pronunciation: IPA: /daɪˈɹɛk.tɪv/ daɪˈɹɛk.tɪv , SAMPA: /daI"rEk.tIv/ daI"rEk.tIv  

Translations into Latin:

  • derectivum   
    (noun   neuter )
  • derectivus   
    (adjective   )
  • directivum   
    (noun   neuter )
  • directivus   
    (adjective   )

Other meanings:

The second rank of administrative acts (inferior to regulations, superior to decisions) made by the council or commission of the European Communities on order to carry out their tasks in accordance with the Treaties. They must be addressed to states, not individuals, but many create rights for individuals or allow the directive to be pleaded before municipal court.
An authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force.
An instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal.
serving to direct, indicate, or guide.
that directs
(software) instruction
directive (e.g. from higher to lower levels of the administration)
instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal
(European Union law) A form of legislative act addressed to the Member States. The directive binds the Member State to reach certain objectives in their national legislation.
form of legislative act addressed to the EU Member States
authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (26)

be directed
specto; verto; vergo
conlineo; adiungo; converto; confero; formo; ministro; conlinio; rego; jubo; administro; praecipio; transfero; dirigo; intendo; conicio; fero; detorqueo; amministro; simplex; praesideo; flecto; jubeo; nuntio; depono; verso; denuntio; adjungo; tendo; duco; subtilis; guberno; attendo; contendo; applico; adverto; defigo; infero; derectus; intento; collinio; verto; figo; directus; collineo; rectus; adicio; impertio; torqueo; praescribo; derigo; moderor
direct effort towards
velifico; velificor
direct in a straight line
collinio; collineo
direct object
res directa
direct sideways
collimo; conlimo
direct speech
oratio directa
direct the mind
direct to
applico; admoveo
applicatus; conceptivus
directivus; regimen; coniectus; adversio; derectivus
cursus; habena; dispensatio; commendatio; regimen; adversio; administratio; gubernaculum; gubernatio; imperium; pars; clima
I direct

