pronunciation: IPA: ʃɑːk /ʃɑː(r)k/      

Translations into Latin:

  • squalus   
    (Noun  m) (noun, noun (m.; 2nd declension)   masculine )
    scaleless cartilaginous fish
    A scaleless fish with a cartilaginous skeleton that has 5 to 7 gill slits on each side of its head.
    scaleless cartilaginous fish
    scaleless cartilaginous fish
  • Carcharhinus   
  • canicula   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • pristis   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • selachimorpha   
  • squatina   
    (noun   feminine )

Other meanings:

(to) get the best of another in competition
(informal, derogatory) A sleazy and amoral lawyer; an ambulance chaser.
(to) stump another Boonter on a lingo neologism
(informal) A very good pool player.
(obsolete) To steal or obtain through fraud.
(sports and games) A person who feigns ineptitude to win money from others.
(informal) A relentless and resolute person or group, especially in business.
A scaleless fish of the superorder Selachimorpha, with a cartilaginous skeleton that has 5 to 7 gill slits on each side of its head.

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squalus, squalus
squalus, squalus

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alopex; Alopias vulpinus
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Galeocerdo cuvier
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