pronunciation: IPA: /ˈkɪlə/ ˈkɪlə      

Translations into Latin:

  • interfector   
    (noun, noun (m.; 3rd declension)   masculine )

Other meanings:

A diacritic mark used in Indic scripts to suppress an inherent vowel (e.g., the Hindi viram, the Bengali or Oriya hasanta) or render the entire syllable silent (e.g., the Burmese virama, the Khmer toandakhiat).
a diacritic mark
(figuratively) That which causes stress or is extremely difficult, especially that which may cause failure at a task.
A person who has commited murder.
(sports) A knockout form of darts involving several players
That which kills.
person who kills
(slang) Excellent, very good.
(figuratively) Something that is so far ahead of its competition that it effectively kills off that competition.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (5)

killer of menhomicida
killer whaleorca
killer|slayer a tyrant|despottyrannoctonus; tyrannicida
killer|slayer of Goddeicida
tyrant killertyrannoctonus

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