pronunciation: IPA: /sləʊ/ sloʊ /sloʊ/ sləʊ , SAMPA: /sl@U/ sloU /sloU/ sl@U          

Translations into Latin:

  • lentus   
    (Adjective  ) (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
    not quick in motion
    not quick in motion
    not quick in motion
  • tardus   
    (Adjective  ) (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
    of reduced intellectual capacity
    of reduced intellectual capacity
    of reduced intellectual capacity
  • piger   
    (adjective, adjective (1st/2nd -R)   )
  • bardus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • improperatus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • pressus   
    (adjective, noun, noun (m.; 4th declension), adjective (2-1-2)   masculine )
  • remoris   
  • segnis   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )
  • serus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • spissus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • stolidus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • tarda   
  • tardum   

Other meanings:

(of a clock or the like) Behind in time; indicating a time earlier than the true time.
To become slower.
slow (opposite of fast)
Taking a long time to move or go a short distance, or to perform an action; not quick in motion; proceeding at a low speed.
Not happening in a short time; spread over a comparatively long time.
behind in time
to reduce the speed of
Lacking spirit; deficient in liveliness or briskness.
lacking in promptness; acting with deliberation
Someone who is slow; a sluggard.
(of a period of time) Not busy; lacking activity.
(rare) Slowly ( usually in combinations ).
(transitive) To keep from going quickly; to hinder the progress of.
(computing, of a piece of hardware) That takes a long time to transfer data.
The opposite of fast or quick, and not even normal; At a velocity or pace below the usual or expected; With a moderate or reduced speed; Consuming much time.
(transitive) To make (something) run, move, etc. less quickly; to reduce the speed of.
lacking spirit; boring
Of reduced intellectual capacity; not quick to comprehend.
to become slow
(intransitive) To become slow; to slacken in speed; to decelerate.
With low speed.
(market) weakness
(music) A slow song.
spread over a comparatively long time
Not hasty; not precipitate; lacking in promptness; acting with deliberation.
dull (e.g. a knife)
Reduce the velocity.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (23)

be slow
be slow to act
cunctor; cuncto; contor
become slow
pigresco; tardesco
rather slow
slow down
modero; devigesco
slow of foot
slow of speech
slow to act
inmobilis; immobilis
slow to action
conctabundus; cunctabundus
segnipes; tardipes
gravitas; segnitia; segnities; tarditas; lentitudo
somewhat slow
lentulus; tardiusculus
very slow

