pronunciation: IPA: /sprɪŋ/ sprɪŋ , SAMPA: /sprIN/          

Translations into Latin:

  • ver   
    (Noun  n) (noun, noun (n.; 3rd declension)   neuter )
  • fons   
    (Noun  m) (noun, noun (m.; 3rd pure I-stem declension)   masculine )
    water source
    water source
  • vēr   
    (  n)
    Traditionally the first of the four seasons, the season of growth with an ever increasing amount of daytime.
    first season
  • salire   
  • elater   
    (noun   neuter )
  • circumsilio   
    (verb, verb (4th conjugation)   )
    to jump or leap
  • caput   
    (noun, noun (n.; 3rd declension)   neuter )
  • catadupa   
  • cataracta   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • cresco   
    (verb, verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • exsisto   
    (verb, verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • fluo   
    (verb, verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • fontanus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • insulto   
    (verb, verb (1st conjugation)   )
  • mano   
    (verb, verb (1st conjugation)   )
  • orior   
    (verb, deponent verb (3rd IO conjugation), deponent verb (4th conjugation)   )
  • proficiscor   
    (verb, deponent verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • radix   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • salio   
    (verb, verb (4th conjugation)   )
  • saltus   
    (noun, noun (m.; 4th declension)   masculine )
  • subnascor   
    (verb, deponent verb (3rd conjugation)   )
  • venio   
    (verb, verb (4th conjugation)   )
  • verno   
    (verb, verb (1st conjugation)   )
  • vernus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )

Other meanings:

spring (e.g. coil, leaf)
body (of hair, noodle, paper, etc.)
(countable) The astronomically delineated period from the moment of vernal equinox, approximately March 20 in the northern hemisphere to the moment of the summer solstice, approximately June 21. (See 15px Spring (season) on Wikipedia.Wikipedia:Spring (season) for other variations.)
start to exist
rope on a boat
To jump or leap.
(countable) The source of an action
(slang) To release or set free, especially from prison.
(countable) Spring tide; a tide of greater-than-average range, that is, around the first or third quarter of a lunar month, or around the times of the new or full moon.
A place where ground water flows naturally from a rock or the soil onto the land surface or into a body of surface water.
higher-than-average tide
(countable) Traditionally the first of the four seasons of the year in temperate regions, in which plants spring from the ground and trees come into blossom, following winter and preceding summer.
To spring away from an impact.
(uncountable) The property of a body of springing to its original form after being compressed, stretched, etc.
property of a body of springing to its original form
To start to exist.
A place where water emerges from the ground.
(countable) A place where water emerges from the ground.
source of an action
third month of the lunar calendar
(countable) Meteorologically, the months of March, April and May in the northern hemisphere (or September, October and November in the southern).
jump or leap
(countable) A mechanical device made of flexible or coiled material that exerts force when it is bent, compressed or stretched.
(countable, slang) An erection of the penis.
device made of flexible material
(countable, nautical) A rope attaching the bow of a vessel to the stern-side of the jetty, or vice versa, to stop the vessel from surging.
A mechanical device made of flexible material that exerts force when it is bent.

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radix, fons
radix, fons

Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (47)

a spring
bubbling spring
scaturigo; scatebra
leap|spring up|at
insilio; insulio
little spring
of a spring
of spring
of this spring
hornotinus; hornus
spring across
spring at
spring back
resulto; recello; recido; resilio
spring forth
scateo; exsilio; gnascor; prosilio; pullulo; nascor; scato; emico
spring forth|to attack
coorior; corior
spring out
exsilio; emico; emano
spring over
spring time
tempus vernum
spring up
prosilio; oborior; cresco; enascor; exorior; prodeo; subsulto; consurgo; prodio; insilio; sussulto
spring up in
spring-sown crops
trimestre; trimenstre

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Example sentences with "spring", translation memory

