pronunciation: IPA: ˈmɪnɪt /maɪˈnjuːt/ /maɪˈn(j)ut/ , SAMPA: /maI"n(j)ut/ /maI'nju:t/              

Translations into Sinhala:

  • විනාඩිය 
    (Noun  )
    unit of time
    A unit of time equal to sixty seconds and one-sixtieth of an hour.
    unit of time
  • මිනිත්තුව 
    unit of time

Other meanings:

A unit of angle equal to one-sixtieth of a degree.
record of meeting
minute of use of telephone network
A minute of use of a telephone or other network, especially a cell phone network.
(in plural minutes) A (usually formal) written record of a meeting.
very small
Extremely small in size.
short but unspecified period of time
unit of angular measure
A short but unspecified time period.
Very small.
very careful and exact, givind small details
very careful and exact, giving small details.
(transitive) Of an event, to write in a memo or the minutes of a meeting.
to write
(a) minute

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Example sentences with "minute", translation memory

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Okay kids... You have fifteen minutes to finish your breakfastහොදයි ලමයි.... ඔයාලට තියෙනවා විනාඩි ‧ක්, උදේ කෑම කාලා ඉවර කරන්න ඕන
She' s minutes from deathඑකිගෙ මරනය පෙනි පෙනි තියෙන කොට
The school bus will leave in ten minutesSchool bus එක විනාඩි ‧කින් යාවි
Give him a minuteඔහුට විනාඩියක් දෙන්න
One minute... l' m not going out of my own willපොඩ්ඩක් ඉන්න... මම යන්නේ... මගේ කැමැත්තෙන් නෙවේ
I just want to talk to you for five minutesමට ඔයත් එක්ක විනාඩි ‧ක් විතරයි කතා කරන්න ඕන
Just a minuteපොඩ්ඩක් ඉන්න
Priya, if you' ve ever loved me.... then give me five minutes to say somethingප්‍රියා, ඔයා මට කවදහරි ආදරේ කරා නම්.... මට විනාඩි ‧ක් දෙන්න දෙයක් කියන්න
It was ‧ minutes, and he' s goneවිනාඩි ‧ ගියේ, ඔහු අතුරුදහන්
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