pronunciation: IPA: /daɪˈɹɛk.tɪv/ daɪˈɹɛk.tɪv , SAMPA: /daI"rEk.tIv/ daI"rEk.tIv  

Translations into Latin:

  • derectivum   
    (noun   neuter )
  • derectivus   
    (adjective   )
  • directivum   
    (noun   neuter )
  • directivus   
    (adjective   )

Other meanings:

The second rank of administrative acts (inferior to regulations, superior to decisions) made by the council or commission of the European Communities on order to carry out their tasks in accordance with the Treaties. They must be addressed to states, not individuals, but many create rights for individuals or allow the directive to be pleaded before municipal court.
An authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force.
An instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal.
serving to direct, indicate, or guide.
that directs
(software) instruction
instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal
directive (e.g. from higher to lower levels of the administration)
(European Union law) A form of legislative act addressed to the Member States. The directive binds the Member State to reach certain objectives in their national legislation.
form of legislative act addressed to the EU Member States
authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (53)

be directed
specto; verto; vergo
direct debit
direct effort towards
velifico; velificor
direct in a straight line
collinio; collineo
direct object
res directa
direct sideways
collimo; conlimo
direct speech
oratio directa; oratio recta
direct the mind
direct to
applico; admoveo
applicatus; conceptivus
directivus; regimen; coniectus; adversio; derectivus
cursus; habena; dispensatio; praeceptum; commendatio; regimen; rectio; adversio; administratio; monstratio; gubernaculum; gubernatio; imperium; pars; clima; regio
subtilitas; simplicitas
I direct
in a straight|direct line
collineate; conlineate
in any direction
aliqua; quoquam
in both directions
utroque; uterque
in each direction
quoquo; utroque
in every direction
passim; quoquoversus; quoquoversum; quoquo-versus
in opposite direction
advorsus; contra; adversus

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Example sentences with "directive", translation memory

