pronunciation: IPA: /hɛˈləʊ̯/ /həˈləʊ̯/ həˈləʊ /həˈloʊ̯/ /hɛˈloʊ̯/ , SAMPA: /h@"l@U/ /h@"loU/ /hE"loU/                              

Translations into Sinhala:

  • ආයුබෝවන් 
    (Interjection  )
  • හලෝ 
    (Interjection  )

Other meanings:

"Hello!" or an equivalent greeting.
when answering the telephone
A greeting used when answering the telephone.
Expression of greeting used by two or more people who meet each other.
is anyone there?
A greeting (salutation) said when meeting someone or acknowledging someone’s arrival or presence.
sarcastic: that was foolish
good day (daytime greeting)
hello (e.g. on phone)
expression of puzzlement
(colloquial) Used sarcastically to imply that the person addressed or referred to has done something the speaker or writer considers to be foolish.
An expression of puzzlement or discovery.
A call for response if it is not clear if anyone is present or listening, or if a telephone conversation may have been disconnected.

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Example sentences with "hello", translation memory

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en Hello ladies- Hey- Hi
si Hello කෙල්ලනේ- Hey- Hi
en Hello, girls.- Hello
si හලෝ කෙල්ලෙ.- හලෝ
en Hello, everybody
si ආයුබොවන්, සැමහට
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