pronunciation: IPA: laɪt /laɪt/ , SAMPA: /laIt/          

Translations into Latin:

  • lux   
    (Noun, Verb  f) (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
    A flame or something used to create fire.
    to start (a fire)
    electromagnetic wave
    a source of light
    a point of view
    a spiritual truth
    Electromagnetic radiation that is capable of causing a visual sensation.(Source: CED)
    electromagnetic wave
    spiritual truth
  • lumen   
    (Noun  n) (noun, noun (n.; 3rd declension)   neuter )
    A flame or something used to create fire.
    electromagnetic wave
    a source of light
    a point of view
    a spiritual truth
    Electromagnetic radiation that is capable of causing a visual sensation.(Source: CED)
    electromagnetic wave
  • levis     
    (Adjective  ) (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )
    of low weight
    of low weight
  • illuminare   
    (Verb  )
    to illuminate
    to illuminate
  • clarus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • ventosus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • accendere   
    to start (a fire)
  • incendere   
    to start (a fire)
  • accendo   
    (verb, noun, verb (3rd conjugation)   masculine )
  • acer   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (3rd 3-termination), noun (n.; 3rd declension)   neuter )
  • actuarius   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (2-1-2)   masculine )
  • acutus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • adluceo   
    (verb   )
  • aeger   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (1st/2nd -R)   masculine )
  • agitabilis   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )
  • albens   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 1-termination)   )
  • alluceo   
    (verb   )
  • conflo   
    (verb, verb (1st conjugation)   )
  • elucido   
    (verb   )
  • fax   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • ignis         
    (noun, noun (m.; 3rd pure I-stem declension)   masculine )
  • incendium   
    (noun, noun (n.; 2nd declension)   neuter )
  • incendo   
    (verb, verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • incido   
    (verb, verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • inlustris   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )
  • iubar   
    (noun (n.; 3rd pure I-stem declension)   )
  • lampada   
    (noun   feminine )
  • lampas   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • lenis   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )
  • liburna   
    (noun   feminine )
  • liburnica   
    (noun   feminine )
  • lucus   
    (noun, noun (m.; 4th declension), noun (m.; 2nd declension)   masculine )
  • lychnus   
    (noun, noun (m.; 2nd declension)   masculine )
  • remissus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • sidus   
    (noun, noun (n.; 3rd declension)   neuter )
  • sol   
    (noun, noun (m.; 3rd declension)   masculine )
  • suspensus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • æger   

Other meanings:

A notable person within a specific field or discipline.
To begin to smoke.
Psychologically light; especially free from sadness or troubles.
coffee: served with extra milk or cream
having little force or momentum
light (color, colour, taste)
Carrying little.
(of coffee) served with extra milk or cream
light (flavor, flavour)
pale in colour
casual (e.g. dress)
To shine light on something.
A device that produces light, such as an electric lamp.
To find by chance.
a window
A point of view, or aspect from which a concept, person or thing is regarded.
Unimportant, trivial, having little value or significance.
Of low weight; not heavy.
A property in graphic design software that makes objects visible, much like light in the natural world.
having light
Lightly-built; designed for speed or small loads.
unload a ship
(obsolete) Unchaste, wanton.
To start a fire or light a flame.
Spiritual or mental illumination; enlightenment, useful information.
(in the plural, now rare) Facts. pieces of information; ideas, concepts.
(rail transport, of a locomotive, usually with "run") travelling with no carriages, wagons attached
A window, or space for a window in architecture
Low in degree or quantity or number (e.g. of rain, snow, accent).
(used of soil) loose and large-grained in consistency.
(archaic) To alight.
Easily assimilated in the alimentary canal; not rich or heavily seasoned.
light (a fire)
(electric) light
Anything, natural or artificial, that produces light.
(transitive) To illuminate.
(transitive) To set fire to.
Gentle; having little force or momentum.
(uncountable) The natural medium emanating from the sun and other very hot sources (now recognised as electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 400-750 nm), within which vision is possible.
With a small mass, little weight or density; the opposite of heavy.
of little significance
(informal) A cross-light in a double acrostic or triple acrostic.
(of the military or industry) using (or being) relatively small or light weapons or equipment.
find by chance
(curling) A stone that is not thrown hard enough.
(nautical) To unload a ship, or to jettison material to make it lighter
A source of illumination.
The series of squares reserved for the answer to a crossword clue
(transitive) To start (a fire).
(of color) having a relatively small amount of color components.
Low in fat, calories, alcohol, salt, etc.

