Translations into Latin:

  • gingiva   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )

Other meanings:

The mucosal tissue that partly lies over the teeth in the mouth.
Plural form of gum.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (28)

application of gumcummitio; gummitio
Arabian gumcancamum
aromatic gumbdella; bdellium
aromatic gum-resin flowing from bdellium treebrochon
balsam tree|gumbalsamum
British gumdextrinum
characteristic of galbanum|gum resin from species of Ferulagalbanus
chewing gummasticatorium
exuded gum|saplachruma; lacryma; lacruma; lacrima; lachrima; lachryma
exuded gum|sap from plantdacrima
fennel-like plant cultivated for its gumsilpium; silphium; silphion
fossil gum from the Baltic seaelectrum
fragrant gumbalsamum
full of gumgumminosus; cumminosus
gumgummis; commis; gluten; commi; gummi; glutinum; cummi; cummis; gingiva
gum arabic treeacacia
gum arabic tree|woodacanthos; acanthus
gum of the myrrh-treemurra
gum resin of umbelliferous plant in Persia|Syriagalbanen; galbanum
gum|resin as curelichen
gum|resin of Pistacia lentiscus|other treesmastichum; mastex; masticha; mastice; mastiche; mastix
gum|resin of Syrian cedarcedria
plant gum-juicesagapenon; sacopenium
stinking gumFerula; asafoetida
sweet gumliquidambar

Example sentences with "gums", translation memory

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Some men, seizing his hand under pretence of kissing it, thrust his fingers into their mouths, that he might touch their toothless gums; others showed him their limbs bowed with quidam prensa manu eius per speciem exosculandi inseruerunt digitos ut vacua dentibus ora contingeret; alii curvata senio membra ostendebant.
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