pronunciation: IPA: /əˈnætəmi/ əˈnætəmi , SAMPA: /@"n{t@mi/ @"n{t@mi      

Translations into Latin:

  • anatomia   
    (  f) (noun   feminine )
    The science concerned with the physical structure of animals and plants.
    art of studying the different parts of any organized body
  • anatomica   
    (noun   feminine )
  • anatomie   
    (noun   feminine )

Other meanings:

The act of dividing anything, corporeal or intellectual, for the purpose of examining its parts; analysis; as, the anatomy of a discourse.
A treatise or book on anatomy.
(colloquial) The form of an individual, particularly a person, used in a tongue in cheek manner, as might be a term used by a medical professional, but in a markedly a less formal context, in which a touch of irony becomes apparent.
(archaic) A skeleton, or dead body.
The art of studying the different parts of any organized body, to discover their situation, structure, and economy; dissection.
The science that deals with the form and structure of organic bodies; anatomical structure or organization.

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