pronunciation: IPA: pɛn /pɛn/ , SAMPA: /pEn/ pEn        

Translations into Malayalam:

  • പേന 

Other meanings:

to enclose
A piece of furniture in which an infant or young child is confined for safety reasons.
enclosed area for animals
(baseball) The bullpen.
female swan
An enclosure for confining livestock.
(transitive) To write (an article, a book, etc.).
(transitive) To enclose in a pen.
(zoology) The internal cartilage skeleton of a squid, shaped like a pen.
An enclosed area used to contain domesticated animals, especially sheep or cattle.
Female swan.
(animal) pen
prison cell
A tool, originally made from a feather but now usually a small tubular instrument, containing ink used to write or make marks.
A female swan.
to write
A place to confine a person; a prison cell.
(now rare, poetic, dialectal) A feather, especially one of the flight feathers of a bird, angel etc.
A utensil, usually tubular in form, containing ink used to write or make marks.
writing tool
internal cartilage skeleton of a squid

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en He held a pen in his hands.
ml അവന് ഒരു പേന കൈകളില് പിടിച്ചു.
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