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en The legates and the provinces were equally slow. Hordeonius Flaccus, who was beginning to suspect the Batavians, feared that he should have a war on his own hands, and Vettius Bolanus had in Britain a province never very quiet; and both these officers were wavering in their allegiance.
la perinde legati provinciaeque cunctabantur, Hordeonius Flaccus suspectis iam Batavis anxius proprio bello, Vettius Bolanus numquam satis quieta Britannia, et uterque ambigui.
en He is tedious in his introductions, lengthy in his narrations, careless about digressions; he is slow to rouse himself, and seldom warms to his subject, and only an idea here and there is brought to a fitting and a brilliant close.
la Nam priores eius orationes non carent vitiis antiquitatis: lentus est in principiis, longus in narrationibus, otiosus circa excessus; tarde commovetur, raro incalescit; pauci sensus apte et cum quodam lumine terminantur.
en Agricola, having been sent by Mucianus to conduct â levy of troops, and having done his work with integrity and energy, was appointed to command the 10th Legion, which had been slow to take the new oath of allegiance, and the retiring officer of which was reported to be acting disloyally.
la Is missum ad dilectus agendos Agricolam integreque ac strenue versatum vicesimae legioni tarde ad sacramentum transgressae praeposuit, ubi decessor seditiose agere narrabatur: quippe legatis quoque consularibus nimia ac formidolosa erat, nec legatus praetorius ad cohibendum potens, incertum suo an militum ingenio.
en It was done, however, after long delay, and then only by a few voices from the foremost ranks, while the rest preserved an absolute silence, every one waiting for some bold demonstration from his neighbour, in obedience to that innate tendency of men, which makes them quick to follow where they are slow to lead.
la Inferioris tamen Germaniae legiones sollemni kalendarum Ianuariarum sacramento pro Galba adactae, multa cunctatione et raris primorum ordinum vocibus, ceteri silentio proximi cuiusque audaciam expectantes, insita mortalibus natura, propere sequi quae piget inchoare.
en Then he drank poison, but disgusted at its slowness, he hastened death by severing his veins.
la atque ille hausto veneno, tarditatem eius perosus intercisis venis mortem adproperavit.
en I think Tatoeba is slow today.
la Puto Tatoebam hodie lentum esse.
en The army then proceeded by slow marches through the territory of the Allobroges and Vocontii, the very length of each day's march and the changes of encampment being made a matter of traffic by the general, who concluded disgraceful bargains to the injury of the holders of land and the magistrates of the different states, and used such menaces, that at Lucus, a municipal town of the Vocontii, he was on the point of setting fire to the place, when a present of money soothed his rage.
la lento deinde agmine per finis Allobrogum ac Vocontiorum ductus exercitus, ipsa itinerum spatia et stativorum mutationes venditante duce, foedis pactionibus adversus possessores agrorum et magistratus civitatum, adeo minaciter ut Luco (municipium id Vocontiorum est) faces admoverit, donec pecunia mitigaretur.
en Sejanus however pacified him, not out of love for Gallus, but rather to wait the result of the emperor's wavering mood, knowing, as he did, that, though slow in forming his purpose, yet having once broken through his reserve, he would follow up harsh words with terrible deeds.
la sed mitigavit Seianus, non Galli amore verum ut cunctationes principis opperiretur, gnarus lentum in meditando, ubi prorupisset, tristibus dictis atrocia facta coniungere.
en But Nero, impatient at such slow progress in crime, threatened the tribune and ordered the poisoner to execution for prolonging his anxiety while they were thinking of the popular talk and planning their own defence.
la sed Nero lenti sceleris impatiens minitari tribuno, iubere supplicium veneficae, quod, dum rumorem respiciunt, dum parant defensiones, securitatem morarentur.
en The car is slow.
la Raeda lenta est.
en Galba's progress had been slow and blood-stained. Cingonius Varro, consul elect, and Petronius Turpilianus, a man of consular rank, were put to death; the former as an accomplice of Nymphidius, the latter as one of Nero's generals.
la tardum Galbae iter et cruentum, interfectis Cingonio Varrone consule designato et Petronio Turpiliano consulari: ille ut Nymphidii socius, hic ut dux Neronis, inauditi atque indefensi tamquam innocentes perierant.
en Thereupon, Agrippina, who had long decided on the crime and eagerly grasped at the opportunity thus offered, and did not lack instruments, deliberated on the nature of the poison to be used. The deed would be betrayed by one that was sudden and instantaneous, while if she chose a slow and lingering poison, there was a fear that Claudius, when near his end, might, on detecting the treachery, return to his love for his son.
la tum Agrippina, sceleris olim certa et oblatae occasionis propera nec ministrorum egens, de genere veneni consultavit, ne repentino et praecipiti facinus proderetur; si lentum et tabidum delegisset, ne admotus supremis Claudius et dolo intellecto ad amorem filii rediret.
en But our men, not having such expert seamen, or skillful pilots, for they had been hastily drafted from the merchant ships, and were not yet acquainted even with the names of the rigging, were moreover impeded by the heaviness and slowness of our vessels, which having been built in a hurry and of green timber, were not so easily maneuvered.
la Nostri cum minus exercitatis remigibus minusque peritis gubernatoribus utebantur, qui repente ex onerariis navibus erant producti neque dum etiam vocabulis armamentorum cognitis, tum etiam tarditate et gravitate navium impediebantur; factae enim subito ex humida materia non eundem usum celeritatis habebant.
en "Every master should carefully consider the merits of each case, and be slow to grant what once given could not be taken away."" This view prevailed, and the emperor replied to the Senate that, whenever freedmen were accused by their patrons, they were to investigate each case separately and not to annul any right to their common injury."
la haec sententia valuit, scripsitque Caesar senatui, privatim expenderent causam libertorum, quotiens a patronis arguerentur; in commune nihil derog[ar]ent.
en There is a river [called] the Saone, which flows through the territories of the Aedui and Sequani into the Rhone with such incredible slowness, that it can not be determined by the eye in which direction it flows.
la Flumen est Arar, quod per fines Haeduorum et Sequanorum in Rhodanum influit, incredibili lenitate, ita ut oculis in utram partem fluat iudicari non possit.
en Proceeding thus with a slow and gentle pace, he found the legions fitter to sustain the enemy's charge.
la Ita vim hostium placide leniterque procedens per legionarium militem commodius sustinebat.
en For these reasons already mentioned, Caesar was very anxious, and proceeded with more slowness and circumspection than usual, abating considerably in his wonted expedition and celerity.
la Ob has causas quas supra commemoravi solli citabatur Caesar tardiorque et consideratior erat factus et ex pristina bellandi consuetudine celeritateque excesserat.
en The clock is slow.
la Horologium lentum est.
en The forces of Pompey being thus augmented, and two such powerful armies united, their former expectations were confirmed, and their hopes of victory so much increased, that whatever time intervened was considered as so much delay to their return into Italy; and whenever Pompey acted with slowness and caution, they used to exclaim, that it was the business only of a single day, but that he had a passion for power, and was delighted in having persons of consular and praetorian rank in the number of his slaves.
la Auctis copiis Pompei duobusque magnis exercitibus coniunctis pristina omnium confirmatur opinio, et spes victoriae augetur, adeo ut, quicquid intercederet temporis, id morari reditum in Italiam videretur, et si quando quid Pompeius tardius aut consideratius faceret, unius esse negotium diei, sed illum delectari imperio et consulares praetoriosque servorum habere numero dicerent.
en This Tiberius did not approve, either interpreting unfavourably every act of Germanicus, or because he thought that the spectacle of the slain and unburied made the army slow to fight and more afraid of the enemy, and that a general invested with the augurate and its very ancient ceremonies ought not to have polluted himself with funeral rites.
la quod Tiberio haud probatum, seu cuncta Germanici in deterius trahenti, sive exercitum imagine caesorum insepultorumque tardatum ad proelia et formidolosiorem hostium credebat; neque imperatorem auguratu et vetustissimis caerimoniis praeditum adtrectare feralia debuisse.
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