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en He likewise gave directions that search should be made for whatever corn was in Lissus, the country of the Parthini, and all the places of strength.
la Item Lisso Parthinisque et omnibus castellis quod esset frumenti conquiri iussit.
en To meet this, the Senate had directed that every creditor should have two-thirds his capital secured on estates in Italy.
la ad hoc senatus praescripserat, duas quisque faenoris partis in agris per Italiam conlocaret.
en Tiberius gave no explanation of the matter to the Senate; he pretended that there were directions from his father ordering the tribune in charge of the prisoner not to delay the slaughter of Agrippa, whenever he should himself have breathed his last.
la nihil de ea re Tiberius apud senatum disseruit: patris iussa simulabat, quibus praescripsisset tribuno custodiae adposito, ne cunctaretur Agrippam morte adficere, quandoque ipse supremum diem explevisset.
en The end of it was that he sent for his brother Titianus, and intrusted him with the direction of the campaign.
la igitur Titianum fratrem accitum bello praeposuit.
en But Caesar's engagements at Apollonia had carried him aside from the direct road. Pompey had taken the short road to Macedonia, through Candavia.
la Sed Caesarem Apollonia a directo itinere averterat; Pompeius per Candaviam iter in Macedoniam expeditum habebat.
en One angle of this side, which is in Kent, whither almost all ships from Gaul are directed, [looks] to the east; the lower looks to the south.
la Huius lateris alter angulus, qui est ad Cantium, quo fere omnes ex Gallia naves appelluntur, ad orientem solem, inferior ad meridiem spectat.
en The other guests were flying in all directions when the centurions appeared and put every one in irons where they found them, either in the public streets or in hiding.
la ceteris passim dilabentibus adfuere centuriones, inditaque sunt vincla, ut quis reperiebatur in publico aut per latebras.
en Julius Celsus, a tribune, while in confinement, loosened his chain, and having twisted it around him, broke his neck by throwing himself in an opposite direction.
la et Iulius Celsus tribunus in vinclis laxatam catenam et circumdatam in diversum tendens suam ipse cervicem perfregit.
en The king either suspecting a stratagem from these simultaneous movements in different directions, or intending to cut off our supplies as they were coming up from the sea of Pontus and the town of Trapezus, hastily withdrew.
la Rex sive fraudem suspectans, quia plura simul in loca ibatur, sive ut commeatus nostros Pontico mari et Trapezunte oppido adventantes interciperet, propere discedit.
en Civilis, surrounding himself with the standards of the captured cohorts, to keep their recent honours before the eyes of his own men, and to terrify the enemy by the remembrance of defeat, now directed his own mother and sisters, and the wives and children of all his men, to stand in the rear, where they might encourage to victory, or shame defeat.
la Civilis captarum cohortium signis circumdatus, ut suo militi recens gloria ante oculos et hostes memoria cladis terrerentur, matrem suam sororesque, simul omnium coniuges parvosque liberos consistere a tergo iubet, hortamenta victoriae vel pulsis pudorem.
en In the mean while scouts having been sent in all directions, he examines by what most convenient path he might cross the valley.
la Interim speculatoribus in omnes partes dimissis explorat quo commodissime itinere vallem transire possit.
en Soon afterwards, his aunt Domitia had her freedman Paris taken from her, avowedly by civil law, much to the emperor's disgrace, by whose direction a decision that he was freeborn was obtained.
la nec multo post ereptus amitae libertus Paris quasi iure civili, non sine infamia principis, cuius iussu perpetratum ingenuitatis iudicium erat.
en Having provided corn and selected his cavalry, he began to direct his march toward those parts in which he heard the Germans were.
la Re frumentaria comparata equitibusque delectis iter in ea loca facere coepit, quibus in locis esse Germanos audiebat.
en At his direction, a pit was dug in a neighbouring field.
la poena Flavi Veianio Nigro tribuno mandatur.
en Meanwhile Corbulo kept his legions within the camp till spring weather was fairly established, and having stationed his auxiliary infantry at suitable points, he directed them not to begin an engagement.
la Interim Corbulo legionibus intra castra habitis, donec ver adolesceret, dispositisque per idoneos locos cohortibus auxiliariis, ne pugnam priores auderent praedicit.
en After a few days' delay in Asia, Caesar, having heard that Pompey had been seen in Cyprus, and conjecturing that he had directed his course into Egypt, on account of his connection with that kingdom, set out for Alexandria with two legions (one of which he ordered to follow him from Thessaly, the other he called in from Achaia, from Fufius, the lieutenant general), and with eight hundred horse, ten ships of war from Rhodes, and a few from Asia.
la Caesar paucos dies in Asia moratus, cum audisset Pompeium Cypri visum, coniectans eum in Aegyptum iter habere propter necessitudines regni reliquasque eius loci opportunitates cum legione una, quam se ex Thessalia sequi iusserat, et altera, quam ex Achaia a Q. Fufio legato evocaverat, equitibusque DCCC et navibus longis Rhodiis X et Asiaticis paucis Alexandriam pervenit.
en He had given directions that the fleet from the Pontus should be brought up to Byzantium, not having yet made up his mind, whether, avoiding Moesia, he should move on Dyrrachium with his infantry and cavalry, and at the same time blockade the sea on the side of Italy with his ships of war, thus leaving Asia and Achaia safe in his rear, which, being bare of troops, would be left at the mercy of Vitellius, unless they were occupied with proper garrisons.
la classem e Ponto Byzantium adigi iusserat, ambiguus consilii num omissa Moesia Dyrrachium pedite atque equite, simul longis navibus versum in Italiam mare clauderet, tuta pone tergum Achaia Asiaque, quas inermis exponi Vitellio, ni praesidiis firmarentur; atque ipsum Vitellium in incerto fore quam partem Italiae protegeret, si sibi Brundisium Tarentumque et Calabriae Lucaniaeque litora infestis classibus peterentur.
en Then, there were feminine jealousies, Livia feeling a stepmother's bitterness towards Agrippina, and Agrippina herself too being rather excitable, only her purity and love of her husband gave a right direction to her otherwise imperious disposition.
la accedebant muliebres offensiones novercalibus Liviae in Agrippinam stimulis, atque ipsa Agrippina paulo commotior, nisi quod castitate et mariti amore quamvis indomitum animum in bonum vertebat.
en Thus it was, as tradition says, that the mothers of the Gracchi, of Cæsar, of Augustus, Cornelia, Aurelia, Atia, directed their children's education and reared the greatest of sons.
la Sic Corneliam Gracchorum, sic Aureliam Caesaris, sic Atiam Augusti [matrem] praefuisse educationibus ac produxisse principes liberos accepimus.
en There was a physician, distinguished in his profession, of the name of Charicles, usually employed, not indeed to have the direction of the emperor's varying health, but to put his advice at immediate disposal.
la erat medicus arte insignis, nomine Charicles, non quidem regere valetudines principis solitus, consilii tamen copiam praebere.
en For the cohorts on Caesar's right wing, through ignorance of the place, followed the direction of that rampart which ran along from the camp to the river, while they were in search of a gate, and imagined that it belonged to the camp.
la Munitionem, quam pertinere a castris ad flumen supra demonstravimus, dextri Caesaris cornu cohortes ignorantia loci sunt secutae, cum portam quaererent castrorumque eam munitionem esse arbitrarentur.
en Germanicus meanwhile, as he was returning from Egypt, found that all his directions to the legions and to the various cities had been repealed or reversed.
la At Germanicus Aegypto remeans cuncta quae apud legiones aut urbes iusserat abolita vel in contrarium versa cognoscit.
en There was, as we have above observed, no regular army, nor a town, nor a garrison which could defend itself by arms; but the people were scattered in all directions.
la Erat, ut supra demonstravimus, manus certa nulla, non oppidum, non praesidium, quod se armis defenderet, sed in omnes partes dispersa multitudo.
en He collects also some small boats; and sends them in the same direction, with orders to make a loud noise in rowing.
la Conquirit etiam lintres: has magno sonitu remorum incitatus in eandem partem mittit.
en When, therefore, intelligence reached him that the cavalry of the Treveri and the Tungrian infantry had been defeated by Otho's fleet, and that Gallia Narbonensis was blockaded, anxious at once to protect a friendly population, and, like a skilful soldier, to separate cohorts so turbulent and, while they remained united, so inconveniently strong, he directed a detachment of the Batavians to proceed to the relief of the province.
la Igitur nuntio adlato pulsam Trevirorum alam Tungrosque a classe Othonis et Narbonensem Galliam circumiri, simul cura socios tuendi et militari astu cohortis turbidas ac, si una forent, praevalidas dispergendi, partem Batavorum ire in subsidium iubet.
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