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en He was seen, as the people thronged about him, to wear a calm face, while he prolonged his time on the way with various conversations, till at last when Piso's relatives tried in vain to restrain him, Augusta directed the money which was claimed to be handed to him.
la spectabatur occursante populo compositus ore et sermonibus variis tempus atque iter ducens, donec propinquis Pisonem frustra coercentibus deferri Augusta pecuniam quae petebatur iuberet.
en So many thousand troops, comprising the picked men and horses of the army, had they been under the direction of a different general, would have been quite equal even to aggressive operations.
la tot milia armatorum, lecta equis virisque, si dux alius foret, inferendo quoque bello satis pollebant.
en Then, there were feminine jealousies, Livia feeling a stepmother's bitterness towards Agrippina, and Agrippina herself too being rather excitable, only her purity and love of her husband gave a right direction to her otherwise imperious disposition.
la accedebant muliebres offensiones novercalibus Liviae in Agrippinam stimulis, atque ipsa Agrippina paulo commotior, nisi quod castitate et mariti amore quamvis indomitum animum in bonum vertebat.
en After a few days' delay in Asia, Caesar, having heard that Pompey had been seen in Cyprus, and conjecturing that he had directed his course into Egypt, on account of his connection with that kingdom, set out for Alexandria with two legions (one of which he ordered to follow him from Thessaly, the other he called in from Achaia, from Fufius, the lieutenant general), and with eight hundred horse, ten ships of war from Rhodes, and a few from Asia.
la Caesar paucos dies in Asia moratus, cum audisset Pompeium Cypri visum, coniectans eum in Aegyptum iter habere propter necessitudines regni reliquasque eius loci opportunitates cum legione una, quam se ex Thessalia sequi iusserat, et altera, quam ex Achaia a Q. Fufio legato evocaverat, equitibusque DCCC et navibus longis Rhodiis X et Asiaticis paucis Alexandriam pervenit.
en For the cohorts on Caesar's right wing, through ignorance of the place, followed the direction of that rampart which ran along from the camp to the river, while they were in search of a gate, and imagined that it belonged to the camp.
la Munitionem, quam pertinere a castris ad flumen supra demonstravimus, dextri Caesaris cornu cohortes ignorantia loci sunt secutae, cum portam quaererent castrorumque eam munitionem esse arbitrarentur.
en When, therefore, intelligence reached him that the cavalry of the Treveri and the Tungrian infantry had been defeated by Otho's fleet, and that Gallia Narbonensis was blockaded, anxious at once to protect a friendly population, and, like a skilful soldier, to separate cohorts so turbulent and, while they remained united, so inconveniently strong, he directed a detachment of the Batavians to proceed to the relief of the province.
la Igitur nuntio adlato pulsam Trevirorum alam Tungrosque a classe Othonis et Narbonensem Galliam circumiri, simul cura socios tuendi et militari astu cohortis turbidas ac, si una forent, praevalidas dispergendi, partem Batavorum ire in subsidium iubet.
en The centre of their line had been penetrated, and the Othonianists fled on all sides in the direction of Bedriacum.
la Et media acie perrupta fugere passim Othoniani, Bedriacum petentes.
en "Marcellus declared, ""It is not my opinion that is assailed; the Consul elect has made a motion in accordance with old precedents, which directed the use of the ballot in the appointment of envoys, in order that there might be no room for intrigue or private animosities."
la Marcellus non suam sententiam impugnari, sed consulem designatum censuisse dicebat, secundum vetera exempla quae sortem legationibus posuissent, ne ambitioni aut inimicitiis locus foret.
en Still, that the passage into Italy might be safe and advantageous, directions were sent to Aponius Saturninus to hasten up with the armies of Moesia.
la Ceterum ut transmittere in Italiam impune et usui foret, scriptum Aponio Saturnino, cum exercitu Moesico celeraret.
en "Nero, to compose their differences, directed the issue of a proclamation that for the successes of Quadratus and Corbulo the laurel was to be added to the imperial ""fasces."" I have closely connected these events, though they extend into another consulship."
la Nero quo componeret diversos, sic evulgari iussit: ob res a Quadrato et Corbulone prospere gestas laurum fascibus imperatoris addi. quae in alios consules egressa coniunxi.
en After he had, by means of engines, sunk these into the river, and fixed them at the bottom, and then driven them in with rammers, not quite perpendicularly, dike a stake, but bending forward and sloping, so as to incline in the direction of the current of the river; he also placed two [other piles] opposite to these, at the distance of forty feet lower down, fastened together in the same manner, but directed against the force and current of the river.
la Haec cum machinationibus immissa in flumen defixerat fistucisque adegerat, non sublicae modo derecte ad perpendiculum, sed prone ac fastigate, ut secundum naturam fluminis procumberent, iis item contraria duo ad eundem modum iuncta intervallo pedum quadragenum ab inferiore parte contra vim atque impetu fluminis conversa statuebat.
en Having pronounced this decree between [the contending parties], he exhorted the Aedui to bury in oblivion their disputes and dissensions, and, laying aside all these things, devote themselves to the war, and expect from him, on the conquest of Gaul, those rewards which they should have earned, and send speedily to him all their cavalry and ten thousand infantry, which he might place in different garrisons to protect his convoys of provisions, and then divided his army into two parts: he gave Labienus four legions to lead into the country of the Senones and Parisii; and led in person six into the country of the Arverni, in the direction of the town of Gergovia, along the banks of the Allier. He gave part of the cavalry to Labienus and kept part to himself.
