example sentences with "Venus", translation memory

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Aphrodisia maintained the worship of Venus; Stratonicea, that of Jupiter and of Diana of the Cross Ways.sed Aphrodisiensium civitas Veneris, Stratonicensium Iovis et Triviae religionem tuebantur.
Next day, however, two praetorian cohorts under arms occupied the temple of Venus Genetrix.At postera luce duae praetoriae cohortes armatae templum Genetricis Veneris insedere; aditum senatus globus togatorum obsederat non occultis gladiis, dispersique per fora ac basilicas cunei militares.
Next the people of Segesta petitioned for the restoration of the temple of Venus at Mount Eryx, which had fallen to ruin from its Segestani aedem Veneris montem apud Erycum, vetustate dilapsam, restaurari postulavere, nota memorantes de origine eius et laeta Tiberio.
Then came the Cyprians on behalf of three shrines, the oldest of which had been set up by their founder Aerias to the Paphian Venus, the second by his son Amathus to Venus of Amathus, and the last to Jupiter of Salamis, by Teucer when he fled from the wrath of his father Telamon.exim Cyprii tribus [de] delubris, quorum vetustissimum Paphiae Veneri auctor Aesrias, post filius eius Amathus Veneri Amathusiae et Iovi Salaminio Teucer, Telamonis patris ira profugus, posuissent.
For example, the people of Smyrna quoted an oracle of Apollo, which had commanded them to dedicate a temple to Venus Stratonicis; and the islanders of Tenos, an utterance from the same deity, bidding them consecrate a statue and a fane to Neptune.nam Zmyrnaeos oraculum Apollinis, cuius imperio Stratonicidi Veneri templum dicaverint, Tenios eiusdem carmen referre, quo sacrare Neptuni effigiem aedemque iussi sint.
Here he conceived a desire to visit and inspect the temple of the Paphian Venus, place of celebrity both among natives and foreigners.atque illum cupido incessit adeundi visendique templum Paphiae Veneris, inclitum per indigenas advenasque.
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