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en It's spring.
la Ver est.
en For almost the whole province of Further Spain, though of an extremely fertile soil, and abounding in springs, is nevertheless very difficult of access.
la nam fere totius ulterioris Hispaniae regio propter terrae fecundidatem inopem difficilemque habet oppugnationem et non nimis copiosam aquationem.
en "Meanwhile, in the beginning of spring, Parthian envoys brought a message from king Vologeses, with a letter to the same effect. ""He did not,"" it was said, ""repeat his former and frequent claims to the holding of Armenia, since the gods who ruled the destinies of the most powerful nations, had handed over its possession to the Parthians, not without disgrace to Rome."
la Inter quae veris principio legati Parthorum mandata regis Vologaesis litterasque in eandem formam attulere: se priora et totiens iactata super obtineneda Armenia nunc omittere, quoniam dii, quamvis potentium populorum arbitri, possessionem Parthis non sine ignominia Romana tradidissent.
en Close under the walls of the town, a copious spring gushed out on that part, which for the space of nearly three hundred feet, was not surrounded by the river.
la Quorum omnis postea multitudo aquatorum unum in locum conveniebat sub ipsius oppidi murum, ubi magnus fons aquae prorumpebat ab ea parte, quae fere pedum CCC intervallo fluminis circuitu vacabat.
en Meanwhile Corbulo kept his legions within the camp till spring weather was fairly established, and having stationed his auxiliary infantry at suitable points, he directed them not to begin an engagement.
la Interim Corbulo legionibus intra castra habitis, donec ver adolesceret, dispositisque per idoneos locos cohortibus auxiliariis, ne pugnam priores auderent praedicit.
en Spring is coming.
la Ver appropinquat.
en One swallow does not a spring make.
la Ūna hirundo nōn efficit vēr.
en Having proclaimed a council of Gaul in the beginning of the spring, as he had been accustomed [to do], when the deputies from the rest, except the Senones, the Carnutes, and the Treviri, had come, judging this to be the commencement of war and revolt, that he might appear to consider all things of less consequence [than that war], he transfers the council to Lutetia of the Parisii.
la Concilio Galliae primo vere, ut instituerat, indicto, cum reliqui praeter Senones, Carnutes Treverosque venissent, initium belli ac defectionis hoc esse arbitratus, ut omnia postponere videretur, concilium Lutetiam Parisiorum transfert.
en Disguising themselves with shields snatched from the midst of the carnage, they cut the ropes and springs of the engine.
la lateque cladem intulisset ni duo milites praeclarum facinus ausi, arreptis e strage scutis ignorati, vincla ac libramenta tormentorum abscidissent.
en One swallow does not make a spring.
la Ūna hirundo nōn efficit vēr.
en A mound sixty feet high was raised; on it was erected a turret of ten stories, not with the intention that it should be on a level with the wall (for that could not be effected by any works), but to rise above the top of the spring.
la Exstruitur agger in altitudinem pedum sexaginta, collocatur in eo turris decem tabulatorum, non quidem quae moenibus aequaret (id enim nullis operibus effici poterat), sed quae superare fontis fastigium posset.
en On this becoming known to Antonius, he determined to attack the hostile armies, while they were still distracted in feeling and divided in strength, before the generals could recover their authority, and the soldiers their subordination along with that confidence which would spring from the junction of the legions.
la Vbi haec comperta Antonio, discordis animis, discretos viribus hostium exercitus adgredi statuit, antequam ducibus auctoritas, militi obsequium et iunctis legionibus fiducia rediret.
en The four seasons are: Spring, summer, autumn and winter.
la Tempora anni sunt quattuor: ver, aestas, autumnus, hiems.
en They live scattered and apart, just as a spring, a meadow, or a wood has attracted them.
la Colunt discreti ac diversi, ut fons, ut campus, ut nemus placuit.
en But on this road there is a spring, to which the sea comes up, and overflows; an extensive morass is thereby formed; and if a person would avoid it, he must make a circuit of six miles to reach the town.
la Sed hoc itinere est fons, quo mare succedit longius, lateque is locus restagnat; quem si qui vitare voluerit, sex milium circuitu in oppidum pervenit.
