pronunciation: IPA: ˈflɔː.rə /ˈflɔː.rə/    

Translations into Malay:

  • flora 
    The plant life characterizing a specific geographic region or environment.

Other meanings:

plants considered as a group, especially those of a particular country, region, time, etc.
plants considered as a group
Any living organism that synthesizes its food from inorganic substances, possesses cellulose cell walls, responds slowly and often permanently to a stimulus, lacks specialized sense organs and nervous system, and has no powers of locomotion.
The microorganisms that inhabit some part of the body, such as intestinal flora
A work systematically describing the flora of a particular region, listed by species and considered as a whole.(Source: RHW)
the microorganisms that inhabit some part of the body
a book describing the plants of a country etc.

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It' s the most apt prediction Flora has made in yearsItu ramalan paling tepat Flora telah membuatnya
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