pronunciation: IPA: /brɪk/ brɪk , SAMPA: /brIk/    

Translations into Marathi:

  • वीट 
    (noun   )
    A building material usually made from clay, molded as a rectangular block, and baked or burned in a kiln.

Other meanings:

(countable) Something shaped like a brick.
(regional slang) To be in a high state of anxiety or fright: "Bricking it"
a building material
(slang) To hit someone using a brick.
(informal) A power brick; an external power supply consisting of a small box with an integral male power plug and an attached electric cord terminating in another power plug.
Made of brick(s).
term for a helpful, reliable person
hardened block used for building
(countable) A hardened rectangular block of mud, clay etc., used for building.
(uncountable) Considered collectively, as a building material.
(informal) A helpful and reliable person
(basketball, slang) A shot which misses, particularly one which bounces directly out of the basket because of a too-flat trajectory, as if the ball were a heavier object.
To build with bricks.
To make into bricks.
(technology, slang) An electronic device, especially a heavy box-shaped one, that has become non-functional or obsolete.
made of brick(s)
(computing slang) To make an electronic device nonfunctional and usually beyond repair, essentially making it no more useful than a brick.

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