Translations into Malay:

  • Singapura 
    (Proper noun  )
    Republic of Singapore
    A country in Southeast Asia.
    Republic of Singapore

Other meanings:

Country in Southeast Asia. Official name: Republic of Singapore.
ISO 639-6 entity

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Singapore dollardolar Singapura

Example sentences with "Singapore", translation memory

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He was in Singapore!- SingaporeDia berada di Singapura!
We don' t want anyone running off to Singapore, do we?Kami tidak ingin ada kabur ke Singapura, bukan?
Our new friend in Singapore was very specific, sirTeman baru kami di Singapura sangat spesifik, Sir
Captain Barbossa, welcome to SingaporeKapten Barbossa, selamat datang ke Singapura
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