la Hoc decreto interposito cohortatus Aeduos, ut controversiarum ac dissensionis obliviscerentur atque omnibus omissis his rebus huic bello servirent eaque quae meruissent praemia ab se devicta Gallia exspectarent equitatumque omnem et peditum milia decem sibi celeriter mitterent, quae in praesidiis rei frumentariae causa disponeret, exercitum in duas partes divisit: quattuor legiones in Senones Parisiosque Labieno ducendas dedit, sex ipse in Arvernos ad oppidum Gergoviam secundum flumen Elaver duxit; equitatus partem illi attribuit, partem sibi reliquit.
en In the mean while scouts having been sent in all directions, he examines by what most convenient path he might cross the valley.
la Interim speculatoribus in omnes partes dimissis explorat quo commodissime itinere vallem transire possit.
en One angle of this side, which is in Kent, whither almost all ships from Gaul are directed, [looks] to the east; the lower looks to the south.
la Huius lateris alter angulus, qui est ad Cantium, quo fere omnes ex Gallia naves appelluntur, ad orientem solem, inferior ad meridiem spectat.
en The rewards of the informers were no less odious than their crimes; for while some seized on consulships and priestly offices, as their share of the spoil, others on procuratorships, and posts of more confidential authority, they robbed and ruined in every direction amid universal hatred and terror.
la nec minus praemia delatorum invisa quam scelera, cum alii sacerdotia et consulatus ut spolia adepti, procurationes alii et interiorem potentiam, agerent verterent cuncta odio et terrore.
en Both armies fought with the same weapons; the watch-word, continually asked, became known; the colours were confused together, as parties of combatants snatched them from the enemy, and hurried them in this or that direction.
la eadem utraque acie arma, crebris interrogationibus notum pugnae signum, permixta vexilla, ut quisque globus capta ex hostibus huc vel illuc raptabat.
en Accordingly, setting out the next day from Utica with his cavalry, he directed his march toward the kingdom.
la Ipse postero die Utica egressus cum equitatu in regnum ire contendit.
en Thereupon Lucius Pomponius, who was in command, directed the Vangiones and Nemetes, with the allied cavalry, to anticipate the raid, and suddenly to fall upon them from every quarter while they were dispersed.
la dein P. Pomponius legatus auxiliaris Vangionas ac Nemetas, addito equite alario, [immittit, monitos ut anteirent populatores vel dilapsis improvisi circumfunderentur.
en For leaving a guard opposite to the camp and sending a small body in the direction of Metiosedum, with orders to advance as far as the ships would proceed, they led the rest of their troops against Labienus.
la Nam praesidio e regione castrorum relicto et parva manu Metiosedum versus missa, quae tantum progrediatur, quantum naves processissent, reliquas copias contra Labienum duxerunt.
en Thence he directed his course to Euboea and crossed to Lesbos, where Agrippina for the last time was confined and gave birth to Julia.
la Petita inde Euboca tramisit Lesbum ubi Agrippina novissimo partu Iuliam edidit.
en Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms . It shall promote understanding , tolerance and friendship among all nations , racial or religious groups , and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace .
la Oportet educationem spect are ad totam hominum beatitudinem et ad respectus jurum hominis et libertatum primarum confirmationem.Oportet educationem favere cogitationi , patientiae amicitiaeque inter omnes gentes , omnia generum aut religionum globos ; oportet educationem favere progressioni operarum nationum sociatarum ad pacis conservationem .
en I record the fact with a special object. Whoever would study the calamities of that period in my pages or those of other authors, is to take it for granted that as often as the emperor directed banishments or executions, so often was there a thanksgiving to the gods, and what formerly commemorated some prosperous event, was then a token of public disaster.
la dona ob haec templis decreta que[m] ad finem memorabimus? quicumque casus temporum illorum nobis vel aliis auctoribus noscent, praesumptum habeant, quotiens fugas et caedes iussit princeps, totiens grates deis actas, quaeque rerum secundarum olim, tum publicae cladis insignia fuisse.
en Next day he decamped, and directed his march toward Sarsura, where Scipio had a garrison of Numidians, and a magazine of corn.
la Postquam satis diu adversarios ab se ad dimicandum invitatos supersedere pugnae animadvertit, reducit copias posteroque die castra movet atque iter ad oppidum Sassuram, ubi Scipio Numidarum habuerat praesidium frumentumque comportaverat, ire contendit.
en "Was it the only worthy object of reform to provide that the Syracusans should not give shows on a larger scale? Were all other matters in every department of the empire as admirable as if Thrasea and not Nero had the direction of them? But if the highest affairs were passed by and ignored, how much more ought there to be no meddling with things wholly insignificant."" Thrasea in reply, when his friends asked an explanation, said ""that it was not in ignorance of Rome's actual condition that he sought to correct such decrees, but that he was giving what was due to the honour of the senators, in making it evident that those who attended even to the merest trifles, would not disguise their responsibility for important affairs."""
la an solum emendatione dignum, ne Syracusis spectacula largius ederentur: cetera per omnes imperii partes perinde egregia quam si non Nero, sed Thrasea regimen eorum teneret? quod si summa dissimulatione transmitterentur, quanto magis inanibus abstinendum! Thrasea contra, rationem poscentibus amicis, non praesentium ignarum respondebat eius modi consulta corrigere, sed patrum honori dare, ut manifestum fieret magnarum rerum curam non dissimulaturos, qui animum etiam levissimis adverterent.
en The Gaul apprehending danger, throws his spear as he has been directed.
la Gallus periculum veritus, ut erat praeceptum, tragulam mittit.
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