en They rushed from every part of the city into the palace and forum, and bursting into the circus and theatre, where the mob enjoy a special license, broke out into seditious clamours. At length Tigellinus, having received at the springs of Sinuessa a message that his last hour was come, amid the embraces and caresses of his mistresses and other unseemly delays, cut his throat with a razor, and aggravated the disgrace of an infamous life by a tardy and ignominious death.
la eo infensior populus, addita ad vetus Tigellini odium recenti Titi Vinii invidia, concurrere ex tota urbe in Palatium ac fora et, ubi plurima vulgi licentia, in circum ac theatra effusi seditiosis vocibus strepere, donec Tigellinus accepto apud Sinuessanas aquas supremae necessitatis nuntio inter stupra concubinarum et oscula et deformis moras sectis novacula faucibus infamem vitam foedavit etiam exitu sero et inhonesto.
en It added weight also to the advice of those who reported that circumstance, that the Nervii, from early times, because they were weak in cavalry, (for not even at this time do they attend to it, but accomplish by their infantry whatever they can,) in order that they might the more easily obstruct the cavalry of their neighbors if they came upon them for the purpose of plundering, having cut young trees, and bent them, by means of their numerous branches [extending] on to the sides, and the quick-briars and thorns springing up between them, had made these hedges present a fortification like a wall, through which it was not only impossible to enter, but even to penetrate with the eye.
la Adiuvabat etiam eorum consilium qui rem deferebant quod Nervii antiquitus, cum equitatu nihil possent (neque enim ad hoc tempus ei rei student, sed quicquid possunt, pedestribus valent copiis), quo facilius finitimorum equitatum, si praedandi causa ad eos venissent, impedirent, teneris arboribus incisis atque inflexis crebrisque in latitudinem ramis enatis [et] rubis sentibusque interiectis effecerant ut instar muri hae saepes munimentum praeberent, quo non modo non intrari sed ne perspici quidem posset.
en "It is not, he said, ""plains only which are good for the fighting of Roman soldiers, but woods and forest passes, if science be used. For the huge shields and unwieldly lances of the barbarians cannot, amid trunks of trees and brushwood that springs from the ground, be so well managed as our javelins and swords and closefitting armour."
la non campos modo militi Romano ad proelium bonos, sed si ratio adsit, silvas et saltus; nec enim inmensa barbarorum scuta, enormis hastas inter truncos arborum et enata humo virgulta perinde haberi quam pila et gladios et haerentia corpori tegmina.
en Many things persuaded the Gauls to this measure; the delay of Sabinus during the previous days; the positive assertion of the [pretended] deserter; want of provisions, for a supply of which they had not taken the requisite precautions; the hope springing from the Venetic war; and [also] because in most cases men willingly believe what they wish.
la Multae res ad hoc consilium Gallos hortabantur: superiorum dierum Sabini cunctatio, perfugae confirmatio, inopia cibariorum, cui rei parum diligenter ab iis erat provisum, spes Venetici belli, et quod fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt.
en In the consulship of Drusus Caesar and Caius Norbanus, Germanicus had a triumph decreed him, though war still lasted. And though it was for the summer campaign that he was most vigorously preparing, he anticipated it by a sudden inroad on the Chatti in the beginning of spring.
la Druso Caesare C. Norbano consulibus decernitur Germanico triumphus manente bello; quod quamquam in aestatem summa ope parabat, initio veris et repentino in Chattos excursu praecepit.
en As the townsmen still continued to make an obstinate resistance, and even, after losing the greatest part of their forces by drought, persevered in their resolution: at last the veins of the spring were cut across by our mines, and turned from their course.
la Cum pertinaciter resisterent oppidani, magna etiam parte amissa siti suorum in sententia permanerent, ad postremum cuniculis venae fontis intercisae sunt atque aversac.
en Spring is the season I like the best.
la Ver est tempus quod magis mihi placet.
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