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lumen, lux
lumen, lux

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (45)

after darkness, |I hope for| light
post tenebras lux, or post tenebras spero lucem
And light shines in the darkness
et lux in tenebris lucet
before light
bring to light
rescisco; promo; testificor; emergo; promoveo; patefacio; protraho
fast light vessel
cercurus; cercyrus
first light
give light to
lumino; illumino; inlumino
give|supply light
adluceo; alluceo
God our light
numen lumen
in the absence of light, darkness prevails
in absentia luci, tenebrae vincunt
in your light we will see the light
in lumine tuo videbimus lumen
let there be light
lux sit; fiat lux
light and law
lux et lex
light and truth
lux et veritas
light armed
light branch
Light ever increasing
crescente luce
light galley
dicrota; dicrotum; bicrotum
light hoe
light oared vessel
pristis; pistrix; pistris
light of day
lux; apricum; dies
Truth is my light.
veritas lux mea
We follow the light
lucem sequimur

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en For the chief officers of the Getulian horse, with other illustrious men of that nation (whose fathers had served under C. Marius, and from his bounty obtained considerable estates in their country, but after Sylla's victory had been made tributaries to king Hiempsal), taking advantage of the night, when the fires were lighted, came over to Caesar's camp near Uzita, with their horses and servants, to the number of about a thousand.
la Namque Gaetuli ex equitatu regio nobiliores equitumque praefecti quorum patres cum Mario ante meruerant eiusque beneficio agris finibusque donati post Sullae victoriam sub Hiempsalis regis erant dati potestatem, occasione capta nocte iam luminibus accensis cum equis calonibusque suis circiter mille perfugiunt in Caesaris castra quae erant in campo proxime locum Uzittae locata.
en But when Caesar discovered this, he commanded those through whose territory they had gone, to seek them out and to bring them back again, if they meant to be acquitted before him; and considered them, when brought back, in the light of enemies; he admitted all the rest to a surrender, upon their delivering up the hostages, arms, and deserters.
la Quod ubi Caesar resciit, quorum per fines ierant his uti conquirerent et reducerent, si sibi purgati esse vellent, imperavit; reductos in hostium numero habuit; reliquos omnes obsidibus, armis, perfugis traditis in deditionem accepit.
en The reason of this disposition was, because his right wing being defended by the works, it behooved him to make his left stronger, that they might be a match for the numerous cavalry of the enemy; for which reason he had placed all his horse there, intermixed with light-armed foot; and as he could not rely much upon them, had detached the fifth legion to sustain them.
la Id eo consilio fecerat quod suum dextrum latus munitionibus adiuvabatur, sinistrum autem equitatus hostium multitudini uti resistere posset laborabat, eodemque suum omnem equitatum contulerat, et quod ei parum confidebat, praesidio his equitibus legionem V praemiserat levemque armaturam inter equites interposuerat.
en The day following, some of the enemy's cavalry and light-armed infantry deserted to us; and about eleven of their horse falling upon a party of our men that were sent to fetch water, killed some and took others prisoners; among which last were eight troopers.
la Postero die equites cum levi armatura ex adversariorum castris ad nos transfugerunt. Et eo tempore circiter XL equites ad aquatores nostros excucurrerunt, nonnullos interfecerunt, item alios vivos abduxerunt; e quibus capti sunt equites VIII.
en You, whose fortune never suffered a reverse, may keep back the legions; the light cohorts will be enough for me.
la vos, quibus fortuna in integro est, legiones continete: mihi expeditae cohortes sufficient.
en I see a light.
la Lumen video.
en Sound is less quick than light.
la Sonus minus est velox quam lux.
en When the townsmen perceived his design, being terrified by the recollection of the distress at Alesia, they began to dread similar consequences from a siege; and above all Luterius, who had experienced that fatal event, cautioned them to make provisions of corn; they therefore resolve by general consent to leave part of their troops behind, and set out with their light troops to bring in corn.
la Quod cum animadverterent oppidani miserrimaque Alesiae memoria solliciti similem casum obsessionis vererentur, maximeque ex omnibus Lucterius, qui fortunae illius periculum fecerat, moneret frumenti rationem esse habendam, constituunt omnium consensu parte ibi relicta copiarum ipsi cum expeditis ad importandum frumentum proficisci.
en About the same time, the mountain between Lake Fucinus and the river Liris was bored through, and that this grand work might be seen by a multitude of visitors, preparations were made for a naval battle on the lake, just as formerly Augustus exhibited such a spectacle, in a basin he had made this side the Tiber, though with light vessels, and on a smaller scale.
la Sub idem tempus inter lacum Fucinum amnemque Lirim perrupto monte, quo magnificentia operis a pluribus viseretur, lacu in ipso navale proelium adornatur, ut quondam Augustus structo trans Tiberim stagno, sed levibus navigiis et minore copia ediderat.
en This chair is light.
la Haec sella levis est.
en If we wait for the light, we shall be met with entreaties for peace, and in return for our toil and our wounds shall receive only the empty satisfaction of clemency and praise, but the wealth of Cremona will go into the purses of the legates and the prefects.
la quod si lucem opperiantur, iam pacem, iam preces, et pro labore ac vulneribus clementiam et gloriam, inania, laturos, sed opes Cremonensium in sinu praefectorum legatorumque fore.
en About the same time Lucilius Bassus was sent with some light cavalry to establish order in Campania, where the towns were still disturbed, but by mutual animosities rather than by any spirit of opposition to the new Emperor.
la Isdem diebus Lucilius Bassus cum expedito equite ad componendam Campaniam mittitur, discordibus municipiorum animis magis inter semet quam contumacia adversus principem.
en First, the keels and ribs were made of light timber, then, the rest of the hulk of the ships was wrought with wicker work, and covered over with hides.
la Carinae ac prima statumina ex levi materia fiebant; reliquum corpus navium viminibus contextum coriis integebatur.
en Caesar was rendered very anxious by these occurrences; because as often as he engaged with his cavalry, without being supported by the infantry, he found himself by no means a match for the enemy's horse, supported by their light-armed foot: and as he had no experience of the strength of their legions, he foresaw still greater difficulties when these should be united, as the shock must then be overwhelming.
la Quibus ex rebus Caesar vehementer commovebatur, quod quotienscumque proelium erat commissum, equitatu suo sine legionario milite hostium equitatui levique armaturae eorum nullo modo par esse poterat.
en The moon lights the way.
la Luna viam illustrat.
en While Caesar was measuring out his camp, he was told of a revolt of the Angrivarii in his rear. He at once despatched Stertinius with some cavalry and a light armed force, who punished their perfidy with fire and sword.
la metanti castra Caesari Angrivariorum defectio a tergo nuntiatur: missus ilico Stertinius cum equite et armatura levi igne et caedibus perfidiam ultus est.
en And God said: Let there be light. And there was light.
la Dixitque Deus: Fiat lux. Et facta est lux.
en At last, with the light of day, when the general and the soldiers and the whole affair were clearly recognised, Germanicus entered the camp, ordered Plancus to be conducted to him, and received him on the tribunal.
la luce demum, postquam dux et miles et facta noscebantur, ingressus castra Germanicus perduci ad se Plancum imperat recepitque in tribunal.
en I like light shoes.
la Calcei leves mihi placent.
en But finding that they carefully avoided a battle, with a view to which chiefly he had quitted the route of Ulia; he caused great fires to be lighted in the night, repassed the river with all his forces, and marched toward Ategua, one of their strongest garrisons.
la Id cum animadverteret adversarios minime velle, quos +quoniam a avia+ retraxerat, ut in aequum deduceret, copiis flumine traductis noctu iubet ignis fieri magnos: ita firmissimum eius praesidium Ateguam proficiscitur.
en Three hundred and twenty-four light-armed foot, and about a hundred and thirty-eight legionary soldiers of their number fell, besides those whose armor and spoils we carried off.
la Nam ceciderunt ex levi armatura CCCXXIIII, ex legionariis CXXXVIII, praeterquam quorum arma et spolia sunt ablata.
en So again the young, those whose studies are on the anvil, who go after the orators with a view to their own progress, are anxious not merely to hear but also to carry back home some brilliant passage worthy of remembrance. They tell it one to another, and often mention it in letters to their colonies and provinces, whether it is a reflection lighted up by a neat and pithy phrase, or a passage bright with choice and poetic ornament.
la Iam vero iuvenes et in ipsa studiorum incude positi, qui profectus sui causa oratores sectantur, non solum audire, sed etiam referre domum aliquid inlustre et dignum memoria volunt; traduntque in vicem ac saepe in colonias ac provincias suas scribunt, sive sensus aliquis arguta et brevi sententia effulsit, sive locus exquisito et poetico cultu enituit.
en Having thus recovered Pontus, and abandoned the plunder of the enemy's camp to the soldiers, he set out next day with some light horse. He ordered the sixth legion to return to Italy to receive the honors and rewards they had merited; and sent home the auxiliary troops of Deiotarus, and left two legions with Caelius Vincianus to protect the kingdom of Pontus.
la Ponto recepto praeda omni regia militibus condonata postero die cum expeditis equitibus ipse proficiscitur, legionem sextam decedere ad praemia atque honores accipiendos in Italiam iubet, auxilia Deiotari domum remittit, duas legiones cum Caelio Viniciano in Ponto relinquit.
en As soon as the funeral pile was lighted, one of her freedmen, surnamed Mnester, ran himself through with a sword, either from love of his mistress or from the fear of destruction.
la accenso rogo libertus eius cognomento Mnester [se] ipse ferro transegit, incertum caritate in patronam an metu exitii.
en Soon after, some slaves who had deserted informed us that he had sold all the goods of the citizens, and that Pompey suffered none of his soldiers to quit the camp but unarmed, because, since the taking of Ategua, many despairing of success fled into Baeturia, having given over all expectation of victory; and that if any deserted from our camp, they were put among the light-armed infantry, whose pay was only sixteen asses a day.
la Hoc praeterito tempore servi transfugae nuntiaverunt oppidanorum bona vendere [edictumque] ne cui extra vallum liceret exire nisi discinctum, idcirco quod ex quo die oppidum Ategua esset captum, metu conterritos conplures profugere Baeturiam; neque sibi ullam spem victoriae propositam habere, et siqui ex nostris transfugerent, in levem armaturam conici eumque non amplius XVII accipere.
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